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8 Alternatives to Squarespace Do You Need to Make Room for Other Platforms?

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Squarespace is a fantastic web-based site builder, but we are aware that it’s not suitable for everyone.

We’ve done a lot of research to present you with the best Squarespace alternative. We tried and test each of them on our own, and also asked people who use them to provide comment on them as well. These are the results:

Eight of the Best Alternatives to Squarespace

  1. Wix is the best choice for any site.
  2. Weebly is ideal for small-scale businesses or portfolio web sites.
  3. Site123 – Excellent for customer support and service.
  4. Strikingly – Best value for money.
  5. WordPress – Great for blogging.
  6. GoDaddy – Best for time-restricted users.
  7. 1 and 1 IONOS Best for businesses with white collars.
  8. Shopify – Best all-around ecommerce platform.

Let’s review of the top three Squarespace alternatives. Wix is the best option, with everything from stunning designs to easy-to-use tools. The apps offered by Weebly, their SEO capabilities simple design and SEO features make it ideal for companies. Site123 is great for newbies since it helps to build your website!

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The best choice for any site

Price from $0 to $49/month

Wix is the most comprehensive website builder currently available. What is it that makes it such a great tool? It’s simple. Over 200 million users registered would say it’s easy.

Users who have tested it discovered it to be much simpler and more user-friendly than Squarespace and Squarespace, too. You’re sure Wix has a chance to win but let’s look into the more technical particulars.

The best drag-and-drop feature can make creating websites a joy. Some of the most practical features are:

  • A no-cost plan
  • Over 800 beautiful templates cover every field
  • 24/7 support via phone for all of your Wix concerns.

The best part is that Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence)lets you create a beautiful website with only several clicks. Learn More on ADI on this page.

Of course, it comes with some small drawbacks that aren’t as obvious, such as Wix advertisements on the free plan and the fact that you cannot change templates, but overall it’s an outstanding Squarespace alternative.

Pros Cons
The best overall builder for websites The templates cannot be changed after publishing.
Excellent value for the money. Rely on third party apps to increase international growth
Our users on our platform are most likely to recommend to others. The freedom to be creative can be overwhelming.

Is Wix the best choice for You?

Wix is the top-rated website builder. Its variety of templates and simple to use editor makes it the ideal Squarespace alternative.

Are you on a tight budget? Explore the Best Free Website Builders Here.

Find out more about Wix by reading this review of the pricing at Wix.

  1. Weebly

Ideal for small-sized businesses and portfolio websites.

Price From Between $0 and $26/month.

Weebly is a great choice to build a site for small businesses. It comes with the greatest number of applications – which helps to make your website more efficient – and is the most suitable site to use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Similar to Wix It also uses a drag-and-drop design. However, it’s not as flexible and there’s no ADI option. But, in general, Weebly makes it easy for people with no programming expertise to build a stunning website. It also offers a no-cost plan.

If you’re worried about how Weebly’s templates compare to Squarespace Don’t fret about it too much. While the layouts are obviously not as polished, Weebly has recently brushed up its themes.

Pros Cons
Most builders’ apps Premium plans are costly
The best for SEO Editing interface confusing at first
Simple to make use of It is impossible to restore websites on your own.

Do You Need a Lot of Features?

Weebly is a feature-rich website builder that has a massive app store to help build your site.

Check out our Weebly Price Review to find out more details.

For help to select the right platform, read our Weebly vs. Wix review.

  1. Site123

The best for customer service and support.

Price from $1 to $12.80/month

You thought Drag and Drop was the most efficient method to create? You’re wrong. Site123 utilizes design aid, which means you just have to answer a few questions and you’ll have a site up and running in no effort. It’s as simple as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

It’s not ideal for huge businesses or complicated websites however it is the most efficient method to be online. Ideal for those with a hectic work schedule, surely? Compare that with the challenging design of Squarespace and you’ll determine which platform is the more easy.

It also has live Chatbot Whiz who can guide you through the process, as well as some fantastic support and assistance. Therefore, if you’re a blogger, small-business owner or photographer, try Site123 today.

Pros Cons
Design assistance helps build extremely fast The features of poor quality aren’t powerful enough.
Chatbot support is helpful and friendly. Creative freedom is limited.
Market for apps that are easy to use Other platforms are more cost-effective.

Do You Want to Reduce Time as well as Effort?

Site123’s design support assists you, creating a custom site in a matter of just a few minutes.

Do you need more information? Use our quick and easy Website Builder Comparison Chart .

  1. Inspiringly

The best price for the money

Price from $0 to $49/month

It’s possible to build a website quickly and efficiently using this platform. Additionally, it’s great value for the money. It’s also an ‘best of the rest website builder. Think about it like the top football team, minus the playoffs.

What’s Strikingly is all about? It is a one-page website design using an easy editing interface. It also has a wealth of features available in its free plan which include great tools for blogging.

It’s one of the least expensive platforms for selling through and is perfect for business owners with budgets. If you’re looking to expand you should look elsewhere as the tools aren’t built to grow.

However the themes are attractive. If you’re trying to create a portfolio of just a few pages, Strikingly represents a much cheaper and faster alternative than Squarespace which has plans that range between $0 and $49 per month.

Pros Cons
The best price for the money The tools used to help a company grow
Live, 24/7 chat helpline It only creates one-page websites
Perfect for bloggers. Editing isn’t enough

Do You Really Need a one-page website?

Strikingly is a straightforward and easy-to-use web-based builder that’s worth every penny particularly for bloggers.

Do you want to save a few cents? Find out more about Cheapest Website Builders .

  1. WordPress

The best blog for you.

Price: $0 (plus hosting fees) is the most popular option for blogs. But wait, is there a difference in .com as opposed to .org? There’s a major point to be aware of.

This will require the download of WordPress software onto another host. It’s similar to renting space for websites, so you are more flexible.

In contrast to You can also add custom plugins. You can modify your backend’s code or upload custom themes that make your website more personal.

While Squarespace has some awesome blog templates WordPress allows you to bring your website beyond the norm due to the endless customization options.

Pros Cons
The best for blogging Challenging editing interface
Many features Only suitable for blogs.
Cheap features Additional costs are included including hosting costs, for example.

Do You Want to Build a Effective Website?

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform, which is perfect for blogging, but it also offers a lot to control your website.

Need help on deciding? Check out the Wix is compared to WordPress .

Are you a blogger? Learn more the details of our Best Most Rated Blogs Platforms.

  1. GoDaddy

Ideal for users with time restrictions.

Pricing: $9.99 to $24.99/month

Do you need a website all set to go? This is your answer. GoDaddy can be described as one of the Usain Bolt of web builders. You can use ADI to build a website in a matter of minutes using GoCentral.

Why why is it listed on this list? GoDaddy is not just quick and easy to use, but also extremely user-friendly. Keep in mind that building the perfect Squarespace website is a bit more time-consuming than the majority of platforms. It’s also a technical challenge in terms of editing.

Like an ostrich, however, GoDaddy is speed over appearances. It scored lower than the average in our tests for the design and usability as well as a lack of creativity being a frequent problem.

However, if the speed of your work and your convenience are your top priorities, GoDaddy is a good Squarespace alternative.

Pros Cons
Most rapid to build Features lack quality
Simple to utilize Poor for blogging
Switch themes at any time There isn’t a lot of creativity freedom.

Do You Really Need a Fast Website?

GoDaddy is the quickest method to build a website It’s ideal for anyone who needs to make a simple website that is up and running quickly.

Can’t decide on a platform? Check out our GoDaddy vs Wix article.

  1. 1&1 IONOS

The best choice for businesses that employ white collar workers.

Cost: $7-$25/month.

For any small business seeking to go online 1&1 IONOS could be the best option. Why is this? It’s specially designed for professionals and offers a variety of tools that can be scalable.

The features are not only effective, they’re also simple to integrate. The drag-and-drop design that makes editing on 1 and 1 IONOS an easy walk in the park when compared to Squarespace.

Although the templates might look outdated but they are a good representation of a variety of different industries. But the strength of 1&1 IONOS is in its tools. Some of the most effective include multilingual translation, as well as targeted visitors that personalize the experience for every customer.

Overall 1&1 IONOS is an excellent choice for bloggers and small businesses looking to expand. It’s important to note that it doesn’t come with an unpaid plan, however it has a money-back-guarantee trial.

Pros Cons
Many tools that are scalable Templates don’t look as appealing visually.
Themes span a wide range of industries. There is no cost plan.
Simple to utilize Interface is quite dated

Do you need a business website?

1&1 IONOS isn’t able to match Squarespace’s design however it caters to a variety of industries and is packed with options!

Is 1&1 the best host for your needs? Find out more by going through our 1&1 IONOS Review .


The most comprehensive e-commerce platform

Price: $29 to $299/month.

If you’re planning to sell online this is the perfect moment to get started. US online sales increased by 44% by 2020 and consumers are spending more than $860 billion online! Shopify has been our top-rated website builder andit is the most complete collection of tools available in the marketplace and was the first in our user-friendliness test.

Yes, you can include E-commerce capabilities to Squarespace however it isn’t able to compete with the power and depth of Shopify.

It comes with everything you require to run and expand your business, such as multi-channel selling, an extensive inventory management system, as well as access to more than 1200 applications. Customer support is top-notch and is available 24/7 via live chat or phone support, along with email assistance.

Shopify runs more than 170,000 stores. You can join the jolly crowd starting at only $29 per month beginning with a free 14-day trial.

Pros Cons
Sell on 10 channels Charges for transaction fees for payment methods that are not external methods
Amazing inventory system for inventory You must reformat the themes if you make a change
The best all-round ecommerce platform The cost can be high with applications.

Do You Have a Plan to sell Online?

Shopify is the ideal platform for you when you’re looking to establish and expand your online store due to its sales tools that are powerful.

Do you like the sound of Shopify? Find out more about Shopify. How do I use Shopify in only 9 steps.

Squarespace Alternatives Conclusion

In simple terms, Squarespace is a ideal choice for web creators. It has the most popular themes available and can help create some of the most beautiful web websites. But, it’s not the sole option to create stunning web pages.

For instance, if you’re a novice in tech You can locate more simple platforms. Bloggers can search for more appropriate brands, and entrepreneurs who are just starting out will likely succeed in other places.

Top Squarespace alternatives: The Ultimate List

  1. Wix is the best choice for any site.
  2. Weebly is ideal for small-sized companies.
  3. Site123: Best for customer service.
  4. Strikingly: Best value for money.
  5. WordPress: Best for blogs.
  6. GoDaddy: Best for time restricted users.
  7. 1 and 1 IONOS is the best for white-collar companies.
  8. Shopify: Best all-around ecommerce platform.

We have our list of eight great alternatives. No matter if you’re looking to create a blog, corporate site and portfolio site, you’ll find many choices available. Also, if you’re struggling to fit circles inside Squarespace-d holes while creating a website It’s time to experiment with something different.

Squarespace FAQs

The cheapest plan offered by Squarespace costs just only $12 for a month (billed every year). The top Squarespace alternatives are priced at less More important than this is:

It’s worth noting it’s true that Wix, Weebly, Strikingly and Site123 all have free plans!

Yes! Our research shows that the Wix website builder beat Squarespace to earn the title of the top overall builder of websites. Squarespace has better templates however Wix is the best all-arounder. The question is, however, whether Wix is whether Wix is better than Squarespace to answer Our goal is to help you choose the right platform that has features that meet your specific requirements.

Yes! If you have an existing Squarespace website but would like to move to a different platform then you can do it. Your content may not be moved, but you are able to Export your Squarespace website to the .xml into a.xml (this is particularly helpful in exporting the data into WordPress).

Web builders are challenging to change between as the majority of their content is dependent on their specific platform’s code. Certain builders make it simpler to switch over than others, but always make sure you are aware of this prior to beginning. In many instances, you’ll need to start over this isn’t optimal, however you might be able to utilize an alternative tool to migrate like Cart2Cart (for websites).

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