The Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Our top picks for the best wordpress hosting in 2021

Do you want to immediately get the answer? The most reliable web hosting option for the majority of users is Bluehost.

So you’ve decided to design your website using WordPress.

Excellent option!

The second step will be to choose the most suitable web hosting solution for your WordPress website. A WordPress-specific web hosting service is worth the investment to get better quality of service, performance along with support for WordPress installations.

We’ve looked through a variety of hosts available and have ranked the top eight hosting options for WordPress. This includes the ones that WordPress themselves recommends.

If you’re in need of it, read more about how WordPress hosting works in this article.

The Top 9 WordPress Web Hosts for 2021

All of them offer top-quality web hosting for WordPress. Your website will be hosted on an server that is only hosting WordPress websites. This enhances the security of your site and improves efficiency leading to better experiences for your clients.

Here are the hosts that offer the top WordPress hosting available today:

  1. Bluehost – Ideal for creating the first WordPress website
  2. Hostinger is The best choice to host hundreds of websites with a small budget
  3. GreenGeeks Best for eco-friendly site owners
  4. WP Engine is the best choice to host multiple WordPress websites with a lot of traffic
  5. Nexcess is a great choice for easy staging of websites
  6. Siteground – Great for eCommerce websites, with simple site migration
  7. Flywheel – Great if need professionals to transfer your site on your behalf
  8. Kinsta is ideal for auto-scaling to handle sudden surges in traffic
  9. Scala Hosting The vast majority of freebies included are included in WordPress hosting packages

Based on your needs the host you choose may be better than another one for your particular requirements.

Below, you’ll find detailed reviews that provide my suggestions and are followed by a short strategic section that can assist you in evaluating the options available to you.

1 – Bluehost — Best for Creating Your First WordPress Website

Bluehost is one of the more renowned and reliable web hosts available that are available.

This is due to three factors:

  • Ease of Use. BlueHost assists you throughout the entire setup process. When you sign up and you’re able to install WordPress right away. Your site will be live within 15 minutes of starting. Pro Tip:If you want some assistance, here’s our full tutorial on how to build your own website.
  • Hands-On Customer Service. We don’t think that you’ll ever need to communicate with any customer support representative however, we can guarantee that you’re in great hands should you require assistance. Bluehost offers an award-winning 24 hours a day customer support team available to assist you when problems occur (e.g. cyberattacks, website crashes).
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing. Bluehost also offers the lowest prices available with plans starting that start at $2.75/month. This is a bargain.

This is why they’re the ideal host when you’re starting out.

Yes, you’ll be using shared hosting. Therefore, if you or anyone other on your server experience an enormous spike in traffic, your website could drop.

However, in reality this is almost never the case. I’ve had websites hosted on shared hosting for more than 10 years and have never had an issue with the site.

If you’re looking to upgrade, they provide managed WordPress hosting for as low as $9.95/month. It’s not the cheapest price that I’ve ever seen, but it’s one of the most affordable options in managed hosting.

The value you can get from Bluehost is unbeatable. It’s powerful enough to handle the majority of websites, and is widely suggested across the market.

The bottom line is: Bluehost is the best choice for the majority of those who read this, but particularly if you’re just starting out.


2 – Hostinger — Best for Hosting Hundreds of Sites on a Shoestring Budget

Hostinger is a standout apart for their impressive loading time and low costs.

How much? Normally Hostinger is $7.99/month. However, there’s a deal available today that will give you 75% off the cost of hosting.

This means that you pay only $1.99/month for single shared hosting, which is extremely affordable compared to other web hosting services available.

Here’s the real deal For just a dollar plus per month you could create 100 websites, along with 100GB of SSD storage, no-cost email as well as unlimited bandwidth.

This means that for the price of one cup of coffee every month it’s possible to run up to 100 web sites. It’s an incredible bargain.

At such low price, do you think you’ll sacrifice quality? Nope. In fact, you’ll be able have a reliable uptime through Hostinger.

Through our investigation, we found that the hosting websites hosting on Hostinger experienced months within the 99.8 percent range, and dropped to the low of 99.04 percent. However, some months also had 100 100% uptime. Overall, you won’t need to be concerned about their availability, especially when you’re running a small personal site.

The loading times are quite fast as well. According on the site, server’s response time is approximately 43 milliseconds. This is incredibly quick. To put it in perspective it’s only thirteen milliseconds “slower” than lightning strikes.

Overall, Hostinger is an excellent choice for a web hosting provider that offers affordable rates with top-quality hosting. If you’re looking to increase the amount of websites that you can host at an affordable expense, get signed up with Hostinger today.

3 – GreenGeeks — Best For Eco-Friendly Website Owners

If you are looking for a shared hosting service that is optimized specifically for WordPress, GreenGeeks is the best choice. With low prices, speedy setup and 24×7 live chat support and live chat support, you’ll be able to create an expert WordPress website.

GreenGeeks offers hundreds of WordPress-specific WordPress tutorials and details in the knowledge base. GreenGeeks is not charged extra charges to provide WordPress security, speedy performance or their 300 green energy matching, making it an eco-friendly business.

In the case of WordPress, GreenGeeks ups the security of your WordPress site. They check your WordPress website for malware and other threats, and assist in cleaning your site in case any issues arise. They also give you a free SSL certificate that automatically renews it on your behalf at every interval of 90 days. If you already have an existing WordPress website, you are able to transfer it onto GreenGeeks as well. They can move it for you free of charge.

For the part that is managed WordPress hosting plans, each plan includes free WordPress installation as well as migration and automatic updates. Additionally, you’ll receive a free SSL certificate as well as no cost CDN no-cost backups a free domain for a year, built-in cache, as well as WP-CLI and SSH access. If you’re experiencing problems or queries, users have reported that the live chat support is supported by knowledgeable, personable people who can respond quickly.

The Lite plan begins from $2.49 per month, while Pro costs $4.95 monthly, while Premium is $8.95 each month. The prices listed are based on a 3-year commitment, and each plan comes with a money-back promise of 30 days. The Lite plan is only for one site while Premium and Pro offer unlimited websites.

Learn more about GreenGeeks’ managed WordPress hosting services or start here.

4.  WordPress Engine — Great to host multiple WordPress Websites that have a lot of traffic

For those who want to be pros, I suggest WordPress Engine. It’s great for managing WordPress hosting.

In actual fact, WP Engine is what we use here at QuickSprout and with good reason. If you’re looking to get serious about building a highly-traffic website or business, it’s the most managed WordPress hosting service available.

However, I wouldn’t suggest it for those who are just beginning their journey, as it’s more expensive. There’s a difference between $30 and more than $100 every month, as opposed to an amount of between $4 and $15. A majority of WordPress websites would far better using Bluehost and Siteground. It’s not just that you’ll save money but you will not require the advanced features included in WP Engine.

For $22.50/month for a year-long payment you can host a 10GB site , with a limit of 25,000 monthly users. The next level in service costs $44.25/month for 10 sites and 100,000 monthly users. If you experience an increase in traffic, and you exceed the limit you’ll be charged excess fees.

This may sound to be a lot of money to use fewer resources (especially in comparison to other hosting services like Hostinger or Bluehost) but remember that it’s controlledWordPress hosting.

As a managed host WP Engine professionally maintains speed and security on the server side, which means that you don’t need to do anything else to boost the performance of your site.

It’s not necessary to conduct look up plug-ins and research to reduce the loading time of your website as well as develop into an expert in the best practices for creating an efficient website.

You don’t have take time out to update and install your plugins, backups, or set up security features to guard against attacks using brute force. WP Engine takes care of everything in the background.

Customer service top-notch, offering 24/7 support with service tickets trackable and a vast knowledge base.

The WP Engine’s support team are WordPress experts who provide specific answers to all your questions and problems.

Each time I’ve had to contact their customer support I’ve been amazed. Their speed, speedy and knowledge is top-quality.

The bottom line is: WP Engine is the ideal choice for those who want to make a commitment to grow your WordPress websites.

5 – Nexcess — Best for Effortless Website Staging

Nexcess created from Liquid Web, is a powerhouse that is designed to work with other powerhouses. For instance, when you’re an enterprise client or have to manage several WordPress websites.

What I like about Nexcess I love about Nexcess is how simple it is to stage the appearance of a website. The one-click stage tool lets users to quickly make a replica of your website which you can modify and test to your heart’s content without being concerned about destroying the actual site.

They also provide a variety of plans that allow you to increase the size of your website. Pricing starts at $12.67/month for a single website. After that, the price increases considerably, reaching $52.67 per month. You receive up to five sites and 40GB of storage the plan.

They have seven plans. If you’re an agent or freelancer looking to create websites for clients then this is the ideal option for you.

If you’re in need of more control but the idea of doing it all by yourself via AWS isn’t your cup of tea for you, then Nexcess is the right choice for you as well. Nexcess doesn’t require the same amount of setup and maintenance as AWS but you’ll still have much more freedom than some hosts offer you.

It also updates automatically WordPress along with your plug-ins. This means less stress both for your and the staff.

Access to all levels of MySQL, SFTP, and SSH. Additionally, you have access to Git Version Control. Security speeds, speed, as well as customer support are almost unbeatable.

Nexcess is not for all. Smaller businesses should opt for another option to avoid Nexcess, since Nexcess plans could be too much.

For the serious users, however, Nexcess is the WordPress hosting you’ve been searching for. Utilize Coupon code QUICKSPROUT to save 40% off for 2 months of any hosting plan offered by Nexcess.

6.  SiteGround is the best choice for Ecommerce Websites, with Simple Site Migration

SiteGround is one of WordPress’ top web hosts. They provide very affordable managed hosting options that are also extremely powerful.

The real reason they excel is in the ease with which they can make it:

  • Transfer your website to their hosting. Their free tool for migrating allows you to easily transfer your existing website to their site in only two days. No programming or development skills needed.
  • Create your online shop. Utilizing the powerful combination that is WordPress and WooCommerce You’ll be able to establish an online store site and begin earning cash in no time. In fact, it just takes only a couple of clicks.

I also appreciate their sophisticated features for WordPress such as automatic updates, as well as enhanced security for all SiteGround plans. Additionally, you’ll get daily backups. This is a fantastic deal at the lowest price tier.

This will solve the majority of issues you might encounter and frees up your time to concentrate on your work or your company. You can learn more about their services in my full SiteGround review.

I would recommend you to go with the StartUp plan. It provides 10GB of space as well as up to 10,000 visits for one website. The cost for the intro-level plan costs $3.99/month for the first year (paid in advance).

You can improve the performance of you WordPress or WooCommerce site by stepping up to GrowBig. It lets you take advantage of SiteGround’s Ultrafast PHP platform to improve your visitors’ experience to the next level. Additionally, you can enjoy the protection of on-demand copies of your backups for your website and all this priced at $6.69 each month. The most expensive package available is GoGeek with $10.69 per month, which includes 40 GB of web space priority support staging and Git, and the ability to connect to white-label clients.

Overall, it’s an excellent hosting service for web stores that are on WordPress and e-commerce websites that would like to switch to a more reliable host or anyone else who needs strong security and quick backups of their site.


7 – Flywheel — Best If You Want Pros to Migrate Your Site for You

Flywheel is hosted WordPress host that truly put”support” at the top of its list “support” on customer support.

They provide a wonderful migration service that will take care of the sometimes difficult process of moving your site for you. The company has a committed team who takes care of the entire process shifting your site’s content to their host, which means you don’t have to.

The best part? It’s completely cost-free.

Yes, that’s right. They’ll handle everything for you at no cost.

They also have amazing features such as “blueprints” which allow users to save custom themes and plug-ins that you’ve used repeatedly.

You’ll also get 14 days of a no-cost demo site that is password-secured to showcase your work prior to needing to pay. You are also able to easily transfer the billing for any of your websites to a customer.

This is why FlyWheel can be an ideal alternative if you’re an freelancer or agency working on client sites. If you’re building websites specifically for customers, we strongly suggest you begin using Flywheel.

Flywheel provides a single-site package that includes 5,000 monthly visits with 5GB storage space at $13 per month. After that, you are able to upgrade to a more streamlined single-site plan at $25 per month, or add more sites to the two top packages.

The bottom line is that I’d choose Flywheel for a time when I was searching for an easy and smooth migration or if I wanted to create websites for customers.

If this sounds like you then you should consider Flywheel for your website hosting service.


8. Kinsta— Excellent for Auto-Scaling to handle unexpected surges in traffic

Kinsta is an excellent alternative to WP Engine if something about WP Engine doesn’t gel with you.

What makes them distinct in comparison to WP Engine, though, is their auto-scaling capability. If there is an unexpected increase of traffic to their server, they automatically assign more CPU and RAM to your site.

It’s great for sites that often see sporadic surges in traffic such as when an article becomes viral or you’ve got periodic launch of new products.

This means that you don’t need stress about worrying about your site slowing down or even crashing in the event of the influx of visitors. Instead, Kinsta will take the responsibility for your website.

This is a great option for websites with inconsistency in their web traffic (e.g. viral videos and articles and big launches of products).

They also provide a variety of pricing plans that offer excellent capacity. They provide 10 plans as well in a custom enterprise solution.

Pricing starts at just $30/month for 25,000 monthly visits and then increases to 25,000 monthly visitors.

The bottom line is that Kinsta is able to handle any amount of traffic you’ll need. There’s no need to worry about relocating them because they’ve outgrown them.

One of the best things with Kinsta is that you have accessibility to all features for all plans, in contrast switching to a premium plan to unlock a feature.

It also makes pricing on Kinsta very easy. Choose the plan that is based on the amount of traffic you’re getting and you’re set.

9.  Scala Hosting — the Most Freebies Included in Every WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress hosting can be misleading. Although a majority of hosts claim to have WordPress optimizing their websites, just what is it that you can expect from them?

Scala Hosting not only ensures that their servers will help your WordPress website perform better, but they also include a plethora of features that are useful on nearly every plan.

It begins with a no-cost website migrationservice, which is not offered by every service. It’s not only one site–Scala’s experts can transfer as many WordPress websites as you want to their service for without cost.

They’ll take care of the migration process and ensure that everything is working before you link the site at the new servers. This way, there’s no interruption to your websites during the process.

Security features are included across the majority of Scala WordPress hosting plans. There is a dedicated firewall set up on your behalf as well as a blocking of brute force attacks, customized security rules that the Scala team can implement without having to do anything scanning for malware and removal as well as automated updates to stop vulnerabilities from developing.

The plans contain:

  • Seven daily backups , with restore points that are kept for one week
  • Free content delivery network
  • SEO tools and free SEO analysis

Additionally, you can unlock beneficial features by choosing plans higher than Scala’s entry-level WP Mini (one website, 20GB of space) package. They include:

  • WP Start Unlimited websites, 50 GB of storage and double the capacity of the WP Mini
  • WP Advanced Unlimited websites, 100GB of storage Quadruple the processing capacity of the WP Mini

With these plans, you will receive managed service, which means that Scala’s support staff of WordPress experts will be able to assist you with anything from plugin issues to general troubleshooting.

Also, you get a free domain when you sign up for WP Advanced. Not just one year either unlike many other service providers. Every year you pay for, you will get one year free of your domain. It’s a nice benefit.

The price of Scala’s services is affordable compared to other service providers on this list, and within the WordPress hosting market in general:

  • The WP Mini cost $3.95/month to sign a 3-year contract, $4.95 for two years
  • Starting WP: $5.95/month for a three-year commitment, $7.95 for two years
  • The WP Advance: $9.95/month to sign up for three years, $10.95 for two years

You can also begin a trial month for one of these plans for only 99 cents. This is a great deal in case you’re looking to test the waters in WordPress hosting prior to taking the leap.

Try Scala Hosting a try or connect with their rep to find out more about what they can offer you. If you’re looking for a secure WordPress hosting for your website at an affordable cost, Scala Hosting should be at in your list of choices.

How to Select the best web hosting for WordPress

You’ve got several options for web hosting but which is the most suitable option for you and your company?

Below are the top points we considered when preparing this list. Utilize these to guide your choice in selecting the right WordPress web hosting service.

Note: We did not include speed or uptime in our criteria. These two aspects are obvious when searching for a top web hosting service of any kind.

Instead we looked at some essential considerations you might not think of immediately, but aren’t any less important.

Multi-Site Vs. single-site hosting

Every provider we’ve listed provides different options if you’re seeking to host multiple websites. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that the provider are able to support all sites you’re planning to host.

It’s also important to take into account the cost as well as the features that you’ll get with every package.

For instance, WPEngine offers a few excellent packages for those looking to manage several websites. The multi-site hosting plans begin from $44.25 per month and include three websites included. In addition, you’ll receive 125GB of bandwidth per month, and 15 GB of storage.

It increases the price to their Growth plan which is $86.25 per month, which is quite a leap. You’ll get 10 websites included in the package that has more storage and bandwidth.

Kinsta is a great alternative if you’re in search of multi-site solutions. Their plans are scalable as well. Therefore, if you get more clients who require websites, you can increase your packages in the future.

With services such as Bluehost for instance, you can enjoy unlimited websites for $5.45 per month. But that isn’t without a caveat it’s totally not managed.

This means that it’s not equipped with the same level of customer support or automatic maintenance that you would get from hosted hosting that is managed (but we’ll discuss this more in the future).

Customer Support that’s actually supportive

Your website should run as smoothly as it can, especially if you’re earning money from it. When you experience a problem with your website, for example, when it shuts down or you are hit by cyber attack, you need someone on your side to assist you in getting out of this situation.

This is why a good customer service is an essential factor when choosing the best WordPress hosting service.

One of the top-rated WordPress hosting help teams for WPEngine is their. Their support team is available all hours of the day to assist you with all issues if your site has problems.

Naturally, the downside here is that they’re controlled WordPress host. It means they’re an additional cost. This price comes with an outstanding hosting service but also an expert support team available to assist you improve your website and assist you through any downtimes.

The Help desk and support team of the managed WordPress website can be described as WordPress experts. They know your website and the plugins that you’re using. They’re designed to assist you, not a typical hosting service that has customers using different kinds of software.

In addition hosted hosts who are managed have built their business around providing support, which is different from host that are less expensive and not have invested in customer support , or might even be deliberately providing ” unbearable tech support.”

This doesn’t mean that managed options aren’t able to provide excellent customer service. Hosting providers such as Bluehost provide award-winning 24/7 client assistance for all your requirements. They may not understand your website, but they do know that it is managed WordPress hosting service, however.

They’re especially helpful when you’re upgrading or moving the hosting service you use from an earlier one. This is the next topic of discussion…

Managed Hosting.

It is likely to be an crucial choices to make when selecting the right WordPress web hosting service on this checklist.

It will determine everything from the quality of your support to customers as well as your security to the price you pay.

We’ll first go over the basic WordPress hosting. You’ll find a standard web host , and that hosting provider usually provides an easy method of installing WordPress. There’s a host, WordPress is installed, and that’s all there is to it.

This is referred to by the name of managed WordPress hosting. The majority of WordPress hosting services work in this way. After one click installation you’ll be able to download the basic version of WordPress that is the exact version that you’d receive when you install WordPress onto a host you owned.

managed WordPress hosting kicks up the ante, and comes with a lot of extra features.

Instead of a standard host that has WordPress installed the entire system is designed from scratch using WordPress with WordPress in mind. The hosting platform is designed for WordPress while the hosting provider usually tweaks WordPress itself to improve it.

Your website will run much faster, it will be much more secured, plus will get better support because the team of hosting experts is focused on WordPress.

The drawback lies in the fact that managing WordPress hosting can be more costly. This is understandable, as you’re getting more value , so the cost is higher.


Free Headache Site Migration

WordPress hosting is usually an upgradefrom older shared hosting options.

This means that you’re likely moving your site to a different web hosting provider if you’re taking this article.

A reliable web host can assist you in moving your website from one host to another effortlessly and quickly. It might mean they’ll have a specialist assist you through the process for you, or an experienced customer service team that can help you navigate the process on your own.

They may even cost you more to transfer your website, but it’s usually worth it we believe.

When you do your research, look at what hosting providers offer you regarding website migration. SiteGround is one example. It offers a free tool for migrating which you can use to transfer your website to their server.

WPEngine is another that has a plugin for migration. After downloading the plugin will take care of all the difficult tasks for you.

Flywheel is staffed with experts to help you move your website , if you’d like. Their team of migration experts will handle all the steps, so you do not have to.

If you’re considering moving your site to a different host, you should examine what the WordPress hosting company offers to assist you in transferring your site. You’ll require as much assistance as you can.


Recap: The Top WordPress Web Hosting

  1. Bluehost is a great choice to create your very first WordPress website
  2. Hostinger is The best choice to host hundreds of websites with a small budget
  3. GreenGeeks is a great choice for eco-friendly site owners
  4. WP Engine is the best choice to host multiple WordPress websites with a lot of traffic
  5. Nexcess – Great for simple website staging
  6. SiteGround is the best for eCommerce websites, with an easy site migration
  7. Flywheelis the best choice if need experts to move your website for you
  8. Kinsta is a great auto-scaling solution to deal with sudden spikes in traffic
  9. Scala Hosting The majority of freebies are included are included in WordPress hosting plan

If you’re creating your first WordPress website or are looking for your first hosting provider to host your site, you should consider Bluehost. Once you’ve established your account, you’ll be ready to quickly install WordPress using only few clicks. After that, you’ll have an operational WordPress website for a minimal hosting cost.

Anyone who wants to create or host an WooCommerce store should look to SiteGround. Environmentally-conscious site owners will feel right at home with GreenGeeks.

Agencies as well as those that managed multiple websites will be provided with one or more of HostingerNexcess as well as Flywheel.

We utilize the managed WordPress hosting to host QuickSprout. WordPress Engine is the best choice for this, however Kinsta is a good option when you experience a high degree of variability in traffic.

Scala Hosting provides some of the most extensive WordPress hosting plans, which include free migrations, as well as extra security features at an affordable price.

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