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Best Live Chat Software

Do you want to immediately get the solution? The best live chat application for the majority of people is HubSpot Live Chat, or

Live chat software is an increasingly popular as a customer support solution for websites of all fields. From lead generation, sales support, general queries, and troubleshooting the applications for live chat appear infinite.

Everyone is looking for prompt responses. Calls with lengthy waiting time, email support as well as other forms of communication do not offer the same immediate gratification as live chat.

This is the reason 46 percent from customers choose live chat support over email (29 percent) as well as social media (16 16 percent) customer service.

Apart from providing a better service for the customer, live chat can make things simpler for customer support personnel also. They’ll have better access to resources, and the ability to direct messages to the appropriate department, and will be able to solve issues quicker.

Through the use using the strength of AI as well as automation, it is possible to set up live chat to your website all day, every day. Your customers won’t have to call you between 9 am until 5 pm, local time, Monday through Friday.

Any website that provides any kind of customer service could benefit from incorporating live chat on the website. From small-scale businesses to medical centers, international e-commerce websites, and everything else between. Live chat should be put into place.

A Best 10 Top Live Chat Software:

After doing exhaustive studies, I’ve narrowed down the top live chat services currently available. I’ll go over the advantages, features of use cases, prices as well as potential disadvantages of each of them below.

1- HubSpot Live Chat — The Best Live Chat Software that is Free

HubSpot can be described as one of the more admired CRM software solutions available currently. HubSpot CRM is free. HubSpot CRM is totally free and comes with a myriad of other tools that are free for sales, marketing and customer service.

Live chat for free is a part of this package.

HubSpot allows you to talk to website potential customers, visitors, or clients in live-time.

Make your live chat widget customizable to fit your branding and colour scheme. Make welcome messages that are targeted for various landing pages or different audiences. Your conversations will be automatically saved to the contacts’ records. Your entire team will have access to all interactions.

You can even use chatbots that are free to automate your conversations on a large.

To maximize the benefits of HubSpot Pay-per-month plans start at as low as just $ 40 per month. Product bundles and suites begin at only 50 dollars per month. While the CRM for free and live chat could be a good option for starting but you’ll need to upgrade in the future. Start for free.

2-  LiveChat is the best choice for Multichannel Support

A total of 177,000 Customer service representatives from 150+ countries utilize The software handles over 27 million chats a month. It’s utilized by top companies such as Sony, Ikea, Lexus, Samsung, LG, and many more.

If you manage customer support on several platforms, LiveChat will consolidate those messages onto one platform.

The software is compatible it with over 170 tools and third-party applications. These tools give you capability to handle orders, take payments and even add customer data into your customer database.

Let’s take a review of LiveChat’s plans and pricing. LiveChat:
  • Starter — $16 per agent per month
  • Team — $33 per agent per month
  • Business — $50 per agent per month

Its Starter plan is suitable for the basic needs. It includes 60-day chat history as well as an integrated ticketing system. To get an unlimited history of chat, tools for branding and other features that are more advanced you’ll have to upgrade to a more advanced quality.

LiveChat offers distinct product lines for AI chatbots as well as help desk support and tools for knowledge bases. If you’re interested by these tools, you’ll need purchase the software independently.

Try LiveChat for free during up to 14 days. It takes less than five minutes to set up.

3- LiveAgent— Excellent for Support for Ticketing

LiveAgent provides an array of products. Alongside live chatservices, LiveAgent also offers options for Help Desk software and call center software and many more.

Businesses utilize LiveAgent’s chat tool to boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and cut cost of support. The platform offers predictive chat invitations, web-based monitoring tools and real-time previews of typing to ensure you receive top-quality support from your representatives.

LiveAgent’s main focus is on customer service.

The Live Chat software is fully integrated with helpdesk features, including ticketing. LiveAgent’s plans are affordable particularly with tickets as a solution.

Chat and ticketing start at $29 per month for each agent. The all-inclusive plan of Live chat and ticketing and call center support begins with $39 per month for each agent.

However, LiveAgent isn’t able to provide advanced capabilities for AI chatbots, or automated processes. However, it’s a fantastic customer service tool for reasonable prices.

Try LiveAgent for free during fourteen days.

4-  Chatra – Chatra Best for Multilingual Live Chat

Chatra is one of most well-known live chat services. It’s trusted by more than 31,000 enterprises and online stores.

The program includes tools for monitoring websites and multichannel communication, as well as conversions, and more.

Chatra offers a no-cost forever plan for single agents. The free version is with features such as:

  • Unlimited simultaneous chats
  • Support for multiple websites
  • Offline messaging
  • Typing indicators
  • Receipts for reading
  • Agent names and pictures
  • SSL encryption
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Developer API

The list of features goes on and on. One of the highlights in the plan’s free version is the chat widget that can be multilingual. Users can view the chat widget in the language they prefer depending on the browser settings. Other services charge an additional fee per feature.

For several agents as well as advanced features such as automated triggers that are targeted and detailed visitor data for advanced features like targeted triggers, detailed visitor information, and bots, the Pro Version of Chatra is priced at $15 per agent for a month. Test it today.

5-  “Pure Chat” : The Best Unlimited Plan

Pure Chat is a quick and simple way to integrate live chat into any site. It’s currently being used by more than 14,000 users in 150+ countries across the globe.

You’ll be in complete control of the look of your chat widget by adjusting features to fit the colors of your website’s branding. When you use Pure Chat, it’s easy to handle customer support on the move by using iOS as well as Android mobile applications.

Pure Chat has an extensive list of features, including:
  • Chat alerts
  • Responses from canned responses
  • Pre-chat form with information about the chat.
  • Built-in SSL
  • Operator availability schedule
  • Information about visitors and the location of their visit
  • Integrations from third parties

There are two Pure Chat plans; Growth and Pro. These plans are priced at $39 or $79 monthly, per year, respectively.

The plan for growth comprises four people. Additional users will cost $33 monthly. Even the basic plan offers unlimited chats. The Pro plan has 10 users, and it cost $8 per month for additional seats. Along with unlimitless chats highest-end plan also includes unlimited chat history that is compatible with any number of websites.

There’s a lot of value to these plans. However, Pure Chat lacks advanced features such as AI or automation.

Try it for free during the first the next 30 days.

6-  Olark — The Best Live Chat Software for Sales Teams

Olark is a live chat program specifically designed for sales teams.

Make use of this program to build custom pre-chat forms, triggered emails as well as allow offline messages in the event that your team is not available. Chat live and manage customer information within Olark or in your personal sales CRM.

Other advantages and features of Olark are:

  • Chat tools built-in (file sharing, transfer Notifications, file sharing)
  • Visitor tracking
  • Analytics of chat (volume, historical and history, Google Analytics Tagging, etc.)
  • Tools for team management
  • Complete customisation
  • Security and encryption of data

Olark offers tools for automation for chat routing and canned responses, proactive chat, automated greetings, and many more.

Pricing begins at $12 per month per agent under two-year contracts. Monthly and one-year costs are between $15 and $19 respectively. Additional features for advanced features can vary from $29 to $99 per month.

Try Olark for free for 2 weeks.

7-  Intercom  the best live chat software that scales. Software

More than 30,000+ companies depend on Intercom to provide live chat software. Intercom offers everything you need to profit from live chat to help with leads, engagement with customers as well as customer support.

From the basic usage for single users to live chat on a larger scale using automated workflows, robots or automation Intercom provides a service for all.

Create targeted content on your homepage and on internal landing pages for various kinds of people like leads and. customers. Make use of this tool to provide customers a tour of your product or guide them through the funnel of conversion.

Intercom seamlessly integrates seamlessly with a myriad of powerful apps and tools you already use, such as Slack, Facebook, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Stripe and many more.

Here’s a brief overview of the beginning prices for Intercom:
  • Start — $39 per month
  • Grow -$99/month
  • Accelerate -499$ per month
  • Scale — $999 per month

These Start and Grow plans come with a seat and five seats respectively. The plans include all the tools that you require to begin working using live chat. These plans are called Accelerate and Scale. Accelerate as well as the Scale plans include ten seats as well as advanced features such as personalized bots, automated assign rules and a multi-lingual help center.

Intercom also offers other add-ons such as tours of the product advanced lead generation enhanced customer interaction, as well as automated support. The add-ons cost between $199 and $499 monthly.

You can try Intercom Free for 14 Days.

8-  SnapEngage — Top Live Chat Bots

SnapEngage is a powerful live chat service. The platform comes with use-case-specific tools for customer service, sales as well as healthcare solutions that use HIPAA-compliant chats.

For those who are looking to maximize the use of chatbots and automation on your site, SnapEngage will be the most suitable choice for you.

Here’s a quick overview of the plans and pricing of this program:

Chatbots with live chat available in this software include:

  • Information capture bot
  • Approval bot
  • Answer bot
  • Guide bot
  • Custom API bot
  • COVID-19 Bot to check symptom

Even the basic plan includes the data collection and the approval robots.

SnapEngage provides all the tools required to handle support at each phase of the customer experience. The plans are inexpensive and feature-rich, however they you must have three users to begin.

9-  Zendesk Chat — The Most Live Chat Software for Helpdesks

Zendesk Chat is a simple but effective tool to improve customer service via live chat. The program is easy to use, integrates with multiple channels of communication and provides comprehensive analysis.

Some of the most popular features of Zendesk Chat are:

  • Triggers based on behavior
  • Forms for offline and pre-chat
  • Chat user ratings
  • Visitor lists
  • AI-powered chatbots powered by chatbots
  • Sending files
This is a review of the plans and pricing for this program:

As you will discern, Zendesk Chat has a program for everyone. It’s possible to access the software for no cost for those who are basic users.

If you are looking for the full helpdesk experience along with live chat, you should try using the Zendesk Support Suite. It is priced at $89 per month, and it comes with everything you require for an online helpdesk for customers.

10-  Drift — The Best Live Chat Software To Lead Generation

Drift is another well-known live chat tool used by sales representatives. It’s used by more than 50,000 businesses across the globe.

With features such as Live chat to support account-based marketing (ABM) and scheduling meetings, and chat-to call This program is great for lead generation on a massive size.

Businesses utilize Drift to reduce sales cycle by connecting with prospects right on the instantaneously. You can also qualify your leads in real-time right from the live chat box , using automated systems as well as AI chatbots.

Here’s a glimpse at Drift pricing:

  • Free -$0
  • Essential — $400 per month
  • Premium -$ 1,500 per month
  • Enterprise — Customized pricing

The free plan permits you to talk to your site visitors in real-time, however it doesn’t offer any of the other benefits and features related to Drift.

To create personalized bots, lead routing as well as sales-related integration, you’ll have change to an upgraded subscription.

Drift is certainly more expensive than the other products available. It’s also important to remember that the above prices are the basic monthly fees that are charged annually. Chat seats begin at $40 per month, per agent.

Companies with fewer than 20 employees qualify to receive a discount of 93.

How to Choose the Best Live Chat Software for You?

Locating the most effective live chat application for your site isn’t easy when you don’t know what you should look for. There are some things to take into consideration when shopping about.

This is the process I employed to narrow down my most popular choices on our list.

Use Cases

What are you looking for in live chat?

Certain solutions are specialized in sales, whereas others concentrate on customer support and lead generation. Live chat is among the tools that provide multilingual or omnichannel support.

If you’ve got a particular need that has to be filled, ensure you select an online chat service that will meet your requirements.


Automation is an essential element for live chat. The most effective automations will ensure that visitors to your site get rapid responses even if the live chat agent is not available at the moment.

Advanced automation goes to the point of sending customers to the appropriate company or representative. Chatbots powered by AI are able to respond to questions and help customers navigate the conversion process without being connected to a real person.

There are not many software that come with these kinds of tools. Most of the time, automations and chatbots are thought of as to be a top feature.

Team Size

How many live agents do you have?

Certain plans come with limits on the number of agents that can be used. If, for instance, you’re planning on handling live chat support by yourself there’s no need to buy an account that has five seats for agents.

If you are thinking of scaling your team, you should look for software that is priced per user that allows you to increase the number of users as your team expands.


In addition to the standard live chat capabilities There are a lot of other options to think about when you shop around for a live chat service:

  • Integrations
  • Triggered responses
  • Monitoring of websites
  • Chats in parallel
  • Data on CRM and customer details
  • Chat analytics
  • Tools for team management
  • Scheduling
  • Chat widget that can be customized

None of these features need to be an issue. It’s dependent on the features you’re seeking. Certain businesses have particular requirements that have to be fulfilled. For instance medical businesses requires live chat software that is HIPAA certified.


What is the most effective live chat software that is on the market right now?

If you’re seeking a free live chat software, you should check out HubSpot Live Chat. However, there are plenty of other options to pick from.

For customer support and ticketing For customer support and ticketing, choose LiveAgent and Zendesk Chat. Chatra is the most effective software to support multilingual chat in addition, LiveChat is the most effective for multichannel support. Intercom can be our number one suggestion for scaling. For lead generation and sales teams Try Olark and Drift.

If you are looking to make use of chatbots and automatization, you can use SnapEngage.

Whatever type of website you’re running you will be able to locate the most effective live chat software for your requirements using the suggestions in this article.

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