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9 Top Web Builders to Build Websites For Small Business

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As the world gets increasingly digitally-driven and connected, it’s never been more vital (or easier!) to establish an online presence to promote your business. We’ll show you the top 9 small-business websites to do just this. Compare these with each other with our comparison chart or continue reading for more detailed analysis.

The top website builders for small companies are simple to use and have excellent SEO tools and come with cost-effective, flexible pricing plans. The most effective small business website builder we’ve tried has been Wix since it’s easy to build , extremely adaptable, and is able to cover a variety of diverse industries. This is a brief overview of our shortlistof choices:

The best website builders for small Business

  1. Wix the best overall site builder for small businesses.
  2. Squarespace – Best for building your brand.
  3. Weebly is ideal for small businesses with a tight budget.
  4. GoDaddy is ideal for companies who need to be online fast.
  5. Duda The best for those who value simplicity of use over personal branding.
  6. Zyro– Great for basic.
  7. Inspiringly best to sell services, not just products.
  8. Site123is a great option for those who are afraid of designing a website for business.
  9. Jimdo Creator It’s simple, but it lacks top-quality features.

Find the Top 9 Web Builders for Small Businesses

These three platforms were at the top of our list in our research most effective. Use the arrows to browse the different platforms one against the other.

We’re very happy with our research process since not many sites have the ability to claim they’ve conducted extensive testing prior to making recommendations. Our in-house research team studies each builder’s areas:

  • User-friendly
  • Design adaptability
  • Cost-effective
  • Feature quality
  • Assistance and support
  • Customer satisfaction

This lets us evaluate and contrast builders with respect by focusing on the factors that have been reported by users to us are important to them. Every builder is given scores in the six areas. we then average to give an overall score.

It’s just not enough to know how every builder does on a general basis. Therefore, we have modified our scoring system to include more weightage to the areas that small-business webmasters have told us are important to them – for example, ease of use and quality of features (with an increased focus on SEO capabilities) and price for value.

You can also take the word of our mouth:

  • To find the ideal balance between user-friendliness and strong capabilities, try Wix
  • For the best templates for professional designs, try Squarespace
  • For plans that aren’t expensive, try Weebly

Do you need to sell Products Online?

The builders featured in this article can be used to promote your small business and offering customers a way to get more information about what you offer. It is also possible to make use of these builders to market several products, but this is not necessary!

However, if you’re running an extensive store and you’re looking for you to offer more than 10 products via your website, you’ll have to select an eCommerce-specific website developer rather than.

  1. Wix

The Best Website Builder Overall for Small Business

Watch it in motion: Mane Ethical Hairdressing

User-Friendliness: 4.3/5

If you’re looking to make things easy and easy, then Wix is the perfect builder you need. You don’t need any design or technical skills to design a professional and attractive small-business website. The editing interface of Wix lets you create your site by dropping and dragging images and text boxes the places you’d like them to be. There are other builders that also do this, but our participants in our research were the most likely to endorse Wix because the editor is simple to use as well as doesn’t limit your creative freedom.

If you’re an old-timers of the “not tech-savvy” category, you may make use of the Wix ADI builder to design your website. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) will ask you a couple of questions about your websiteand create a full-featured business website using the answers you provide.

Design Flexibility 4.0/5

With Wix you can are able to design your own small-business website with a personality. There are over 800 professionally created templates available and cover every type of businesses from makeup artist to antique automobile dealers.

There’s a wide selection of templates available on Wix however, one big disadvantage is that it isn’t possible to change templates once you’ve uploaded your site. Make sure that you’re pleased with the choice the first time!

It’s simple to add more features on every Wix template. You can:

  • Include contact forms as well as online booking forms for booking appointments
  • Make and submit invoices as well as keep track of payments, helping you organize your finances all from one central location
  • Make your own quizzes, surveys and contact forms to know what your customers consider

If you’re a tech-savvy you there’s Wix Corvid, which lets you incorporate customized code to your Wix website. It’s totally optional, but it gives you the ability to create your own unique web-based business site.

Value for money: 3.1/5

Wix offers eight plans with prices to select from, along with four plans designed for non-ecommerce websites and four plans that are specifically designed for ecommerce.

For websites for small businesses, we recommend Wix’s Pro plan that starts at just $23/month. You’ll have the use of Ascend the Wix in-house advertising tool and even have a logo design if you’d like one. It’s worth noting that the more affordable Unlimited package ($18/month) includes $300 in ad credit and are divided equally over Google Ads, Bing Ads and Local Listings and can really help you out in the promotion of your small business’s website.

Keep reading about Wix:

Wix Application Market Select among more than 200 applications and services, ranging from shipping tools to make sending products more efficient and to email tools that aid in reaching customers and increase your base of users (such like Contact Collect as well as Mail chimp).

Wix SEO Wizard Input some details about your business, the location of your site, as well as your target keywords This feature will develop a custom SEO plan that will provide suggestions on how to increase the visibility of your site through search engines.

Wix Ascend All-in-one Marketing package that helps you connect with your customers, design individual messages for each user share on social media and send marketing emails all from one location.

We also love Wix because they provide excellent customer service. Help buttons are available all over throughout the Wix website So if you’re struggling to build the particular area of your website You can simply click the link and get the specific solution to your query.

The help buttons let you solve problems on your own, without waiting for customer support. However, you can contact Wix by phone from Monday through Thursday, from 5am to 5pm at EST. Wix doesn’t provide 24 hour support on the phone, but it’s editor can be so simple to use that you’ll never be able to feel that you’re not getting what you want.


Sara’s Wix website lets her manage bookings as well as take sales for her knitting business.

Inspiring by her love of crochet, Sara started her small company, Cloud Nine Knits, to teach people in throughout the UK how to knit and crochet using huge yarn. Sara started her website because she was in need of a site online that she could manage the reservations for her workshops and also offer a limited selection of handmade knitted items.

Q&A with Sara

How did you determine to decide that Wix was the ideal website builder?

“After having a difficult time with another website builder in the past , and finding it difficult to work with its templates, I decided to go with Wix due to its claims of being simple. I immediately fell in love with Wix Editor. Wix Editor, which gave me professional results, with no technical experience.”

How easy was it create your site?

“I discovered Wix extremely user-friendly. I decided to give myself some design freedom with Wix Editor Wix Editor (rather than use templates) and the drag-and-drop features made it easy to build the pages. I loved the way I could move between designs and layouts and watch them change in the background, eventually choosing the one I found the most appealing. The Wix applications allowed me to add instant functionality to my website easy, too.”

“I strongly would recommend Wix to every small-scale business owner I come across, for its user-friendliness centralized business functions as well as the ease of being able to control everything from my smartphone.”

How long did it take you to create your site?

“It took me a couple of hours to make the main pages exactly as I had envisioned to see them. This was the easiest part. Then , it was a couple of days more of editing and rewriting my own content. Being an perfectionist can take a lot of time!”

What is the one thing you’d like to see improved to Wix?

“I’d like to see an extra function in the booking system, for instance, being able to offer my customers specific choices like the ability to let them choose their yarn color from a variety of choices prior to their workshop.”

How has having a site helped your company?

“It is the platform of my company. I would be in a mess without it, and my business would be isn’t as successful! It helps me manage all bookings, offer products, manage my customers community, post videos, create invoices, manage payments as well as run emails to promote my business, as well as monitor users who visit the website in real-time. The best part is that I manage everything for the largest part using the Wix application on my phone anywhere I am.”

Wix is the central hub for Sara’s Business

Wix could be the ideal website builder. Try Wix an attempt and create your own small-business website.

Additional Information:

  1. Squarespace

Best to Build Your Brand

Watch it in the action: Art Cafe

Usability: 3.4/5

Squarespace has more advanced designs tools than Wix which means that it has a higher learning curve. It is generally true that Squarespace isn’t as user-friendly as Wix however, and it may be more difficult to implement modifications to your site. If you’ve got basic computer skills and are able to are proficient with computers, you’ll get familiar with Squarespace fairly quickly. In addition, you’ll appreciate the variety of templates available that make it almost impossible to make a mistake.

Design Flexibility 4.3/5

The templates of Squarespace are sleek, as well as their sleek lines convey a an extremely professional look. In addition, unlike other builders it is possible to make your small business’s website appear professional created without the need to mess with code. Furthermore, layout options such as cover pages also referred to as single scrolling webpages will help your small-business web page stand apart from rest.

Additionally, you’ll be capable of stamping your own impression on your site by easily modifying your website’s layout, right starting with the colors and fonts down to the width of the sidebar as well as background pictures. It’s also simple to change the templates for your cover page whenever you believe your site could use some re-design.

It is also possible to include features such as announcement bars (great for when you wish to promote your new product) or an information bar for mobile devices, that streamlines your site for those who use smartphones and provides a shortcut menu with important information like opening hours and contact information.

Value for money: 3.5/5

In contrast to Wix, Squarespace does not provide a free plan however, the company does provide a 14-day no-cost trial period. Squarespace offers four plans at different prices including two general website builder plans, and two plans specifically designed for eCommerce.

We suggest using the $48/month business package for small-scale sites for business, since it’s not nearly as expensive than the two full-fledged ecommerce plans, however you’ll still be able to sell just a few items and design modern, professional websites.

However, you’ll need to pay an additional 3% transaction fee for any sales you make using the Business plan. However, this can be waived if were to increase your sales to Advanced or Advanced Commerce plans. Therefore, if you’re planning to sell lots of goods, it’s definitely recommended to switch into Basic Commerce! Basic Commerce plan!

Keep reading about Squarespace:

Super SEO The SEO capabilities of Squarespace are very effective as well. When SEO (search engines results page) dominance is in your list and, for the majority of small-sized companies this should be the case – then Squarespace is the right builder for you. We’ve gone into tons of details about what makes Squarespace’s SEO capabilities great within the Squarespace SEO analysis.

Organization: The Squarespace Scheduling is a user-friendly web-based booking system that lets customers see your availability, make reservations or reschedule appointments and even pay via online. It is also possible to connect Squarespace Scheduling to your existing Google, iCloud, Office 365 or Outlook calendar.

Integrating social media into your site: You can integrate your Squarespace website with a myriad of social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or incorporate content from various platforms directly to your site.

Domains You are able to purchase domains through Squarespace or connect your existing domain with no having to worry. You’ll receive a domain for free for a year if you join an annual subscription plan as well.

As with its wide selection of templates, Squarespace’s assistance and assistance options are extensive and of high-quality. When you’re stuck you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Chat live chat Monday through Friday
  • 24/7 Twitter assistance
  • 24/7 support via email
  • A comprehensive understanding of the base of knowledge
  • A forum for community members
  • Video tutorials

But, Squarespace only earns a 3.8/5 here due to the fact that it does not offer support via phone which could be a problem for certain users.


Terry’s Squarespace website lets him advertise his services.

It’s obvious that Squarespace is an extremely powerful builder that has impressive templates. We spoke with Terry Lindis, the founder and director of Lind is Consulting about the reasons the company chose Squarespace to build his online presence for professional purposes.

After more than 20 years working in consultancies and insurance firms, Terry started his own firm that offers the management of pension schemes and business to a wide range of firms. Terry uses his Squarespace website as a kind or “online catalogue” to highlight the various consulting services he provides.

Q&A with Terry

What led you to choose to decide that Squarespace was the best web-based builder for your needs?

“Squarespace websites are professional looking and have analytics capabilities The cost isn’t too expensive, and they can easily connect seamlessly with G Suite. I’m very likely to recommend Squarespace to other people.”

What is the thing you enjoy the most about Squarespace?

“Squarespace’s range of templates allows you to build an appealing, professional looking website very quickly, and with no previous knowledge.”

What were you most difficult regarding Squarespace?

“Some features weren’t entirely intuitive. I was forced to reach out to the support team for help with queries. However, their support staff was incredibly accommodating.”

Squarespace has helped Terry Create a Professional Website

Create a professionally-branded, digital brochure of your products and services by using this easy-to-use platform.

Additional Information:

  1. Weebly

The best option for businesses on budget

Check it out at work: Wall’ in (check this website to see if it’s available either in English and French!)

User-Friendliness: 3.5/5

Similar to Wix, Weebly has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to see your edits in real-time without having to switch between preview and editing modes. But, based on our user test, we have discovered that Weebly is a bit difficult to navigate in comparison to other builders such as the Wix as well as Duda being rated as the most intuitive web builders.

When you design your website, Weebly leaves you to your own devices and provides very little graphic cues and intuition.

Design Flexibility 3.4/5

Weebly has recently updated its themes gallery and now offers approximately 50 templates to fit all kinds of industries. They aren’t quite as beautiful as the templates that are available on Squarespace with regards to minimalism aesthetics, but they’ll be ideal for small-sized sites for businesses seeking to present their offerings in a clear, easy inexpensive manner.

For those who are coders You can utilize the Weebly Code Editor to access the HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and alter the design of your web pages to give them a higher degree of personalization.

Value for money: 4.1/5

This is the point where Weebly can really shine. For less than one dollar per week, you will be able to enjoy the top features of the Personal Plan which includes 500MB of storage space and the capability to connect to your own domain.

Our paid subscriptions are considerably less expensive than those offered by competitors which is why it’s worth upgrading from the free one. If you’re on the free plan, you’ll be restricted to an inexperienced subdomain, however you can get rid of that blemish for only $ 6 per month.

However, we recommend the $26/month Performance plan since it allows your website in order to take PayPal payments as one of the most used payment processors. It is something that your company could require sooner rather than the future, so why not wait to upgrade?

Keep reading about Weebly:

  • Big app Center:choose from more than 300 apps in categories like marketing communications, ecommerce and communications social media and much more. One of the ways to make apps work for your website is to connect Facebook Messenger that allows users chat with Facebook users directly from your website. chat directly with Facebook users right on your website.
  • Members Options available for plans like the Professional and Performance Plans This feature allows you to give registered members access to restricted websites. This feature is helpful if you are looking to set up private clubs or share personal information with certain users.
  • SEO: Weebly makes it simple to modify your meta descriptions and titles as well as customize your URLs and even add alt text to images. These can all assist in getting your website noticed by search engines more quickly. There are also a variety of SEO-friendly apps like the RabbitSEO and MarketGoo for helping to boost search engine optimization.

The Weebly support team via three ways:

  • Support tickets (answered all hours of the day)
  • Live chat (available Monday through Friday, 6am-6pm PST. Saturday through Sunday from 8am to 5pm PST)
  • Telephone (6am-6pm PST)

Weebly also has an Support Center showcasing numerous how-to tutorials, as well as an Community Forum where you’ll find many tips and tricks from previous users.

But the one aspect Weebly does not have is a personal restore feature. In the event that your site is down, you’re relying for the assistance of the team that will fix the site on behalf of you.

Weebly is a fantastic value for your money

Websites on Weebly are simple to create and offer great value in terms of price. Begin with Weebly’s no-cost plan to experience it for free!

Additional Information:

  1. GoDaddy

Ideal for businesses that need to be Online Fast

Check it out at work: Skuna Boats

Usability: 3.8/5

Absolutely, GoDaddy is able to make a site for you in just a few minutes thanks to its ADI feature that requires little effort from you However, once you’ve done this, GoDaddy feels quite restrictive. If you don’t want to utilize the ADI option, you’ll have to utilize GoDaddy’s drag and drop feature that isn’t as flexible as Wix for creativity.

A majority of the users who participated during our survey said that they needed more creative control with the builder. However 76% of the participants were also willing to be willing to recommend GoDaddy to someone trying to connect to the internet. If you prefer the ease of use over creativity flexibility, GoDaddy won’t be disappointed.

Design Flexibility 3.8/5

As we’ve already explained, GoDaddy has a limited design freedom. If you’re looking for an easy small-scale business website designed quickly, and are not too concerned about being creative and you’re looking for an ideal choice.

With that said, GoDaddy offers over 100 themes (compared to Weebly’s 50) and its newly launched Theme Customizer feature gives you the chance to preview your brand new theme with 20 different styles, with no loss of content which makes it stand out from Wix.

In the end, even though Squarepsace is the ideal place to look for elegant template designs GoDaddy can be more of an easy fix.

Value for money: 3.1/5

GoDaddy’s pricing is fairly affordable however, you’ll find greater options and better customer support for the price you pay with Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace. GoDaddy offers the following plans for the total.

We suggest that you sign up for the $14.99/month Standard Plan as you’ll be able the benefit of Google’s tools for SEO. We really like GoDaddy is that the platform can handle a lot of things it allows you to handle your domain registrations, web hosting as well as website development all from one location.

Keep reading about GoDaddy:

GoDaddy has some amazing features for small-sized business websites:

  • GoDaddy SEO: This feature will review your website’s content and optimize it for search engines. However, it’s not included in the lowest cost plan. GoDaddy says that websites that use GoDaddy SEO saw their Google traffic grow 2.5 times as much as the ones that didn’t use the feature.
  • Google Analytics: unlike the majority of website builders that employ its own tools for analytics, GoDaddy has seamlessly integrated its software with Google Analytics, providing brilliant analysis available at your fingertips.
  • Domains GoDaddy has been ranked as one of the biggest domain registration companies around the globe It’s a breeze to register your domain using this builder. Prices start at $9.99 for one year of domain.

However, GoDaddy offers limited social media integration. At present it is only possible to create icons to connect onto your existing social media pages. Being unable to include all of your social media feeds on your site isn’t a good thing, considering that 43 percent of people who use the internet utilize social media to research items to purchase. It is not ideal for customers to be forced to leave your website for the information they’re looking for!

GoDaddy does not provide the most excellent support for customers however, you can seek assistance through these methods:

  • 24/7 support via phone
  • Live chat (Monday through Friday from 5am to 6pm)
  • Knowledge Base
  • Help Forum

You can find the answers to questions that are simple in the knowledge base and forum However, you’ll have consult with an expert for answers for questions that are specific or specific to your area.

Do you have a short time?

It’s quick and simple to create a website using GoDaddy. Take a test to discover how fast!

More Information:

  1. Duda

The best option for those who value the ease of use over personal Branding

Watch it in motion: Newman Decorators

User-Friendliness: 4.1/5

Duda has a drag-and drop builder that makes it simple to move elements across the page as well as modify text boxes. Its templates for business websites specifically, are attractive visually, however, they are also extremely structured. This means you can only put items in certain spaces on the page.

The rigidity of the themes of Duda is what makes it less flexible than Wix However, it’s an accessible platform for novices. Comparatively to Sqaurespace the themes of Duda are much more simple for beginners to modify, however they’re not as modern or minimalist.

Design Flexibility 4.6/5

The flexibility of Duda comes from its customized user journey options. This feature lets you can alter the way that different users view your site, and it’s accessible even on the lowest cost plan.

You can, for instance, decide to show a video about your service to visitors who are visiting your site on the first occasion or include a widget that asks visitors to contact you in case they’re coming from a nearby place.

This feature can assist you in creating more lasting relationships with your customers, considering that 74% of users are dissatisfied when content on websites isn’t personalized.

Value for money: 1.2/5

Duda has the highest price of builders we’ve tried. There’s no free plan and a 14-day no-cost trial is only available to paid plans. Duda offers four paid plans One of them is a custom Enterprise plan for large businesses with multiple websites.

  • Basic($14/month)
  • Team($22/month)
  • Agency($44/month)
  • Enterprise (custom price)

We suggest the Team plan not only because it has the free trial, but also because it provides the ability to analyze data and custom-designed marketing materials you can’t receive on the basic plan.

Continue to Read About Duda:

Duda isn’t equipped with basic marketing functions, such as a newsletter tool. There is no app store, so it isn’t possible to add additional features when you require it. This isn’t a good thing because marketing tools are vital to building a successful small site for business.

There’s not much SEO support as well. There’s no benefit to the SEO guidance and prompts that are available in Weebly or Squarespace So you’ll have to conduct your own research.

Duda isn’t the best website builder for small businesses however it’s a good choice for those who need a professional-looking website and don’t care too much about the marketing aspects. For instance, if you’re managing a site for a well-established local business which isn’t seeking to expand then Duda is an excellent option.

The level of support you receive on Duda will depend on the plan you select. There is no support via phone on the cheapest plans, so it’s an inconvenience. We do suggest using the Team plan for small-sized businesses with all the support options that you’ll need:

  • The Basics: Email
  • Team Members: Contact, Live chat and phone
  • Agent: priority email and live chat and telephone

Duda’s most popular support feature features it’s Resource Center, which presents informative webinars as well as information on the latest product releases.

Duda is the Web Builder for Web Designers

…but don’t let that deter you from trying! Duda is easy that it’s easy to navigate, but also has amazing designs.

More Information:

  • Duda review Get the complete information on Duda and all its positives and negatives
  1. Zyro

The best for the basics

You can see it in the action: Surf Happy

Usability: 4.0/5

We were impressed with Zyro’s simplicity when we tried it out. The template editor is section-based, which means it allows you to add or remove various elements of a page in several clicks. If you drag any of the elements on a page (like text boxes and images) across the page the grid will appear to help you.

The elements on the page will snap in their place with perfect angles and it’s very difficult to commit design errors using Zyro. In addition, the tool offers an exclusive collection of AI (AI) devices, like the SEO copywriting tool, as well as logo makers, which create content and design much easier.

Design Flexibility 3.9/5

Zyro’s web templates are top-quality they’re clean, modern and simple that are all crucial aspects in delivering a positive user experience to your visitors.

However, Zyro’s templates aren’t highly customizable . If you’re planning to build your own brand, you’ll likely prefer Wix and Squarespace instead. It’s also impossible to change templates once your website is in operation, so you must be committed to the template you pick and especially because you’ll have very few options for personalizing it!

Value for money: 3.0/5

Zyro’s 30-day money-back guarantee is impressive, as is the price range starting at $2.90 each month for standard websites as well as $9.90 each month on e-commerce websites is a great deal.

The difference is that Zyro stands out from majority of builders in that it increases its price following the first installment. For instance it costs $3.90 per month cost for the “Unleashed” plan renews with $12.49 each month whereas its $9.90 each month option renews for $24.49 for a month. The renewal rates for Zyro were higher than plans from other builders with the same features, however – as Zyro recently revised its pricing plans – they are significantly lower!

Keep reading about Zyro:

Zyro’s SEO and marketing features aren’t able to compare to the offerings of Wix or Squarespace. It doesn’t, for instance, offer special email marketing tools, as Squarespace does.

Zyro offers all of the basic features covered Its features are just lacking the depth. Consider SEO as an example You’ll still be able the ability to modify alt text, meta titles and URLs, however there’s no keyword support , and there aren’t any specific integrations to support SEO.

We were amazed by Zyro’s sales features, including the way it doesn’t earn commission on sales made through its plans for e-commerce.

Zyro does not offer support via phone which could be a major disadvantage for some! But it does provide an online email service and 24/7 live chat assistance, and the staff has always been prompt and responsive whenever we’ve used it.

It’s important to note that although we’ve always received responses by the Zyro team in less than an hour, this kind of speed can’t be assured! If you’re ever waiting for a response you should check out Zyro’s knowledge base. It has a wide selection of quality content.

Want Clean Template Designs?

Zyro’s templates are simple and its editor is simple to utilize. Additionally, it has features that are great. Does Offers are made really effectively.

Additional Information:

  • Zyro reviewFind out more about this builder that is easy to use
  1. Inspiringly

Best for Selling Services, Not Products

Watch it in the action: Lever and Bloom Coffee

Usability: 3.7/5

As you can observe, Strikingly’s score is fairly average. It is a simple builder to use if you’re looking to create a one-page website in a short time and at a low cost. Similar similar to Duda and Strikingly, the templates available on Strikingly aren’t flexible, therefore, if it’s creativity you’re seeking, visit Wix.

Design Flexibility 3.1/5

You are able to only create one-page websites with the basis of strikingly. This is the embodiment of rigidity.

Why is one-page websites not allowed? They’re simply too long! The average user is scrolling 22.7 millimeters on their mobile every day. Let’s simply say that your one-page site will be responsible for the majority of this. It’s nearly impossible to include products or blogs on a single-page website without it becoming excessively long.

Value for money: 3.1/5

The plans offered by Strikingly are affordable and offer a wide array of advantages for the price you pay.

Strikingly also offers a free plan, however we suggest that you sign up for the Limited Plan at $8/month. It allows you to create two websites and sell up to five items and get a free domain in the initial year. It’s a great deal!

Continue Reading About Strikingly:

Strikingly isn’t the best choice for small-scale businesses that want to expand rapidly. For instance, Squarespace’s strong SEO features are a better choice for companies that are rapidly growing.

However, Strikingly still offers a handful of essential tools:

  • Marketing integration for email through MailChimp
  • Basic SEO checklist that covers the best practices
  • The ability to connect social media accounts
  • The ability to buy and register a domain name for at least 10 years

In the case of the Pro plan You can also incorporate live chat feature to your website via Facebook Messenger. However, overall, Strikingly is far from striking in the features of a website section.

Not just is it the case that Strikingly have the best known support group called The Happiness Officers – but it has an active as well.

When you build your website There will be the chat box that will pop up inviting you to chat with your Happiness Officer who is accessible 24/7. There are also plenty of tutorial videos that are helpful. Simply put, you’re never left feeling stuck using Strikingly.

Are you building more than one site?

Strikingly provides excellent assistance and support, and is ideal for those who want to create multiple websites. Check it out!

Additional Information:

  • Strikingly review A thorough review of the Strikingly’s features, prices, and much more
  1. Site123

Ideal for those who dread the idea of creating a business website.

Check it out in the action: Mike’s House

User-Friendliness Ease of Use: 4/5

Site123 asks you a few questions about the features you want to add to your site and then creates templates with the appropriate features in response to the information you have provided. It can be thought of as a lesser-powerful variant of the Wix ADI tool.

72% of those who participated of our study indicated that they would recommend Site123 to friends However, a majority of users indicated that they would prefer another website builder if they required a more complex website.

Design Flexibility 2.8/5

The simplicity of Site123 is reflected in its basic templates. While Site123 is fast and simple to use but you’ll see more results by using Wix ADI or GoDaddy, that both provide more elegant templates as well as a higher degree of creativity.

Value for money: 2.8/5

Even though it’s a free plan, Site123 doesn’t have great value for money due to its absence of features that are useful. This builder comes with one paid plan that is priced at $12.80 monthly and, unlike others, it does’t permit you to select between various pricing tiers based on the number of features you’d like.

Keep reading about Site123:

Site123 doesn’t have many helpful features for small companies, earning an unsatisfactory score in this category. It isn’t possible to embed feeds from social media onto your website SEO support is also limited and you’ll not receive any help with search engine optimization.

Site123 does provide an Google Analytics integration and it can incorporate CTAs to your website However, that’s pretty the extent it can go with regards to marketing tools.

If you want a blend of powerful capabilities and simplicity of use We recommend Wix instead.

Support is available via email or social media as well as forums for knowledge bases however, the most prominent feature is live chat option. live chat is available 24 hours a day with quick response times making it feel like you’re not editing on your own.

Do the idea of creating an online presence really freak you out?

Site123 isn’t particularly attractive or elegant however it will guide users through it as easily as is feasible.

Additional Information:

  1. Jimdo Creator

Simple, but does not have the quality Features

Watch it in motion: Blue-Sky Consulting

Usability: 3.7/5

Jimdo Creator is extremely simple however, it’s not a unique feature when it comes to website builders. The top players such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are always evolving to enhance their user-friendliness and the range of features they offer and platforms such as Jimdo Creator can’t supplement their simplicity with robust capabilities.

Design Flexibility 2.3/5

Utilizing Jimdo creator isn’t always easy, since you’re not given any creative control when you try to alter the template. Jimdo’s templates have similar issues to Strikingly’s and Duda’s: they’re way too rigid.

Value for money: 3.2/5

Jimdo Creator redeems itself with its affordable pricing. There’s a no-cost plan, as well as four premium options and, despite its faults the platform does provide some of the lowest prices in the market.

We suggest you to choose the business plan for $19/month, because it’s the most affordable Jimdo plan that permits you to sell on the internet regardless of whether you don’t sell the product, you’ll still get the unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Continue Reading About Jimdo Creator:

We’ve already mentioned that Jimdo offers a good user-friendliness and user-friendliness and ease of use, however it does not offer some outstanding features. It’s got the basics covered however Jimdo isn’t going beyond the norm.

For instance, take SEO. You can alter your meta titles and descriptions, change your URLs, and even add alt texts to your photos, but you’ll have to include third-party apps to take it further and the majority of the apps available that are available on Jimdo will require knowledge of coding.

You are able to obtain a no-cost domain that you can customize for a year with each of Jimdo’s high-end plans however, the cost for renewing the domain after one year’s expiration is $80. This is the most expensive of any site builder we’ve tried.

Jimdo only provides support via email, which accounts for its lack of performance in this particular area. You must join Jimdo’s highest-priced price plan to guarantee the response you need in less than an hour.

If help or support are your primary priority, then you’re better than using Strikingly!

Pick Jimdo for a Simple Setup

Jimdo provides a simple website editing experience. However, don’t expect to find as many fancy features.

More Information:

  • Jimdo Review– discover more information and determine whether Jimdo is right for you.


How to Select a Small Business Website Builder

Before you begin to begin creating your site it is important to determine which elements and features are crucial to your small business’s website.

Have a few products to offer on your small Business Website?

There’s a method to earn a few dollars online, without costing you a fortune. Look up these Square Checkout Online Links to see how you can incorporate into your small-business website to accept payments directly from customers.

These buttons let users to purchase items on your site and are therefore perfect for small-scale businesses selling a small selection of products to make money from their online presence.

The best part is that it’s not expensive. There’s no need to pay for an expensive builder for your online store and it’s absolutely easy to create an account with Square Online account, and the checkout links are completely free. The only cost is the 2.5 percent transaction fee. This is far less expensive than an ecommerce subscription that costs $20 per month!

Below, we’ve listed the most important aspects to think about when choosing the requirements for your website and which site builders are the best in each of these areas:

The running of a small-sized business is not an easy task. Why would you choose a site builder that just increases your anxiety levels? Do not worry about it – when you’ve got bills lying all over the place. these platforms will help you feel as the morning of a Sunday…

Wix was awarded a perfect 5/5 score from our customers during our testing with users. It means that our test participants were very pleased with Wix and would certainly recommend it to others.

What was the reason Wix get such a high score? It’s simple. Actually, it’s very simple to utilize. The intuitive drag-and-drop tool will transform the Average Joe into a web designer.

There’s also Wix ADI. This feature makes use of artificial design intelligence (AI) to design professional-looking websites within a matter of minutes when you’ve already answered some questions regarding the website you want to create.

Your website should perform smoothly with no problems, but it must look professional and professional to impress your clients. 75percent of people assess the credibility of a business by the website it is on. If looks are whatmatter for you (and they ought to! ) It’s crucial to have a large variety of modern templates available.

Duda is marketed as a builder of websites for web developers, with more than 90 gorgeous templates to select from. Duda isn’t only for professionals but anyone can build a one-page website using Duda without any hassle. If you’re looking for a compact yet elegant website, Duda is the one for you.

Squarespace is the most effective website builder designed for websites with images such as portfolios or photography websites. The sleek, modern templates let your photos say a thousand words.

Sometimes, the built-in features do not suffice. Being able to access an app market gives you the ability to add more features to your website. Which are the most ‘app-friendly’ platforms?

Wix and Weebly offer a wide range of options both with over 200 applications and more than 300 to pick from and. Weebly has a slight edge over Wix by the number of apps but there’s more free apps on the Wix App Market.

The domain is the name of your website – ours is, for example – so, just like the design of your website, it’s important that your domain appears professional. If you have a domain that isn’t professional you’re at risk of losing credibility with your users.

It is possible to purchase your domain via the domain name registry (websites which manage and sell domain names) like GoDaddy (which is an online website builder as well as domain name registrar). Registration of a new domain typically costs between $10 to 20 dollars per year based on the domain registrar that you employ and the kind that you’d prefer utilize, e.g. . com, . org or . net.

The most effective website builders for small companies come with powerful marketing tools. If your business is generating sales and engages with customers via social media, you’ll require a website builder that will create an interface between your website as well as your other social media platforms.

More than 50% of the globe’s population is on social media – can your business be able to afford not marketing towards this 3 billion people worldwide?

Wix offers incredibly robust Social media options. On Wix it is easy to show live feeds from your social media channels, publish content from your website directly to your social media platforms and even create an icon for Facebook that directs visitors directly to the Facebook site.

Email marketing is a crucial method to grow your small-scale company. Squarespace provides an integration to Mail Chimp which is a great email tool designed with the same drag-and drop principles as web builders.

It’s a fact that the most effective small business websites will also include powerful SEO capabilities. In the end, SEO helps to bring many more people to your site.

Wix also comes with powerful SEO tools, such as the Wix SEO Wiz feature that will ask you a few questions regarding your website’s location , and keywords, and then develops your own SEO plan to ensure that your site is ranked higher on results page for search engines.

The running of a small-sized business isn’t affordable. So why would you pay more for the website building software than you really need to? If you’re budget conscious, you need to ensure you’re making the most of your investment on your site.

Weebly achieved an impressive 4.1/5 value-for-money score during our study. This indicates that it provides an impressive array of features built-in, as well as reasonably priced subscription plans (as as well as a no-cost plan). You will never feel ripped off when using Weebly.

The less time you have spent trying to figure ways to incorporate features, modify the design, or fix an issue or fix a bug, the more time you’ll need to concentrate on growing your small-scale company. This is the reason a site builder’s support for customers can be extremely valuable.

Based on our experience, the Wix Help Center provides the most comprehensive video tutorials and tutorials to answer your queries.

9 of the Top Small Business Websites Builders The Roundup

No matter which builder you pick you’ll be able to develop a professional website that puts your small business online without technical knowledge.

The best web builders for small companies will allow your company to not just appear on the internet but sparkle. We recommend Wix as the top choice to build websites for businesses. Let’s review our nine-point list more this time…

  1. Wix– The best overall website builder for small-sized businesses ($14/month)
  2. Squarespace is the best choice for creating your own brand ($12/month)
  3. Weebly is ideal for small businesses with a tight budget ($6/month)
  4. GoDaddy Ideal for small businesses that require to get online fast ($10/month)
  5. Dudais the best for those who prefer the ease of use over personal branding ($14/month)
  6. ZyroBest for basic requirements ($2.90/month renewals at $22.90/month)
  7. It’s strikinglybest to sell products, not services ($8/month)
  8. Site123– Great for those who fear the idea of creating a website for their business ($12.80/month)
  9. Jimdo creatorIt’s simple to use, but it’s lacking quality features ($9/month)

With the right web builder, you can transform your modest business to the next big deal. In the meantime we wish you and your company the best of success!


The website builders mentioned in this guide requires any technical expertise. However, to have a easy experience in building websites We recommend GoDaddy as its editor is very easy to master.

Although this may be true it is possible that a different website builder, like Weebly is more suitable for you. This is the reason the reason why we recommend using two or three websites builders to test and then settling on the one you’ll choose.

Web space is the only site builder mentioned in this guide which doesn’t provide an cost-free plan. The two Weebly as well as Weebly can be used for free for as long as you like. They also have extremely affordable premium plans worth looking into if you’re looking to take your website to the highest step.

Duda is most popular choice for a small-scale business that is focused on design site. Its templates are impressive and professional.

Wix is a mobile editor. This means you can alter aspects on this mobile-friendly version of the website without altering anything on your desktop site.

The majority of Squarespace’s themes are responsive to mobile, which means they appear great on any device and that’s a huge positive.

All the web builders listed in this guide are highly intuitive editors that means you will be able to learn to master their functions in no time!

It is possible to create your own small business site created within a matter of minutes!

You can utilize free web builders however, they usually aren’t worth the price of professionalism! You’ll need a paid plan in order to remove subdomains, like, and the respective website builder ads that appear on every page.

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