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Tundra Review (Nov 2021) The Complete Guide

For many entrepreneurs there aren’t any models more effective than purchasing wholesale on the internet. The internet has made it easier to manage the process of finding items both locally and internationally. Additionally, due to the vast array of vendors available on the internet it is easier to pick the best products more than ever.

The most challenging part is working the best way to find the products you require and at a cost that you can manage. Online wholesalers such as Tundra aim to bridge the gap between retailers and their suppliers. Tundra recognizes that finding amazing products can be a challenge and requires a lot of paperwork that is complicated and a lot of administrative steps that are often required.

This is why Tundra has decided to provide a new kind of wholesaling service. The marketplace is a great resource for entrepreneurs and independent retailers in locating and stocking on items that are from Canadian as well as US brands swiftly and cheaply.

Let’s look at it a bit closer.

What exactly is Tundra?

Created by husband and wife co-founders (Arnold as well as Katie Engel) as the site where wholesale takes place, Tundra originally was launched in the year the year 2017. The platform, which was designed to streamline the purchasing process and reduce inefficiencies, permits the business owner of today to purchase directly from the top brands without a big cost.

There are no transaction charges as well as an amazing business-to-business arrangement that could make it easier to save money on stocks. If you opt to upgrade your package you’ll be able to enjoy free shipping. To get access to this package, you’ll have to pay about $500 per month for Tundra.

The group behind Tundra was previously part of the supply chain company called Vox Supply Chain, but they recognize how the market for wholesale is typically unorganized. Unorganized buying experiences and transaction costs frequently deter potential retailers from entering the market.

Tundra On contrary, permits sellers to display their goods on the platform. It appears and behaves as a typical B2C marketplace. The platform allows users to purchase items by selecting specific categories or tags. You may also search for keywords to locate the items you’re looking for, and also examine the quality of products by rating them.

Every item has an individual wholesale minimum that you need to be considered and you can look up details like the metrics of performance of suppliers prior to signing up.


How Does Tundra Work for Buyers?

If you’re a business owner who want to create an online store with unique items, Tundra is a dream to be fulfilled. There are over three hundred brands available and each one has the most affordable prices offered. All of the brands are US or Canadian and are based in Canada and you can be sure that you’re getting top quality. Additionally, you can enjoy free shipping, which is fast enough to ensure you will never have to worry about running out of supplies.

To boost your bottom line, Tundra guarantees prices below the wholesale cost of a typical product, paired with a fantastic deal of no-cost transactions.

Tundra guarantee Tundra guarantee applies to either of the two badges for each Wholesaler who is that is listed on this platform. The Gold badge ensures the best price and the lowest minimum,

To ensure you find the best price possible, Tundra has eliminated all unnecessary fees for suppliers. They make their income from advertising. This allows companies to transfer the savings from an uncommissioning system to the consumer.

Shop confidently from hundreds of thousands of items (about 800,000) Many of the leading brands will offer 10%off of regular wholesale prices. The procedure works as follows:

  • Register for an account through Tundra
  • Utilize #tags and filters to find the right products for your company
  • Pick the items you need from brands that are independent at the best price
  • Make your purchase with automated freight checkout calculation
  • You can also avail additional benefits like tax and duty prepaid or insurance
  • Get ultra-fast service with live notifications and updates.
What is Tundra Different from Buyers?

Tundra guarantees to provide the lowest prices available from the largest selection of reliable suppliers. Plus, you will receive free shipping. Free shipping is offered for all brands that are marked by the appropriate icons.

The free shipping offer comes with some restrictions from Tundra. For example, you can only purchase a maximum of $150 worth of shipping approximately 10 percent of cost for the delivery. Additionally, you will receive an ordinary shipping service (not an option with a premium price).

Furthermore the free shipping option is only available in the PRO user plan. PRO memberships are available for free for those who pay at least $500 per month for Tundra. After unlocking the shipping service for free and get it, you’ll receive free shipping on orders of more than $150, with one brand.

Here are some other terms that you should know when you’re using Tundra:

  • Net Terms This can be a benefit you can use through Tundra. Net Terms are completely free if you pay by expiry date. If you are approved, you can make an order using Net Terms during the checkout procedure.
  • Direct pricing at the lowest price: Users are buying directly from the seller for their goods, meaning there is no markup, commission or cut on the order to think about. This means you’ll receive the lowest price direct especially with free shipping.
  • Testimonials: You will need to be a PRO member in order to test a sample of any item. It is required if the amount you pay for is greater than $500 in the course of a month on one product.
  • Making orders: You’ll be able to place an order for all the products you’d like online, by using the dropdown menus that allow you to customize as well as delivery and quantity specifications. When you go to the shopping cart you’ll have the ability to browse through the product options and complete the checkout by choosing to input your credit card details. If you don’t make payment during checkout using credit card, then you’ll have to pay by invoice.
  • Reselling The ability to sell items on your website however, you will not be able to purchase third-party goods in other marketplaces, such as Amazon as well as eBay. Tundra will prohibit any user trying to use this method.
  • Tracking of orders: You can find live updates on your order’s delivery by logging on your Account and then visiting the Purchases page. Updates regarding delivery, production, and payment are readily available. Tundra offers shipping to over 106 different countries. So you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the items you need.
  • Only for business: You’re not able to purchase anything from Tundra as an individual customer. It is a wholesale for business only supplier.
How does Tundra Help Suppliers?

You can join Tundra either as a buyer or as a supplier. If you’re a seller of wholesale goods, you could submit your products with the best market leaders around the world. Tundra lets you set up your own storefront where you can sell your products your products, and you retain the entire revenue as there are no charges for transactions or commissions to be concerned about.

The Tundra system is operational round the clock to keep supplying customers in order and orders and uploading your items to the system is incredibly easy. As you already have tons of exposure via Tundra, and you already have a lot of exposure through the Tundra system, it’s simple to start. The top features for sellers are:

  • Free shipping will help you increase your sales
  • Reaching out to an existing audience by establishing a custom storefront
  • Analytics dashboard for monitoring the most important metrics
  • Place an order for preferred products
  • Email marketing functionality
  • Scalability that is endless
  • No commissions, and no fees for additional services

For starting all you have to do is create your storefront through Tundra. Tundra platform. Upload the items for your wholesale marketplace storefront similar to how you would do on a platform such as Faire. Also, you can upload your products into Tundra from Shopify or email your company an CSV download of all the items you intend to offer.

Small business buyers can discover your shop on Tundra.com similar to how customers will discover sellers on marketplaces such as Etsy. The customer places an order through Tundra and the vendor is paid within a few days of the delivery. It’s an easy process.

To make it even more convenient for owners of stores shipping is absolutely free for the majority of customers on this zero-commission website. All you have to do is print and adhere to an attached Tundra wholesale label and Tundra will take care of the rest.

Why do Suppliers Love Tundra?

Tundra Tundra is ideal for those who normally exhibit their goods at trade shows and would like an easier method of reaching an even larger audience.

Tundra certainly received the attention of many this year, during the pandemic as an avenue for businesses to connect with a wider variety of potential buyers.

You can be set up with the site in just a couple few minutes and there’s any fees for the long term to think about. It is easier to fulfill orders for distributors than on other e-commerce platforms and Tundra eliminates all the stress out of shipping.

Another benefit is that Tundra stops the majority of Amazon resellers from purchasing from Amazon the products, which means that other businesses will not be able to offer your products on marketplaces that are third party. The buyers who buy from Tundra are additionally checked.

While this could be a problem on buyers’ end, this does mean it’s less likely be vulnerable to fraud should you choose to utilize Tundra to boost the margins of your profits. It’s not always the same security from other options such as Redpoint.

You’ll be able to track who’s purchasing items from your supply chain business and you’ll manage all of it from one wholesale platform. It’s also simple to add MAPs to your product. Tundra.com will make sure that buyers are aware of it for you.

Quick Questions About Tundra

If you’re still unsure regarding Tundra even after you’ve read the reviews of the product online and the information we provide It might be worth getting in touch with the company. Tundra’s FAQ page on which you can find answers to frequently asked questions, such as “what can you do in the event that my purchase is damaged upon arrival?” The answer to this is easy: get in touch to the help desk and refuse to accept the product.

Here are a few other items you may want to be aware of about Tundra:
Is support available?

Yes, you can call Tundra in case you are concerned about the quality of products that arrive at your store, or the terms of payment. Pro buyers receive a specific text message and support phone number.

What are the shipping methods for orders?

Tundra cooperates with some of the most reputable logistic partners in Canada and in the US in order to deliver products to customers as quickly as is feasible. Most of the shipments are delivered using DHL, FedEx or UPS. Larger packages arrive via air or truck..

What are the shipping options available?

You are able to select from a variety of shipping options when you purchase. The majority of free shipping services will be for ground shipping So keep this in your mind.

How do Tundra earn money?

Much like other social media sites it’s difficult to know what Tundra earns its money at the beginning. Tundra doesn’t charge fee for membership or markups. Instead, the money that the brand receives is derived from advertising services. Brand scan offer extra exposure to their brand and other promotion features, along with expedited shipping and other services.

Does Tundra ships all over the world?

It’s not, but they do offer shipping to more than 206 countries which means you shouldn’t face any difficulty in finding a solution. Contact the company in case you’re struggling to find the right shipping solution for your business.

Do I pay with invoices?

You can pay to your orders via either a wire transfer as well as credit card. The banking details will be provided via an invoice email to you along with the order confirmation.

Do I have a proforma invoice?

Pro-Forma invoices are offered for all products that are that you add to your basket after you select on the “Download quote” option. You must have a login to add items to your basket and request an estimate.

Do I require a website to make an order?

Tundra is only available to businesses. But that does not mean you require to have a website to complete purchases. You’ll be able complete an order if you demonstrate that you are a company or an organisation. Include a hyperlink to your company’s social media account when you sign up to prove your identity.


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