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The Top agile Project Management Software

Do you want to immediately get the solution? The most agile tool for managing projects for most people is Monday.com.

The use of agile project management is becoming more popular in the past 10 years or as. Although this method of managing projects was initially developed to assist teams working on software development The principles are applicable to any project of a large scale across any field.

The traditional approach to project management can be described as a rigid. It is a linear process and gives little or change.

The agile project management methodology is more adaptable. The method makes it easier to alter the product at any time during the course of the process.

Through an agile process teams are able to manage projects by breaking into various steps. It is a constant process of collaboration and constant improvement at every step and every step. The final output of an agile program could be different from the initial concept.

Any project or business team which is responsible for delivering on-time deliverables could benefit from a flexible method of managing projects. This is why this method is so well-liked for software and technology-related projects.

No matter what kind of projects you’re coordinating, you must have an agile tool for managing projects to properly implement this method. Follow this guide to discover the most effective tool for project management for you and your staff.

The Best 7 tools for Agile Project Management

  • Monday.com – The Most Simple and Agile Project Management Tool
  • Jira Software – Best Overall Agile Project Management Software
  • Toggl Plan – The Best Tools for Project Management Creative Teams
  • Pivotal Tracker – The Best Software for Agile Project Management and Integrations
  • CollabNet VersionOne – The Best Tools for Agile Project Management that Scales
  • Targetprocess – The Best Agile Project Control Tool For Enterprise Security
  • ActiveCollab is the best Software for Agile Project Management and Time Tracking

After conducting extensive research on the many agile tools for managing projects currently available I narrowed the list of seven tools that I am confident in recommending. Find out more about features that are available, their benefits, uses pricing, and possible disadvantages of each.

1- Monday.com: The most simple and agile project management Tool

If you’re looking for an agile and simple solution for managing projects check out Monday.com. There are more than 100,00,000 businesses around the world trust this platform, which includes big names such as GE, Adobe, Uber, Hulu, and Costco.

Teams that have remote workers depend on Monday.com to manage their projects with a solution. It’s a central project management platform as well as a space for team collaboration.

Monday.com is ideal for launch of new products as well as sprint planning as well as bug-tracking.

The software can be adapted to continue developing your project by providing live reporting, insights, and even updates. However, it’s simple enough to be used by all the people who aren’t technical on your team.

If you’ve gotten bored of your basic software for managing projects and want to change onto Monday.com and still enjoy basic kanban views, along as well as other more sophisticated features.

The pricing for Monday.com is based depending on which plan you choose as well as the number of people on your team, as well as the duration the contract. Prices start at $39 per five users. Test it for free in fourteen days.

2- Jira Software — Best overall Software for Agile Project Management

Jira Software by Atlassian is our top recommendation overall for project management that is agile. No matter the size of your team or industry, or even the type of project, Jira can accommodate your requirements.

One of the reasons we love Jira so highly is its ability to integrate into any framework that is agile. The agile project management tool is compatible with scrum, kanban mixed methodologies, as well as agile on a larger scale.

If you are using scrum, you’ll gain access to tools for planning sprints such as story points and backlog grooming, version management and a scrumboard. Jira lets you keep track of your sprints using sprint permissions as well as workflows, custom issue types and release hubs.

Jira Software also has tools to prepare the team members for scrums and stand-ups. This makes these short meetings more effective for everyone.

Teams who prefer kanban will appreciate fluid workflows, swimlanes and stories cards, columns as well as WIP limit settings and complete visibility of every item on your kanban boards.

If you’re using scrum or Kanban, or any other mixed method (like scrumban or Kanplan), Jira gives you useful reports that help team leaders and project managers make informed decisions about the project.

There’s an learning curve with Jira Software. If you’re brand new to agile project management Jira Software is not something you’ll be able to learn in the first few hours of using it.

Prices on Jira starts at just $10 per month for as many users. Plans for teams with 11+ members start at $7 a month for each user. Prices change based on team’s size. Per-user costs decrease as more users are added to the plan. No matter if you’re running a group of five or 55,000, Jira can accommodate your requirements.

You can test Jira Software free forever with up to 10 users.

If you are looking to set up Jira using your personal servers There’s a self-managed version too.

3 – Toggl Plan: Best Agile Project Management Tool For Creative Teams

Toggl Plan can be described as an extremely simple and user-friendly tool for managing agile projects. It actually has everything you’ll require to manage an agile project while leaving enough freedom to select your own method.

This is why organizations such as The New York Times, Amazon and Netflix make use of it.

Its flexibility and simplicity make it ideal for teams that employ agile methods, but they don’t have to adhere to rules of agile “rules” that govern agile. For instance the majority of editorial, marketing or web designers have their own unique work procedure. Toggl Plan allows you to integrate them into their own project management systems.

It doesn’t matter whether you adhere to Scrum, Kanban, or anything else. Toggl Plan will change with YOU and will not try to make it impossible to do the opposite.

assigning the tasks of employees is simple when using Toggl Plan too. When you’ve done that it, you’ll be able view all tasks and goals set out in a timeline calendar. This will give you an idea of when the work are due to be completed and if you have to change the order of tasks. The timelines will also include the days off or PTO that your team member may have planned and will take these into consideration for you. The best part is that each of the boards allow drag and drop.

If you’re still unsure There’s a good reason that you and your group are able to start using the Toggl Plan for free. Then, the prices begin at just $9/month per user.

4- Pivotal Tracker The Best Agile Management Tool To Manage Integrations

Pivotal Tracker is a second flexible project management software developed for teams working on software. It comes with specific features that allow for guided iteration. This lets you break down the projects you are working on into manageable task as well as subprojects.

This tool provides you with an overview of the current working status for all members of the team.

I would recommend Pivotal Tracker for teams that are working on several projects at the same time. It’s an excellent choice for those working on teams that are in multiple and teams.

Pivotal Tracker allows file sharing as well as a powerful search feature to identify what you require in complex projects. Labels can be added on your projects to help make your workflow more visible.

The tool provides a thorough breadcrumb trace of the project’s background, allowing you to see how changes to code were planned from the beginning until the final product.

There’s one area in which Pivotal Tracker stands out from the other software available currently: integrations.

The platform is seamlessly integrated with applications from third parties such as Slack, Zendesk, Zapier, GitHub, and more. It is possible to browse Pivotal Tracker’s Pivotal Tracker Integrations Gallery to look through more than 140 applications to enhance the flexibility of your project management capabilities.

They offer integrations for almost every field you can think of. In addition to tracking issues, analytics road-mapping API, customer support testing, and many further, Pivotal Tracker has it everything.

The disadvantage to this software is it is dependent on third-party applications to function fully. This tool doesn’t come with as many features or robust straight out of the gate as other agile software on our list.

Here’s a brief review of the price for Pivotal Tracker:

  • Free 3 collaborators, and 2 projects
  • $12.50 per month for 5 collaborators and five projects
  • $29.17 each month, 10 coworkers and 10 projects
  • $62.50 monthly — fifteen coworkers and unlimited projects
  • One-time payment of $125 per month, which includes 25 coworkers and unlimited projects
  • 250 dollars per month, 50 co-workers and unlimited projects

All prices are based on an annual deal. For teams with at least 50, they’ll have to get in touch with Pivotal Tracker’s sales department for pricing for larger organizations.

Test any available Pivotal Tracker plan for free during the trial period of 30 days. The trial includes Unlimited collaborators, unlimitted projects with unlimited data storage.

5- CollabNet VersionOne — Best Agile Project Management Tool For Scalability

CollabNet VersionOne is an enterprise-grade agile project management software designed to scale teams across every department. It’s used by more than 50,000 teams which makes it one of the most well-known agile project management tools currently available.

If you’re who are just beginning with agile and efficient programming, VersionOne will be a excellent option to think about. It’s simple to scale your teams, workplaces for projects as well as portfolios and locations across your entire company.

VersionOne allows large companies to work and collaborate in real-time

The VersionOne tool includes scrum, kanban SAFe, XP, along with hybrid and mixed development.

It can be integrated with other tools you’re using, such as Salesforce, Microsoft TFS, HP, GIT, Jira, CA Agile, and many more. There are more than 70 integrations available for this tool for managing projects.

VersionOne is an all-in-one , agile ALM (application lifecycle management) platform. It includes essential features like:
  • Collaboration between teams
  • Team and Portfolio Kanbans as well as Team Kanbans
  • Agile portfolio planning
  • Iteration and release tracking
  • Customer idea management
  • Executive dashboards
  • Management of test cases
  • Product roadmapping
  • Defect tracking
  • Analytics and metrics that are agile
  • Management of allocations and budgets

For smaller groups, the features of Version One can be too much. It’s likely that the cost won’t be worth it as well.

Like many enterprise applications pricing for Version One isn’t listed on the internet. You can test it for without cost for 30 days or request a trial.

6- Target process The most efficient Agile Project Management tool for Enterprise Security

Like Version One, Target process is another flexible project management tool that is suitable for companies. Target process is more focused on visual portfolios and management tools designed for agile businesses.

In reality, the software is advertised more in the form of a visual platform rather instead of a solution for managing projects.

However, it is still equipped with all the features and tools you need for enterprise-level project management. Targetprocess includes portfolio dashboards, kanban and roadmapping, portfolio backlogs, milestones management, budgeting process monitoring, conflict resolution, workflow customization, workspaces and workspaces.

In the end, it’s a single point of reference for the agile companies.

Targetprocess offers an idea intake system for customers as well as project stakeholders. It is equipped with enterprise-class security features in addition.

Although most companies employ Targetprocess as cloud-based SaaS however, hosting on-premise is also available to businesses that need an option using their servers.

The software is in compliance in accordance with the GDPR regulations and ISO27001. If data security is an important concern for your company it is safe to count on Targetprocess to take your privacy concerns seriously. They provide cloud hosting plans for businesses that have strict rules as well.

Additionally, you’ll have access to one of the most effective support teams for customers in the business. Target process offers 24/7/365 monitoring and support.

The tool is compatible with third-party apps such as Salesforce, Zendesk, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and many more.

Pricing for Target process isn’t available on the internet. Contact their sales department to request a live demonstration or a free trial or price quotation.

7 – Active Collab The best tool for managing projects in Agile. To Track Time

With the abundance of flexible project management tools available that are geared towards larger enterprises and large organizations it’s great to find ActiveCollab adapt to the needs of smaller teams and enterprises.

Over the last 10plus years, over 10,000 teams have utilized ActiveCollab as an effective project management tool.

In addition to the standard management tools that are agile it also places the focus in timing tracking applications. It’s ideal for teams who cost per hour for their tasks.

Beginning at $7 per month for each users, ActiveCollab is an affordable solution for any company or team. Reduce 15% when you sign up for an annual agreement.

However, not all features is included from the beginning. To get access to time tracking tools and integrations, as well as the workload managing tools, and much more you’ll have to pay an additional fee of $4 per month, per user. However, it’s still quite affordable in comparison to other alternatives available.

You’ll not have the same amount of flexibility of the agile method you’re using. The dashboards that are used to manage tasks are limited to only timelines and column views.

For a short period you can try ActiveCollab for free during 90 days. This is considerably longer than the usual 14-day trial period.

How to Find the Most Effective agile Project Management Software You?

With so many flexible tools for project management to pick from, how do you decide which one is best for your company?

This is the method I employed to choose the top picks in the list above. I’ll go over the importance of these elements in greater depth below. In general, there’s no “best for all” solution. Therefore, you’ll need to weigh these aspects against your own personal requirements.

Agile Framework

You are currently using an agile approach to manage your team? Would you rather use one approach to frameworks over one? The tools that are agile for project management may not be the same. can be used with all methodologies.

For instance, Jira Software supports scrum Kanban, scrum, and mixed methodologies. SprintGround is a scrum and Kanban-compatible software as well as offering assistance for waterfall method (linear methodology).

A few of the enterprise-grade options such as Targetprocess has frameworks that support LeSS (large size scrum), DAD (disciplined agile delivery) scrum on a scale lean-agile SAFe (scaled agile framework) and many more.

Choose an application that is compatible with the agile framework you prefer.

Team Size

Project managers that oversee five or six developers don’t require the same tools for managing projects for an organization that has hundreds or even thousands in team members.

CollabNet VersionOne and Targetprocess are perfect for larger companies and large enterprises. Monday.com and ActiveCollab are able to support smaller teams. Jira Software can accommodate teams of all sizes and shapes and up to 5,000 people.


As I’ve said tools for managing agile projects tend to be targeted towards the technology business. App developers, web developers as well as teams working on software releases employ agile processes the most.

However certain solutions are more technologically advanced than others.

It is essential to ensure that your team members that aren’t tech-savvy are able to navigate the application. Through requesting a demonstration and using the free trial to test the user interface prior to signing up for a paid subscription.


There’s no need to shell out thousands of dollars on a solution for managing projects. We’ve seen rates at as low as $7 a month.

If you’re pricing out an offer, be sure you be aware of the small print. In certain instances pricing, lower rates are contingent on an amount in users, or an annual commitment.

For certain enterprise-level solutions, you’ll need get a quote customized for your team.



What’s the most effective agile project management software that’s available today? It’s dependent on the features you’re seeking.

Monday.com and Jira Software are our top recommendation overall however, they’re not for everyone.

If you would like as many third-party integrations as you can you should try Pivotal Tracker. Teams working on development should consider SprintGround. VersionOne as well as Targetprocess are more appropriate for larger businesses. Make use of ActiveCollab to get the most effective time tracking built-in.

No matter what you’re searching for, you’ll find it in our list. I’ve tried that there was something for everyone on the list.

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