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Alibaba Reviews (Nov 2021): How to Have a Secure Buying Experience

Oh, the amazing universe of Alibaba!

Like the old story of the Alibaba’s site can reveal numerous treasures or send you to destruction.

Regardless, shopping with Alibaba is a great thrilling experience.

The first time you visit Alibaba might be a bit scary. You’ve probably heard of customers being scammed by the site and are thinking about what is something that could occur to you.

If you’re seeking Dropshipping suppliers you should look at our article on Top Dropshipping Companies to look at Alibaba alternative options.

Let’s face it:

Shopping on Alibaba is generally safe as long as you know where you can purchase from. There are trustworthy and reliable sellers on Alibaba however, there are a few unsavory sellers that are lurking on the site. This is a common occurrence in any market.

What if I said that there’s an opportunity to have a fun safe, secure, and lucrative experience with Alibaba by spending just two minutes? I’m confident in your security.

Read on to learn ways to have an amazing shopping experience with Alibaba.

What is Alibaba and How Does it Work?

is an innovative solution for dropshipping and reseller businesses from around the globe. It was founded by Jack Ma and another 17 co-founders in 1999 in 1999, the Alibaba website launched a brand new business-to business solution that focuses on eCommerce. The concept behind the creation was to create an environment in which Chinese producers could communicate with buyers from around the world.

It is evident that the experience is a huge success. Similar to Amazon that allows users to buy essential products for their stores. When you’ve selected your Alibaba products, you can join a dropshipping alliance to ship them directly to your customers. This helps with the problems related to storing your goods and completing orders.

At present, Alibaba group holdings is one of the largest corporations globally, and China offers B2B, b2C and c2c sales. It has inspired a myriad of other companies to follow the same model.

With Alibaba it is no longer necessary to depend on eBay when looking for sources for your first purchase. Alibaba is among the most well-known e-commerce websites worldwide. Small entrepreneurs can find an honest and reliable source for their entire selling requirements.

According to your needs If you are looking to buy one item from Alibaba or sell to a manufacturer through dropshipping. Users who choose to use Alibaba to dropship enjoy discounts that are high volume. You may also make the designs you want to use.

What is different of Alibaba as well as AliExpress?

If you’ve been searching for an online supplier that you can trust You may have come across the two Alibaba as well as AliExpress as options to get your items. Both of them are linked with each other as trading firms. The option you choose will depend on the type of service you’re searching for.

Alibaba will require you to deal with manufacturers that sell high-quality items in huge quantities. If you purchase through AliExpress it’s brand name products which you can purchase in small quantities and have them shipped by companies like DHL and USPS depending on the business.

Ali Express HTML0 is in essence the traditional retailer version Alibaba. While Alibaba has an Minimum Order Quantity and other restrictions, Ali Express allows you to shop like any other Alibaba customer (read our complete Ali Express Review). You can make use of cards to purchase only one item at a given time in locations such as Guangzhou and have them delivered straight towards America. United States.

How Does Alibaba Work?

Alibaba has been an wholesale business, which means you aren’t able to utilize it to sell products such as intellectual property for an eCommerce-related business. The business model Alibaba employs is distinct from the other major players such as Amazon or eBay. Its focus is on trade between businesses. Through a business-to business approach, Alibaba focuses on giving businesses access to the massive purchases needed to market many products simultaneously all over the world.

The most important thing to keep in mind about Alibaba is that there are a variety of quality of the products that are available. Even with Alibaba’s trade assurance practices however, you must be sure to do the necessary research. You’ll need to spend some time in search of any red flags that could indicate that a vendor may not be as reliable as they ought to be. This usually means doing lots of research before you begin your business plan.

Signing up as a seller on Alibaba is absolutely free, and you’re able to deliver up to 50 items that you display. The marketplace you’ll be associated with will not take care of your sales. When you receive an inquiry from a potential customer for an order it’s your responsibility to handle the transactions and then iron out the details on your own. This can be accomplished by using tools such as Alibaba chat or email.

The best part is that Alibaba does not charge charges for transaction or commissions. Instead, you pay for gold supplier membership when you’re a verified customer. If you’re purchasing goods from Alibaba It’s usually recommended to look to sellers that meet the gold supplier’s standard, since this increases your chance of getting higher quality.

Alibaba Review: Pros and Cons

In terms of a tool for development and growth in your business, Alibaba has many advantages and cons to think about. It’s an inexpensive option to purchase items to add to your portfolio and then sell the items directly to customers. But it’s also important to remember that there are lots of issues to deal with during the process, including things such as middlemen and wiring requirements.

Let’s take a take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with this type of business.


  • The wholesale prices offered by Alibaba are quite cheap, which can increase the possibility of profits.
  • You can find millions of products that you can choose from, and Alibaba Reviews to assist decide.
  • You can evaluate potential suppliers by examining their affiliation as a result of Alibaba trading assurance. This will reduce your chance of purchasing from the wrong firm.
  • You have more control over the packaging of your products and shipping procedures and this means that you are able to focus on providing an excellent customer experience.
  • You can pay for your purchases through Alipay or Western Union bank transfer, based on your requirements. This helps you keep track of your purchases.
  • You can check the effectiveness of your products prior to they get to your customers.
  • Certain manufacturers will permit users to gain access to additional options, such as tracking your orders.


  • Being a wholesale company, Alibaba does come with the requirement of a minimum order. For certain suppliers, the quantity could be hundreds. If you’re unsure about the quality of the items immediately it’s a chance to take risky.
  • You may be subject to legal consequences if you sell products that aren’t licensed, but appear to belong to a different company.
  • The images on the site may not correspond to what the buyer could receive. Quality of products can differ from Alibaba suppliers.
  • Certain niches may have particular challenges to take into consideration. For example, the sizes of clothing in Asia tend to be smaller than those within the US.
  • When the items are delivered and are delivered, they may not function in the way they are supposed to. It’s often difficult to arrange refunds and returns in the event of this.
  • It can be difficult to process a refund in the event that your client decides they don’t like the product you’ve given them.
  • It isn’t possible to begin selling from when you have placed your order. If you decide to are unable to sell a particular product, it will take some time to replenish your inventory. This can lead to issues when customers don’t want sit around waiting.

Is Alibaba Safe?

It’s hard to be absolute certainty whether a company is completely safe when you’re testing dropshipping or wholesale sales. But, the majority of people believe that Alibaba is generally safe in the event that you take your proper diligence to protect yourself.

Manufacturers on Alibaba frequently set the minimum order amount to prevent problems with buyers. This means you cannot just purchase a lesser amount to test the products prior to committing. That means you’re going require a budget to start.

Another thing to take into consideration is that for businesses who are located within Shenzhen as well as beyond it, you might not be able to obtain an address, which means you won’t be able to follow-up effectively in the event that something does go wrong. The only way to contact them is via email or instant messenger.

As opposed to wholesales in other countries of all over the globe, Chinese wholesalers aren’t able to have as many stock items. Wholesalers often source goods upon demand and it takes quite a bit of time to sort things out in order to begin selling your products for your business. It’s also important to make sure that you understand whether you are able to negotiate the terms of business with wholesalers before you begin signing contracts. Some wholesalers will only let you customize your orders.

How to Make Alibaba Safer

If you’re concerned Alibaba could not be the best option to begin your venture There are a few options you might be capable of doing to safeguard yourself. If, for instance, you’re searching for products to buy on Alibaba it is a great method to filter your search by items such as the gold supplier as well as the assessed supplier and trade assurance alternatives.

Gold suppliers are an organization that has taken a vow to provide the highest quality products and services available. Suppliers that work with Alibaba will have to pay an annual fee to keep this status on their profiles. It is recommended to search for gold suppliers that have been trading for a lengthy period when you’re making your selection. Be aware that it’s not always a guarantee of absolute proof however, as it’s something the supplier purchases, they do not gain it.

It is possible to be able to see that a supplier on Alibaba is legally verified on their profile. If that’s the situation the Alibaba has conducted some research and determined if the company is in fact existent. A worker will have confirmed and visited the physical address of the business address. While this adds an additional layer of security however, it’s crucial to proceed with caution. In the end, it’s feasible to rent office space or even buildings for a short period of time anyplace around the globe.

It is also a good idea to contemplate what it means to have access to a secure payment method with Alibaba. Its Secure Payment solution gives the illusion of security for first-time buyers of the B2B marketplace. If you’ve heard of the escrow method, it’s a similar system.

In the agreements made with Alibaba There are a lot of loopholes that sellers who understand the system could utilize to your advantage should you have any issues with these loopholes. The suppliers aren’t really being illegal in this case.

Since the typical Alibaba customer isn’t always taking a great deal of time to work out how things work There’s a chance that they’ll have a problem and commit a few blunders.

Along with looking into the payment method that is secure You should also check any references the business you’re looking to purchase from has. If you’re about to invest thousands of dollars in capital with a person hasn’t previously met it’s crucial to conduct as thorough a background check as feasible.

A simple method to establish confidence with an organization is to request for a UK or US-based reference. If a supplier refuses to provide the references you need, it could indicate that you don’t believe in the business. It is possible to begin by researching the name of the company and the email address to determine if you are able to learn more about the company’s brand this is the best way to go instead.

Trade Assurance Can Save You Money

You’re now searching for the next business partner.

You’ll see a selection of filters beneath the search box. Make sure to tick each of them particularly ‘Trade Assurance’. Three boxes like this are the first step to find trustworthy sellers through Alibaba.

Trade Assurance can be considered an escrow insurance because the money you pay will be transferred directly to the bank account of the provider If something does go wrong, you’ll have a form of security.

Choose Gold Suppliers

What’s special about Gold Suppliers? I’m glad that you asked.

The reality lies in:

There are still some shady gold sellers who can make your order incorrect or give you a tough time and the best way to avoid them is to use a Gold provider is an member that is exclusive to a select group of suppliers on Alibaba. The Gold suppliers get greater exposure to their products and other benefits from Alibaba.

It is worth it. Gold Supplier membership is expensive It should therefore provide an initial level of protection from fraudsters. In the end, they’ve have worked hard to achieve it. An alternative method of using this Gold Supplier score is to apply it along with the amount of time they’ve been a Gold Supplier for.

The older you are, the better as in the case of these guys:

Make Sure That There Has Been a Supplier Assessment

Here’s the third of these three checkboxes that are magical and perhaps the most crucial one of them all.

Some believe that an on-site test is okay however, if you truly desire that extra security It’s not too bad to choose only suppliers who have been through an assessment of their suppliers.

A Supplier Assessment is basically that an independent third party has inspected out the business and its manufacturing facility. It’s not easy to get this certification however, you’ll be able to rest at night being confident that you’re dealing an enterprise which has gone above and beyond by the world for its export capability.

This company, for instance, can be seen as a proof that it was checked onsite by a 3rd inspector from a third.

On the left side on the left, you’ll find information about their abilities, their business performance and other details like trade shows they’ve been part of.

Validate What They’re Saying About Themselves

If you know someone in China that is able to verify the business, awesome! If you are able to visit the factory directly, better!

In reality, we are going to find that traveling to China could destroy the economies of scale in our business completely However, there are methods to verify a business without ever leaving your sofa.

You’ve completed your Supplier Assessment and you’re confident that you have a third-party verification.

A whois lookup can provide some insight into the identity of the website’s owner and email address. You can also check their website and check if anything appears suspicious.

You can utilize Google to find the company’s name along with the words “scam” or “fraud” in quotation marks.

What Are Other People Saying About Your Supplier

Stop for a moment:

Remember when you asked your friends about that person you were interested in before you were married/started dating?

The same applies to businesses or the dealings with vendors via Alibaba. Doing some research is generally a good thing, particularly in the case of starting an business relationship.

There are a lot of forums, but the best place to research the supplier or category, or even a item is on the Alibaba forum.

A basic Google search like that shown in the image below will isolate your search queries by with quotation marks to the appropriate Alibaba Forum.

Aren’t you just awestruck by this search engine operator?

You Cannot, I Repeat, Cannot Buy Branded Items Wholesale From Alibaba

Here’s the scoop:

If you’re buying brand-name items on Alibaba Be sure to make sure you’re following the supplier.

The parent companies of items with branded names come with strictdistribution guidelines for manufacturing facilities in China.

If someone says they are able to export items with a brand name in large quantities, it’s likely an enticement.

Check Out The Company’s History

You can use this at your own choice. Following the information on the product you’re interested in, you’ll find this:

The diamonds represent a sign of the number of transaction-level points earned by Alibaba for transactions that are awarded by Alibaba.

According to Alibaba according to Alibaba, the Trading Level is, “based on an accumulated score awarded for total online transaction volume and amount”.

The more points you score, the greater the volume and quantity of it, so to speak.

If you visit the corporate page, there’s typically a section titled the Transaction History. There you will find a brief summary of the number of transactions they’ve processed during the last year.

There are two ways to read the data. One is to believe a business which has conducted a number and transactions over the years.

I’m talking about Why don’t you?

The bigger transactions basically indicate that they’re in business and the company has already beenin the industry for some time now.

You may also be searching for a reliable and new firm that doesn’t engage fraud and sells high-quality products.

The final decision is yours to make, however typically, I’d choose those with a significant transactions history.

There’s a Difference Between Manufacturers and Traders

I understand. There are so many options.

A manufacturer is better able to provide you with the best price because what a trader is doing is, well, simply trading. If you’re in search of long-term suppliers, you’re better off going with manufacturers rather than an individual trader.

They’ll be able to provide lower prices and you’ll be able build a relationship with them over the long term, that comes with lots of advantages!

Order a Sample Before You Go All Out

Don’t become part of the statistics. We’ve heard of people who get a good deal from a legitimate vendor and then start placing orders for 100,000 units without ever getting a preliminary review. This isn’t the case.

Have you ever bought an outfit or suit without having it put on? Nope. Everybody is a victim of the “it looked different online” story , and you shouldn’t have one in any major business deal.

It’s the same that you’ll want to become a successful business owner. part of that is making sure that your product is up to your expectations. If you don’t do this, it’s the recipe for a quick loss of income.

It’s All About The Money

This is one area you do not want to be a mess So pay close attention. A legitimate company will offer a range of ways to settle your bill and as we stated previously, it’s more common to deal with businesses which offer escrow through Trade Assurance.

Be sure to be sure of everything that’s included in your contract including hidden costs and any small print.

The invoice will be sent to you once you’ve negotiated the various aspects of your purchase. Make sure all the details correspond to what’s stated in Alibaba.

If PayPal is an option, then you can pay through Paypal.

Make Sure You’re Ready To Receive The Shipment

Think about how your items will get to their destination.

You’ll need to test the sample item you’ve asked them to send you in the event that this is the case. Certain vendors are capable of arranging all the shipping for you, however you need to ensure they have the ability to do.

You can employ a shipping agent to assist you with particular concerns regarding importing and exporting.

But, the quickest method to get more information is to contact the seller. The cost of shipping might be a surprise however, you may find that they’ve bundled it with the price of the goods.

Alibaba Review: Conclusion

Now that you know this, should you adhere to these guidelines, you’ll be on the right track to discover your ideal supplier while being secure. Be sure to trust your gut and your gut typically right.

Alibaba is able to assist to set up your own dropshipping company provided you do it right. If this is the case, visit our article ” The best way to Setup a Drop shipping Business Quickly” to find out more about beginning.

Always make sure that the seller has an return policy prior to making the purchase. There are many things that can go wrong, and if the package does not arrive, you’ll need to make a claim with the shipping agency.

Shopping on Alibaba is easy however it’s only secure when you perform it in a controlled manner.

What products have you purchased through Alibaba previously? What was the time frame? What was the procedure? Please share your Alibaba experiences in the comments section below.

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