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The Most Effective Helpdesk Software

Helpdesk software is essential for providing customer service in this modern age.

Customers are now able to connect with your customer support team via live chat and social media channels, as well as email, or over the phone by using the ticketing system for support.

Helpdesk software lets your team to handle everything from one central location. It’s a flexible solution for companies of all sizes and shapes regardless of whether you’re selling goods or services.

Larger organizations can make use of helpdesk software that is in-house. If an employee is experiencing problems with software or hardware the IT department within your company will be able to resolve the issues using the helpdesk virtual.

A good helpdesk application can aid you in streamlining your customer service communication and support tickets on a large scale.

The Best 8 Helpdesk Software :

Eight helpdesk options available today that I would recommend.

  1. Freshdesk Freshdeskthe best helpdesk software available for small-sized businesses
  2. Zoho Desk — Ideal for growth and scaling
  3. Freshservice — Great for ITSM
  4. Zendesk Support — Best full-service helpdesk software
  5. Jira Service Desk — Great for SME Internal assistance
  6. HappyFox –the best for ticketing across channels help
  7. Kayako — The best for personal customer service
  8. Cayzu –The most affordable helpdesk software

After thorough research, I’ve written an in-depth overview of each below. This guide will go over the advantages, features of the software, its pricing, and any potential negatives of the most effective helpdesk software.

1- Freshdesk — the Best Helpdesk Software for Small Businesses

Freshdesk can be described as an assistdesk service offered by Freshworks. They provide high-quality business solutions that concentration in customer care.

It is a straightforward and efficient introduction to support for tickets. This is why I suggest it to all small businesses that is looking for a method to assist their clients.

With Freshdesk it is possible to reduce the burden of service communication and collaborate with team members as well as make repetitive work easier.

Freshdesk offers a great free plan for new businesses and small businesses just beginning to get their feet wet using Helpdesk software.

Although the plan for free will certainly have limitations however, it is able to be used for unlimited agents, and still enjoy the basic features, such as social and email tickets, dispatch of ticket and customer self-service through knowledge base.

If you would like features like automated reporting, automation, SLA management, and numerous apps that can enhance the capabilities of your helpdesk, paid plans start at only $15 per month, per agent.

2 – Zoho DeskIdeal for Scalability and Growth

Zoho offers a broad range of software and solutions for companies.

Zoho Desk is the helpdesk program developed by Zoho. Like all other products that is branded by Zoho it’s durable user-friendly, intuitive and simple to use.

Through Zoho Desk, you’ll be capable of automating the manual tasks of support, monitor conversations with customers through different channels, provide customers with self-service toolsand link your helpdesk to other applications like Slack, Trello, Salesforce CRM software, accounting software, and many more.

Zoho Desk is designed to be used by companies that are of any size and verticles. From small businesses up to SaaS, Telecom, and Enterprise organisations, Zoho Desk has it everything.

Zoho Desk is affordable as well. It is possible to start using it at no cost and up to three helpers.

Paid plans start at $14 per agent per month. This software makes it simple to increase the number of agents you have as your business grows and your requirements change. The addition of support agents is simple and you are able to change your plans.

Additionally, you’ll be able to assist on the go with the Zoho Desk mobile application.

One of the potential drawbacks that Zoho Desk has is that it doesn’t have its individual customer support that is available to the business. If you’re not using the Enterprise plan and have a business account, you’ll not be able to call them on holidays and weekends. Therefore, while you could provide support to your customers during those times Zoho does not offer the same level of support to customers like.

Additionally, to your unlimited plan for free You can also test any subscription that you want to try at no cost within 15 days.


3 – Freshservice Best For IT Service Management

Freshservice can be described as a different Freshworks solution from Freshworks. However, it’s not as good as Freshdesk which we discussed earlier.

It’s because this program is specifically designed for IT teams as well as IT service management (ITSM).

Make use of Freshservice to help modernize your company.

Give your employees a service through your departments, including HR marketing, finance and facilities. Freshservice is one platform that allows you to streamline your service management and create a uniform experience for all.

On the agent’s side your IT team will be able to automatize repetitive tasks and gain from chatbots powered by AI.

Freshservice plans to cater for businesses and teams of all sizes.

The prices start a little higher than the other options on our list. But, it’s the first helpdesk software we’ve looked at that’s designed for internal support.

For those who require an back-office management system for the management of IT services, Servicedesk will be a ideal choice. Test it for free within the period of 21 days.


4 – Zendesk Support — Best Full-Service Helpdesk Software

Zendesk Support is one of the top helpdesks that offer full-service that are available.

They provide a broad range of support options for different requirements and sizes of businesses and sizes, along with the complete suite of services that comes with everything you could want from an assistdesk service.

It’s a robust software but it’s also very easy to install and use. Zendesk Support is completely customizable and is compatible with over 500 applications from third parties.

The top highlights that are part of Zendesk Support include omnichannel integration ticket forms, multi-brand support customized and conditional ticketing, pre-defined actions for tickets and tools for team collaboration.

The pricing on Zendesk Support starts at just $19 per month.

The basic plan is very limited, however, it is clear that Zendesk provides a service to suit everyone, according to your needs for business.

Each Zendesk Support plan comes with the Lite versions of Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Talk along with Zendesk Guide. If you would like to get the most value out of your helpdesk software think about moving to the Zendesk Support suite.

Starting at $49 a month for an agent, Suite includes all of the apps in one package, and at level Professional, and Enterprise level.

It is the Zendesk Support Suite is much cheaper than purchasing all of these products separately.

From simple to sophisticated helpdesk requirements, Zendesk has it all. Try Zendesk for free in 30 days.

5-  Jira Service Desk Ideal for Internal Support For Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Jira Service Desk is another helpdesk software system that can be used to provide ITSM as well as internal assistance. However, they’re designed for large enterprise businesses.

It’s a fantastic service when you’re trying to expand your business, too.

Jira Service Desk can be used Jira Service Desk for both external and internal support, but internal support is certainly the main focus of Jira Service Desk.

Jira Service Desk allows your employees to get support and services for almost anything. From a leaky bathroom sink, to support for infrastructure problems with computers or onboarding employees, this platform provides everything.

Jira Service Desk software Jira Service Desk software supports up to 5,000 employees as well as an unlimitable number of clients.

Jira Service Desk integrates with more than 1,000 apps for almost every usage scenario you can think of. With everything from Zoom through Splunk, G Suite, Slack and more, you are able to fully modify Jira Service Desk to accommodate your needs and those of your team.

One of the advantages to Jira Service Desk is its price structure that is progressive. More agents that you employ, the lower the cost per agent.

For example, 100 agents cost $15.75 per agent per month. For 1,000 agents, it’s $5.33 each. This pricing structure is perfect for large companies.

Alongside Jira Service Desk on cloud Jira Service Desk, you can also install the software directly to your self-managed server as well as your own datacenter.

Have a go at Jira Service Desk for free for seven days.

6 – HappyFox — Best For Omnichannel Ticket Support

HappyFox is a complete ticketing system that is all-in-one. It’s specifically designed for businesses who wish to offer more efficient and quicker assistance across multiple channels on an integrated platform.

HappyFox offers ticketing support for email and social media as well as live chat, and phone. Also, it has tools to help customers self-service along with knowledge bases solutions.

Prices on HappyFox starts at $29 per month for each agent.

At the current price it’s slightly more expensive than the other plans we’ve reviewed. However the entry-level plans from HappyFox offer more features than others we’ve encountered on the market.

All plans include unlimitted tickets, intelligent rules and knowledge base assistance. The only downside is that HappyFox will require at least three agents per plan. This means it’s not the best choice for single users.

From ticketing to productivity tools, automation and sophisticated reports, HappyFox is a top helpdesk solution for any company to think about.

They don’t provide the traditional trial offer. However, you can call their sales department to request a trial and set up an account at no cost.

7 – Kayako — The Best for Personalized Customer Service

Kayako is a company that focuses on providing excellent customer service with a personalization.

This sets them apart from other solutions that concentrate on automation and simply sending your customers through an automated process.

With Kayako you can control customer interactions on any channel while getting a better understanding of the complete customer journey for every person.

Every conversation contains detailed information about the behavior of the customers. It will show the pages they visited, the items they put in their carts, and much more. This will give your support representatives greater insight into what’s going on before the customer asks for assistance.

Live chat software is included to every Kayako Helpdesk service plan.

Pricing for Kayako starts at just $15 per agent for a month. If you want advanced features such as automation rules as well as custom reporting, multi-language , and multi-brand support, you’ll have change to the Grow plan which costs 30 dollars per person.

For small teams or small-sized businesses, Kayako is a top solution for helpdesk software that comes with a personalization. It is possible to request a trial or use it for without cost within 14 days.


8 – Cayzu — Best Cheap Helpdesk Software

More than 20,000 businesses rely on Cayzu to provide helpdesk software. It is perhaps the easiest helpdesk software currently available for both customers and agents.

Cayzu offers helpdesk software to small businesses, e-commerce websites school, MSPs, and nonprofits.

Prices at just $4 per month, it’s hard to find a lower price from a reliable service in this sector.

The Basic plan does exactly what it is. It provides the minimum needed to run your Helpdesk application.

The plans that are low-level won’t meet the demands of large corporations or companies that have complex ticketing systems. In the end small businesses often appreciate the simplicity. The software isn’t expensive however it does the job.

The plans all run on cloud, which means there’s no need for installation. You are able to access Cayzu from any location, including the mobile application. Additionally, you’ll get unlimited support, app integrations and automated backups. Try Cayzu for free during 14 days.

How to Choose the Best Helpdesk Software for Your Business?

After you’ve had the opportunity to look over some of the best options available now is the time to choose the top helpdesk software to suit your company.

This is the method I employed to narrow the options we had of our list of. These factors can be taken into consideration while evaluating and comparing helpdesk software.


Support for Ticket Purchase

Tickets are among the most important features of the Helpdesk software. Support for tickets allows your team to control, direct and address issues for both employees and customers.

The most effective helpdesk software allows ticketing through various channels. It is also able to automate manual tasks, such as ticket creation and routing.

Certain software may limit the amount of tickets you can make during a calendar month. For larger operations, you should consider unlimited tickets plans.

Communication Methods

Find helpdesk software that allows customers to connect with your support staff through a variety of channels. Common methods for communication include email as well as live chat, social media and telephone support.

Whatever method of communication you choose to use regardless of the method used, the software should let you reply to and manage tickets on one single dashboard. For instance, if a user sends an email request for support it will be displayed at the same time the customer who contacted you via Facebook.

Be sure that the helpdesk system can handle all of your communication channels with customers. Certain platforms have these tools included. In other instances you’ll need to add assistance software to a third-party communications tool.

Customer vs. Employee Support

What do you require helpdesk software?

A lot of helpdesk software is specifically designed for customer support. However, some platforms are created specifically to support ITSM or internal employees support.

If you’re looking for an helpdesk software for your company You’ll need to look toward Freshservice as well as Jira Service Desk.

Business Size

Your size business will have an influence on the helpdesk software you select.

Companies with just a few agents don’t have the same requirements that a large company that has thousands or hundreds in support staff. Most of the time bigger companies are more complex in their requirements.

Freshdesk ranks as our number one choice for small-sized firms. Zoho Desk has the ability to meet the demands of companies that are growing. Zendesk can assist teams of all sizes, from small startups to larger enterprises.

Pricing and Plans

The majority of pricing for helpdesk software is determined by two aspects: agents and features. The price per agent is based on the quantity and quality of features you want.

The cost is fixed per month for each agent. A contract that is annual will provide you with the highest possible rate.

It’s crucial to evaluate the features offered by every plan in a balanced manner. The majority of helpdesk software has the best features in higher-priced plans. But , you might not need these features.

Consider your team at the scale of your team. The difference in $20 or $40 per month may not be significant. What happens when you move From 10 to 50 agents? or from fifty agents up to 150?

Certain software, such as Jira Service Desk, offers the option of progressive pricing. This means that the cost per agent is lower in the event you add more agents in your program. Larger companies should be aware of this when looking at various alternatives.


What is the most effective Helpdesk software available currently? In general, there’s no “best solution for all” solution.

However, the range of options I’ve suggested include minimum one choice that you could begin using immediately:
  1. Freshdesk The best helpdesk application for small-sized businesses
  2. Zoho Desk — Great for growth and scalability
  3. Freshservice — Great for ITSM
  4. Zendesk Support — Best full-service helpdesk software
  5. Jira Service Desk — Great for SME Internal Support
  6. HappyFox –the best for ticketing across channels assistance
  7. Kayako is the best for customer support that is personalized
  8. Cayzu –the best helpdesk software for a low price.

Zendesk Support is our top overall choice due to its many features, its simplicity of use, low prices, and its ability to meet the demands of any size business.

There are many options that can be used to meet your specific needs of businesses. Freshdesk has been our preferred choice for small companies. Zoho Desk is best for expanding teams. Jira Service Desk as well as Freshdesk are more suitable for ITSM and internal support.

Are you in search of an uncomplicated helpdesk system for the lowest price? Consider Cayzu.

No matter what size of your business and industry, or assistance desk needs, you’ll get exactly what you’re searching for in this guide.

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