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10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps for 2021 and a Full Tutorial on How to Dropship With Shopify

This guide will help you locate the most effective Shopify dropshipping software to start an online business.

What exactly is Shopify Dropshipping?

Do you want to set up an Shopify dropshipping service that’s set to show positive results? We’re here for you! In this article, we’ll show you an overview that includes the 10 most effective Shopify dropshipping applications that are available and also an entire guide to setting up and manage your own dropshipping enterprise with Shopify.

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How do you define dropshipping?

In the past the business world was about making custom products, paying a lot of money upfront and managing everything from packaging to shipping and customer service. It’s changed considerably in the past few decades as well, and among the more well-known trending areas is Dropshipping!

If you’re not familiar with the selling strategy it basically allows sellers to work with the help of a ” dropshipper” or supplier who develops and stores items and then delivers them to your customers following the time you’ve generated sales through your site.

  • The thing that makes this buying process is that it begins not with you purchasing the item from the seller instead, it’s the client placing an order with your store and then paying for the item (1). In this way that when you dropship, dropshipping situation, you are paid before having the product on hand.
  • After that, once you have funds then you pay the vendor and ask them to complete your order (2).
  • The supplier manages all the fulfillment completely on their own, and you never touch the product. It goes directly from the supplier to the buyer (3). In essence all you have to do is to manage your eCommerce site and also work on marketing.


Dropshipping on Shopify with Shopify – How do Shopify play a role?

In essence the simplest terms, your dropshipping business needs to be run on an online platform. Shopify is one such platform. It’s actually the most popular e-commerce platform among all.

We are awestruck by Shopify as an e-commerce platform due to its cost as well as the “everything in one place” interface. It gives you access to stunning design tools, thousands of applications and payment processing options which help secure your transactions and speed up payment processing. It’s also among the best platforms to starting an online dropshipping company.

This is so fascinating to entrepreneurs who are new to online and even big companies We’d like to present some of the most effective Dropshipping Shopify applications to get you on the right track. Shopify offers a variety of dropshipping applications, some of which offer a variety of products, as well as others that concentrate on a specific type of items.

The most effective Shopify dropshipping software accessible

Let’s begin with some basic information you need to know prior to getting into the vast world of Dropshipping applications from Shopify..

What to look out for (and to stay clear of) when choosing the top Shopify dropshipping applications

The dropshipping apps are not all are created equally. In actual fact, the dropshipping industry comes with a variety of drawbacks especially when you choose to partner with the wrong company or app.

Here’s what to watch out for:

  • The top Shopify dropshipping applications allow you to choose items direct through Shopify or sync instantly the products you choose to your store.
  • Search for applications which curate top-quality providers. This involves some investigation, but you will generally find reviews and ratings on the supplier.
  • The biggest issue with dropshipping is the longer delivery times. Look for the top apps, which have suppliers from all across the globe (or at a minimum, near to the place where they are) with positive reviews on their products. For example, a business who is based in Chicago will benefit from finding suppliers within the US. In the absence of this, your customers could be waiting for months to get deliveries from areas such as Vietnam as well as China.
  • Another challenge dropping shipping has is keeping prices at a minimum, but maximizing profit margins to the point that you still earn profit. Since you’re not dealing with storage or shipping and storage, dropshippers typically cost more than wholesale prices. The trick is to look into the suppliers of each application to determine if you’re able to make profits without overcharging your customers.
  • Is the dropshipping application provide excellent customer support? You’ll definitely need it if a client is unhappy with you or customers start to make returns.
  • Do you have the ability to request sample products? This is one of the best methods to ensure quality control through dropping shipping.
  • Do you have the ability to use your personal branding in the package? You don’t want for your items to arrive without your logo on the packaging. This could be confusing for the customer since they won’t be able to recognize the names of foreign origin on the packaging. They may not even want to be able to accept a package from an unknown country such as this one.


Oberlo can be likely the most used out of the Shopify dropshipping applications. This is that Oberlo (read our complete Oberlo overview) was among the first companies to develop an automatic sync of items, order tracking, and product details with Shopify. Store on Shopify.

In light of the massive popularity in the success Oberlo, Shopify is now integrating it with brand new stores, without needing to install the app by yourself!

The past was not a good time, but I’ve always enjoyed the functions of Oberlo’s. The only issue I encountered was that you had to navigate AliExpress that is known for its long delivery times to a variety of destinations. The good news is that Oberlo is now bringing in more dropshipping providers all over the world to alleviate this issue.

In the end, you’ll be able to browse through an extensive catalog of products that are new in various categories. You can choose which country you would like to ship the items, which means you won’t have to fret about issues in the future.

In each listing for a product it also includes information about the stores that are currently selling it, and even the total number of customers who have purchased the item through other stores that are Oberlo-enabled. This gives you a great advantage and the ability to choose the products that sell.

What is it that makes Oberlo it one of the top Shopify dropshipping tools?

  • You can find products from a variety of vendors. Its Oberlo marketplace is one of the largest collections of items available online.
  • When you’ve found the items you are interested in, Oberlo instantly syncs the data into your shop.
  • Every item is up-to date in your store. Therefore, if a product becomes not in stock, customers won’t buy it.
  • Oberlo provides a no-cost Starter Plan, making it simple for dropshippers to start with no upfront capital.
  • In the process of adding items you will be able to see information about the sales figures and the general popularity of the product .


Printful (read our complete review of Printful) provides you with an alternative dropshipping system. In contrast to the other applications listed on this list provide an extensive selection of vendors to choose from, which will provide your shop with a greater quantity of items Printful is the most popular “print on demand” dropshipper.

Printful is a service that combines custom printing with dropshipping to allow you to sell anything from posters to T-shirts as well as mugs, pillows and more. The most appealing aspect of Printful is the fact that it comes with an ever-growing selection of high-quality products. The design module is designed to allow users to upload their designs and then sell the items through Shopify.

All you have to do in order to make use of Printful is choose the products that you would like to sell and upload your artwork. If someone orders from Printful, Printful will handle the printing and delivery.

Just to be sure that we’re on the right track, Printful is about more than only T-shirts. It also lets you offer custom fanny bags and phone cases, backpacks bags, stickers and flip-flops, swimwear prints, coffee mugs and much more.

What is it that makes Printful among the top Shopify dropshipping applications?

  • Printing and dropshipping are all taken care of by you. You will need to design your product However, the graphic uploading tools are very easy to utilize.
  • Printful has hundreds of items in its collection and makes it easy to market custom and personalized items.
  • Printful is available in several places which include California in addition to North Carolina. So, you’ll be able to deliver your items to customers within an acceptable timeframe.
  • You don’t pay anything for Pr upfront. Every item on the catalog comes with its own price, and you can set your own retail price over the catalog price. The amount you make is completely yours to decide. Additionally, because of this model for business there is no need to spend any money before you begin to earn money.


Spocket (read our complete Spocket Review) is an extremely rated, top option for Oberlo. We would suggest that it is more sophisticated in comparison to Oberlo with regards to quality of its suppliers.

The majority of suppliers come out of Europe or the US It’s a great opportunity for businesses based in those regions of the world.

This creates Spocket an ideal tool for when you’re planning to develop an Shopify dropshipping shop however, you want to remain local and not require that packages be shipped from China or other countries, but instead work with vendors from Europe as well as the US.

In addition to Shopify Integration, Spocket has a WooCommerce module available. WooCommerce that could be beneficial to people who have their primary websites using WordPress.

What is it that makes Spocket it one of the top Shopify dropshipping tools?

  • You can work in partnership with European as well as US manufacturers and therefore shipping time is usually faster for stores that are located in the US.
  • The pricing of Spocket is among the most competitive apps listed on the list. The typical discounts for businesses is around 45% which gives you ample space for your margins.
  • The logo of your company can be added to invoices and receipts sent out. It’s not as exact as a logo appearing on your packaging but is much better than nothing.
  • The real-time tracking of shipment information ensures that your customers are kept informed.
  • Since the majority of the goods originate mostly from US, Canada, and Europe we’ve observed they’re generally higher-quality overall.
  • Spocket allows you to test products prior to placing them on your sites.

SMAR7 Express

SMAR7 Express is like Oberlo as well as Spocket but with some distinct advantages. The first is that it’s a complete dropshipping service for Shopify that comes with a huge range of products available to select from.

SMAR7 Express offers very good integration with AliExpress which allows you to import your products in only one click. The imports include descriptions of the product as well as images and variations. Additionally, you are able to fulfil your orders in a similar easy manner – just simply click and your order is shipped to the client.

Additionally, you could request SMAR7 Express to find suppliers for the latest products that you have in your store. If this happens you could choose to make more money without transporting or storing the item like you did in the past.

What is it that makes SMAR7 Express one of the top Shopify dropshipping applications?

  • SMAR7 Express has an extremely easy integration and integration with Shopify. It is a seamless integration process. It is easy to connect with AliExpress and then instantly import items you want to your store.
  • You can use the products you have previously listed and then have them fulfilled by a provider. This is a completely new feature in SMAR7 Express.
  • While the majority of AliExpress sellers are located in Southeast Asia, SMAR7 Express continues to try to improve delivery times using an electronic package delivery option.


In the process of gaining recognition for being one of the simplest dropshipping software tools available today, Automizely has simplified the process of dropshipping to just only a few clicks. This service is perfect for Shopify and lets shoppers quickly and efficiently filter the items they wish to include in their online store in just a couple of minutes, meaning you can concentrate on selling.

While Automizely is compatible in conjunction with different platforms, the service is focused on Shopify customers, so you can be sure you’re receiving an experience that is unique to your shop. With Automizely it is possible to select from a variety of dropshipping services and start selling online right away.

As opposed to other dropshipping services, Automizely also helps you in strengthening your relationships with your customers by providing free shipping that is trackable across America. United States. You can build trust quickly with your customers and can also automate the pricing process too.

The automated pricing system ensures that it’s fast and easy to determine prices for listing, according to your preferred profit margin. Automizely also includes an editor for bulk products with one click import into Shopify.

What makes Automizely among the top Shopify dropshipping tools?

  • Automizely is a trusted brand. It’s an enterprise-grade platform that is designed to meet compliance in the industry. It currently supports over 5 000 Shopify stores.
  • Safety and Compliance: You receive ISO 27001 certification built in to provide security and peace of mind. In addition, ensuring privacy and security is easy by using a GDPR-ready design.
  • Excellent customer support and guidance. Live chat support is available 24/7 to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the service, regardless of whether you’re looking to test APIs.
  • Manage more than one business and watch your community expand: You can support several organizations, which means you can operate all kinds of stores simultaneously
  • Collaboration in teams Multi-user support means that you are able to collaborate with team members more efficiently.


At first glance, Modalyst (read our complete Modalyst overview) functions as one of the other apps listed on this list. It lets you look up products and then sync them to your online store.

The main difference is that Modalyst is focused on giving access to reputable brands such as Calvin Klein, Timberland, and Puma. While the price is significantly higher than that of the typical Chinese supplier but you’re able offer the most effective products to your clients. If you’re willing to put your efforts into research and look around, you can find a variety of good products that have great margins.

In actual fact, Modalyst offers an entire catalogue of suppliers from both across the US in addition to Europe. These are items that aren’t found on any other dropshipping software.

You can also talk to your suppliers directly, and develop a better connection with them.

What is it that makes Modalyst among the top Shopify dropshipping tools?
  • Modalyst mostly dropships name brand products, which means your customers won’t be trapped with questionable products from unknown sources.
  • There are independent brands you can work with this is a great method to increase margins (since the value perception of these brands is greater).
  • The shipping speed is quicker than many Shopify dropshipping services. Additionally, you can get free shipping to United States, since the majority of dropshippers come located in within the US.
  • Modalyst offers a powerful tool to set pricing rules. It assists in automatically setting and altering prices in accordance with the amount of profit you’d like to generate.
  • There is a no-cost plan that allows up to 25 items per month.


Inventory Source

Inventory Source has gained some recognition in the world of dropshipping due to its ability to display your products not just to the Shopify marketplace, but also to other marketplaces like Amazon as well as eBay.

In reality, more than 20 different online platforms are supported, which gives you greater flexibility and a better connection to your customers.

Inventory Source provides access to more than 180 pre-integrated suppliers (also from the US) and also permits users to add their own suppliers.

All data about the product is uploaded automatically and linked to inventory and synchronized. After that, you are able to manage your catalog by using inventory source’s cataloging as well as customized tools.

Another benefit of Inventory Source is the fact that they don’t charge middleman charges. You pay only for the monthly fee with Inventory Source. The price of the product you receive are from suppliers directly.

What is it that makes Inventory Source one of the top Shopify dropshipping applications?

  • The dropshipping system of Inventory Source includes more than 180 vendors with many categories that you can choose from.
  • The management tools and automation areas are simple to comprehend and use.
  • Inventory Source has a free account that gives you access to all niches and suppliers.
  • You can also add private or custom integrations if your upgrade is to one of our paid plan.
  • The customer service is ready to help you with various aspects of your online business, such as backorders and returns.


Printify (read our complete printify overview) offers a different option to Printful. From the perspective of your customers’ viewpoint, they provide an identical product to clothing, accessories, mugs phone cases, and many other products that feature your logo.

Printify connects you with a wide range of printing companies, and there are more than 200 different products to pick from. In addition to selling through Shopify it is also possible to offer your goods on Etsy and WooCommerce With eBay support to be added soon.

If you are planning to sell customized printed items or dropshipping the items, we’d suggest trying Printful and Printify. Printify and Printful to see which offers better returns and generates more sales. Both companies will not hold your company hostage therefore you are able to try these options for a short period that you want to test before making your final choice.

This being said, Printify does have both paid and free plans. It’s not just the price you pay for when you sell ( Printful doesn’t charge subscription charges).

What is it that makes Printify an application that is among the top Shopify dropshipping applications?

  • You can pick among over 200 customized items on Printify..
  • Printify is a network of printers to ensure you’ll always get top quality products.
  • You can put your personal logo onto the package.
  • The generator for mockups is simple to use and allows you to upload your own ideas.
  • It is also possible to integrate your products on Etsy and WooCommerce..

Spreadr App

Spreadr Application offers an innovative approach in dropshipping . Instead of allowing you to connect to different suppliers and then import their goods into Shopify, Spreadr allows you to import their products directly into your Shopify shop Spreadr links direct to Amazon and allows you to offer products as affiliate.

The difference is that you’re no longer as often working with suppliers, instead, you’re promoting their products in your store with a small cut of an amount that is a commission.

In order to make this work it is necessary to sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program. The standard commission rate is 4%.

Although Spreadr is a good option, it does offer an older-style dropshipping setup, that allows you to take orders for your store and then have them fulfilled by Amazon suppliers However, this isn’t the most effective kind of dropshipping setup. It’s better to choose other tools for that.

What is it that makes Spreadr One of the top apps for Shopify Dropshipping applications?

  • The app provides you with a unique chance to see items that are currently being sold well Amazon.
  • There’s an import tool that is quick and easy that lets you look for items on Amazon and then instantly add items to your store to sell.
  • Dropshipping is permitted, however you could also simply receive an affiliate commission if you’d prefer.


It’s a loving/hate connection between us and Gooten. On the other side, it has by the far the most extensive selection of products that you can design and customize to offer in the Shopify Dropshipping shop. All of them are custom-made, which means you’ll be able to locate and design unique items such as phones, cases for phones, totes and many more. It’s more effective than Printify or Printful in terms of variety. But, the products are from a variety of printers. So if your customer buys 5 items of five printers, they’ll receive five boxes, and need to pay for shipping on each of them individually.

The catalog of products is quite impressive, and includes a variety of items that are unique. For instance, you can sell baby bath towels bedding comforters, bed sheets, notebooks, canvas prints and travel bags, journals and of course, the usual items like mugs and tshirts.

Like Printful With this Shopify Dropshipping service, you pay only for the items you purchase and there aren’t any charges for monthly usage.

What is it that makes Gooten One of the top Shopify dropshipping applications?

  • You get customized printing and dropshipping together in one box.
  • The range of products is amazing and the categories of products are distinct.
  • The process of monitoring orders is simple for both the client and the retailer.
  • The business is located at New York City, so you can anticipate faster delivery in the United States.
  • The app is free to download, meaning you only pay the app when you sell.



Dripshipper is a unique Shopify dropshipping program. While the majority of other apps listed on this list let you choose from a range of different types, Dripshipper will only work with coffee.

It’s exactly you’re thinking you can market your own brand of coffee that has your personal logo. Do you want to be a coffee entrepreneur? Now is the time to get your wish.

The joke aside, Dripshipper has very good reviews and has a large user base. It appears that if you’re looking to dropship your coffee through Shopify, and Shopify, then Dripshipper is the best way to go about it.

This app allows you to create your own coffee and packaging, as well as packaging labels, as well as any other details on the packaging. The packages are then sent to your customers once you sell.

What is it that makes Dripshipper an one of the top Shopify dropshipping applications?

  • It’s hyper-specialized – the ideal dropshipping application if you would like to venture into the coffee industry.
  • The delivery time is 3 days to US customers.
  • You can only focus on one particular area, and your product management becomes easier to comprehend.
  • The packaging and design tools are modern and simple to comprehend.
  • Everything you put on your coffee is branded with your company’s logo.
  • There’s an 14-day trial for free.
Which of these Shopify dropshipping software is best for you?

It all is dependent on your requirements. Here are a few scenarios and their most effective dropshipping options according to our experience:

  • If you’re planning to market products worldwide and have access to a large selection of suppliers, your best choice is likely to be Oberlo. It doesn’t matter if you wish to market a single kind of item or a larger range of the same it will be easy getting suppliers through Oberlo.
  • If you are looking to sell products that are supplied by suppliers from Europe, the US or Europe Try Spocket..
  • If you are looking to market products from reputable suppliers, you can try Modalyst.
  • If you want to print on demand products, opt to either PrintfulPrintify and Gooten.
  • Are you looking to start quickly and then sell Amazon products? Choose Spreadr However, it’s an affiliate agreement instead of dropshipping.
  • If you’d like to market your coffee products, use Dropshipper!

With the apps done we can now discuss the best way to build an own Shopify dropshipping business.

How do I create a dropshipping store using Shopify step-by-step?

After you have selected your preferred tool and you are now able to start creating your ideal Shopify Dropshipping shop. There are a few steps you need to take to make it happen. We’ll review them step-by-step.

Here’s the summary:

  1. Understanding how the tools are interconnected
  2. Finding a niche to your target market
  3. Selecting the name of your store
  4. Joining Shopify and setting everything up, including connecting to a domain name
  5. Setting up your Dropshipping software and configuring it
  6. Products that are picked to are sold
  7. The addition of items to the store
  8. Work on the design of your store and providing the best customer experience
  9. The creation of pages that you must have to your e-commerce site
  10. Customizing store navigation
  11. Making the payment
  12. The store is now open to the general public and testing to see if everything works


  1. Understanding how the various tools are interconnected

Technically being, a dropshipping ecommerce store operates the same way as other store on the internet but the major difference being that once an order is placed it is transferred instantly to your supplier rather than having to be handled directly by the owner of your store.

This could not be precise enough to fully comprehend the look of a dropshipping business like behind the curtain. We’ll just talk about the most important elements in this article briefly. This will make us feel more comfortable in the shop later on.

Five main components of the components of a Shopify dropshipping shop:

  • Shopify is itself. It’s the principal tool that can make your e-commerce operations feasible. Shopify is the software that lets your store exist on the internet and allows your customers to locate it. Consider it the operating system of your shop. Also the iPhone comes with iOS and your online store runs Shopify.
  • Dropshipping apps. We’ve provided the top Shopify dropshipping applications below. Dropshipping apps are accountable in “taking” products from the supplier , allowing you to bring them into your store, and offer the products to sell.
  • Processing of payments. It is the reason that makes an shop possible from a collection standpoint. It’s not always an integral component of Shopify because it is dependent on the dropshipping software you select and the type of payments that is used by the application.
  • Dropshipping companies. The suppliers you choose to connect with you through the dropshipping application. Most of the time you do not have to be in direct communication to your supplier outside the dropshipping system.
  • Products. The products you hold are not in your inventory, you simply import the product listing to your store. These listings are provided by suppliers, but are imported via dropshipping software.

It is not necessary to have a degree on the subject however the goal is to get a basic understanding regarding how the dropshipping system operates in real-world practice.

  1. Selecting a general niche and a target market, so you can begin dropping shipping

The first stage in creating the foundation of a Shopify dropshipping store is to figure out what you’re going to actually sell by deciding on an area of interest.

There are a few approaches to tackle this issue. Some drop shippers rely on their instincts and begin to look into the niche that is interesting to them personally. Others rely on good old market research to decide based on this most of the time.

The ideal solution is to create something that is in between. Start with a concept and grow it into a full-fledged dropshipping company model through studies.

Here’s how to accomplish this:

The first step is to select the main market that you would like to focus on. It could be as broad as electronics, clothing, home improvement applications, software and games, sports beauty and personal care, for example.

We’re doing this because of two reasons.

  • Then, we’ll look at where we’ll pinpoint the issue by using a few handy online tools for research.
  • Our second subject will determine the Shopify dropshipping software we’ll be using later (if you’ve not decided already after looking through the list of top apps for dropshipping in the above).

For example, my primary area involves personal electronics. I can choose this niche and make it an initial keyword in the KW Finder. The KW Finder tool is an awesome one that analyzes any phrase you type in and provides you related keywords with a variety of metrics that show how relevant these keywords are. KW Finder is a paid tool however it offers the opportunity to test the features. After I input “personal electronics” into the box, KW Finder shows me a complete set of related terms:

The information you see on “search” in the “Search” column is the prominence of a specific keyword. These numbers reflect the average monthly volume of searches for the particular keyword. While you’ll get each expert, I would suggest that the potential for a profitable niche begins at 10,000 monthly search.

You can tell as you can see, the “personal electronics” term isn’t extremely well-known. However, we can look through the list and find something more suitable. One intriguing keyword in the list includes “best electronic gadgets.” When I click it, my search is repeated and I get the figures for the new keyword. Repeating this process a few times, switching from one search term to the next and then looking at the numbers, I came at an interesting phrase, “gadgets for men.”

It’s a very promising keyword, particularly when you consider it’s easy to be ranked for, according to KWFinder You can check the difficulty of the keyword in the above image.

Let’s look at that possible area and run it through a different instrument, Google Trends. It will tell you the amount of traffic a particular keyword in the past. It’s important not to be in a market that’s in the downstream. It’s best to go into something which is growing or has a constant stream of people who are interested. That’s what Google Trends provides me with when I search for “gadgets for men” and I set the chart to display the past five years:

As you can observe, it’s a thriving segment that gets a lot of attention during the time of the year and is logical. This means it’s an actual buyer’s area because people are searching for gifts at the best time of year.

A store that is in this particular niche could be a good idea.

The information you’ve seen above is only an illustration. You can conduct similar analysis for any niche or market. The steps are similar:

  1. Begin with a seed word and then run this through KWFinder.
  2. Search for relevant keywords to find a suitable market that receives more than 10,000 users per month.
  3. See the trends and whether interest rates have remained steady for the past five years.

But wait, this isn’t all!

Following that is to look for a competitor.

The rule is easy to follow; if there’s no competitors in the niche, then there isn’t a niche..

There is always competition. It is an excellent sign. It indicates that there an opportunity to make money, and that people are truly looking to buy.

The process of finding the best products for your needs is easy by searching for the phrase that’s related to the niche the most. In my instance I’m using” gadgets for men” is the most popular “gadgets for men” phrase will bring up websites that list different gadgets and links to Amazon as well as other stores (like which allow you to purchase the gadgets. This is a good thing.

  1. Picking a name to your Shopify store

After we’ve got the problem solved and the niche sorted, it’s time to start contemplating how to identify the name of your Shopify Dropshipping shop.

A trendy and popular method to pick names is to mix the main keyword with a distinct term or phrase.

For instance, for this “gadgets for men” niche I can use names such as:

  • Gadget Zone
  • Gadget Court
  • Epic Gadgets

And the list goes on. Instead of giving all this time to thinking about it, you can introduce yourself with certain tools. Particularly, Shopify has its own tool to assist you in choosing names. It’s known as”the business name generator.

Input a topical keyword to check out what you get. If you’re interested in one of the possibilities you can click the arrow icon that is next to any suggestion, and begin to build your own shopify site by using the name.

However, before doing this, it’s an excellent idea to ensure that the name you’ve chosen for your business is readily available to Domain name registration. The Shopify Business Name Generator won’t provide that information which is why you need to find a different source to find the information.

Namecheap is a great place to do this. Namecheap is an official domain registrar, which means it is able to make domain registrations on behalf of you. We’re not planning to use the service to create a new domain and to verify whether the name is in use. So, type in your desired domain name in the field , and then see what results appear. If .com is available,

It is recommended that you always choose an .com domain instead of one of the less well-known domain extension (like .net, .org, or other extensions).

Now that you are aware that the domain you’re looking for is in the market You can then go back on Shopify and begin building your dropshipping shop.

  1. Signing up to Shopify

It doesn’t matter whether you start making a store from scratch making use of the Business Name Generator on Shopify or by clicking the “Start free trial” button on the Shopify homepage The process is similar:

The first step is to give the email address of your account, the password as well as your store’s name (if you’re here via this Business Name Generator, your store name is already there).

Shopify will then guide users through basic steps of Shopify, including asking you questions about the goal of your store, the products you’d like to offer and more. Then, you’ll be directed to the principal Shopify dashboard.

Be sure to verify your email. Shopify will email you a confirmation email with an email link that you can click.

Basic Shopify settings

The first step is to open the settings, and then handle the basics. The icon for settings is located in the lower left.

The first place to examine is called general. There’s a wealth of personal details there – the data you filled in during registration. There’s no need to review this information again. Just scroll down until you reach the section that says Formats and standards.

If you’re operating out of different location that is different from where your customer is located, your unit systems and timezone settings may not be correctly set. Set these settings according to the desired settings.

Also, look at the next section. The section on how to store currency. This may not be what you’re looking for. Modify if you need to.

Click the Save button after you have completed.

The next tab in the principal settings panel is known as taxes. It’s not surprising that this isn’t the most enjoyable. It is worth noting that Shopify does try to make it easier for the user by pre-filling these settings based on where you are. Look around and if something is not right, consult your local authorities or your accountant.

The other pages within the Settings panel aren’t as significant at this time. We’ll revisit these later. You can still look through them for a few minutes to check out what’s in them.

The addition of an address to a domain

This is the perfect moment to get an domain name and link it to your online store.

Return on the Shopify dashboard, and then click on the Add Domain section within the central block. After that, click the Add domain button.

You’ll be directed to a new screen where you can buy domain names directly through Shopify. It’s much more convenient to buy your domain name through Shopify rather than going and go back to Namecheap and purchase it from there.

Click the Buy a new domain button to proceed. After you input the name you want to use you’ll find it on the list of domains available. Click the Buy button next to the domain, and follow the steps to conclude the purchase.

Once you’ve completed the process the process is complete, your domain will to be connected to your store in a matter of minutes.


  1. Installing an Shopify dropshipping application

We’ve spent a good amount of time looking over the top dropshipping software that are available on Shopify in this post which means you’ve probably got an idea of which will be the most suitable for your marketplace and the items you’re looking to sell.

In this article I’ll use Oberlo. The Oberlo app is among the most well-known and well-known Shopify dropshipping software available There’s a good probability that the majority of readers will use this app, too.

No matter what application you choose to install, the procedure is exactly the same and the subsequent use is the same, so you’ll be in a position to understand it.

To install an app, simply click Applications on Shopify’s sidebar. Shopify sidebar.

It’s just a coincidence that Oberlo is one of the most popular Shopify applications which is why you’ll see it on the list. If your preferred app isn’t listed Click the Shopify App Store App Store on Shopify App Store button to locate it.

Once you’re on the application’s page, click the Add app button.

It is possible that you will need to enter the web address of your store before proceeding.

Shopify is going to provide all the details about the Oberlo integration, and also what the new application will allow you to do using Your Shopify account.

Hit the Install app to finish the installation.

In this step you’ll be taken to to finish the configuration. This is a simple four-step procedure. Step one is already done the first step – signing up with the Shopify platform.

The second step is to find products that can be sold, and we’ll talk about in the next step:

  1. Selecting the products to dropship that actually do well to sell

Finding the right product can be a challenge. While finding any old items is easy using Oberlo however, finding products that actually sell is a different process.

Although you don’t have stocks, you want to provide only the finest products available on the market. So you’re creating your own brand and showing your customers that you’ve got only the finest products. It also makes it simpler to cross-sell and recommend other products based upon what they are browsing.

For a thorough market research To get the most value out of your market research, you should go again to Google and type in the same phrase.

In my own case, going through the various lists of gadgets and gadgets for males, I’ve noticed that the types of gadgets that are popular:

Based on my research it appears that the brand name isn’t an important role in the products, except for particular products like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo, etc. In general when a product is legitimate and comes with the proper specifications, it will be sold.

You must conduct similar research within your field. Start by looking through the shops of your competitors and look at what they sell the are the best (their bestseller lists). Also , go to Google and search for popular articles that feature list of “best products” in your field. It’s likely that these are the items which will provide you with the greatest results.

Take a look at Oberlo’s online marketplace and browse for the latest products.

While making this decision, you may also narrow down the sub-niche that is logical. For instance the sale of “all leggings” can be difficult to get into. However, the selling of “L-XXL leggings” is a good sub-niche that is more easily covered.

In my instance I could look at “tech gadgets for men” to narrow the field.

In any case, make an inventory of the types of products most likely to be sold in your field. Make note of the specific links for each product and. Then, you might be able contact the same manufacturer and purchase identical products in your shop, or locate similar items.


  1. The addition of products to your store using the Shopify dropshipping program

After you have completed your research After you have completed your research, visit the Oberlo dashboard on Click the Explore Products button.

You’ll find an extensive product catalog filled with many items to pick from. With the list in hand Use the search function to locate the products you’d like to include within your shop.

You’ll soon realize that there’s a wide array of options to pick from, and having to choice on which items to select can be challenging. However, Oberlo Oberlo app is here to ease this for users, and so they provide additional tools that can be useful.

Then, using the dropdown menu on the left, select the shipping destination. This must be the location where you intend to target your market, instead of your own (if there’s a difference).

Then, every product listing is accompanied by a note about the amount of instances that the product has been imported into Oberlo-enabled stores the amount of pageviews it has received and the amount of orders it has generated.

You can sort the list by the number of sales. Simply edit the information in the Sort by dropdown.

In my case this is the best-selling drone:

Before I introduce it to a real store, I would browse the internet for reviews, and then look through the reviews of the drone on AliExpress. It’s not a good idea to offer products that aren’t good.

Also, look over the shipping information of the items to ensure that the shipping times and prices are reasonable.

After you have a clear understanding of what the prices charged by manufacturers for the product are, you can start the process of importing them. However, first you must establish your own price guidelines.

As a by default Oberlo increases the cost of its products upon import. So, the item listed for sale as $20 in the store, that item is bound to cost you $40 in your store once it’s imported. This might or may not be what you’re looking for. Here’s more information regarding Pricing strategies from Oberlo documentation. To modify these settings, in your Oberlo sidebar, click the Settings after which click Global Pricing Rules..

After the due diligence has been completed, you are able to select the listing of the product for it to be added to the store. On the product’s page on Oberlo you can click “Add to import list”.

The same procedure is followed Follow the same procedure to add your desired items into the list of imports, one by one. To make this tutorial, I’ll use two products.

From the sidebar on the sidebar of the Oberlo Dashboard, select the Import list. Review your products one-by-one modify the namesand descriptions as well as select which images you would like to import and add additional variants of your product. The names and descriptions that you are able to change later on when you are in Shopify too So there’s you don’t have to worry about it.

If you like what find, click the Import to store button on the right side of each product. Once the import process is completed you’ll have the option to return to Shopify to change the details of the product.

Editing product details

The products you’ve bought from Oberlo will be displayed in the products section of Shopify..

Click on each one at a time to modify it.

As you’ll notice, the descriptions that come with it are basic. You’ll need to modify them to suit your specific needs and the perspective that you’re trying to take into it. Making sales-related copywriting an enormous issue by itself, and so we’re not going to go into it in this article, but you can get high-quality information on the internet..

With every product you purchase, are able to also upload your own photos and alter any other element associated with the item.

Another option is to adjust the cost of the product one at a time. Be sure to not lower the price below what is actually the cost of the product purchased from the vendor.

Finally, separating items into categories, collections and assigning tags to them will make a huge difference in making navigation within the store easier for shoppers.

  • Utilize categories to categorize the different types of products you sell; for me, these could include items such as dronescamerascoffee gearprinters, and so on.
  • Tags are used to highlight the distinct aspects of the product; for instance, you could make use of tags to show the color optionssizes and whether the item can be suitable for children or not, etc.
  • Make use of collections to organize products which can easily be put together in a particular theme.

Let’s look at that last item little more deeply and the collection. Consider collections as bundles that are a good match to fulfill one purpose or another. For example, you could make a collection of items and call it “perfect holiday gifts for dad.” For instance, “gear to take camping.”

Collections let you have complete freedom regarding how you would like to arrange your products.

Collections can be created by clicking Collections – Products on Shopify’s Shopify sidebar. Click on Create Collection and select the items to add.

In the case of tags and categories you can assign them while editing your products one-by-one.

To help yourself figure this out, you can, again, take a look at what your competitors are doing and the collections/categories/tags they have in their stores.

  1. The store’s design is being developed

After you have imported the items and the products imported, you can now spend some time working on the layout of your dropshipping e-commerce store. At present, it’s basic and doesn’t draw the attention of customers.

Fortunately, Shopify does offer plenty of options for designs and getting these designs to be enabled is easy to use, too.

To start, go to the menu on the sidebar of the Shopify dashboard, click Online Store Themes. Within The the Theme Library section you’ll find the catalog of free themes or browse the Shopify theme store to browse for premium themes. We’ll go with free until now.

If you are choosing a design, you should conduct some research about the type of design your competitors use versus the one you believe will fit into your specific niche to be a good fit for your client base.

The process of installing a theme is easy. Click on the theme’s listing and then click the Add to the theme library button.

The theme will be found within The theme Library section.

Click “Customize” on the name of the theme. The primary customizable interface:

The method to utilize it is by choosing an area from the sidebar and adjusting the options, and finally watching the result in your main block of preview.

The sections visible in the sidebar match the components in the main page. It is possible to add new sections and edit existing ones or even delete them.

It’s recommended to go through the process of customization from the top to the bottom.

Begin with the header. Include a logo if already have one. If not, utilize an application within Shopify’s family, called “Hatchful”. You can also change the headers if you’d like to.

Following that, details such as how you’ll go through the sections and what information you’ll put on the page is up to you. It’s generally recommended to start your page with a nice, large image, then show off your best products, and then, lastly, state something about your shop later on. Although it’s not the most effective design. The more you think about an original idea for your store the more effective your results will be.

The use of Shopify‘s interface is user-friendly, and you won’t face any technical issues of any nature. Editing all text very easily as well as alter the fonts, sizes and fonts and upload images for use on the website.

After you’ve finished you can click the main publish button on the upper right. With a minimum of effort it is possible to make the dropshipping homepage of your store more user-friendly.

  1. Designing pages you need to have

Every online store, including dropshipping sites require an array of pages that can help establish trust and help customers with queries.

Most often, you’ll require:

  • the about page This is where you write about the history of your store, the reason you started it, and what it has to offer.
  • Contact page to allow people to get in touch with you directly using the contact form
  • FAQ is where you get answers to frequently asked questions
  • shipping The shipping rules
  • Pages on policy and legal: refundsreturnsprivacy policyterms of service

Fortunately, Shopify will offer templates for certain pages. You can go back on your Shopify dashboard, and then go to Settings Legal.

To speed-track the process, scroll through the pages and then click Create from a template under each one of them. Modify the content in the template to ensure that they conform to your guidelines. Click Save when you are done.

For all different pages you’ll need to build them yourself. However, don’t worry about it. It’s easy to do. Return on the shopify dashboard and then go to Online Store Pages. Click on the Add Page button..

You’ll be able to see an editing area in which you can edit the content of your page. The interface is simple which means you won’t face any difficulties.

It is evident that Shopify does provide all the standard text editing tools such as bolding text, italics and the ability to include images or even videos.

Once you’ve finished creating the page, remember to change the details of the search engine’s listing. The information area for this beneath the main page’s content section.

Once you’re done, click”Save” in the top right. Saving button located on the top right.

Follow this process to create each of the pages you’ll need for Your About pageFAQ and so on. However, there is one exception. If you are creating you website’s contact form make sure to look in the right sidebar and then under the Template section, you can change the template suffix parameter to After this change, Shopify will include a contact form to on the right side of your page’s contact page automatically.

Make your list of pages you must have each one at a time until you’ve got all of them written.

  1. Fine-tuning the store navigation

Once you’ve got the pages completed and the items have been added to your database it’s the perfect time to begin working on your website’s navigation.

At this point there’s nothing to be done with regards to navigation within the Shopify dropshipping store. The only thing you’ve got is a homepage, and a few URLs for your items. We’re planning to improve the current situation.

The primary goal of a good navigation on websites and e-commerce store navigation, too is to direct users to the information they’re seeking as fast as they can.

Also, you’re trying to make it simpler for users to find your productsand also have access to any other information related to purchases that they may be interested in at any point. In order to achieve this, we’ll utilize two menus:

  • The main menu for headers
  • The menu in the footer

The header menu in the main menu is the place where the most important pages of your website must be.

Most of the time, these pages include your homepage, the catalogue of your stores as well as the search function as well as the shopping cart as well as your most popular product collections.

It is important to note that the top menu isn’t necessarily the most appropriate place to put up an information website, contact form and other such pages. We don’t want people distracted from their primary job – purchasing! In the footer menu , that’s precisely where we’ll add all of those pages.

How can I edit menus on Shopify

As a the default settings, Shopify provides two pre-made menus , one on the header and one at the footer. The only thing you have to do is alter the menus within the header and footer menus.

Log into your Shopify dashboard and then click Online Store Navigation.

Then, click from the main menu to start editing it. In the moment, you’ll see the homepage as well as the product catalog links within the menu. This is sufficient for most stores, but If you’re looking to broaden the menu it is possible to include your categories of products there or even some of your collection of products.

Click on the the Add option. Select the Link field and then, using the dropdown menu, choose the page you wish to connect up. For instance, choose Collections then select the collection you would like to join.

After that, you can click on the the Save button. If the homepage is refreshed you’ll be able to see the results on these adjustments.

You can observe that you can see that the link to shopping cart as well as Search feature in place, there’s no need to add them manually.

The next step is to open you will see the footer menu. Go back at Online Store Navigation and next time click the footer Menu link.

The default hyperlink in the menu linking to your store’s search page. We’ll add more! Particularly, let’s include all other pages you have in your store. For the first step by clicking on “Add menu”.

From the dropdown menu, select Pages from the dropdown menu, and then choose the pages you would like to add. Repeat the process one at a time until you’ve got all your pages added.

The final thing you should add are the store policies pages. They function a little differently. Click on the the menu item Add once more, and from the dropdown menu, choose the Policies. After that, you must go through your policies ( termsrefundsprivacy and more. ) Add them to the menu in a separate way.

After that, click after that, click on the Menu Save button located at the bottom. Return to your homepage , and go back to the homepage and refresh it. You will see the new footer menu.

11. Making payments for your Shopify Dropshipping applications

At this point your store is pretty well set to run but with one thing to note there is no payment options yet. Let’s get that done now. Navigate to your primary Shopify settings page and go to the payment providers.

You’ll notice you’ll see that Shopify integrates your store with PayPal Express Checkout straight out of the gate. It technically works. But it may not be the ideal configuration yet. For example, by default, all transactions will be linked to your email address which you entered when you signed up with Shopify. This isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for. It is likely that you have PayPal operating on another email.

To alter the email address To change that email address, first select the Deactivate PayPal Express Checkout button. Then, enable it again However, the second time PayPal will ask you for the email address you wish to use.

Additionally, Shopify lets you connect to a broad range of third-party providers. You can take an opportunity if you’ve got an interest. Click on the third-party option to start.

Shopify will also allow their internally-developed Shopify payment module once you have completed your account setup and provide the merchant with additional verification information.

12. Test to see if everything is working

The final task on your list of things to do is to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that orders be delivered.

Start by going through your pages and ensure that they appear as they ought to. Also, verify that the product listings are correct and if your entire site is accessible on mobile devices.

Finally, you’ll have to confirm that your orders are being received and the payment is being processed.

There’s one issue to be aware of be aware that although Shopify provides you a 14-day no-cost trial to try out the store’s functionality, put it up and ensure that everything is in order however, you’re not able to actually sell anything to anyone. To make your shop fully functional, you’ll need make the necessary changes to join an one Shopify’s plans that are paid.

After you have done this, your orders are “turned on.”

Make a test purchase in your store to see if your orders are being processed correct. To verify the payment then return to your payment settings. In the section for third-party providers you can add a payment method known as Bogus Gateway. This is meant for testing purposes only and is designed to simulate an actual payment. Be sure to turn it off when the test is complete!

The way things are done with Shopify or Oberlo is that with each new order that you receive you’ll initially see it the order in Oberlo’s Oberlo interface. Then, you’ll have to ask for the items from dropshipping providers for the order to be completed. You can also track the orders on Shopify’s dashboard. Shopify dashboard.

Ready to Start Your Shopify Dropshipping Business?

You are now aware of is the most popular 10 Shopify dropshipping tools are, as well as how to develop an own Shopify Dropshipping store!

If you have any concerns or want to know more about running and marketing your business later take a look at the other guides found on this website.

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