How to Earn Money from Blogging in 2021

Blogging is an excellent method to earn money.

It’s not only a chance for you to stretch your creativity, but it also provides you with a opportunity to earn money in the background (or fully-time).

The most exciting part is that number of people make money with their blogs. This means that you can apply the proven strategies of these people to transform the blog you have created into profit making machine.

With all the bloggers on the internet it’s difficult to understand the way they got there.

We’re happy to present an entire list of 23 blogger with successful blogs, and how you can do it too.

23 People Earn money blogging (and how you can As Well)

I’m going to give a disclaimer to make before we get started I’ve had the privilege of working with a handful of individuals on this list.

In reality I was accountable for setting annual revenue targets and achieving those goals when I was the Director of Senior for Growth and Product at I Will Teach You How To Be Rich..

In that instance I’m very familiar with the revenue figures and what drives the revenue.

And then there’s the commissions from affiliates that were paid to a few of the individuals who are on this list, numbers which were revealed with confidence following several drinks and second-hand rumors I learned on the way.

I’m sorry to announce that I’m not sharing any of the insider information. Sorry.

I am very grateful for my confidence and trust that people have placed in me seriously. So , I’ll only share revenue figures which have been released publicly.

There are a few common principles for working out revenue, but. These aren’t perfect, but they can help you get the correct number of numbers. After a while you’ll get an overall idea of people’s earnings by the amount of their audience.

Marie Forleo — marieforleo.com

Revenue = Approximately a few millions per year

Marie writes online for almost 20 years.

She also put many hours of work on her channel on YouTube.

Her content is a huge image and her copy is of the highest quality. I would guess that the majority of her income is from infoproducts, specifically her most popular program B-School that is always sold out time I visit.

She’s an incredible person to learn from if you are looking to master the art of how to create high-quality, positive content.

She’s also a master in balancing important content with selling in a way that is authentic.

Steve Kamb — Nerd Fitness

Revenue = More than $1 million annually

According to an article from Forbes, Steve makes more than seven figures with Nerd Fitness. The company offers information products as well as bootcamps, coaching, and other products. Steve also wrote a book entitled “Level Up” Your Lifestyle.

The best thing about Steve’s blog is that his blog covers a broad and competitive market (fitness) but focusing on an extremely specific market (nerds). The fitness industry is incredibly and competitive, but by naming his entire business on fitness for geeks He clearly differentiates himself from the competition. In the most competitive areas there is still a chance to find a niche for your blog and earn profits from it.

Ramit Sethi — I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Revenue = I can’t tell you.

Ramit Sethi is the author of the NYT bestseller The Way to Teach Yourself To Be Rich. His website bearing the same name offers information products (ebooks online courses, webinars etc.) regarding personal financial, entrepreneurial and personal growth.

Ramit is at the highest level in the field of information products. This is an excellent site to study and follow in case you’re considering making money from your blog through information products.

Be sure to sign on to his mailing list. You’ll begin receiving the launch funnels, and be able see how everything is working.

The products are available for purchase on the product page. This is a great place to get ideas to imagine the amazing infoproduct sales page appears like.

Amy Porterfield — amyporterfield.com

Revenue is at least $2-3 million annually (maybe even)

Amy’s page about her declares that she’s developed an multi-million dollar company. It’s easy to believe, considering that she has the more than 250,000 loyal subscribers to her email.

I’m guessing that the vast amount of her earnings come through her infoproducts. However, it seems like she’s doing some affiliate promotions as well. The website for affiliates is very elegant and professional. It’s a fantastic illustration of how to market products in a genuine and un-intrusive way.

There is also a podcast she could make use of to attract new customers and increase the amount of ad revenue from podcasts. This is a fantastic illustration of how to use different revenue streams for maximum impact.

Jon Morrow — Smart Blogger

Revenue = More than $1.2 million annually

In this blog post, Jon states that the company is making more than $100K per month in affiliate revenues which is quite impressive.

Additionally, he has a number of infoproducts in the shape of ebooks, courses and videos that are available for purchase through his website. I’m guessing they’ll earn about 30-50k a year by themselves. I’m not sure how Jon’s funnels for email look like but when you believe that he’s pushing launch funnels with a lot of force it’s possible he’ll earn an additional few million dollars in revenue from infoproducts in addition to the affiliate income he earns.

Darren Rowse — Problogger

Income = What is the estimate is around the equivalent of $10,000,000 per year

Problogger has been in existence since 2004. This is a long time for online marketing. It’s among the first “how to write a blog” blogs. Darren also runs Digital Photography School that has eight times the traffic and income as Problogger.

Darren did submit an earnings report during the first quarter of the year. At the time the majority of his income on both sites came from affiliates, while 31% came from infoproducts and the remainder came from a variety of other categories.

Seth Godin — seths.blog

Income = my estimate is that it will be more than 2 million dollars per annum

Seth Godin had plenty of successes prior to the launch of his blog: he’s published 18 books, founded and sold a business to Yahoo before becoming an executive at Yahoo. His blog has established Seth Godin as a top marketing thought-leader. If you had to think of the perfect example of an effective thought-leader, you’d have difficult time coming up with a better one that Seth Godin.

Seth’s blog is the first longest-running, longest-running, and perhaps the most valuable marketing blog. Seth has been posting every day for 20 years or so.

For a long time the company was never commercialized, but the site did showcase his books on occasion. In recent times, he’s produced a number of infoproducts, including his altMBA along with The Marketing Seminar. I took The Marketing Seminar myself and many people were in the crowd which is why it did well. Seth’s site states that over 5000 people took the course all in all. With a price of $800 per course it’s around 4 million dollars spread over a period of time. And that’s not counting the earnings from altMBA.

Neil Patel — neilpatel.com

Income = I’m going to attempt to guess

I worked with Neil during his time as a founder of KISSmetrics. I also collaborated with him on other projects following that. I’m not even going make a guess on the revenue since I’m afraid to disclose anything Neil would rather keep secret.

There are some things you can look at for clues. He has made it clear publicly that his main website, neilpatel.com, generates more than 2.5 million monthly visitors. Let me figure out the earnings from that.

Neil is dedicated to helping people establish their own businesses. If you browse his website there’s an abundance of knowledge on how to make use of blogs and social media to increase visitors to your website. His posts are constantly updated and you’ll be able to learn about the most recent methods and techniques.

Based on his success in the business, taking a page of Neil’s novel isn’t an option.

Selena Soo — selenasoo.com

Revenue = More than $1.6 million annually

According to this report, Selena reported that she earned $1.6 million in 2017. I’m guessing that most of her earnings come from the infoproducts she releases to her mailing list regularly.

She’s created an impressive portfolio of infoproducts, as well as several mastermind packages with higher price points. Overall, it’s very impressive.

Sam Dogen — Financial Samurai

The Revenue is my estimate is around 1 million dollars per annum

Sam offers a few tips on the things he creates using his site. He firstly, he provides the income of his information product ebook, which is $36,000 annually.

It’s funny that he decides not to count the Adsense or affiliate income in his “passive” income on any of his income reports for passive income. The majority of people in the business will consider these income sources to be” passive” (though there’s no doubt that it requires an enormous amount of initial and ongoing work).

Sam has broken down some of the possible revenue figures of blogs with different sizes in this article. One example is personal finance blogs that are receiving around one million people every month. I recall Sam declaring somewhere in the middle that he’s getting approximately that many visitors. Traffic estimation tools such as Ahrefs have also placed his website within the range of. Therefore, the figure is provided by him should be similar to his actual figures. Utilizing the projections that he has made as a basis and knowing that he’s got many affiliate links with Adsense on his website A $1 million annual estimate is similar.

Brian Dean — Backlinko

Revenue = More than $1 million annually

Brian provides info products in his email newsletter to subscribers. Brian also offers a course on SEO as well as a course on YouTube.

There is plenty of visitors. Thus, every launch should be within the upper six figures, maybe one million dollars per launch.

He’s said in interviews such as that one that he’s making seven figures a year.

This is a fantastic illustration of a company that’s concentrated on creating traffic, then turning this traffic into subscribers to email and then monetizing it through the launch of a handful of info products per year.

It’s a bit magical to run a business that has incredible profits at this point. Many of us would like to run a $1 million per year company with a small staff and only a few moving parts.

James Dahle — White Coat Investor

Revenue = More than $1 million annually

James used to announce his revenue figures in his annual blog’s state of the blog but this stopped after his blog began to become more popular. Here’s his state for 2019 on this blog. The last time he posted an income figure was $187,862 back in 2014. He’s mentioned numerous occasions that he’s running a seven-figure-sized business So his income is probably one million dollars per year.

The author has his own book with the same title. On his website it appears that the bulk of his income comes from ads, affiliates as well as sponsorships.

His email list is incredibly small in comparison to the size of this blog — just 21,725 subscribers. In addition, with such a small mail list, the potential for an launch of an infoproduct will be limited up to five figure.

He has an information product about creating your own financial plans for $499. If he concentrated on the conversion to email and became proficient at creating infoproducts, he can increase by $1-2 million revenues to his business.

Tim Ferriss — tim.blog

Income = What is the estimate is that it is somewhere around 10 million dollars per annum

Tim is the author of a huge and extremely well-known blog which has been in existence for quite a while.

He wrote the project before he had even published his debut book The 4-Hour Workweek.

Presently, I think the majority of Tim’s revenue is from sponsorships for his podcasts. I’ve seen advertisements on his blog in the past , but it’s not clear if there’s any at present. I don’t believe he’s created an infoproduct, or even pursued affiliate advertising with a lot of vigor.

Based on this form the podcast’s sponsorships are $36K per slot. If you’re playing 4-5 slots in an episode this is $144,000 per episode at the very least. Tim typically produces 6 podcasts per month which is the equivalent of 10,368,000 over the course of a year.

The reason I’m unable to guess at anything is because I’ve never had any prior experience selling or buying podcast sponsorships, which I believe is his primary source of income today. Additionally, websites with Tim’s reach go against the rules of revenue. The fact that you have one of the biggest and most rated podcasts can grant you an advantage which allows you to charge higher than the norm for every sponsorship slot.

In addition, Tim has used his blog to heavily promote his books throughout the years. They include the 4-Hour Workweek The 4-Hour Body The 4-Hour Chef, Tools of Titans, and Tribe of Mentors. Through combining his blog, podcast, and books , he’s built a three-part system to generate revenue — an extremely clever and deliberate move.

Timothy Sykes — timothysykes.com

Revenue = more than $25 million in a year

Timothy sells information products on the best ways to make money investing in penny stocks. Based on an interview by Nathan Latka, Timothy was expected to earn between $25 and 27 million in 2016. Twenty million of that came from information products.

Timothy is an excellent one to keep an eye on if would like to know the way an infoproducts business operates at a large scale.

It’s also crucial to keep in the mind that he’s been doing this for some time and it’s therefore not a good idea for newbies to make comparisons with him.

This is the same for all others in this listing. But it’s a great reminder to be aware of.

Josh Axe — Dr. Axe

revenue = Did an annual revenue of $11 million in 2015, which could be up to $50-70m each year.

Dr. Axe is a massive website with a massive number of users. According to the press announcement the site has 17 million monthly visitors that’s insane. They also push their products pretty often via their email list. It’s clear that they’re aware of the ropes. Their income is made up of affiliates, infoproducts and other supplements.

Supplements are an excellent category that has nice margins. I have only a bit of knowledge of the fitness and health category however the advice I get from fitness and health experts is to focus in the area of supplements.

I have heard there was a reliable paid marketing system running their funnels. If this is true it could mean they’re making between $50 and 70 million dollars per year at this point.

I think the work of Dr. Axe to be a excellent illustration of what a health and fitness website looks like when it is taken at its highest point. If you’re looking to start an exercise and health-related blog, I would recommend studying Axe’s work closely. Axe closely

Peter Adeney — Mr. Money Mustache

Revenue = 400000 dollars per year

In this article in The New Yorker, Peter earned around $400,000 per year from the year 2016. Ahrefs says that Peter’s traffic has been stable from the time of the 2016 period. If this is true I’d guess the current amount of revenue to be somewhere around $400,000. It seems like the bulk of his income, or even the majority is from affiliates.

AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak — The Art of Charm

Income = my estimate is between $5-10 million dollars per year.

Jordan Harbinger didn’t reveal exact revenues, however, she did state that it’s higher than seven figures each year. In light of the fact the income is mostly from infoproducts and the number of viewers it is my belief the Art of Charm does $5-10 million annually in revenue.

In the year 2018, Jordan Harbinger split from the Art of Charm and started his own podcast.

Pat Flynn — Smart Passive Income

Total Revenue: $2171,652 for the year

Pat Flynn posts all his income and earnings reports here from 2008 all up to 2008.

I’m not sure when Pat has decided to stop posting however it’s not apparent that there have been any income reports since the year 2017. However, I strongly recommend going through the initial few years of income statements from Pat. This will give you a solid idea of what you need to do to make money from blogs.

The majority of his income is from affiliate deals as well as his own infoproducts roughly 50/50 split between the two. There are also a couple of books out, How to Be better at everything as well as Will it fly? Other than the months when he received an advances from publishers I’m betting that these books have no direct effect on his revenue.

John Lee Dumas — Entrepreneur on Fire

Revenue = $2,029 744 per year

There is no need to speculate about John Lee Dumas’ revenue, he posts monthly income reports directly on his website.

He also compiled an interesting revenue breakdown by source:

Sponsorships are somewhat higher than the rest of the other items. In other words, it’s an even distribution between infoproducts, affiliates, and his journal ( The Freedom JournalThe Mastery Journal The Podcast Journal, and The Podcast Journal).

To understand the way that blogs generate income, I suggest you go through the monthly reports on income from the past 12 months of Entrepreneur in Fire. You’ll get a good impression of what a seven-figure website will look like. I would also suggest that you go the income reports from 2012 and 2013. They will reveal what your revenues look like at the beginning, and how it evolves as time passes on the road to $1 million annually.

Navid Moazzez — navidmoazzez.com

The Revenue is my estimate is between $300 and 500K per year.

Navid is an online marketing company and provides infoproducts about virtual summits. Based on Navid’s About website, Navid has made more than $1 million dollars in “a couple of years.” It’s safe to say that he’s earning six figures from his blog. So, my guess is above.

Tim Urban — Wait, But Why?

Revenue = At minimum $100,000, and possibly $1plus million annually

Tim Urban became VERY popular through his blog posts that were posted all over the web.

This could be one of the scenarios people envision when they begin blogs. They’ll write lots of things with a huge fan base. appears out of the blue and they’ll sell posters, t-shirts, and even a Patreon account that can generate tons in passive revenue. They’ll end by riding through the sunset of a lifetime of blogging glory.

To Tim Urban, that’s basically what transpired. And he certainly deserves the honor. His content is amazing. It’s so amazing that many are furious because there hasn’t been any posts in quite a while. Only a handful of us write content like that. I’m confident that there isn’t a single person who gets angry when I quit blogging. Therefore, for the rest of us we can look at other examples in this list to figure out how we can make money from our blogs.

I’m sure I’ve given a the wide range of the earnings here. These kinds of blogs are difficult to determine. Tim certainly has a large fan base. This doesn’t mean that Tim is a gold-spinning celebrity. But he could be. blogs with huge audiences such as this can make lot of money, but at times, they only make a small amount. Also, it appears like the primary source of income is from his online store. Contrary to consulting, speaking information products, affiliates, or consulting the margins for e-commerce products are considerably lower. It’s quite possible that he’s earning an enormous amount of revenue but not enough to afford a decent life.

This is pretty typical for e-commerce entrepreneurs. They claim to make millions of dollars from their businesses, but they only make between $50-100k annually. After you add in the costs of selling products and overheadcosts, there’s not any money left over. I’m not sure what Tim Urban falls into this category. I don’t even know.

Noah Kagan — OkDorkSumo as well as AppSumo

Revenue: $10 million in the last year and increasing

Noah’s business is built around four websites that are complementary:

  • Sumo.com: Free marketing tools that can help you grow your company
  • AppSumo The Groupon for geeks
  • KingSumo KingSumo: Giveaway Web application or WordPress plugin
  • BriefcaseHQ: Netflix for business software

The system of businesses that are related is among his suggestions for building the business to be successful. He views these companies as a pyramid KingSumo can help you grow your business by offering giveaways. Sumo (which functions as the main product) gives these businesses the tools required to market their products and BriefcaseHQ and AppSumo give the other tools. Making a system of interlocking devices means that you don’t have to look for potential customers You can instead advertise to customers you already have.

This is reminiscent of Target including grocery items. They increased their profits by asking what are our current customers buying which they don’t buy from us? What are they looking for to offer to them?

Noah offers an even more compelling analogy: it’s just like purchasing a new book by an author that you already enjoy. If you like the book that an author has written then, naturally you’ll buy their next book as well as their next one.

He’s also got plenty of thoughts about establishing the appropriate pricing structure, using regular revenue, and bundling that’s worth looking into.

Shane Parrish — Farnam Street

Revenue: All of it has was reinvested back into the business and costs for speakers.

Shane began his blog to document his own personal growth and development . He didn’t have big plans for the blog and the initial website address of 68131.blogger.com is a clear indication of that. His newsletter today has more than 200,000 subscribers, as well Farnam Street gets 1M pageviews every month.

How does he earn money? The answer is “earn money” as opposed to. “make cash” is a clear distinction to make here. Shane claims that he has reinvested much of the cash back into the company, “In 2014, I believe we lost money. In 2015 we didn’t have to lose any money which was a good thing. … I’ll declare that I’ve never earned a dime from Farnam Street. The funds have been reinvested to content, experiences as well as trying out new experiences and that’s how I hope to see in an exciting future.”

He earns money in many ways. He first paid for his expenses using Amazon affiliate links. Then in 2014 he began the first partnership agreement lasting 9 months with newsletter sponsors and conferences, speaker fees and infoproducts, as well as a podcast as well as a forthcoming book and a membership option for his website. You can select the price you want to payfor, currently one of the two plans, $149 or £249. The basis of his business is offering free content to a lot of people and forming a community of super-fans who’ll purchase more content, and subsidize the free content in order to help others and have access to additional services such as an online book club, a discussion forum, and private Questions me Questions. If 5percent of his 200,000 subscribers to his newsletter are converted (that’d mean 10,000 subscribers) and each of them joined at the $149 price this would amount to $1.5M annually.

Shane often refuses speaking engagements that cost $20,000. He does this since it’s not the way he’d like to make money. He also does not optimize his workshops in person to generate revenue. He’s always thinking about what’s in the best interests of the company. The majority of revenue is derived from membership fees.

I’m with him on this: “The audience will grow by putting out quality content.” Also, “I know how easy it is for others to replicate our content or also our model of business. That’s why that is the driving force behind the majority of what we do. We are looking to create things that are difficult to replicate, and that means that we cannot pick and choose what is easybecause there’s plenty of competition the easy.”

Are you ready to create an online blog that generates income?

I am sure the above list is filled with people who earn substantial money.

Here’s the most exciting part.

For every blogger earning millions of dollar, they have many that earn enough money to quit their jobs and start a blog full-time.

The list is far too lengthy to be able to trackI’m not capable of putting it all together.

It’s totally acceptable to begin your own blog with the intention of leaving your job and becoming an independent boss. Many people have completed it that you’d be on an established path to this point.

I’m also convinced that there’s still plenty of potential to make money through blogging. I observe new bloggers all the time. It is still possible to begin your blog now and let it help your. I’ve put together an 12 step guide to how to create your blog here. It will guide you through each step.

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