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Squarespace is vying with WordPress Which Is the Better Option in 2021?

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Are you looking to design an amazing website? It’s not a surprise that you’re deciding between Squarespace as well as WordPress.

Squarespace is a site builder that has the best templates designs available. It’s simpler to utilize than WordPress and handles the technical aspects for you.

WordPress is a CMS which offers a wealth of customization and power If you’re comfortable finding your own web hosting and are interested in learning some programming.

More than 10 years of testing and comparing the most popular web-based platforms We know the distinctions in Squarespace and WordPress both inside and outside. Check out our complete analysis, and to determine which of them is better to use for your needs!

Who are Squarespace and WordPress Targeted at?

Which is the best one for you?

Squarespace is a web-based website builder, whereas WordPress can be described as a Content Management System (CMS). This is what it means:

  • Web builders are all-in-one software that includes everything you need to make web pages, from designing template to hosting. You don’t need to be a coder or programming, and the entire site is managed from one location. This means that it makes squarespace one of the most accessible platform for newbies.
  • CMS are more sophisticated software designed to handle bigger websites that have a large amount of information. You can completely customize these websites but only if are proficient in programming. It is also necessary to locate the hosting provider for your own However, you’ll end with greater storage capacity and scalability. This is what makes WordPress the most powerful platform.

There are two different variations of WordPress that exist! In this case it’s which is an open-source platform, and what the majority of people refer to when they use the term “WordPress.” differs in comparison to, which is more like an online website builder, however it does not have a lot of power and resources.

When to use Squarespace instead of WordPress

  • You’d like a beautiful website without any hassle or stress
  • Your site needs to be to be up and running fairly quickly
  • You’ll need a site that is easy to manage.
  • You’re looking for transparency, clear and set price
  • You’re not confident about your code
  • You’re looking for all-in-one comfort
  • You should be focusing on your goals rather than focusing on maintenance
  • You appreciate the security of 24/7 support from a dedicated team.


When to Make Use of WordPress instead of Squarespace

  • You’re creating a large website
  • You’re looking for total customization
  • Your site takes a active approach to managing your website
  • You’re comfortable with programming, or are willing to take on the challenge of learning
  • You need robust blogging tools
  • There’s no need to get your site up and running in a flash
  • There is no reason to be intimidated by technical problems like security, hosting or software the need for updates.
  • You would like to decide precisely what tools and features your website requires

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Which is better for beginners?

The Winner

User-Friendliness It is easier to use Squarespace.

With Squarespace you are able to easily alter your layout, whereas WordPress needs coding. This means that Squarespace an ideal platform for beginners since you are able to add features to your web pages.

Squarespace: Easier but Less Flexible

The Squarespace platform is more user-friendly as compared to WordPress because:

  • It does not require any coding knowledge
  • Changes can be viewed in real-time while you are making changes
  • It comes with a drag-and-drop template editor

User Review: Brittany Herzberg, Brittany Herzberg Massage Therapy

“I’ve been impressed by how easy Squarespace is to modify and use. It was easy to select an appropriate template and input the information I believed was crucial.

When I first started getting my website going my friend was able to help me design it. He recommended Squarespace as well as a couple of alternatives, however Squarespace was the one that seemed most intuitive for me. It also had templates that I believed I could be proud of.”

When we say drag-and-drop, it means that you can move various elements (like images and text boxes) around the page in order to modify the layout. The drag-and drop editor of Squarespace works by section, which means it is possible to move elements around inside a block within the page.

This is known as “what the user sees is exactly what they receive” editing. It is incredibly simple to alter your site, as you know exactly what your visitors will see once your website is active.

Every time we’ve used Squarespace previously, we’ve always been amazed by its attractive templates and quick set-up.

Tips: Less flexibility isn’t necessarily an advantage! The editor’s section-based design is nearly impossible to place your images or text in a wrong angle. You also get the option of choosing from a variety of color palettes designed to complement your style. It’s essentially impossible to commit an error in design with Squarespace!


WordPress is more difficult, but also more Flexible

WordPress is more difficult to utilize than Squarespace due to:

  • Third-party plugins and code are frequently required to personalize pages. Third-party plugins and code are often required to customize
  • You edit your files at the backend of the program, meaning that you won’t be able to see the modifications as you make them.

Making adjustments in the backend is similar to switching switches in the backstage. You can walk towards the front of the stage to check what lights have been turned on, and then walk back at the rear of the stage to adjust the settings.

It can be a bit confusing to a novice. However, the benefit is that WordPress is extremely customizable by editing the code of your website can open up a whole universe of possibilities. You will not be restricted to the limitations of a pre-designed template.

If you’re able to afford it instead of coding expertise You can employ an expert developer with the cost of around $100 per hour. This can increase the costs of your website however it will reduce the amount of technology you’ll need to manage yourself.


Which Template is Better?

The Winner

Design The Squarespace Experience is Superior

The templates from Squarespace are always superior to WordPress templates. Even though WordPress has a lot of options for customization but you’ll need to be familiar with programming to make an WordPress template stand out.

Selecting an appropriate template

If you’re looking for a website builder, but don’t want to sacrifice design do not fret: Squarespace has the most beautiful designs of any web builder currently available. Its designer templates are modern, clean and professional. There are 113 templates to choose from, covering a wide range of categories ranging from the online store and blog sites.

WordPress offers more templates (also known as themes) than Squarespace in fact there are thousands of them but they’re certainly not so well-crafted as Squarespace’s. This means that you’ll need to do more work on your own to transform the theme look stunning!

Tips for the Week: Anyone can make and upload the WordPress theme, but it’s best to choose carefully. There’s a possibility that you’ll download a theme that has malicious code and expose your website to security threats.

Also, be aware of any defective WordPress themes, and be sure the themes you download are secure, safe, and trustworthy.

Customizing Your Template

Users’ Review Kyle Fleming, Fleming Music Therapy

“What I love most about Squarespace is that the majority of the process for designing is simple. After I had found the template I liked, and then decided on the overall layout of my site it was simple for me – a person who has never built a website before to connect and arrange elements of my website (photos texts, photos, etc.) in a manner that best reflected what I stood for and how I wanted others be feeling about my work.”

The drag-and drop editor of Squarespace allows you to include slideshows, galleries video backgrounds, and much more by just a couple of clicks. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated then you can make use of an inbuilt custom CSS editor that lets you add custom codes to the template. With Squarespace Coding is an alternative and is almost required in WordPress.

Of of course, WordPress has quite rightly earned a reputation in this field, offering users the ultimate power over your site. Although it may not be the same as drag-and drop however there is no limit on what you can do with your template.

The most crucial elements of selecting the best template is making sure it’s beautiful on every device. After all the effort to give it the WOW factor it is important not to have your site to appear as the ugly duckling of mobile devices. Mobile responsive templates Make sure that your website appears stunning on the mobile devices.

All templates from Squarespace are fully mobile-friendly. Every template design includes a mobile-friendly view included, which makes certain that your website is beautiful across all devices. This includes mails you’ll send.

WordPress is a bit different. Since there are so many themes to pick from There are various levels of quality. Some themes are more old than others, which means that they’re not mobile-friendly. In an age where more than 50 percent of traffic is generated by mobile devices, you’ll be missing out if you choose an old-fashioned theme.

One way to ensure an improved experience for mobile visitors is to turn on the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It creates lighter simpler versions of your pages which means they load faster for mobile users. In addition, Google actually works with AMP to give priority to mobile-friendly sites in search results.

It is easy and quick to enable AMP for the two platforms: Squarespace as well as WordPress. Every one of the Squarespace pages are prepared for you to turn on the AMP feature. With WordPress only need for installing an AMP plugin, and after that you’ll be ready to go!

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Price and Value for the money

Which is the most affordable?

The Winner

Price: WordPress is Better

Squarespace offers four pricing plans, which range between $12 and the price of $40 each month. These prices cover everything you’ll need in order to make the site up and running. WordPress is free however, you’re unable to create a website without having to pay for additional services such as hosting for websites. You can pick a few of these extra expenses, but this provides WordPress pricing lots of flexibility.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace provides four Premium pricing options that range between $12-40 per month (billed annually).

If you decide to join the annual program, you could save anywhere between 13% and 25% when compared to the monthly plan.

Squarespace Pricing Plans Monthly Plan ($/month) Annual Plan ($/month) Savings ( percent)
Personal $16 $12 25 percent
Business $26 $18 31 percent
Basic (ecommerce) $30 $26 13 percent
Advanced (ecommerce) $46 $40 13 percent

Here’s what you must be aware of regarding every plan:

  • Personal is the least expensive package, and provides everything you need to make a your own stylish web site
  • The Business Plan can be used for basic ecommerce, for example, if only want to sell a small amount of products on the side and includes more marketing tools than the personal plan.
  • This Basic Commerce plan is specifically targeted at web-based stores that sell more than a handful of products
  • Advanced Commerce Advanced Commerce plan is built to help you grow your online store and comes with many of the most robust E-commerce tools

Tips The plans of Squarespace include a 14-day no-cost trial period, so it’s possible to give it a try before you sign up for the premium plan.

WordPress Pricing

WordPress is a platform that is free however, you’ll need to have a budget to pay for other elements of your website. The primary cost is hosting for your site.

WordPress requires you to choose your own hosting. This typically costs about 7 dollars per monthly (roughly $84 for the year). WordPress suggests using one of the following: BluehostDreamHost or SiteGround (click to review our opinions on each hosting provider). Bluehost has been rated as our most highly-rated WordPress hosting service and has a high score of 4.8/5.

They are also the most typical costs to be aware of when you begin the process of creating a WordPress website:

  • Themes Although some of the themes can be completely free but for the best quality, it’s worthwhile to think to invest in premium themes ($30-$80)
  • plugins WordPress plugins allow you to add all sorts of features to your site including email marketing, to checkout tools for e-commerce ($15-$50)
  • Domains: Squarespace gives you a free domain for the first year. However, with WordPress you’ll need to buy an individual domain through an outside registrar such as ($10-$12 for a year) or select one hosting service that gives you the domain free in the beginning (like Bluehost)
  • developer costs If your site is huge and/or complicated website You may want to engage an expert developer that could cost hundreds of dollars

Since the WordPress site is comprised of many components, it’s difficult to provide a precise price for what it actually costs. The good thing is that the model is extremely flexible, which means you can pick cheaper themes and plugins to keep your costs on budget.

Overall the estimates we’ve included for the cost of the creation of an WordPress website are on the lower range.

Based on Elegant Themes, a popular WordPress theme designer creating and operating your own WordPress website (without using any outside help) could cost anything between $200 to $1,000plus.

The primary expenses are associated with buying Premium themes or plug-ins. Premium themes typically cost between $50-200 per month, and premium plugins range from $15 to 200.

A domain that is standard costs around 12 dollars annually. Hosting costs are highly dependent on the service you select and, in general, hosting prices can range in the range of $10 to $30 per month.

It is important to note that this doesn’t include ongoing costs; If you have to employ someone to assist you in making changes to your WordPress site , or solve a problem, this could increase the price even more.

Elegant Themes also estimated that the cost of a custom WordPress theme would cost approximately $3,000 to 6,000 (for the design as well as development) for the cost of a custom WordPress website is about $6,000 to $15,000 (for development and design, and customized plugins). The company’s estimations here..

More Information

  • Check out the Price of Squarespace Analysis for more information on the plans for this builder.
  • Check out the WordPress Price review to know more about the best way to budget for your WordPress website.
  • We highly recommend Bluehost as a value WordPress host . Take a look at the Bluehost Price review for more information


Be Sure You Get Found Online

The Winner

SEO It’s an A-Tie!

WordPress is more efficient in SEO, however Squarespace comes with more built-in features. Through installing SEO plugins for WordPress you can make use of powerful tools such as Yoast. However, if you are looking for integrated features that require less effort, Squarespace is the ideal option.

You’ve perfected your stunning designs. You’ve got all the applications and features of your website operating like clockwork. All you require is a loyal public to be grateful for all the effort. It’s time to become an SEO expert!

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization This is what makes your site visible in Google results. If your website isn’t optimized properly, SEO, it might get at the bottom of the results page for years. With a strong SEO strategy you can climb to the top spot.

However, who gets up in the morning , ready to become an SEO professional? That’s why your chosen builder will be able to help you.

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace includes integrated SEO-related tools ,including:

  • Meta titles as well as descriptions. These include the titles and paragraphs that describe the page’s Google results for searches.
  • Customizable URLs: You can clean up your URLs to make them more readable to search engines (for example, is a clean and simple URL!)
  • Text alt for image: Alt text just specifies what an image shows and can make your site more accessible to users of a screen reader isn’t required to guess what each image’s content says. Alt text can also help search engines comprehend the meaning and importance of every image.
  • Pages redirect. In the event that you modify the URL of a webpage and someone attempts to access the previous one, Squarespace will let you immediately redirect your visitors to the new page!
  • Automated sitemaps  are an overview of all the pages on your website created to assist search engines understand the ways they’re connected. Squarespaces creates one automatically for you.

The tools listed are completely integrated, meaning that you don’t have to download additional plugins in order to use these tools.

WordPress SEO

WordPress websites have built-in SEO options, but the bulk of the power of WordPress is due to its array of SEO plugins that you’ll need to install yourself.

Users Review Douglas Liantonio, Gravy

“I prefer WordPress because it offers numerous plugins available to improve SEO, speed of websites as well as other optimizations. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can get into the code quickly If there’s some cosmetic changes to be made you can view the page in a front view before you make the necessary changes. Squarespace is fantastic, but it’s drag-and-drop-only and doesn’t allow you to alter things in code.”

For instance it is for instance, the Yoast SEO plugin is five stars on more than 25,000 users, and has more than 5 million installed users. Yoast helps you learn the most effective SEO techniques, starting with the creation of foundational content to including the right keywords, meta description and.

More Information

  • Find out Our Best 15 WordPress SEO Tips to aid your WordPress website rank higher in the search engines.
  • Are you wondering whether Squarespace is truly a good choice to meet your SEO requirements? Take a look at our complete review of Squarespace’s SEO.


Which has more built-in tools?

The Winner

Its features include: More Effective

Squarespace offers high-quality features in its editor for websites. WordPress offers a few useful functions built-in, however, to maximize its (very amazing) capacity, it’s best to need to install additional third-party plugins on your own.

Squarespace Features

Squarespace has greater included options that WordPress. Here are some of the features we have found to be the most helpful:

  • Analytics Track web page visits, visitors’ sources of traffic, their geography and much more.
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts. Add content on your website from social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter
  • RSS feeds for social media: Embed feeds from your social accounts directly into your website
  • Podcasts: Host podcasts on your Squarespace website, and then publish it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

There is no need to install any additional applications or plug-ins to access any of these functions – all you need to do is choose the options on your dashboard!

WordPress Features

WordPress is well-known for its powerful tools , but the only problem is that you need to install them all by yourself. However, there’s lots of great features for free, including:

  • Customizable designs
  • Tools for publishing, like the ability to schedule
  • Pages protected by passwords
  • Multiple contributors
  • Image editing tools
  • Comments Management
  • Sites with multilingual choices (70plus languages)

Beyond that you’ll need to look into the innumerable number of WordPress plugins that will add additional features to your website.

It’s not enough to offer a lot of features; you need to ensure quality and quantity. Squarespace releases updates and new features each month. It keeps features that are in use from being outdated and provides you with new tools to use when they’re released. Everything you need is in front of you.

WordPress is different from other platforms. Since you’re responsible for your own website You must keep an eye out for any new releases and also update your site to stay current. This is crucial since a site that is outdated is at greater risk of being compromised. Hosting providers such as Bluehost provide automated WordPress updates to you through their custom WordPress plans simplifying your life and ensuring your site is secure.

Apps and Plugins

Which of the following features is more important?
The Winner

Application: WordPress is Better

WordPress offers a nearly endless selection of plugins. The plugins offered by Squarespace are of higher in quality, however there’s less to pick from.

How do they compare?

Imagine Squarespace as a restaurant. The food is cooked and cooked on-site. Your waiter is familiar with the menu in detail and is available to answer your questions. You can pick what you like and all food comes from your Squarespace kitchen.

WordPress is more of an extravagant buffet. It features dishes from various locations and kitchens. You aren’t sure the place where these meals were created, but certain dishes are superior to others.

With WordPress you must cook the food by yourself. This is ideal if you know what tastes work best together However, the waiter won’t be able to be able to answer all your questions because the food was prepared by someone and not on your site.

In either case, you’ll have a wonderful dinner – it’s just an issue of how to do it!

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an open source platform. That means that the code is open to anyone who wants to use them and modify. Developers and programmers can utilize WordPress to develop the tools they want to use (such as themes, templates and plugins) to share at no cost and sell them to fellow WordPress users.

User Review: Stephen Twomey, Kennected

“I picked WordPress as it seemed to be the most flexible choice in terms of plugins. These plugins allow you to incorporate all the crucial features that businesses might require, including membership and online shops.”

There are a myriad of WordPress plugins, with 55,000 and counting – that cover nearly every feature you could think of. It is possible to add contact forms, create comments, boost your Google ranking with SEO-related plugins, or make use of WooCommerce to sell products on your WordPress website… The possibilities are infinite. There are free and paid plugins to choose from.

The best tip is to read the reviews before deciding on a plugin. Because Anyone There are many plugins that can be created that are compatible with WordPress Some plugins may not be as good as others. Some plugins that aren’t as secure may inadvertently expose your site to hacker attacks, so it’s important to find out what other users review a plugin prior to installing it!

Extensions to Squarespace

Squarespace has a great variety of apps built into your website, including tools to track performance, blogging and displaying pictures. Also there’s no download or update required for you to do.

If it is the case that do discover that you require more functionality, Squarespace has a separate marketplace for apps known as Squarespace Extensions. The apps that are available from third party developers are of high-quality however they only have 24 apps to pick from.


Which one is Better to Sell Online?

The Winner

E-commerce: Squarespace is Better

Squarespace’s sales capabilities are included, and you’ll be able to begin selling immediately on any of the e-commerce plans it offers. With WordPress it is necessary install a plugin prior to when you begin selling, but it will offer the most powerful online site than Squarespace.

If you’re looking to sell online it is possible! Each of Squarespace and WordPress come with the tools to allow you to build a powerful website store. Squarespace allows you to create an all-in one store that has all sales tools accessible to you. WordPress depends on plugins such as WooCommerce for ecommerce integration to your website.

Selling using Squarespace All-in-One

Squarespace offers everything you require to begin selling online. It’s already included provided your account is on the Business plan or higher. The entire suite of products for sales can be integrated into the system, so your online store will appear completely professional and seamless. To add additional tax and shipping capabilities, you may also look through the marketplace for Squarespace Extensions.

The Business plan was specifically designed for small-scale stores and is charged an three percent transaction fee for each purchase you’ve made. You can design promotional pop-ups selling unlimited items, accept donations, get an official email address and many more.

If you’re serious about selling the site, you’ll need be able to move to an online plan which you can select between the $26 monthly Basic plan or the $40 monthly Advanced plan. By upgrading, you can access an entire array of advanced eCommerce features which include:

  • Zero transaction costs
  • Orders, inventory taxes, coupons and inventory
  • Label printing
  • Listings of products on Instagram
  • Cards for gifts
  • Recovery of abandoned carts

The entire feature is included. You don’t have to install or activate any software to use these options. Upgrade to the most appropriate plan that suits you and get started selling!

Selling using WordPress – WordPress Plugins


You can build an effective online store on WordPress by using the e-commerce plug-in WooCommerce.  WooCommerce is designed specifically to be used by WordPress users, and can help sellers sell on the internet!

Since it was designed specifically for WordPress It’s not necessary to be concerned about WooCommerce not working with your site or plugins. It’s easy to install as well as being free!

WooCommerce comes with every tool you need available which makes it an effective method to start your e-commerce business. The features that are available include:

  • Physical and digital products
  • Shipping and payment options
  • Themes from hundreds of different themes
  • Management of inventory

One of the major advantages to WooCommerce is it’s completely customizable. You can customize your brand with your own, sell whatever you’d like, and incorporate ecommerce into strong blogging software.

Of of course, WooCommerce isn’t the only plugin on the market however, it’s the most well-known and highly recommended. However, other plugins may provide a better service, for instance when you require the services of a membership or require selling digital downloads.


Some worth looking into are Ecwid and Easy Digital Downloads. You could also utilize an eCommerce website builder such as BigCommerce and Shopify to create your own store It is then easy to connect it to your WordPress website.

You’ve many options!

Squarespace offers everything you require in order to manage a or medium-sized business successfully with a set cost per month. The high-quality designs are customizable that is ideal to brand and make you products sparkle. It’s simple to budget for and maintain day-to-day.


WordPress offers a variety of options to set up an online store . the most recommended one is the WooCommerce plugin. It is a completely flexible platform to create your online store – this is great because it means that you can modify it according to meet your specific needs.

WooCommerce is more time-consuming to create from scratch If you don’t already own already a WordPress website, and it is more expensive to plan for because of the wide range of additional options (such like hosting) which you must add in each month.

This is a good thing to be aware of…

Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting plans help to make the process of setting up much simpler. With pricing for new customers beginning at $13.99 $6.95 monthly, you will receive:

  • WooCommerce auto-install
  • WooCommerce Storefront theme already installed
  • Domain name registration for free and SSL certificate
  • 24/7 support from our in-house WordPress experts


If you have an existing WordPress website and you’re looking to expand it, WooCommerce is the ideal option. If you’re looking to set up the web-based store starting from scratch then Squarespace will help you create a professional website in one-third of the amount.

What do you think about selling offline??

Squarespace has now integrated with Square that means that you can sell your products offline, accept credit card payments and ensure that everything is synced with your inventory on the internet. WooCommerce also allows integration with Square and Square, which means you’ll have alternatives with both platforms All you require is the Square card reader ($49) and the appropriate applications to begin!

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Which is the best option for bloggers?

The Winner

Blogs: WordPress is Better

WordPress was designed with the idea of blogging in mind. Each WordPress website comes with the ability to comment as well as useful plugins you can later add. Squarespace comes with excellent integrated blogging tools, however, it isn’t as good as WordPress in this regard.

A blog is a fantastic way to communicate to your followers or record what you are doing online. However, not all blogs have the capacity to show regular updates of posts. Squarespace and WordPress have both met the challenge of supporting a top-quality blog, but they have distinct tools to assist writers create websites.

Squarespace Blogging Tools

One of the best features for bloggers is its blogger templates that are free. The users can choose from a range of contemporary interfaces to display blog posts on their homepage either as the form of a single feed in reverse chronological order or in a smaller grid that resembles a magazine. Some allow writers to be multiple authors and make it simple to manage a blog in conjunction together with colleagues or friends.

Within Squarespace blog posts, they can be classified, tagged and edited. The posts can be also excerpted and the link to every blog post is automatically sent to feeds from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

In other terms, Squarespace lets you accomplish all the basic tasks required to efficiently run a professional blog.

WordPress Blogging Tools

Similar to Squarespace, WordPress has plenty of free templates targeted at bloggers. WordPress also comes with built-in features, which include all the categorizing and tagging capability that bloggers require as well as a range of plugins designed to assist bloggers with connecting via social networking.

For serious bloggers looking to create their own style, WordPress also lets users access HTML directly, which is a feature Squarespace isn’t able to offer. It’s true that you won’t require entering the code often due to the plugins the platform offers but it’s still there in case you’re in need of it.

Another major difference in WordPress is the blog community WordPress provides. Anyone who has an account on WordPress account is able to comment in any WordPress blog, as long as blogger does not block the capability. Because WordPress is the sole powerhouse for more than a third of websites online and there are a lot of WordPress accounts that could come across your blog and make a comment without the hassle of having to sign into a brand new account first.

Additional Information

Mobile Editor

Do You Work From Your Phone?

The Winner

Mobile Tie: It’s a Tie!

It’s all about individual preference. Squarespace offers more choices for mobile apps, whereas WordPress gives you a simple, hassle-free solution. Both provide apps to iOS and Android which are completely free to download.

Squarespace: Lots of Options

Squarespace provides four different mobile apps, each with distinct functions.

  • Analytics (iOS and Android) – View the key metrics for your site
  • Blog (iOS and Android) – Write and edit blog posts, share them and manage blog entries
  • Commerce (iOS and Android) – Manage your store
  • Application for Squarespace (iOS only) – Update pages and galleries, add images Edit and write blog reviews, write posts, and monitor the performance of your analytics

To actually edit pages, you’ll require the Squarespace Application ,which combines some functions of the other three mobile applications. The Squarespace App offers functions like posting blogs, creating images and analyzing traffic analytics.

It is easy to download any of these applications for free via either Google Play or the Apple Store or Google Play (depending on the device you’re using).

WordPress: One Application for Everything

To manage your WordPress website on the go For managing your WordPress site on the go, you’ll require WordPress Mobile Applications. There are several versions available to iOS, Android, and desktop computers. It allows you to update blog posts, keep track of the site’s performance and stay on top of notifications, and much more – all in the fingertips of your hand.

All you have to do is install the correct application for the device you’re using (it’s cost-free!) and you’re ready to go. Just connect with your site and welcome mobile management.

There was a time when you were tied to a computer to check your email however nowadays, that’s not the situation. You can not only send emails, engage in social media and browse the internet using your phone with mobile editors, but you can also manage your website while on the move!

This is what mobile editor apps offer you.

Mobile apps are particularly important for website for business, as visitors won’t need to wait around for responses or fresh content when you’re on the go. Time is money And like any blogger can inform you the importance of consistency and frequency is crucial elements to an effective website.

There are many advantages of using mobile apps – including managing content, to quickly reviewing your site’s performance and even responding to comments. It’s the best way to remain on top of your blog and at the at the top of your priority list.

Ongoing Maintenance

How long do updates take?

The Winner

Maintenance The Squarespace Way is Better

All updates on Squarespace are handled by you, however WordPress updates must be handled manually.

WordPress Keep Your Eyes Open

The most important thing to be aware of is that WordPress constantly updates its platform in order to fix problems and improve security. This means that every time it releases updates – which can happen many times throughout the year it is possible that you could also be required to make changes to your WordPress website.

This is trouble, as not every theme or plugin developer will be able to take care of updating these tools. And without the necessary updates, these tools could:

  • Hurt the performance of your site
  • Issue with the latest version of WordPress
  • Stop your site from loading

Some trusted developers will handle updating your software for you, however, it’s not likely to be the case. You you’ll have to take yourself to determine whether your tools are current.

In essence, when you receive an email from WordPress to make changes to your site, make sure you check for possible conflicts with other themes and tools first.

Squarespace: Sit back and Relax

With Squarespace the ongoing maintenance process is easy. Every update is tested, and later pushed to your website instantly. Squarespace handles the whole process for you to let you concentrate on the design of your website.


Which Platform is the Most Secure?

The Winner

Safety: Security is Squarespace. better

The most significant difference is What happens when there is a problem. In the event that Squarespace is under DDoS attack, it will let you know as its internal experts take care of the issue for you.

If you choose to install a malicious or faulty plugin on your WordPress website and it is hacked then you’ll have to put out these fires by yourself.

Squarespace Security

Squarespace handles the security of your website, checking for malware and safeguarding yourself from DDoS attacks (DDoS refers to Distributed Denial of Service; a type of attack in which the website is overwhelmed by traffic that renders it inaccessible to actual users).

It is crucial that Squarespace is on the lookout for this, as its popularity has grown but it’s also been an easy victim of DDoS attacks. In fact when you attack the Squarespace platform, you may cause disruption to the operation of a number of sites.

Each Squarespace plan comes with a complimentary SSL certificate. SSL is a shorthand for Secure Sockets Layer certificate, and it secures the information that is entered on your website. This is crucial as it not only helps an SSL certificate help build confidence with your visitors and improves your get higher rankings on Google. It’s more important if you sell on your website as it safeguards your customer’s payment information.

WordPress Security

With WordPress security, it is your duty. This includes securing you own SSL certificate, executing regular backups and regularly making updates to your WordPress website. There are plugins available to assist in certain areas of operating your website however ultimately it’s up to you.

WordPress isn’t nearly as an attack target as DDoS attacks, however the majority of your security is dependent on the hosting company you select. Certain providers, such as Bluehost offer no-cost SSL certificates as well as automated WordPress updates that help you ensure your security.

Top Tip: Choose reliable plugins. We’ve previously discussed how old plugins could weaken your website and even cause it to crash. But there’s more Some plugins could contain malicious code that could make your website vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Ownership of Content

Is Your Site Content Yours? Website Content?

The Winner

Control of Content: WordPress is Better

Both platforms offer the identical (good!) bargain. But, WordPress wins because its status as an open source software implies that you’re not bound by the licensing rules – though it’s important to confirm whether the same is the case of your hosting company.

If you’re planning to create a site using any platform online It’s a good idea to review their policies on content ownership It’s not a good idea to surrender ownership rights over your work in the end, do you.

The largest online companies are aware that they cannot copy content without massive backlash, naturally however both Squarespace and WordPress strive to make their customers as content as they can. The following is the way each company addresses the issue of ownership of content.

Anything uploaded to Squarespace is your own content and you’re able to carry it over in the event that you quit Squarespace at some point in the future. You don’t own the site template , however technically it’s licensed, regardless of whether you paid for it. This means that you aren’t in a position to keep your website in the exact same way in the event that you decide to quit.

There’s a caveat Also. In the terms of their fine print, whatever you upload to the Squarespace website is granted to the business. You’re providing them with an “right and permission to utilize, host, store as well as reproduce, modify, make derivative works and communicate, publish and display publicly, perform and distribute the User Content with the sole purpose of allowing Squarespace to provide, improve, market and secure its Services.”

It’s a bit intimidating, but it’s really any different from the fine print you’ve already signed in exchange for Facebook, Twitter, or other popular online services. The main point is that Squarespace will not use your content except to promote or highlight your site… You may choose to opt out of this should you wish to.

All websites are powered by, a free open content management system that is open source. Like any open-source software the entire code source is accessible to everyone and is able to be distributed and modified at any time.
It’s the reason behind WordPress strengths, because it makes the software extremely adaptable and flexible, and also the reason for its flaws, since WordPress isn’t easy to use and requires coding expertise.

However, since it’s intended to be freely used and without restrictions, Squarespace doesn’t have to impose the same licensing conditions for content that Squarespace utilizes. Your content is yours to keep, and it’s not licensed.

There’s a problem: If you’re using WordPress you’re still accountable for the hosting you use and the majority of good hosting services have the same terms of licensing that Squarespace employs. In any case, you’ll have control over your content.

Site Migration

How Easily can You Move?

The Winner

Migration It’s a Tie!

Both platforms let you move your website and give you the option to quit if you wish.

You are able to move your website over to a new platformwhether you’re planning to transfer to WordPress into Squarespace or the reverse. However, it’s generally more difficult to export content than import it, and so the process won’t be an easy job.

It isn’t possible to migrate audio or video pages, product pages as well as the design of your site. The same is true for WordPress and Squarespace which is why you’ll have to update your website in the event of a migration.

Migration From WordPress to Squarespace

How easy is it? It’s not difficult, Squarespace has a built-in import tool that lets you move your WordPress website to Squarespace and also provides helpful guides that will guide users through the steps. It’s fairly simple create your Squarespace website, choose the design you want, and then select the Advanced import feature to import information from your website.

It is important to turn off the plugins before you transfer files using .xml files.

Squarespace will import all your data:

  • Pages for blogs, blog posts and authors
  • Comments
  • Tags and Categories
  • Images
  • Attachments
  • Page Pages on Site

Do you want to start with WordPress?

It’s easy to transfer between WordPress to Squarespace If you decide to change your mind in the future it’s easy to change!

Migration From Squarespace to WordPress

Importing data from Squarespace is slightly more difficult. If you don’t have an WordPress website, you’ll have to establish one (including the search for hosting and installing WordPress and the registration or transfer of the name of your domain).

After you’ve completed this after which you’ll be able to export the Squarespace information. It is more limited as to what you can export out of Squarespace Here are the primary aspects you can transfer across:

  • Normal pages
  • The blog’s homepage, and all its blog posts
  • Pages of galleries
  • Images blocks
  • Blocks of text
  • Comments

Therefore, you’ll have lots of work to complete if you’re changing between Squarespace and to WordPress. However, Squarespace offers step-by-step directions to help you finish your transition. The level of ease or complexity the process is depends on the content you have included in your site, such as when it’s an online

Are you looking to get started with Squarespace?

Squarespace provides step-by- steps instructions for exporting your content, so that you’re not locked into one platform for the rest of your life!


What’s the quality of the customer service?

The Winner

Help: Squarespace is Better

The support team at Squarespace is available via live chat and via email. If you’re using WordPress you’ll need to rely on the forum of the community to get assistance.


Squarespace Support

In contrast to WordPress, Squarespace has a central support team that is available to assist users via:

  • Live chat Monday through Friday
  • Email All hours of the day
  • Twitter is available 24/7

The team also created an entire collection of assistance guideworkshop videos as well as an online online community to assist you in building your site.

WordPress Support

Since WordPress is an open source software, there is no in-house team to reach out to for help with your WordPress issues. In lieu, look through WordPress forum pages to read the posts that other developers and users have written on various topics.

There are thousands of articles, which means you’ll likely discover a suitable article to your queries. But, there are certain answers that are more useful than others.

If speaking to a live human being is crucial to you as well as if you’re on WordPress is recommended to make use of the support offered by your hosting company For instance, Bluehost provides 24/7 support via phone.

Squarespace Vs. WordPress: Final Analysis

Squarespace along with WordPress are two of the biggest designers of the world of building websites. Both can help you build a stunning and effective websites. Let’s review the distinctions that we’ve covered in this article:

Squarespace Vs. WordPress Squarespace WordPress
Easy of Use
Winner: Squarespace
It is a very user-friendly, drag-and-drop web-building tool. You can create a website without having any programming experience or even enlisting help from anyone. The learning curve is steep, especially for those who are new to. You must know how code and be technologically proficient, or work with someone who’s.
Winner: Squarespace
Amazing, customizable design templates that are designed with the best user experience in the back of your. There are a lot of options for topics, yet none is exactly as modern and you’ll have to possess some programming skills in order to get the most benefit.
Pricing and Value
Winner: WordPress
Four premium plans that range from $12 per month up to 40 dollars per month. Pricing is more flexible! WordPress is totally free, but you must pay for various elements (hosting themes, themes plugins, hiring help and so on.) You can locate cheap alternatives however, it could cost you as high as $15,000 to $200.
SEO has already been built-in and are managed by you. SEO plugins can provide effective tools and instructions to your WordPress website.
Winner: Squarespace
A wide range of in-built features that are of high-quality and cover various areas. The features are added regularly and regularly updated. The in-built features are less extensive More dependent on third-party plugins to provide additional features.
Apps and Plugins
Winner: WordPress
The top apps are all integrated into Squarespace and are already in use, which means they’re all up-to-date and compatible. Other apps are of high-quality however, there’s not many to pick from. There are thousands of plugins you can choose from for your WordPress website. Numerous additional features are available. But, it can be risky because of outdated and low-quality plugins.
Sales features built-in, which include large inventory, but somewhat not enough in payment apps and options. The interface is difficult to navigate and it’s lacking in support for customers. If you are able to get it figured out it’s a powerful, flexible platform.
Winner: WordPress
A good selection of tools and templates for blogging to help you get started however, they are not as powerful as the blogging tools WordPress offers. A blog-specific platform, it comes with an extensive selection of built-in plugins and features. It also has blogs with a community, and allows you to leave remarks on different WordPress blogs.
Mobile Editor
Mobile apps are completely free and simple to install. You have four options to choose from which allows you to customize the experience to fit the requirements of your site. It’s also free and easy to install. There is only one option per device, which is great when you’re in search of an easy solution.
Ongoing Maintenance
Winner: Squarespace
Very little Squarespace is an “closed” environment. This means that they are in charge of every aspect of the platform and handle all updates and maintenance tasks for you. It requires frequent maintenance, particularly in the event that the theme, platform or plugins are regularly updated by the developers of their respective plugins. It is your responsibility to maintain the entirety of your site.
Winner: Squarespace
All updates and security are taken care of by Squarespace. If there’s any security problem the experts at Squarespace will take care of the issue. It is your responsibility to manage the safety of your site.
Ownership of Content
Winner: WordPress
There is no right to use your content. But, you’ll need to work hard to opt-out in the fine print which says that Squarespace may utilize your content to advertise or showcase your site. Doesn’t have any rights over your content and no licensing requirements like Squarespace has. But, you’ll need make use of a hosting service that will likely have licensing conditions similar to those of Squarespace.
Site Migration
Allows you to move your website if you wish to. It is also easy to import your site from WordPress. It allows you to move your website if you wish to. It also makes it simple to export your content.
Assistance and Assistance and
Winner: Squarespace
Support team that is dedicated and organized with tutorials. You can also seek assistance via live chat or via email. A large community that has tutorials and resources However, they are not well-organized. Many users end up paying developers for assistance.


WordPress is better at making multilingual websites as compared to Squarespace as it allows you to install plugins to translate and globalize your content. You can multilingual websites using Squarespace by duplicated pages in different languages.

Although Squarespace does offer some excellent blogging tools built-in, No platform is able to be able to beat WordPress in the field of blogging! This is what it was designed to accomplish and is bundled with a plethora of efficient blogging tools.


If you’re looking for something that’s easier to get to grasp, look into Weebly, Wix, or Check out how they stack up against Squarespace or in our analysis of the best blogging platforms to create blogs.

Yes, you are able to lay back and relax because Squarespace is completely hosted for you. It is not necessary to locate your own service provider or sign up for an additional plan, or fret about the limitations of your plan. All Squarespace plans offer fully managed cloud hosting and unlimitable bandwidth, storage and bandwidth.

Squarespace has been designed to assist anyone to create their own site regardless of their technical skills. It doesn’t require any programming skills however, you could choose to if you wish – and it has built-in functions to simplify your work as is possible. It includes stunning templates for all designers that are around.

WordPress is designed for anyone who is looking to have absolute control over the details of their site from security to updates, programming and more. It is essential to have confidence in your technical skills, or confident in learning the technology. WordPress allows you to have total control over your website, which means you can design your site as you’d like!

This question is in your individual preference. If you’re looking to develop an extremely complex website and want total freedom, WordPress will be the most suitable choice. However If you’re a small company or a small team of one, Squarespace will be your most suitable choice. You can build a sophisticated and elegant website in a matter of minutes without knowing the basics of code.

Squarespace’s pricing for monthly subscriptions begin at just $12 for a month. You do have the option of test it for no cost up to fourteen weeks before you sign up to a contract. Take a look at our pricing overview to get a deeper look at the actual costs of Squarespace and to figure the best plan for your needs.

WordPress has the advantage of being an open source, free platform. What you’ll need to be aware of when you build your website using WordPress is that it will have to purchase the domain name as well as hosting for your site as well as a possible theme to go along with this. It’s possible to spend between $200- $1000plus to have your WordPress site running. Look over the price section of this comparison for more specific details.

You can utilize Squarespace without knowing how to code this makes it ideal for people who aren’t technical. It’s definitely the simpler alternative to WordPress.

With WordPress you’re in total control over the website you run. It is very unlikely that your website being removed in the event of a disagreements with your hosting company. Squarespace offers terms of use guidelines that your site has to follow. You are still in control of the content of your website, however you’ll need to adhere to Squarespace’s terms and conditions.

It all depends on the kind of site you’re creating! For blogs, It is a fantastic alternative. For online stores Check out Shopify For stunning designs Take an in-depth look at Wix . For portfolios and small-sized businesses, Weebly is also a top contender!

Read our detailed overview of the top web builders to take a comprehensive review of the best builders.

If you’re a small-scale business then check out our top 9 most effective small-sized business website builders guide to figure out the best one for you.


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