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The Best PEO Service Providers

Sometimes it’s not enough just to outsource your payroll , or locate software that can assist you in managing HR tasks.

This is the point at which PEO (professional employer organisation) service providers enter the picture.

These companies function as co-employers, and fully take over tasks like managing payroll, managing benefits, filing paperwork and other HR-related elements.

Any company that requires assistance in these areas and locates a reliable PEO service provider can benefit from many hours of savings and cash.

If you’re considering employing an PEO service for the first time or are looking to change providers, we’ve analyzed the best PEO choices available. There are also some resources below that can assist you choose the most suitable option for your area.

Review the Best PEO Companies

The number of PEO firms across the USA! Find out which is best suited to your particular requirements. Simply enter your ZIP code to get started.

10 of the Best PEO Service Providers

There are many PEO solutions available in the market in the present. Certain PEO services are specifically tailored to industry or are designed for companies of a certain size.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 top PEO services. Whatever your business is, or at what level of maturity you’re at, there’s an organization that can assist you with this list:

  1. CoAdvantage
  2. amplify the PEO
  3. ADP TotalSource
  4. Insperity
  5. Paychex
  6. Justworks
  7. Oasis Outsourcing
  8. VensureHR
  9. TriNet
  10. Infiniti HR

Find out more about each below. I’ll go over the functions as well as the benefits, prices, and also any drawbacks.

After reading the reviews, you’ll get an easy guide to assist you in asking the right questions while you seek out the top PEO services for your particular work environment.

Compare the Best PEO Companies

The number of PEO businesses across the USA! Find out which is best suited to your particular requirements. Simply enter your ZIP code to get started.

  1. CoAdvantage

Operating for over 30 years, and working with companies of all kinds across 50 states across the USA, CoAdvantage PEO is among the most reputable PEO companies in the field and has the knowledge to tackle virtually any issue your company may have to face.

CoAdvantage currently employs over 90,000 employees and collaborates with over 4,500 customers. They are growing frequently.

CoAdvantage is an all-service PEO and offers all the services you would think of. The specific categories of services include, but aren’t restricted to:

  • Payroll Management Services
  • Benefits Administration
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Plans
  • Best in Industry HR Software
  • Regulating and Managing Risk Compliance
  • HR Administration
  • Recruitment and teambuilding services
  • Top Notch Customer Service

What does CoAdvantage PEO stand out in our minds is the huge insurance savings you can enjoy when you use the best in world HR tools.

The process of onboarding will be smooth for your employees, yourself as well as your supervisors and will generally not disrupt operations as it goes on. It will be smooth, and any problems are quickly addressed.

If you’re looking to expand your team and retain the top talent within your local area (or beyond it) within your business We recommend CoAdvantage PEO.

The cost your business can expect to pay will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the company, place of business and current insurance however, you can reach them for an estimate.

2- Amplify the power of PEO

Amplify provides a complete PEO solution, as well as HR technology that consolidates information for administrators and employees.

From the moment of hiring until retirement All employee documentation and information can be kept in one location.

They have a range of services and features you’d expect from the top HR software, which includes:

  • Payroll solutions
  • Benefits alternatives
  • HR management
  • On-boarding
  • Compliance
  • Time and labor

The services they provide help companies save an average of $1,185 per worker per year. Consider the cost. If your company has 25 , that’s about $30k saved each year. If your business has with 100 people, it’s an amount of $118,500 saved.

I really enjoy Amplify since they’re much more humanthan most others PEO providers. That’s literally. All HR concerns should be addressed to a real person, not the automated contact center.

If you’re in search of options for benefits, pay services, as well as retirement plans, Amplify has you covered.

Pricing is not clear on their website , however you can ask for a quote no cost.

3 – ADP TotalSource

ADP is the industry’s leading human resource software. They offer their services to companies that are of any size and shape.

ADP also provides TotalSource the full-service PEO solution.

This is an excellent option for small and medium-sized business owners. No matter if you have one to 49 workers, 50 to 999 staff or more than 1,000 people of your staff, ADP has a plan for you.

ADP TotalSource is used for HR, talent management and employee benefits, payroll, as well as risk assessments.

If you are a small-business owner, you are able to use ADP to offer enterprise-quality medical as well as dental health care for your employees. Additionally, ADP also offers 401(k) plans.

The technology utilized for ADP is the most distinctive feature of this PEO company. All HR functions, including payroll to benefits, and recruiting , can be managed and accessed via an app for mobile devices or an simple web-based dashboard.

Perhaps the most important aspect of ADP is its customer service.

Naturally employees will have doubts. It could be related to their compensation, benefits or other issues that falls into the HR department. Instead of pestering your staff with these questions, your staff members can just contact ADP directly. ADP employee directly.

ADP’s friendly and knowledgeable team will guide them in the right direction. answer any questions they may have or help them select the best plan for their requirements.

I love ADP because they have specific solutions to businesses that are tailored to those categories.

  • Restaurants and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Education and the government
  • Non-Profit
  • Professional and technical assistance
  • Financial services

ADP offers PEO services and technologies in more than 140 countries.

The only downside to ADP TotalSource is the firm’s size. Because ADP is so big it’s possible your small business may appear to be out of the picture.

4 – Insperity

Insperity has been operating for more than 30 years. They offer complete HR services for small-sized businesses and companies that have up to 5,000 employees.

Since the company’s inception around 1986, they’ve had accumulated a lengthy list of awards, certifications and achievements, as well as positive reviews from their clients.

Insperity’s HR service is full-service and includes:

  • Benefits for employees
  • HR administration
  • Payroll
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Management of talent
  • Tech services

Don’t fret if you do not require a complete solution. The solutions they offer are excellent.

Although they cater to the needs of companies that have between 150 and 5,000 employees, I’d suggest their services to medium and small entrepreneurs with less than 150 employees.

You’ll also be able to access both iOS or Android mobile applications to control and monitor your business from anywhere. This is a fantastic choice for those who love using the latest technology to simplify your business processes.

Even though the company is huge however, they provide outstanding customer service and understand how to deal with small business owners.

Another great feature in Insperity has to do with its flexibility. Contrary to other PEO providers, Insperity won’t lock you into a long-term agreement. You are able to cancel anytime, so provided you give them 30 days’ notice.

Insperity does not provide prices on their website for their services. You’ll have to contact the customer service team to request a estimate.

One of the potential downsides when the use of Insperity as a PEO options is that the health insurance choices are very limited. Contrary to other providers Insperity only provides health insurance from one health insurance company. Therefore, if you want to offer employees a variety of options for health insurance, then it’s best to go with another provider from our selection. This is typically not an issue for small-scale business owners.

5 – Paychex

While Paychex is most well-known as a provider of online payroll service but they also are an entire PEO service.

One of the most notable aspects that is unique to Paychex is the way they offer PEO services. Your company will be provided with an HR professional who is specifically assigned to your company. In some instances, this HR manager may be present at the office.

Through direct contact in conjunction with employees of your company, Paychex takes HR outsourcing to the next level. Because Paychex collaborates so closely with your business It makes it simpler for them to evaluate workplace risks and identify key areas of responsibility.

These are just a few of the best advantages and features of making use of Paychex for your primary PEO service:

  • Insurance plans
  • Attendance
  • Benefit accounts for employees (HSA, FSA, HRA)
  • 401(k) plans
  • Payroll administration
  • Unemployment insurance

As with the other PEO companies, Paychex also offers individual services for those who don’t require the full-service plan. It is possible to search for solutions based on the task, size of business or even role. Paychex provides outsourced Office Management services.

From hiring on paper and onboarding to distributing payroll, Paychex is able to do everything.

The only thing that I have found about Paychex is that its interface is somewhat outdated and isn’t as user-friendly as alternatives similar to ADP TotalSource.

The cost for Paychex PEO services is based on the amount of employees you have.

6 – Justworks

Justworks Justworks an all-service PEO service that provides HR, payroll compliance, payroll, and benefits for employees.

Apart from benefits such as health vision, dental, and assurance, Justworks offers a variety in compliance-related services. They manage W-2 and 1099 forms along with unemployment insurance, as well as workers compensation.

Justworks provides it’s own payroll software that can be automated to allow direct deposit, including the payment of contractors and vendors, as well as integration with company accounting software such as Quickbooks as well as Xero.

Another advantage that comes with Justworks can be that they are able to adapt to the needs of companies of any size. Therefore, if you decide to start working with them right now you can expect them to grow to meet your needs as your business expands.

Here’s a summary of their pricing and plans dependent on size of the business:

Basic HR Tools, Payroll, Benefits and Compliance

  • Employees less than 25 — – $49 per month for each employee
  • 25-99 — $44 per month per employee
  • 100-174 — $39 per month per employee
  • 175+ — Custom pricing

Plus access to Medical, Dental, and Vision

  • Employees less than 25 — – $99 per month for each employee
  • 25-99 — $89 per month per employee
  • 100-174 — $79 per month per employee
  • 175+ — Custom pricing

There is a savings of 15 percent off any plan when you sign to an annual contract.

I love Justworks because they provide an array of choices. You aren’t required to buy the health insurance however, it is available when you’d like it. If you’re just beginning out and have never worked using PEO services, then you can always begin with the Basic plan , and move to Plus when prepared.

Justworks provides 24/7 customer support. The company is innovative and growing at an impressive rate. I am expecting that they will continue to offer outstanding service in the near future.

The only downside to Justworks is their inexperience. There are many other PEO service providers that have been around for many years.

Check out JustWorks for more information.

7 – Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing offers an extensive line of PEO services that are extremely flexible in their options.

PEO services offered by Oasis Outsourcing includes:

  • Human resources
  • Benefits for employees
  • Risk management
  • Payroll
  • Solutions for technology

Oasis can aid small businesses in getting amazing savings on healthcare costs through bundling your plan with other customers. They’ll assist you in setting up retirement plans for your employees too.

Similar to other providers that we have listed, Oasis has some industry-specific solutions for specific industries.

  • Banking
  • Architecture
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Private equity
  • Legal
  • Property management
  • Financial services

I would recommend Oasis to startups because they’re versatile. They’re smaller than other choices in this list but that’s not the only reason. Oasis can provide startups with the particular attention they require.

While certain PEO companies allow month-to month obligations, Oasis will force you to sign a one-year contract. If you’re one of those who do not want to be locked into a contract, this may not be the right choice for you.

However, Oasis does offer a 90-day guarantee on money back. This means you’ll have time to make a decision If you’re not happy in the initial few months.

8 – VensureHR

VensureHR has a complete range of HR services which can help streamline your HR processes.

They offer services such as:

  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits solutions
  • Risk management
  • Workers’ compensation
  • HR solutions for HR

Although their solutions are strong enough to serve companies of different sizes and industries They’re specifically focused on helping small-sized companies manage their HR needs.

This means that if you’re an owner of a small-sized business and you want to focus on grabbing the levers that can boost growth rather than.

Pricing is not clear the website of their company, however you can request a quote anytime by filling out a questionnaire.

9- TriNet

At first glance, TriNet is farily similar to other companies in the market. They also offer specific solutions to:

  • HR consulting
  • Benefit options
  • Payroll
  • Risk mitigation
  • Technology

TriNet is recognized among the most reliable PEO service providers due to their professionalism and dedication to quality. Their team is always available to support your employees.

If it’s during the interview process or onboarding, or even daily questions regarding benefits or their status as employees, TriNet is there for every need.

TriNet is not trying to attract larger companies. Actually, the services are classified by the size of the employee into three categories:

  • 5-19 employees
  • 20-99 employees
  • 100+ employees

I’d suggest TriNet to those who are on an upper end the scale. Any company with more than 500 employees ought to look elsewhere.

TriNet offers a broad range of health benefits options for employees via insurance companies like United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Aflac, Aetna, and MetLife.

TriNet also has agreements with major brands to provide small-sized businesses as well as employees market discounts. These companies are Verizon, AT&T, Hyatt and Avis.

How to Find the Best PEO Service Providers?

It is estimated that there are 957 PEO businesses within the USA! Find out which is best suited to your requirements. Simply enter your ZIP code to get started.

There’s a lot of information that needs to be considered when assessing an PEO supplier. Since a lot of companies seem to provide the same services, picking the right one for your needs could be a difficult task.

I’ll go over the method we employed to create this guide. You can utilize these features to aid in your search.


The first thing you need to consider is the price that comes with your PEO solutions. It will be simpler to decide on alternatives that are beyond your budget.

However it’s not the case that all PEO provider has pricing on their site. Since a lot of the business is custom-made it is necessary to speak with a sales representative in order to receive a price estimate.

However, if you’re searching for an affordable service that is transparent in its pricing, Justworks will be a excellent option to look into.

Employee Benefits

Although the PEO provider’s goal is to lower costs, it can simplify your life for business owners it must also make positive effects for your staff.

Retirement plans as well as health insurance, vision, and dental insurance that are offered by the PEO will appeal to your employees. This will not only keep your employees content and content, but it can also assist in attracting top talent.

Certain PEO providers are associated with only one health insurance company while some offer a broad choice of options. Therefore, if having multiple plans with different providers is essential to you, then ensure you choose an PEO solution that will meet your needs.

Self-Service for Employees

The most effective PEO companies offer the latest technology to facilitate employee self-service. It doesn’t matter if it’s an app or a web-based portal, your employees will be able to get access to vital information regarding their salary, status as an employee or benefits.

If the self-service choices aren’t enough it is important to ensure the PEO provider is ready to assist with any queries by email, phone or live chat with your employees.

Your employees should be able do this without going directly through you to an external HR representative.

Industry Size and Business Size

A small business with just five employees or the franchise with 500 employees spread across 50 locations are not looking for exactly the same PEO company. Find providers who collaborate with businesses that are similar to your company.

Additionally, certain PEO companies specialize in specific areas. In the ideal scenario, you’ll want to choose a service that is familiar with your particular industry whenever you can.


What’s the top PEO supplier?

The answer is contingent on a variety of variables. Every business may not be searching for the same feature in the form of a PEO solution. Some companies require a full-service PEO package, while some simply require an outsourced HR representative.

Review my suggestions and reviews to help you find the right solution for you. For a recap:

  1. CoAdvantage
  2. amplify the PEO
  3. ADP TotalSource
  4. Insperity
  5. Paychex
  6. Justworks
  7. Oasis Outsourcing
  8. VensureHR
  9. TriNet
  10. Infiniti HR

You can also type in your zip code to see the most suitable options according to your location.

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