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12 Top Website Builders for Artists The Larger Picture

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Your work deserves a stunning website that complements it. To assist you in finding the perfect website, we’ve looked into and selected the top website builders for artists in accordance with the different requirements.

Do you wish to show your work on the internet? or sell your work on your website? We want you to reach your goals, therefore we’ve provided suggestions for both of these categories. Squarespace is the best choice to showcase art due to its beautiful designs as well as Wix eCommerce is ideal for selling artwork online through it’s Wix Art Store feature.

Here are our top tips for those who need to show off your work:

The Top Web Builders We Have for Artists who want to showcase their work:

  1. Squarespace – The best overall builder to showcase artwork
  2. Weebly is a great option for artists with a tight budget
  3. Wix is a great way to advertise your work
  4. Duda – A great investment for templates
  5. GoDaddy The best option to get up and running quickly
  6. It’s strikingly best for absolute novices
  7. WordPress is the best for creativity and personalization

Second, if you are looking to earn money through your artwork and sell directly on your website then these are the most effective builders:

These are our Top Site Builders for Artists. who Sell Their Artwork:

  1. Wix eCommerce the best overall builder for art sales
  2. Squarespace Ecommerce – Great for those who want to start small stores
  3. Shopify The best choice for increasing your sales
  4. Weebly’s eCommerce is a great option for artists with a limited budget.
  5. Square On-line is ideal for enhancing sales features

Good question! We first put each builder listed on this list through our thorough investigation procedure. This is where we evaluate builders in six major areas of inquiry:

  • User-Friendliness
  • Features
  • Value in exchange for money
  • Design Flexibility
  • Assistance and Assistance and
  • Customer Score

After conducting our research and tests, each builder received a score five out of five in each area, and then we added these scores for each builder’s individual score. A special weighting was given to specific categories, such as design flexibility and value-for-money, which the builders told us they valued the most.

In order to determine our score for our customers We surveyed users after they had tried the builder their own. In the course of our interviews, we asked them what their likelihood of being able to refer the company’s builder friends.

Then, we talked to real artists to find out what research categories are most relevant to them. The conversations with them helped us choose the topics we’d like to explore in this piece. When we wrote and researched about the builders we talked to us:

  • Do you have a lot of design flexibility? And is it simple to change the design?
  • Do the templates reflect the artist’s work?
  • Are the price plans in line with an acceptable budget?
  • Does the customer service provide enough?

The result? This complete list of the top website creators for artists!

The Best Web Builders For Artists Display Your Artwork


  1. Squarespace

The Best Overall Builder to Showcase Art

The Squarespace is the best website builder that artists can use display their works since its beautiful, visual-centric templates are easy to create. As we tried Squarespace on our own we noticed that it puts a variety of templates to make it easier for you from the beginning which allowed us to have a beautiful website ready to go in a short time.

The Squarespace User Review: Jason Ratliff

is an illustrator who uses Squarespace to showcase his work and collections. We talked with him about the reasons why he has confidence in his work with this builder.

Which Squarespace features that stood out to you as someone who wants to show their work?

There were a lot of templates created to show artwork or images that I didn’t recall seeing anywhere else. It was as if Squarespace created something specially for me. Making a website, specifically for yourself, can be difficult. The manner in which Squarespace displayed its designs and also the examples it displayed of other artists took the stress off. It was easy to visualize your work using any of the templates . You only had to choose the one you like best and begin.

I also loved the method Squarespace tied its plans. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for E-commerce when I first started however I knew that I would like to test it at some point. It was nice to know that I had to select the template that offered this option, and that I could make changes anytime I desired.

What made you select Squarespace instead of other options?

I decided to use Squarespace in place of the other options because of several reasons:

  • Squarespace was by far the most attractive templates that you could customize to suit your individual style or aesthetic
  • Its features, ecommerce and UI were more user-friendly
  • The method it handles HTML modifications was something I would be able to handle with my limited knowledge

I currently have three websites on Squarespace I we have experienced nothing short of good experience with each of them.

Squarespace isn’t offering any free plans, however, it does provide the option of a 14-day trial for you to choose the best plan for you. If you’re interested in our opinion, the Personal plan ($12 per month) is an ideal choice for personal websites that are smaller in size, and includes an customized domain with unlimited storage and bandwidth (perfect for sites with lots of images). It’s all you require to get your site up and running and then you can upgrade at a later date!

Squarespace is a drag and drop website builder, making an extremely simple design. But , unlike other builders, it’s not possible to just drag and drop anything everywhere.

The Squarespace templates are more sections-based. It may take some time getting used to, but eventually helps to ensure that your designs are similar across several pages of your website.

Squarespace’s top-quality template designs were designed specifically to focus on visually appealing elements and keep your work at the center of your page. Because of this although the templates aren’t as flexible than those of Wix and Weebly, Squarespace never left us feeling confined in any way. We particularly enjoyed the Kester template because of its crisp minimalist design, which is really emphasized by the design.

SEO is a term used to describe Search Engine Optimization or, more simply how your site is appearing highly in results of a search. A good SEO will bring more viewers to view your work.

Squarespace provides all the tools you need to master basic SEO practices, from titling your pages to adding keywords and alt text. The SEO tools of Squarespace work well however they’re not as easy to use like Wix’s. Squarespace’s support department provides helpful SEO tips – you’ll have to commit some time to mastering the basics.

Additional Information

  1. Weebly

Ideal for artists on budget

Weebly comes second when it comes to the display of art due to its cost-effectiveness. With a price starting at just $6 per month you’ll have a user-friendly platform that has strong SEO capabilities. Through our tests, we found the drag-and-drop editor on Weebly to be simpler than Squarespace’s.

The cheapest paid plan is $6 per month, we’d recommend moving to the $11 monthly Professional plan since it’s the most affordable plan that eliminates advertisements from your site. This is crucial to ensure that your site is recognized as a professional online, particularly in the case of displaying the work you’ve done to prospective clients! The Professional plan comes with greater tools such as password-protected pages as well as unlimited storage.

To showcase your artwork To showcase your art, you could utilize the Weebly free plan – however, in general we don’t suggest using the site for long because of the limited features available.

Its design isn’t as striking as those of Squarespace or Duda (which we’ll discuss soon) however, it’s very user-friendly and is perfect for those who are just starting out. The editing screen is designed to be intuitively laid out which means you won’t have to think about what tools are available.

Weebly has just 50 designs to pick from, and they’re not among the most fashionable available. The majority of Weebly themes are based on grid layouts and full-screen backgrounds that are perfect for making your art the focus of attention – and surely that’s the purpose of it all?

Weebly is a powerful platform with amazing SEO capabilities that will aid your site’s climb to the ranks of search results, which includes:

  • SEO-friendly HTML format
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt tags

With its user-friendly, beginner-friendly design, Weebly also offers plenty of valuable SEO tips in its assistance center, offering suggestions about everything from keywords optimization to tracking performance.

Additional Information

  1. Wix

Best to Promote Your Work

The ease of use that Wix offers makes it an ideal option for most websites, but it’s a great choice for artists specifically due to Wix’s Art Store. Wix Art Store. Wix Art Store comes with an extension which allows users to sell your art on your Wix website and without the business-related hassles.

You may be wondering what the reason we’re not saving your artwork to on the “selling” list later. This is due to the fact that Wix Art Store emphasizes your artwork as much as it does sales. It means you’ll get best quality images, mobile-friendly browsing as well as beautiful templates and, more precisely an online site that is heart-felt.


Wix Users Review Ally Lim

Ally Lim is a painter who utilizes Wix to show her work and original artwork. We asked her about the reason Wix helped her to create the final image.

What did the process of selecting the right builder for you? When I created my website I wanted to create a space where people could learn the things that is inspiring me, show pictures of my work and provide a platform that people could contact me with questions or connect with me. After some research and contacting fellow artists, it was apparent that Squarespace as well as Wix are the two most well-liked and users appeared to be content with their experience.

What was it that made Wix stick out to you? Prior to launching my website, Wix conducted a short survey to help me understand my ideas for the site. Then, it provided me with templates that fit my personal style in light of my responses. It was extremely helpful considering that there are an abundance of templates that can make choosing one difficult and time-consuming.

Also, the ability to connect to my accounts on social media with Wix especially Instagram along with Google Photos – sped up the process of uploading my work in the gallery. For someone who is mostly using Instagram and Google Photos, my images are captured on my smartphone. This eliminates the initial process of transferring several groups of images from my phone onto my laptop and then uploading them to the builder.

Wix offers a no-cost plan, allowing you to create a stunning gallery at no cost. However, the premium plans include more storage space as well as unlimited page. We suggest that you start by signing up for the Combo plan that costs only $13 per month You can also upgrade later on if you wish to sell as a side business.

Wix’s templates are equally customizable as Weebly’s. They’re more modern and stylish, too. In addition, should you surpass the limits of the template you’ve chosen, Wix has the option to create the blank canvas.

Squarespace remains the top choice in terms of style, however Wix is a happy balance between easy to use and top-quality designs.

The Wix editor comes with an easy side menu that allows you to insert images and text. Additionally, you can use grid lines that are measured to help users as they drag and drop various elements of the page to precisely the spot you’d like them.

Through our testing with users We discovered that the drag-and drop editor of Wix was so easy that:

“Making an effective website in just an hour, with no prior knowledge of the tools isn’t an unreasonable goal.”

Even though Squarespace and Weebly offer the basic features, Wix goes above and above in terms of SEO capabilities. The SEO tools built into Wix allow you to customize URLs, and modify meta titles and descriptions.

The reason that Wix’s SEO is so good is that most of it is performed by your benefit. Wix creates and maintains a sitemap for your site which helps keep your website’s content up-to-date and allows search engines to locate as well as crawl.

Additional Information

  • Wix Review  – Read our complete analysis for more information about Wix.
  • Wix Price Review What pricing plans do Wix offer and what price are they?
  1. Duda

A good investment for templates

Duda can be described as an online builder that is focused on design, similar to Squarespace and Squarespace, and we were impressed with its simple user-friendly template editor. The price, however, hinder it from being in it into the top 3. Duda is a reputable builder but it’s not offering an excellent value for money.

The prices for Duda start at just $13 per month. It’s similar to Wix however you won’t receive as many features for the money you pay with Duda. In contrast to Wix, Duda has no free plan. It is the 14-day trial, but after that you’ll need pay for.

It’s not a secret that Duda is an excellent builder, even if you’re only taking a look at its features and design capabilities. However, when it comes down to price-per-feature it’s better to go with Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix in the end.

Duda provides around 98 high-quality, well-designed templates. You can narrow your search by category or by category, and using the “Portfolio” filters are an amazing collection of creative designs that are centered around images.

The process of design is user-friendly. But, you’ll have modify your template slightly more than use Squarespace. This is the words of one of our customers has to say about the experience:

“Rely in the templates but make sure you personalize it to your liking. Don’t simply put your own text on it and then change a couple of images. You’ll need to some fun with it. take a look at changing the background as well as font type and the font size so that your website is distinctive .”

We do consider Squarespace above Duda in terms of creative flexibility. With Duda it is necessary to modify your template as many times as you can in order to help it stand out. With Squarespace you are able to modify your template as much as you’d like, but the layout you’ll be using will be much more sophisticated than the Duda’s.

Let’s be honest: Duda isn’t the most popular choice SEO tool. It’s got the basics including:

  • Meta descriptions and custom-designed titles can be customized.
  • Customizable page URLs
  • Image alt text
  • Google PageSpeed optimization

If you’re willing to shell out for Duda it won’t mean you’ll be left without SEO features. It’s only that Wix offers a more powerful SEO toolbox that includes user-friendly guidelines for beginners.

Additional Information

  • Duda Testimonial Find out more information about Duda to determine whether it’s the best option for you.

5. GoDaddy

Ideal for Quick Start

GoDaddy is simple to use and the prices are in the middle. Its step-by-step builders were so simple that we didn’t even have to think when assembling our websites! But the problem is that GoDaddy’s templates are not as good as those as those of Squarespace as well as Duda.

GoDaddy does not provide any free plans for building websites however, it does offer one month of trial for free. If you are satisfied with what you see after the trial period, we suggest starting with the Standard plan for $14.99 monthly. It’s not cheap (that is the Basic plan, which costs $9.99 monthly) However, it does include an SEO feature that the basic plan doesn’t and your work is more likely of being discovered online!

Another reason to recommend our Standard plan is that even though GoDaddy’s Basic plan will cost less than many builders’ most affordable plans but you won’t get the same features. The more expensive plans from GoDaddy are more similar to the features available with the least expensive plans offered by builders such as Wix as well as Squarespace.

GoDaddy is also reasonably priced however, what you gain in terms of time and money, you will lose in creative thinking. Since setting up a website using GoDaddy is such a fast and simple procedure, you won’t have as much control over the design. You won’t be able to personalize your site to reflect your design and there’s a chance of getting a website that appears “plain” when compared to other sites.

The GoDaddy’s SEO capabilities are incredibly strong for people who are just beginning their journey. They provide helpful advice similar to Wix. But, Google doesn’t provide SEO options on its basic package, so you’ll have move up to Standard plan at $14.99 Monthly Standard package to make your website more efficient.

If you decide to upgrade you’ll get access to GoDaddy’s SEO wizard. It provides everything from personalized keywords to suggestions for the tracking of performance of search engines over time.

Additional Information

6. Strikingly

Ideal for Beginners or Completely Newcomers.

It is strikingly is a different platform which focuses on speed over deep editing. It means that you don’t have much control over the final result, and the layout could be a little boring and uninteresting, but at the very least, your work will be the star of the show.

Strikingly offers a free plan that lets you try out features such as blogging and a contact form, as well as a social feed. If you are not satisfied with this plan on your own, we recommend upgrading to the limited plan for only 8 dollars per month which includes the domain name that gives your website a more professional appearance.

The Strikingly platform is extremely easy to access and customer service It also has excellent customer support and ease of use, each of these are significant assets. Regarding the design and flexibility, however it isn’t able to rival the bigger names like Squarespace as well as Wix.

We discovered the templates of Strikingly are geared toward beginner users. In addition, its assistance and support team – also referred to as “Happiness Officers” can be reached via live chat 24 hours a day.

Text and images from stock are all presented for you and the majority of users were able to edit and write the text. The drawback is that you won’t have much control over how your website will look like in the end.

Strikingly has a comprehensive SEO checklist to use when you’re creating your site. The checklist will find under the “Settings” menu on the sidebar. The checklist includes everything from creating meta descriptions to the setting of images for sharing on social media.

For the price of the low-cost ($8 for a month) of the Strikingly Limited plan, you’ll receive an effective, user-friendly SEO tool.

Additional Information

7. WordPress

The best for creative Freedom and Personalization

Note: This review is about, the website builder-like system offered by WordPress. There is a different platform called that is an information management system, and is not a web-based website builder. offers a lot of power and flexibility, however it requires more technical knowledge than If you’re curious about the distinctions between the two platforms, read our comparison with comparison to learn more!

As a platform for building websites, excels in the area of customization which is a huge benefit for designers. But, it’s the exact opposite of Strikingly as well as GoDaddy because it’s fantastic for design, but a bit shaky in regards to speed of setup and ease of use.

If you’re ready for the task, WordPress has a free plan to begin. If you’re happy using WordPress after a few months of using this plan for free, would suggest moving into the Professional plan which costs the cost of $4 per month. This is charged annually. It includes a custom domain, and 24/7 support, which can help when working with the latest technology!

The majority of WordPress customizing the design requires an understanding of the code and is slow at best, and a major hassle at the very worst. If you are willing to get into the technical aspect that comes with it, the resultant personalization of your design is an amazing reward!

If you’re an artist who is focused on aesthetics, can be challenging since it’s not an editor that you drag and drop similar to Squarespace and Weebly. Instead, you’re able to edit your design and content separately and it’s difficult to know what your site’s design will look when you’re working. provides SEO-related information in the Personal plan which means you won’t be in the darkness! If you’re committed to improving your website’s rank, be aware that some of the features you can use in-person including editing meta descriptions or page titles are only available to users for those who subscribe to the $25 monthly Business plan and higher. Additionally this is something that you can get at a lower cost with builders such as Squarespace or Wix.

Additional Information

The Best Website Builders for Artists To Market Your Artwork

If you’re looking to earn money from your art You’ll require an online platform that handles the essentials of payment processing as well as inventory management. Ecommerce websites handle these tasks without compromising design quality and you’ll be able to still present yourself to visitors and showcase your artwork in a manner which is entirely yours.

You’ve probably heard about marketplaces on the internet like Etsy. They are great to get your work out however you’ll be competing with a myriad of other artists’ work and you’ll never be able to design your own space on the internet. Additionally when using online marketplaces, artists who are just beginning their career may be awed by the price of commissions that can be as high as 40% per sale.

With a website builder, each pair of eyes is focused on your website and you are the only one to be watched. Cost-wise you might have to pay transaction fees, however, these generally are around two percent, which isn’t likely to make much of an impact on the profits you earn.

This is the point where ecommerce website builders step into the picture. They’re designed to assist you with selling items online. They simplify the process by providing the tools you require all in one location from managing inventory to making your site’s layout more customizable.

1. Wix eCommerce

The Best Builder Overall to Sell Art

Wix eCommerce Overview

We enjoy Wix because it’s so versatile and user-friendly as well. Wix eCommerce features are no exception. Also, it has a variety of great ‘ creative arts designs that you can pick from that will help you to present your work in the most professional way possible.

As we’ve mentioned before, Wix Art Store, as mentioned previously Wix Store for Art is a complete package for displaying and selling your work. It also comes with social media integration that allows customers to view your art on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest as well as sends emails alerts to keep up-to-date with your orders no matter where you are.

Wix eCommerce User Review: Hannah Kaplan

Hannah Kaplan is an artist who makes abstract paintings and drawings. Kaplan told us that Wix is an option that is flexible, and has grown along with her business.

“When I was trying to decide which website builder I would use for hosting my fine arts portfolio and to sell the work I created, I looked over every option and compared features and prices to select one that was a good fit for me. Since I was only beginning in my professional career as an artist in the moment it was crucial to me to pick an online builder that was within my budget.

I decided to create my artist website using Wix and, since my business has expanded the website has been adapting and growing along with my needs. After getting used to the way it works I’m not sure I’m hosting my portfolio of art and online store on another site.

Pricing starts at $23/month.

Wix lets you set up your own online shop for no cost, which means there’s absolutely no risk when you start. However, in order to be able to sellthe items you’ve listed you’ll have to begin by signing up for the $23 monthly business plan. This price is a bit high, but the value you get from the price with regards to features as well as user-friendliness is simply unbeatable.

Additional Information

2. Squarespace Ecommerce

Best for Artists Starting a Small Store

Squarespace Ecommerce Overview

Squarespace has real-world quality in its capabilities. It’s ideal to those who wish to sell a small number of items. If you’re hoping to sell more than this it’s better to use Wix eCommerce or Shopify.

A majority of the tools that you require to sell your work are already built in and ready for use. If you’re trying to manage your gallery online from one place, while managing an incredibly busy agenda, Squarespace is a good solution.

However, Squarespace does have an app store, called Squarespace Extensions. Here you’ll find a modest but meticulously curated collection of integrations from third parties. It has 23 programs total, all designed to assist you in managing the growth, optimization, and maintenance of your website. With apps like Printful, Quickbooks, and ShipStation You have an array of useful extensions to boost your sales of art.

Pricing – Starting at $26/month

Squarespace’s ecommerce plans begin at the business plan ($18 for a month). We recommend this plan as the cost is affordable for the features you’ll be getting including professionally designed Gmail along with a Google Workspace account (free for the first year) as well as the ability to accept donations using PayPal and Stripe (with the transaction cost of 3percent).

Additional Information

3. Shopify

Best to Increase Your Sales

Overview of Shopify

Shopify is HTML0 and is the best choice to serious buyers. It’s a great option if you’ve got a lot of products to sell and you’d like the entire process of selling to go as smoothly as you can. It’s not as straightforward to make use of as Wix however, if you have lots of artwork, Shopify is the best option to manage it.

There’s also an app which you can download for selling through other channels, such as Amazon and eBay. The mobile app of Shopify allows you to accept payment and manage your gallery traveling – a great option for modern-day artists.


Carly Chamerlik

Carly Chamerlik is a fine artist , web designer. She is also the is the owner of HeyCJ Media. We spoke with her the story of her transition from exhibiting to actually selling art online, as well as the platforms that supported her on the journey.

“I constructed my first online portfolio of artwork using Weebly in 2014 while I went to college. It’s a basic and inexpensive platform and not a platform I would recommend today however, it was an excellent opportunity to begin my learning curve and learn how to create websites.

Artists who wish to market their work, I’ve personally seen an enormous amount of interest on Etsy and the best aspect is that the customer base is already in place, so your attention is on SEO and taking amazing photographs, and making great artwork. However, if you’re looking to have the complete control that comes with owning your online store, Shopify I’d say is the best option. It’s easy to use, and comes with multiple integrations that can simplify your life.”

Pricing – Starting at from $29/month

Because Shopify is more effective in comparison to Wix and Squarespace so it is natural that the prices are a bit more expensive. Even with this fact with regard to price, Shopify didn’t impress us in terms of value-for- price.

Plans start at just the price of $29 per month however, while they have excellent features – such as selling on social media platforms – you may be paying for tools that you don’t require. This is why we suggest Shopify for artists who have many items that they wish to market.

Additional Information

4. Weebly Ecommerce

Ideal for artists on budget

Weebly Ecommerce Overview

You may recall the previous time that Weebly is extremely simple to use, even though the templates it offers aren’t quite as stylish like those from Squarespace as well as Wix. This holds the case in the case of Weebly E-commerce as well and you’ll receive more value by signing up for the Weebly Ecommerce plan that is online.

Pricing starts at $12/month.

Weebly allows you to sell with the free plans (in the US) This is an unusual feature in the world of e-commerce web builders. We don’t suggest sticking with the free plan too long. consider it more of an extended trial rather than an ongoing selling strategy.

You are able to sell on any of Weebly’s plans. However, the plan we recommend starting with is one that costs $12 per month that is ideal for small-sized stores.

If you’re determined to sell products and are looking to expand your store, you should choose the $26 per month Performance plan It comes with the most effective e-commerce features, such as shipping discounts, product reviews, and the capability to accept PayPal payment.

More Information


5. Square Online

Most Supportive Sales Features

Square Online Overview

Square Online was the idea of Square the popular payment processing company that acquired Weebly in the year 2018. Square Online is an amalgamation of Weebly’s easy website builder, and Square’s e-commerce capabilities that are powerful.

Square Online is very similar to Weebly in several significant ways: it’s easy to master, easy to use and its templates are… lacking. However, Square Online is more focused on e-commerce as compared to Weebly. You’ll be able add products, include shipping options, and utilize the tax calculator automatically to make online sales easy as it can get.

Pricing – Starting at $12/month

You can sell your products on Square Online’s no-cost program ,which is certainly an important game changer. The paid plans start at $12 to $72 per month. you’ll have to upgrade to one of these plans if you wish to:

  • Remove ads from your website
  • Choose a domain name that does not end with “”
  • Utilize third-party payment processors, such as PayPal

To get these features We recommend the price of Professional plan at $12 per month and still gives great value for money.

Display your artwork and make a sale on the side using check-out links to Square Online.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of wanting to display your work and also selling it or, if you’re looking to make a sale of a few pieces without making your site an actual store – the Square Online Checkout Links are a great source!

This feature, which is free, provided by Square Online lets you add checkout buttons to your site to allow direct payments from your customers.

The only fee you’ll be charged is an 2.5 percent transaction fee each time the customer makes a purchase via the payment buttons. It’s an affordable option if you don’t need a full online store, but need to earn some cash by selling your products on your website.

Are you thinking about Square Online?

It’s similar to Weebly however, with more specific sales features.

More Information

What are other Website Builders for artists?

The builders we’ve mentioned above were among the top 12 performers in our study and we’ve recommended them since we believe they’re the top of the line. However there are plenty of other website builders which offer services to artists.

There are honorable mentions below (including reasons why they didn’t make it to the top 12) to help you gain a better understanding of the possibilities for you.


Pixpa is a portfolio site builder that is specifically designed for creatives and photographers. Because of its emphasis upon photography Pixpa excels at offering templates with a focus on images which let your artwork take the spotlight.

Pixpa offers all of the basics, such as responsive templates for mobile devices along with an unbeatable 15-day trial (plans start at 7 dollars monthly). It didn’t make it to the list of our top 12 due to the features that come with its most basic plan are restricting. The gallery is limited to 200 images. If you’re looking to sell your artwork it’s only possible to sell five products before you’ll need to upgrade your plan.


Similar to Pixpa, Format is a website builder for portfolios for creative people. It’s primarily targeted towards photographers, but creatives can also get lots of value from the image protection feature which allows you to apply watermarks to images that you display on your site.

Although Format can be great at showing photos – you could upload up to 1500 images photos on the lowest plan – the builder isn’t quite up to standards in terms of the number of features you’ll receive in exchange for your money.

For instance, Format’s cheapest plan costs just 12 dollars monthly. That’s within the usual price range but isn’t worth considering that you’ll not be able to embed video content on your website unless you upgrade to a higher plan.

Small Victories

Small Victories ($4 per month) works a little different than the majority of websites created by artists.

If you’re just beginning your journey and want the site construction procedure to be simple as you can You might be interested in Small Victories. Small Victories makes use of Dropbox folders to gather every media (like texts and images) you wish to utilize, and it puts those media files into a web-based.

It may sound a bit complicated, but starting using Small Victories is as simple as putting all your images into one file on the computer. However, we found this platform somewhat unsettling as it offers absolutely no input into the creation of your website. You are able to modify your template after your content has been uploaded however it’s a pretty unpersonalized process.

Our Last Thoughts

Website builders make it simpler than ever before to showcase and sell digital art. To display only your artwork you must make use of a platform such as Squarespace. If you’re hoping to sell your artwork online, you must look into Wix eCommerce.

The Best Site Builders For Artists showcasing their work:

  1. Squarespace Starts at 12$/month
  2. Weebly Starts at $ 6/month
  3. Wix Starting at with $14/month
  4. Duda Pricing: Starts at 14$/month
  5. GoDaddy Starting $9.99/month
  6. Inspiringly Starting at $8/month
  7. WordPress Pricing: with a cost of $4/month

The Best Site Builders For Artists and Artists who Sell Their Artwork

  1. Wix eCommerce Starts at with a cost of $23/month
  2. Squarespace Ecommerce Starting at $26/month
  3. Shopify Starting at at $29/month
  4. Webly’s Ecommerce The price starts at $12/month.
  5. Square On-line Starting at $12/month

There’s a wide selection to choose from, however the majority of these platforms provide free plans (and they all offer trial periods for free) and you won’t be required to purchase an account you’re unhappy with. You’re just one step closer to sharing your artwork with the world. Find the ideal platform to the right person for.

Next Step…

When you’ve discovered the best website builder to showcase and selling your artwork follow our 9-step step guide to how to create your online portfolio to get some professional suggestions for creating an effective portfolio site.


The three web builders have two kinds of paid plans that include regular and e-commerce plans. There is a difference in that you are able to sell products with an ecommerce plan. In this post, we’ve considered the regular plans and the Ecommerce plans as distinct platforms due to their pricing and features differ in many ways. For instance, “Squarespace” and “Squarespace Ecommerce” are technically the same builders, but with distinct features.

First , you need to create A photo gallery that includes photos that show your works! Apart from that you might also wish to incorporate video clips of the work you’ve done according to the format. In terms of content you can include you should include an “About me” section as well as”About Me” section and a “Contact” area are essential methods to communicate with your audience.

The website builders listed in this ranking will optimize your website’s template to be mobile-friendly. That means when people visit your site on their mobile, the elements of your website and images will be adjusted to fit the size of the screen.

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