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Wix Ecommerce Review (Nov 2021): The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Wix It is renowned for its simple web-based builder that has the drag-and-drop interface and a fun-filled development area for beginners. Wix ecommerce It has also had some successes, thanks to attractive pricing and good-looking themes.

In essence, the Wix Ecommerce system permits selling everything from clothing to cakes. It also supports digital goods such as eBooks and audio files.

The company has taken the web development industry to the forefront and has helped small-scale business owners skip over costly web design firms and invest their own effort into creating appealing websites without needing to cover the huge expenses.

Wix hasn’t yet been able to beat more advanced E-commerce platforms such as Shopify or even more stunning platforms like Squarespace however it’s not that Wix intends to accomplish.


I’ve tried Wix at times and I’ve found the software to be easy and user-friendly However, it doesn’t mean that the company’s online store system is reflective of the past successes. We’re aware that some of the more modern E-commerce businesses such as Squarespace have had their fair number of challenges, as the process of creating an online store interface can be a bit complicated.

However, I’d like to provide you with a thorough review of my thoughts about Wix Ecommerce. So continue reading to find out whether it’s a good fit for you.

Wix Ecommerce Review: Pros and Cons

As a platform for creating the online stores you want, Wix promises many great things. It is a platform many people consider to be very user-friendly and user-friendly. In addition, Wix provides good value for novice users too. But, it’s not perfect. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

Wix Pros

  • A simple back-end interface that’s ideal for novices
  • Fast setup If you wish to begin making sales as fast as it is possible.
  • There are a lot of options to customize for those who want to make use of Wix to make your business stand from the crowd.
  • The Wix app market provides access to a variety of functionality
  • Wix provides great value and is one of the cheapest stores available.
  • Support for both physical and digital products
  • There aren’t any sales fees to fret about (or commission obligations)
  • A real-time calculator aids in making plans for shipping
  • Many advanced features available on premium plans.

Wix Cons

  • A few issues with loading speeds
  • Less tools than many other eCommerce solutions that are dedicated to only one purpose.
  • Certain customization options aren’t available.

Wix Ecommerce Features

When you sign up and start looking through the overview, Wix Ecommerce offers the usual features you’d expect from an e-commerce platform. In comparison to other platforms such as Shopify there are several functions that aren’t present within Wix. Wix system.

Wix offers a simple dashboard. Its drag-and-drop interface is well for those who are new to the platform. There is an app market to add additional features and interesting features such as receipts and contact forms.

But, as previously mentioned this time, it is true that the Shopify add-on library is primarily focused on ecommerce add-ons. Wix encompasses everything that isn’t eCommerce as well. This is a major benefit of Wix because it permits users to enhance the entire aspect of your site.

It is easy to make a page for your product and integrate social media with images and even alter around the shapes and buttons.

All of these are expected however it’s great to know that Wix performed excellently in the realm of fundamentals.

I love the way you can create quick product galleries or even add an easy Buy button or display sales. An Thank You Message pops up immediately after an order and the checkout process is safe and based on messages and sends you email notifications to keep you informed.

Wix Online Commerce Review: A comprehensive listing of the features

Wix E-commerce is about giving business owners the same convenience and seamless functions they’ve come to are used to from Wix but with the advantage of being able to operate and expand the online presence of their store. The system is comprehensive and includes almost everything you need to bring your products off the shelves – or, in other words. There are a variety of sophisticated tools for businesses to select from and, expanding your store is a snap.


What can you Sell?

The best part for businesses contemplating making use of Wix eCommerce to sell their products is that there’s no limit to what you can offer. If you’re in search of an option to sell digital goods or unique products, Wix has you covered. There’s no limit to the possibilities you can accomplish using this amazing tool.

One of the best features is that you can take bookings on behalf of your business. The bookings app is a separate application which allows you to accept payments, however, you aren’t able to list or sell services within the booking experience.

There’s no limit to the products you can offer on an Wix eCommerce store. It’s important to note that the presentation options available for products are pretty impressive as well. It is possible to display the products you’re selling in an array of stunning ways. For instance, you can use the option of zooming into products to show the specifics to your clients. You can also upload videos about your product to show off your products.

It’s possible to include up to fifteen product photos to every listing, ensuring that you’re offering your customers the most comprehensive range of angles they can view your products from. Although the videos for product aren’t included in the templates provided by Wix It’s fairly easy to add additional videos thanks to Wix’s drag-and-drop feature.

Management of inventory and fulfillment of orders

Selling your products effectively online requires more than listing all the products you’re selling and making your product look attractive. It is also essential to provide the best possible experience for your customers which means making sure you are focusing on things such as the management of inventory and shipping.

Tools for managing inventory are useful for keeping the track of what you’ve available in order to serve your customer. It’s not easy to find the top inventory management tools at Wix however, they can aid you in managing your store more efficiently. You can also import products in bulk you’d like to sell by using CSV documents. CSV document, too.

Wix can also help with the management of products. The Wix stores application makes sure that you can control your inventory according to your preferences track your product numbers and much more.

From a perspective of shipping, Wix does a lot of things to simplify your life. It can be difficult to manage, particularly if you’re shipping to regions with specific requirements. Wix provides options for managing your shipping with integrations to top apps such as Ship Station. This allows you to effortlessly track and manage all shipping requirements quickly.

You can also connect your store’s online shop to dropshipping services This allows you to alter your business model to one that is less expensive, you are able to. Dropshipping allows you to sell almost anything, without having to keep stock of essential items.

Wix also offers customized shipping labels so that you can design your own image and track your purchases from your dashboard as well. It’s also possible to define tax rules for each product.

Wix Ecommerce Review: Sales & Marketing Tools

E-commerce sites such as Wix provide a wide range of amazing solutions that can increase your profits online. One example of the most important features that you can take advantage of when using Wix is the feature to recover abandoned carts. It allows you to automately notify customers when they have abandoned items in their carts, or who quit the website without completing their checkout.

Since there are numerous factors that could distract your customer , and keep the sale from being completed It’s recommended to include an abandoned cart option to be available. Other tools for sales provided by Wix include:

Multichannel selling

Why sell on your site when you could be able to reach customers across many different settings? Multichannel selling via Wix allows you to run your eCommerce business with a wide range of connections to social media, Amazon, and more. Wix is among the few eCommerce website development tools that let you offer sales on Instagram. Selling on specific platforms requires the download of Ecwid to integrate with your store.

Wix Ascend

Wix Ascend one of the most recent tools that have emerged from the Wix eCommerce platform. In essence, it helps you communicate with customers and increase your online presence. Beyond your typical marketing tool, Wix Ascend comes with all the tools you require to automate workflows and promote your brand, access advanced SEO capabilities, and build the relationships with your customers.

As a customer management tool, Wix Ascend does come with a price you need to be concerned about. You’ll need to sign up for an additional subscription, which is available with one of three pricing plans that range from $9-$45 per month.


If you are looking to boost the chances of making sales online, then SEO is an essential feature. Luckily, Wix is a great choice in this regard. The solutions for optimizing your site for search engines offered by Wix can help you improve your standing on the internet in a short time. In the beginning you will have the advantage of knowing your website is optimized for mobile devices automatically. There are also a number of ways to tailor your site to include and include keywords.

Meta descriptions can be managed using Wix and also find ways to connect your pages for more effective methods of internal link building. The most appealing aspect of Wix SEO is that it includes guidelines to assist you in getting started. Its Wix SEO Wiz will ask you questions regarding your business and keywords then assist you to create a plan of action to achieve success.

Wix Stores App

Wix offers its own store application for mobile devices designed for business owners who wish to keep up with the latest happenings in their company from afar. Wix Stores is a mobile store application that Wix Stores app lets you to create galleries of products that sell unlimited items and create a store optimized to be mobile-friendly, and even make discount codes.

Customers can take multiple forms of payments, and have access to many payment methods that include Stipe, Square, and PayPal. It is also possible to send email notifications automatically to customers, send newsletters, and inform customers about promotions and products through Light box or Wix Shoutout. It is also possible to access advanced order management tools and enhance security by getting SSL certifications.

Wix App Market

There aren’t all eCommerce website builders that have their own app market, but the ability to use this feature can be very beneficial. When you go to the Wix app marketplace, you’ll find various free and paid applications to pick from. There are about 200 apps available all together, with about 50 of them in the category of online stores that sell.

It is possible to access a wide range of amazing tools for customizing your storefront with the Wix marketplace as well as incorporate with other eCommerce services such as Ecwid.

Wix Ecommerce Ease of Use

The ease of use is an important feature for Wix because its drag-and-drop editor is perfect. Wix has always offered this feature for its website builders. The feature is now available for eCommerce websites. The dashboard offers just two buttons to choose from, helping newbies hone in on the aspects which are the most crucial.

You can change the layout of the homepage’s components and product pages by a the click of the mouse. So, you don’t need to be concerned about messing around with codes to create changes. Also, you will get a lovely taskbar that you can use to save or publish your work to ensure that nothing is lost.

The five buttons to the left side of the dashboard let you edit pages, add elements or design elements, then visit the app market and alter the settings. There’s also a option that is specifically for Wix storefronts, and it can be very useful for checking on customers, orders and inventory. Overall the interface is simple but fun and easy to use.

It’s more specific to e-commerce and offers choices for your product catalog and orders, store promotion options, and many more.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing

It is possible to look through all Wix pricing plans here The structure for eCommerce sites is straightforward.

The pricing that Wix eCommerce offers have undergone several changes over the many years. The Wix Basic eCommerce plans begin at about $33 per month in Wix Basic. There is a distinct difference between Wix prices to support “basic” websites, like blogs, and the cost you have to pay for the Wix website with eCommerce features.

If you want to use an Wix site that is also an online shop, customers will be charged an amount of at least $33 per month. The options are:

Wix Business Basic

For just $23 per month, you can get the lowest business plan offered by Wix. It’s the cheapest choice for those selling or buying items on the internet. The price of $23 per month is an excellent price for a competitive product and it includes many features to your Wix site, such as:

  • There are no ads appear on the Wix website
  • Domain name free
  • Store at Wix eCommerce platform
  • Five hours of video
  • Google analytics to get more information about your customers
  • Wix store has ecommerce capabilities
  • App for Wix’s visitor analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 20 GB storage capacity
Wix Business Unlimited

Wix Business Unlimited is the second-lowest priced option from Wix at just $27 per month which is among the best options for those trying to expand your website. If you’re looking for a website that can scale, similar to what you receive from WordPress or BigCommerce and BigCommerce, this Business Unlimited package is a good option. This Business Unlimited plan comes with all the features mentioned of Business Basic, plus 10 hours of video content, 35GB storage and social media logos.

When you sign up for Business Unlimited, you also have access to third-party applications and Wix’s logo maker, so you can alter your brand’s image. The transaction costs are the same for Wix. There are no charges for transactions however, you’ll need to pay the fees for your payment processing company.

Wix Business VIP

The most expensive plan on offer by Wix offers The Business VIP plan, which includes everything you require to expand your online business. It includes all the features that users expect from Business Unlimited as well as access to instructional videos on HTML as well as other information that is useful.

The Wix version Wix includes 500GB of storage space, unlimited video hours with priority support and prompt responses from the customer service team and more. Access to the Wix Editing ADI, which allows editing on a an even deeper level, as well as aid in editing, too, if you’re willing to pay just $49 per month.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking of using one of the 3 pricing plans for e-commerce offered by Wix it is that there’s not a package that you could avail for no cost anymore. Wix used to be regarded among the top websites builders available, but not just due to its domain name, but also because of its app store, and capabilities for mobile devices. This was one of the most popular stores built online.

But, you can simply test the capabilities that come with the Wix solution as well as CSS no cost for 14 days prior to moving to a premium plan. The ability to activate a site isn’t available at no cost. But the good thing is that as you see , all plan that is premium offered by Wix include a plethora of additional features that will enable you to begin having a successful online store.

If you’re looking to save money to start or grow your company, this price is among the best available and beats out alternatives like Shopify and Squarespace.

Wix Ecommerce Templates and Design

I’ve got one comment to make regarding the Wix eCommerce templates: They’re very modern.

Now, you can utilize these templates to quickly expand your business if you’d like. Yes, these templates allow for novices to build an easy website without having to stress about the difficulties of programming. However. Wix currently offers a feature known as Wix Code which allows an API to customize advanced features and integrations.

I was once of the opinion that Wix was not the best choice for intricate customizations However, that’s changed. You can engage a developer, or finish the task yourself if you’re capable of the job.

Overall, it’s hard to compare to the designs in terms of hygiene. They’re perfect for starting your first store, or even for expanding to a mid-sized company.

Whichever Wix pay-per-month plan you sign up to, you’ll be able to build professional websites with this option. One of the easiest-to-use online store builders is Wix. Wix website builder gives you access to a variety of templates, which can reach over 500. You can build a website with a cart for shopping that is working for you, and without having to use a lot of information and assistance via telephone.

The templates available from the Wix eCommerce section are SEO-friendly. tools, a custom-designed shopping cart, as well as additional features including the option for calculating the sales tax on a regular basis. It is easy to browse the various templates and sort them by the type of website you’re running. You also have the option to look at a visual representation of your website using the template you pick.

One thing to bear on your mind with Wix it that once you’ve picked the template and uploaded it, you aren’t able to change it to a different template. The majority of Wix web design templates are mobile-friendly however they also offer simple web hosting and there are no Wix ads when you sign up for premium services.

Wix’s system is very like Weebly’s back-end service which means you’ll not have any trouble creating websites that stand out. Make sure you utilize all editing options available offered by to give a distinct stamp on your site. The Wix editor lets you include all sorts of modules such as text boxes and images using a drag-and-drop editor.

Drag and drop is the one that appeals to the majority of beginners. However, it is possible that you prefer the Corvid Wix code solution or something different to Wix. You can, for instance, utilize Wix ADI or Wix ADI or the Wix code system to control things in your back-end.

Wix Ecommerce Inventory

The management of inventory on Wix isn’t too difficult. You can create a product to track inventory, monitor inventory, show the number of units left along with the options available for products and track your orders. It also supports tags, collections as well as store promotions.

Wix is ideal to sell digital products because the templates for product pages are created differently and are ready to be used for inserting content.

Controlling your inventory before it’s distributed to users has become easier to manage. For example, Wix offers a cool option to calculate the real-time shipping. Barcodes can also be scanned to track your shipping , and give your customers an idea of when the packages are due.

The Wix Mobile Apps

Being on the go as an ecommerce professional is a common occurrence. This is the reason Wix has developed an excellent mobile application that allows users to manage their entire online store and add new products regardless of the location you’re in. I especially like this app because it allows you to check in to your order status and ensure that everything is working smoothly even when you’re not in the office.

Additionally you can also chat with your visitors on your site as well as modify your website and track reservations if you have this feature on your website. Wix provides an iPhone application as well as an Android application.

Wix Ecommerce SEO and Marketing

SEO and marketing functions are extremely effective in Wix as well, and I believe that’s due on the basis that Wix has been developing websites for a long time. No matter which you’re looking at, simply visit search engine optimization settings, and then fill out the fields for your website’s title, description of your site Keywords, meta tags redirects, and much more.

Marketing is a factor that can be addressed through the store for add-ons since you can integrate such things as email marketing, and search engine ads.

In fact, coupon and marketing emails can be managed in using the editor. Drag Wix editor, resulting in an intuitive system for marketing.

Apart from that, Wix has all the important elements to run your marketing strategies. It allows you to incorporate customer reviews on your product pages, and also make content for your customers via a blog. I also love the ads that can grow your reach and straight integration of Google AdSense.

In addition to Pinterest features social media icons as well as a complete Etsy shop, you won’t find a better marketing tool than Wix.

Wix Ecommerce Payments

Wix’s Wix Ecommerce payment options have dramatically improved over time as the company has added different payment options on regularly basis, and also provides the simple process of connection and onboarding.

There are a variety of gateways available that include 2Checkout, Stripe, and Square. So, you are able to select the payment processor that you like that accepts credit card transactions and other forms of payment like PayPal.

Wix is compatible with all traditional payment gateways your customers are likely to utilize, such as Stripe, Square, PayPal and many more. There are about 15 payment processing options that you can explore however, keep in mind that there are limitations to what Wix can accept. It’s not compatible with Apple Pay or Amazon, for example.

All Wix websites are connected to an SSL certificate that is required to activate in order to protect your site. The certification “SSL” stands for secure sockets layer. It protects visitor data and makes it simpler for you to ensure that your customers are as safe as is possible.

Customers can save their credit card information within their “wallet” section of the checkout. This will make it as easy and fast as is possible for them to buy products in the future.


Wix Subscription Boxes

While there’s no longer a free plan offered by Wix to play around with There are a variety of features which make this store builder very appealing. You can, for instance, offer subscription and regular membership boxes with your buyers. A subscription option on your website can allow you to broaden your offerings and grow an established customers.

There are a variety of ways to begin selling subscriptions through Wix. In particular, the site builder can create curated boxes in which you can create the perfect selection of products to be included in every delivery. It is also possible to create regular order boxes, which let your customers choose items they like and combine them into a handy monthly subscription that refills its supply each time.

For a fresh subscription box using Wix all you have to do is sign-up to and sign up for an account that allows you to login to your existing website. Pick from more than 80 e-commerce stores to start selling and create a new product. You can upload a variety of quality images of your items along with descriptions and variants of the items you’re hoping to sell. Make subscription options available on lower left of the page. You can pick things such as how often your customers will be able to receive an annual subscription, as well as the frequency they’ll receive products they request.

Like most websites for shopping from Wix you’ll also have the ability to alter the way everything appears by applying individual changes that are exclusive to you. You can also personalize your product’s homepage, and develop a variety of options for your business to showcase the subscription choices. Last but not least is to connect the payment methods you use.

Keep in mind that when connecting a subscription service to Wix and selecting an option for payment that you want to use, it’s important select a payment service that can support recurring payments. After you’ve completed the process you’re ready to begin selling online and check the details of your subscription from your Wix dashboard while you move. Be aware that there are a lot of options to choose from when using Wix.

Customers can choose from different one-time purchases and subscription plans on your page for products. You can also charge clients on a weekly, monthly, or annually. Another feature that is great is the possibility of receiving personalized notifications when the customer renews their subscription with you. This helps you monitor those who are actually using your subscription service and what you offer.

Wix Ecommerce Security

Wix provides complete SSL secure payment services. So, the information of your customers is secure with the 256-bit SSL encryption. Furthermore, Wix only works with payment gateways that provide the highest level of security. That means that all of them are protected by PCI DSS Level 1 protection.

Wix Ecommerce Customer Support

Wix is well-known for its excellent support. You get their premium support when you sign up to an online shop. It’s not a priority callback option, but you can always upgrade it if it’s something you want to do.

Wix Support Center Wix Support Center offers forums, documentation and FAQs to answer almost every question you could be facing. You can also contact them or send them an email.



With Wix Ecommerce, you can design your website to look quite professional and run competent payment systems using the interface. Additionally, the dashboard is so simple to make use of.

In the meantime, drop us an email in the comment section if have any concerns regarding this system. Ecommerce system.

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