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10 Tips to Create a Powerful presentation

The art of presenting is something that we’ve all heard of. If you’re viewing a presentation or delivering an presentation, it’s likely that you’re aware of the things that don’t work and what isn’t.

In case you’re unsure of the suck from the good Here are ten tricks to make sure you’re providing a quality presentation

  1. Don’t overdo it with your graphics The majority of your visuals will be posters charts, graphs, or the PowerPoint presentation. Whatever the visuals you choose to use simply keep them clean and don’t use too many words onto them. The audience won’t be there to look over your slides. They’re listening to your speak.
  2. Pay attention to the audience If you’ve ever wondered where to be looking at when you present you, the answers are right there in the front of you. Do not just focus on one person, instead attempt to keep eye contact with a variety of people in the space. If you do not, then you’re not engaging with your audience, you’re simply doing your own thing. This can lead to an unintentional lack of attention of your listeners.
  3. Be yourself It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting to a crowd of corporate employees or to seniors You must show an element of personality when you present. If you don’t show this, you’ll appear like Agent Smith from the Matrix. No one wants to listen to him on the radio. (If you are, then you’re likely an agent and we’ll locate you)
  4. Have them laughing Even though you are trying to inform your audience, you must be able to have them laughing too. The way I discovered this was through Guy Kawasaki and should you ever listen to the speeches of Guy Kawasaki,, you’ll know the reason. It keeps the audience occupied and they’ll gain more from them than someone who only instructs.
  5. Engage with your audience but rather than at them The people hate it when they’re being addressed and so, don’t engage in it. You must engage with your audience to create an atmosphere of conversation. A simple way to accomplish it is ask questions, as well as inviting them to ask questions.
  6. Be sincere Many people tell people what they would like to hear instead of what they want to be hearing. You must speak the truth, even if you do not want to hear it, because they will appreciate your honesty and makes you appear more human.
  7. Don’t over-plan If you practice your presentation too often, it’ll appear similar to it (in negative ways). It’s true that you must be well prepared to know what you’re going to say, But make sure that the presentation flow naturally, instead of being a monotone. If you have experienced speakers tell you what they would advise you to avoid they’ll advise that you shouldn’t practice your presentation too often because it won’t appear natural.
  8. Move around You’re probably aware that you must demonstrate some movement while speaking however, you might not be doing it. Make sure to make movements or move around (not too excessively) on stage while speaking. Keep in mind that nobody enjoys watching an unresponsive. People are more engaged when they see the sound of an animatronic speaker.
  9. Pay attention to what you speak It’s normal to not think about saying “uhm”, “ah” or another useless word often, but your people watching do. It can be quite annoying; enough that some of the crowd will likely be able to count the number of times you use these words that are useless.
  10. Stand out from the crowd If you don’t present something distinctive in comparison to the other presenters your audience has heardof, they won’t be able to remember your name. You’re branding yourself every time you talk, so make sure you create something that is distinct and memorable.


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