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Squarespace vs Weebly (Nov 2021): Which is Supreme?

Everything You Need to Know…

Do you want to create a website that is online quickly? If yes, then an easy-to-use website builder may be the answer you’re searching for to create your online profile and help get your company on the right track.

If you choose the right platform, you don’t need to write any code. Instead, you’ll be able to work with pre-built templates and simple design elements to make stunning websites.

The two platforms the platforms of Squarespace along with Weebly are top of our top list of content-friendly web building platforms. Each of them has a range of features that you can benefit from, regardless of the type of site you want to create.

If you’re not aware of the intricacies behind either platform, choosing between them isn’t an easy task. In this review we’ll compare Squarespace with Weebly in order to assist you decide which one is best for you.

There’s plenty to learn about and we’ll dive right in!


What’s Squarespace?

Squarespace is a gigantic in the web development industry. It’s been operating since 2003 and has more than 3.79 million users. The platform is always highly recommended to creatives and designers due to its stunningly designed templates, it’s simple to build stunning portfolio websites and eCommerce websites.

It’s also a well-known solution that is turnkey, which means that instead of relying on plugins or extensions, Squarespace comes with all necessary features built-in. The toolkit is versatile and includes eCommerce functions and a blogging platform. It also allows the ability to create memberships, and SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities.

In general, Squarespace suits small to medium-sized businesses.

What’s Weebly?

Another website builder is claiming to be among the easiest to use available. In terms of user-friendliness it is a step ahead of Squarespace by a few, making it a great option for people who are just starting out.

Like its competitors You can begin building your website with an already-designed template for your website. But, Weebly is best suited to small-sized companies. It keeps its range of features basic and offers low-cost pricing options regardless of your budget.

In contrast to Squarespace, Weebly comes with limited built-in capabilities. However, it does have an app store that lets you download and install plugins and add-ons to fill in the absence of features.

Check out our full Weebly Review.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Design

As high as 94 percent of the initial impressionof your website is related to appearance. Based on this, it’s not surprising you should be able to modify and enhance your website is essential.

Squarespace is well-known for its responsive, professional templates and gorgeous designs. However, Weebly offers gorgeous, customizable templates that emphasis on user-friendliness.

So, let’s take a look at how their design capabilities stack up:


The site has 113 professionally designed templates for you to pick from. They’re all gorgeous, so no matter the theme you pick you’ll have a stunning website. The majority of Squarespace themes are based around your website’s visuals which makes them ideal for illustrations, photography portfolios, art, portfolios and more.

However, with the 7.1 update after you’ve selected the template, you can not alter it again without losing your entire content. Therefore, take your time when choosing one you’ll be satisfied with for years to be.

It’s also important to note that Squarespace has introduced a simple layout system for layouts. It lets you select various layouts for different areas on your Squarespace website without altering the general template. This gives you a lot of options for the personal style of individual pages. This is yet another option that is superior to Weebly’s awkward drag-and-drop interface.

In terms of web design and creation, Squarespace boasts an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. But you’re not able to position elements of the web anyplace. The editor functions through sections, which means that you are able to move elements within specific areas. To further customize your editor it is possible to look up to the CSS codes of the components to design customized style sheets. But, you’ll need be able to accomplish this.

Squarespace lets you work with many web-based elements. Some of them worth mentioning are images galleries, sliders as well as video backgrounds and many more.

Then, there’s the effective image editor. Squarespace automatically resizes your photos to make them suitable for display. It also gives you the ability to modify, crop apply filters, and alter features like saturation and contrast quickly.



In terms of the design versatility, Weebly is extremely intuitive, but it is a bit more restricted. There are just 50 templates to pick from. Some of them aren’t as professional or stylish like Squarespace’s templates.

The customization of the theme is also restricted. It is possible to change the font in specific areas, such as text and color, spacing and size. But, you’ll be limited to only a limited selection of colors and you’re not able to customize the color palette built into the theme. Squarespace, on the other hand isn’t restricted in the colors you can select.

You also have access to a drag-and drop editor. Simply drag the elements you want to edit from the dark gray sidebar and then click to edit the content. Similar to Squarespace it is possible to incorporate custom fonts, video audio, image galleries and much many more. Similar to its rival, the drag-and-drop feature doesn’t give you the full freedom. Instead when you drag objects and drop them it will snap them into pre-determined segments.

Additionally If you’ve got programming skills, you are able to alter your site’s HTML or CSS. Another benefit is that Weebly lets you change your theme at any point without the need to rebuild your entire site.

Design: The Winner is Squarespace

With a wider selection of modern, professional templates, as well as an editor that is more flexible, Squarespace provides much more flexibility with regards to design. Particularly, it’s simpler to modify your site’s layouts and color schemes. In addition, the editing tools are easy to use and can be extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to get the most of their photos.

Squarespace vs Weebly: eCommerce Tools

There’s good news for you: if are looking to utilize your site to begin selling online Both Squarespace and Weebly have eCommerce features that let you set up an online store and accept payments for digital and physical products.

Squarespace Commerce

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, Squarespace comes with fully integrated store management tools that allow the sale of unlimited products through your website. Additionally you can also sell subscriptions, downloads appointment times and even memberships. Additionally, that you can alter the description of your products upload videos, create several products options, cross-sell similar products, and more.

Squarespace eCommerce comes with:

  • No transaction fees with the Commerce plan
  • Automatically recovered abandoned cart
  • Catalogues of products (I.e. they can show the products organized according to categories and have menus that are easy to navigate)
  • You can plan promotions, sales, as well as new product launches.
  • Select the best shipping option like flat-rate, pick up as well as weight-based.
  • You can accept and sell gift cards.
  • You can generate discount codes
  • The tax calculation is built-in to help you comply with the law.
  • Customers enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly shopping cart
  • Customers can set up accounts and access content that is only available to members.
  • Access to inventory tools for managing your inventory
  • You can also sell on Instagram

Weebly eCommerce

Weebly is integrated with Square Payments to enable you to manage your own online shop. You can select a custom store template and customize it to suit your needs as well as benefit of the following eCommerce features:

  • You can monitor your inventory
  • You can access bulk export and import features
  • You can ship your items internationally or domestically with real-time shipping costs. Although Weebly does not directly integrate with major shipping providers but its Shippy integration lets you locate the most affordable deals.
  • Marketing tools can be beneficial such as coupons and gift cards
  • Customers are able to write reviews
  • Customers can benefit from a search bar for products
  • You can apply product badges to identify items that are on sale or in limited supply
  • Accepting payments from customers through Square, Stripe, or PayPal
  • Tax calculations are automatically calculated. calculation
  • You can also send abandoned cart emails

The winner of eCommerce is Squarespace

In the majority of cases, Squarespace and Weebly are close in terms of eCommerce features are in the area of eCommerce. Both let you sell unlimited physical and digital items and have similar features for managing your store. But, in general, Squarespace offers better design options for online stores and lets you sell directly through Instagram this is not something Weebly can allow users to accomplish.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Blogging

A blog is essential for any site, so what can Squarespace and Weebly stand up to each other in this regard?

Squarespace Blogging

The blogging tools of Squarespace, as well as all of its primary capabilities are available in the initial installation.

You can pick one of many stunning blog layouts and templates in the classic Squarespace style with Grids, feeds that are chronological and much more.

Squarespace is also a great way to organize your blog posts by creating tags and categories for blogs posts. Additionally, you can let comments be added to your posts, and permit multiple contributors to write blog posts and then publish them. In addition it’s easy to take articles from blogs and post them to the feeds of your favorite social networks.

Weebly Blogging

Weebly has a simple blog interface. It is easy to create blog posts, and then add images, text videos and text. You can also add tags to blog posts and allow threaded comments. However unlike Squarespace it isn’t possible to organize blog posts in subcategories. This makes it more difficult to organize large complicated blogs.

The problem is that Weebly isn’t able to provide a “standard” blog template, which means that creating blogs can become a bit difficult. Each post is created as a page which allows you to drag elements like images and text in the left-hand sidebar. It may seem easy at first, but in the end it makes the creation lengthy and difficult.

Following a recent update in 2021, you are now able to invite editors of websites to collaborate with you in 2021, together with Pro users able to restrict contributor access to specific pages.

In the end, users who are focused on blogging may feel that Weebly to be a bit limited. The blogging capabilities are basic, and it doesn’t have numerous advanced features for blogging.

Blogging: The Winner is Squarespace

In comparison with Weebly, Squarespace makes it much simpler to create an attractive blog, work with other users, and more efficiently manage your blog’s content.

Squarespace vs Weebly: SEO Tools

We don’t have to inform you that SEO is essential for every website to rank on search engines’ top pages and increasing organic traffic. This being said, here’s how Squarespace and Weebly use SEO to their advantage:


Squarespace’s latest SEO features are impressive and provide everything you need to create an effective SEO strategy. They are not surprising that they are included in the platform. The most notable feature is that you can alter the meta titles description, URLs, and descriptions of your websites. You can also edit images alt text as well as make automatic redirects to pages.

However one of Squarespace’s most impressive SEO features is the ability to create sitemaps automatically that instantly accessible by search engines such as Google. Sitemaps are a must for SEO since they provide every link and page on your website and make it much easier for search engines to discover and rank you accordingly.


Weebly lets you modify basic SEO settings within its dashboard. For instance, you are able to modify the page’s title and the description of your page, as well as meta keywords and the footer and header codes. However, other than that The SEO options offered by Weebly are very limited. The code that runs the websites isn’t always the most clean because it contains lots of JavaScript.

SEO: The Winner is Squarespace

Squarespace’s inbuilt SEO features are much more comprehensive than Weebly’s. They give more management over the SEO strategy without having to download and install an additional third-party plugin.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Integrations and Apps

Integrations and apps allow you to build on the native toolset of the platform. This can be what Squarespace and Weebly offer in terms integrations:


Squarespace provides a limited number of such extensions. Instead, as a complete solution, it concentrates on providing everything you require in the framework.

There are just 27 extensions available and they are organized into categories which include accounting extensions, shipping extensions, and other tools.


As a contrast, Weebly offers access to a more comprehensive app library, in which you’ll find more than 360 applications available. These apps are divided in categories such as marketing, social, communications eCommerce, etc. However, a lot apps aren’t well assessed, so you’ll need to be cautious about selecting which one you will use.

Integrations and Apps: The Winner is Weebly

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality of your website using third-party software, Weebly’s application market is more flexible. Contrary to Squarespace’s one-stop solution The integrations offered by Weebly lets you select the features you want to use.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Pricing

Each of Squarespace along with Weebly are both SaaS’s (software as services) and have an annual subscription fee. In this light we’ll look at what you’ll get using these two platforms:

Squarespace’s Pricing

It’s a shame that Squarespace isn’t offering a no-cost plan. You can however join for a 14-day trial to test whether it’s a good fit for you. Additionally users who sign up for annual billing will save 25% off the entire price plans and, as such we’ve listed the annual costs below:

Personal Plan: The personal Plan cost $12 per month if you pay annually. You’ll get a free customized domain name for one year, and also a free SSL certificate. In addition, you will receive unrestricted bandwidth, managed hosting as well as Squarespace’s SEO tools and templates, in addition to 24 hour support. You also have the ability to review the most basic metrics of a website, such as the sources of traffic, visitor locations, and website paths. But, you’re restricted to two contributors per website.

Its Business Plan for just $18 per month, offers everything included in the Personal plan. Additionally, it eliminates the contribution limit, meaning you can collaborate with as many other people as you’d like. You can also access advanced analytics like additional conversion and sales metrics. You can also include advertising banners and pop-ups or banners as well as gain access to fully integrated eCommerce capabilities. There’s an additional 3% transaction fee that is charged for every sale you achieve.

The Basic Commerce Plan sets you at $26 per month. It does not include the charge for transactions. Furthermore, it allows customers to access their accounts as well as sell on Instagram and show the limited availability label when your inventory is low.

Then, last but not least last but not least, the Advanced Commerce Plan costs just $40 per month. It includes automated abandoned cart recovery as well as the capability to sell subscriptions. You can also provide advanced discounts that allow you to limit the number of customers can avail discount coupons. You can also choose to apply discounts automatically during the checkout. Furthermore, your shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the most current rates from major service providers across Canada and the US and Canada such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Weebly’s Pricing

If you’re looking for a price that’s affordable at, Weebly might be one of the best choices that are available. The platform doesn’t only provide a totally free plan for basic usage and the highest costly plan costs just $26 per month.

The plan for free includes a no-cost SSL certificate, subdomain on Weebly, and simple eCommerce features. For instance, you can are able to access the online store and you are able to sell unlimited products. This is accompanied by item customizations that allow you to show the different colors and variants of your products. Additionally, you can utilize item badges to advertise sales items or products that have limited availability. You can also make coupons, automate the calculation of taxes and monitor your inventory.

In The free plans are SEO tools including the community forum, customized forms for lead capture as well as chat and email help.

If you’re interested in upgrading from the free version offered by Weebly there exist three plans that are paid available to pick from:

For connecting your own domain, you must join the Personal Plan which costs $ 6 per month (when you pay annually). Furthermore this plan comes with the ability to calculate shipping costs and you can also launch pop-up messages on your site.

The Professional Plan is priced at $12 per month. It includes a free website for one year and password security for pages you don’t want visitors to have access to and the Square ads are removed from your website. You can also look over the site’s statistics to determine the source of traffic and which pages are the most well-known. Additionally the Professional plan also unlocks Phone support.

Additionally, the Performance plan is priced at $26 per month, and offers additional eCommerce features , such as product reviews and integrated shipping labels abandon cart retrieval, as well as the capability of accepting payments via PayPal. The plan also includes advanced analytics for eCommerce, such as trends in sales, as well as coupons used. Additionally, you’ll be able to access prioritised assistance.

Pricing: The Winner is Squarespace (Unless You Want a Free Website Builder)

Imagine that all you want is a simple personal website, but you’re on money to spend. In this scenario, Weebly can be an ideal solution for you with its Personal or free plan.

But, when we look at the similar pricing Basic Commerce plan from Squarespace with the Performance plan offered by Weebly we feel Squarespace has more features to match the price.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Customer Support

In any software that is new there is a chance that problems will pop up in the near future. Therefore, it’s essential to get the help you require from your preferred website builder. In the end, this is what you will get of Squarespace or Weebly:


Customer support at Squarespace is available via email 24/7 or live chat. Live chat is available from 3 AM until 8 PM EST from Monday through Friday. Additionally, Squarespace provides numerous online information. There are a variety of FAQs and webinars guides and tutorials to help you navigate through all the capabilities. There’s also a lively community forum in which you can ask for help from your fellow members.


Weebly offers email and bot support that is available 24/7. This will direct you to relevant self-help manual whenever possible. From 9 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time, the Weebly team is able to connect and assist users via live chat. The team, however, isn’t as quick as one would like when it comes to returning messages. So, you could get their self-help guides on Weebly’s knowledge base online more efficient.

There are numerous guides, articles, and of course Weebly’s community that can help you.

Customer Support: The Winner is Squarespace

Comparatively to Weebly The hours of service offered by Squarespace for customer support are extended. The online community is more active, and customers get more detailed tutorials.

Squarespace vs Weebly: Pros and Cons

We’re almost at the conclusion our Squarespace comparison with Weebly review. Before we conclude we’ll give a quick overview of their primary advantages and disadvantages

Squarespace’s Pros:

  • You have access to an array of gorgeously created templates
  • Its powerful photo editor can make it simple to show your photographs in the most professional lighting
  • You have the freedom to customize your layout by using CSS access and numerous layout options
  • The SEO and blogging tools of Squarespace are quite robust
  • You can benefit from robust eCommerce capabilities designed for small and mid-sized enterprises.
  • The user interface for Squarespace is very intuitive.

Squarespace’s Cons:

  • It is no longer possible to change themes at any time without losing all your content.
  • Squarespace eCommerce doesn’t offer multi-currency support.
  • The mobile app that lets you modify your website while traveling is only available on iOS mobile devices.
  • Squarespace is a service that has very few extensions or integrations, so you must ensure that its integrated tool kit contains everything you require when signing up.
  • Due to the larger number of design and layout choices, Squarespace presents a slightly more difficult education curve than Weebly.


Weebly’s Pros:

  • The editor at Weebly is a simple user experience
  • The app store that lets you search for and install additional tools and widgets.
  • It is possible to begin selling even using the strategy.
  • Its prices are affordable up to top levels
  • You can create anywhere with the mobile app from Weebly – which is accessible on the iOS as well as Android devices
  • You can change themes at any time without any disturbance.

Weebly’s Cons:

  • The templates of Weebly don’t have the quality of the Squarespace templates.
  • It can be difficult for Weebly users for users to move to other services.
  • Overall Weebly’s eCommerce, blog and SEO capabilities aren’t as robust.
  • There’s no site-wide photo storage
  • Weebly’s editor isn’t equipped with an undo feature.


Weebly vs Squarespace: Which Is The Best Website Builder?

There you have it! This concludes our thorough Squarespace review of Weebly vs. Squarespace. Weebly review. We believe that the decision you make will likely be based on the price. Weebly is more mindful of the user with a tight budget who is looking to get an easy yet powerful site builder. However, the drawback is that you do not have access to the same number of advanced choices for customizing your site as Squarespace, and you’ll not be capable of creating a site that is as attractive as Squarespace.

However, Squarespace is a slightly more expensive alternative, but comes with better built-in features that are more robust all over the broad spectrum. Overall, you’ll have more bang for your money – particularly when you’re a creator looking to show off their work on the web If that’s you, choose Squarespace instead of Weebly.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below which web-based website builders and platforms for selling you’d pick for your next project. Or, are you looking at other options like Wix, Shopify, or WordPress? Or, whichever you prefer, tell us what you think!

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