The Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Make your blog stand out with a professional wordpress theme.

Do you want to immediately get to the solution? I believe Newspaper or CheerUp are the top WordPress themes for blogs.

There are more than 30 million websites across the US alone, you’ll require the top WordPress theme to ensure that your blog is noticed.

You could be a talented writer. However, if your website does not look appealing, users are likely to stop visiting. In reality, 38% of users quit engaging with websites that have unappealing layouts.

If you are able to get it right it can boost search engine optimization and your organic exposure.

My 10 Favorite Blog Themes for WordPress

I’ve done my homework and identified the top 10 WordPress topics for blog sites to use in 2021.

This guide will be used as a reference point to guide you to choose the right blog theme.

1.  Newspaper

Newspaper is an expensive WordPress theme. It is priced at $59.

Yes, it’s worth every penny.

The style is contemporary and professional. It’s true that the title of this theme can be somewhat misleading as it’s extremely adaptable. While it’s a popular option for newspaper and magazine websites, it can also be modified to suit a review site or blog. It doesn’t matter what area or category you’re in, this theme is able to satisfy your requirements.

The flexibility and ease of customizing makes Newspaper the one of my preferred alternatives. Newspaper comes with an editor that you drag and drop that allows you to change more than 100 elements of the page.

I’d suggest beginning by using one of the stylish templates already built before making the modifications you feel are necessary. It doesn’t require technologically adept or know how code to accomplish this This makes this theme an excellent option for anybody.

There are a lot of options to customize the footer and header for your site. The theme allows you to implement grid layouts to highlight particular pages, categories, or tags. It’s easy to keep your site organized on the backend while your site users can easily navigate through the frontend.

Newspaper loads pages at lightning-fast speed and it’s AMP ready. Additionally, it’s extremely responsive, it is compatible to Woocommerce as well as Google AdSense. Newspaper WordPress theme is also compatible with Google AdSense and Woocommerce. Newspaper WordPress theme is mobile user-friendly and employs SEO best practices, too.

It’s among the most flexible WordPress themes available and I’d suggest it for every blog.

2. CheerUp

CheerUp is a versatile WordPress theme that is extremely versatile.

Although it’s possible to use it to create almost every blog, it’s made specifically for bloggers who are a little more technologically adept, in contrast to the typical WordPress user.

The theme was designed to integrate with custom-made collection of widgets, tools and plugins that webmasters utilize to boost their WordPress website. If your site includes a variety of plugins then this theme is certainly an ideal choice for you.

CheerUp has twelve different layouts. Although it may not appear to be much at first however, these designs have over 1,000 variations in layout. This will ensure that your blog stands out from other blogs using the similar theme.

The pre-built designs are created to attract specific types of people. A few popular categories include:

  • Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle

When you’ve chosen and customise the design, you’ll be able to select unique designs of your articles. For instance, you can use a full-width font or magazines-style text. You can also add a cover image at right at the very top of the blog or you can choose to not include it. It’s yours to make.

CheerUp is a great tool to integrate with social media platforms. This will increase social sharing of your blog content.

The theme is AMP compatible and optimized to work with search engines. It and has speedy loading speeds, and is highly responsive. It is possible to get CheerUp at a price of $59.

3. Kale

Like the name implies that this Kale WordPress theme was specifically designed specifically for food-related bloggers. In contrast to other themes we’ve seen it’s a completely free template.

If you’re an author within this particular niche and you’re aware of the difficulty it is to stand out from the peers. This theme will provide you with an advantage because it removes clutter from your blog, while showing your photos.

Although this theme is designed to cover all things connected to food, cooking and recipes It can also be used to blog in the fashion and design industryespecially since these two niches are both photo-centric.

There are a myriad of layouts including sidebars multi-level menus, as well as different color overlay options for sliders and banners. All YouTube videos are responsive to Kale. This is a crucial feature for a food blogger that includes videos of demonstrations in your blog posts.

It’s a breeze installing the template and start using it in a matter of minutes. Kale comes with WooCommerce integration too for those who sell as well as blogging.

4. Stockholm

Modern. Clean. Trendy. These words spring to my mind when I think of The Stockholm WordPress theme.

As blogger, you must to make it easy for readers to find your blog as well as navigate your page and interact in your content. The Stockholm theme will allow you to accomplish all of these tasks.

It’s so flexible that it’s the best option for blogs across all categories. Begin by choosing one of the basic yet elegant designs, then modify it to fit your particular requirements. You’ll be able to accomplish this with no programming or design expertise.

This theme can enhance your website’s entire appearance, going way beyond just your blog. It comes with specific layouts that are designed for restaurants, shops selling e-commerce and architectural. If your blog is in one of the three groups, I’d recommend considering this method.

Stockholm can be bought for $59.

5. Jevelin

I love this theme because it’s flexible enough to be used for blogs across a variety of sectors. Some of the most popular categories that are available by Jevelin are: Jevelin WordPress themes include:

  • Education
  • Food & Drink
  • Portofolio
  • Fitness
  • Photography
  • Events
  • Medical
  • Finance
  • Beauty

It can be added to your blog in one click. It’s simple to modify and modify. After you select a pre-designed layout, you can alter each element of the page. Jevelin allows you to make this change without needing to write any code. It’s fast, simple, responsive, and gives you live previews of your changes in real-time.

I also love the various layout options , which are specifically for blogs. I like the various layout options for blogs. Some of the most effective are:

  • Masonry
  • Creative
  • Grid

The addition of one of these designs on your website will improve the visual appeal of your blog. No one will visit your site and feel that they are boring.

This is a different theme that you can purchase. It’s $59.

6. Editorial

Editorial is a WordPress theme that Editorial WordPress theme comes with an editorial style layout that is ideal for bloggers looking to display their content using pictures that are featured. It can also help bloggers to prioritize their work.

With Editorial you’ll be able to access to a live editing function to quickly move sections around and track all of the changes you make in real-time.

If you have a lot of blog posts but aren’t sure how to arrange it, think about this topic. It’s a great idea because your visitors will not be overwhelmed whenever they visit your site.

This theme is also loaded with plenty of widgets to allow additional customisation. You don’t need to be a tech expert to figure everything out, either.

Another benefit for Editorial It’s totally free with no support.

7. GoBlog

This GoBlog theme is ideal for bloggers who wish to take a straightforward minimal approach to their web style.

I love this theme since it is compatible with eight different formats for posts.

  • Gallery
  • Standard
  • Quote
  • Video
  • Image
  • Link
  • Status
  • Audio

It’s incredibly easy to integrate audio and video content in your blog posts. This can ultimately assist you to create a successful blog with video.

GoBlog is extremely responsive on desktops as well as mobile devices. You can also include sliders beneath the headers, ideal for introductions to text. With a theme that is simple like GoBlog it is possible to prioritize your blog posts without having to deal with too many complicated distractions.

You can buy this theme for $54. GoBlog theme at $54.

8. Flat

Flat is a fashionable WordPress theme. If you’re looking for your blog to appear bold contemporary, trendy, and vibrant take a look at this choice. It is also important to be aware of the latest trends in website colors.

This theme makes use of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 to ensure that every interactions and interaction is responsive and stunning. It is possible to add various effects to the transitions that users experience as they scroll through your pages. These are:

  • Fade-ins
  • Slide-ins
  • Drop-ins
  • Fly-ins
  • Progress bars
  • Circles animated

Flat also comes with additional shortcodes as well as options for customized post type options. The greatest feature of the theme is the drag-and-drop editor. It allows any user, regardless of skills in design or technology to modify your content block. The drag-and-drop builder is utilized on the front page of your website, meaning you will know exactly what visitors get to see.

Another reason this theme is perfect for bloggers is the fact that the theme is optimized to work with search engines. Additionally, you’ll have accessibility to Google Fonts for styling options on every page.

In contrast to other themes that don’t get regularly updated, Flat guarantees that it will always be compatible with the most current WordPress versions. Updates are automatic and without the need for any additional installation.

Pricing for Flat begins at $59. It also has a Developer version priced at $69. If you use a different WordPress template, Flat will give you 50% off your purchase when you switch to Flat. It’s a great deal to take into consideration.

9. WPVoyager

WPVoyager is a second theme for $59 that is specifically designed for travel-related blogs. This is because the theme is totally integrated with Google Maps so your content will be displayed in the form of a map like the image above.

This is an innovative method of organizing blogs on your site. Visitors can search for blogs by simply clicking around the map and finding points that are of significance.

It’s the ideal solution for bloggers on the road who take numerous photos throughout their travels. The map feature can do much more than display your visitors’ place you’re writing about. Let me provide you with an example.

The picture above is simple. The headline of the post is “5 Motives to Go to Budapest,” with Budapest shown in the maps. However, when you click the link take a look how the map appears.

Five points are identified within the city. If you click on any one, a photograph is displayed with a brief description. When you go down, and then off from the maps, your blog will be displayed in a traditional layout.

The possibilities for this theme are virtually limitless for photographers and travel bloggers. In the event that I was in this field I would surely apply this theme to my WordPress website.

10. Vixen Blog

The Vixen Blog theme is easy, elegant and stunning. The design is a decidedly feminine design. It is possible to create an visually appealing blog using this WordPress theme even when you don’t have much previous experience in designing. It’s responsive on the frontend as well as the backend.

Vixen Blog is designed by search engines. It’s designed for ease of reading, and includes an integrated Instagram feed function. This makes it easy to connect your blog with any social strategy.

Pricing for this theme starts at $34. It also offers an extended license available for $2,200. This is intended by developers who are able to sell the licenses to clients.



What’s the most effective WordPress themes for blogging? With a myriad of themes to look at, it’s a challenge to choose only one. There’s no one-size-fits-all blog theme. Your blog is distinctive and therefore it is essential that you choose the right theme for your preferences and style.

Certain themes are suited to specific areas, like photography, travel as well as food-related blogs. Some themes are bold modern, contemporary, and stylish with some themes taking an approach that is more minimal. There are themes that are paid as well as WordPress themes for blogs that are free WordPress blog themes, as well as licenses designed for developers too.

If I write a report like this, I attempt to cover a wide range of topics, regardless of the type of category you belong to you’ll discover something you enjoy in this review.

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