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Sellfy Review (Nov 2021)

The Sellfy Review (Nov 2021): A beautiful and affordable Storefront to Sell to an established audience

From design assets to ebooks The benefit of selling digital products on the internet with a service such as Sellfy is that the bulk of the cost involved in creating a product such as that is the time spent creating it.

Following that, you’ll be responsible for marketing your product and spreading the word and demonstrating to people that your work is worth the money.

Find all that you should know about the following Sellfy review.

While you can find no-cost methods to accomplish this however, this marketing element is much more straightforward to get accomplished. Think about the cost of creating an online store as well as locating a community of buyers you , and guest blogging on blogs to increase your reach to relevant customers. This requires time and effort, and you’ll be burned out when you don’t have the proper tools for going through this process.

What if there was an easy tool to quickly changing your website or social media account into an online store while making your digital products available to an enormous number of people searching for similar content to yours?

This tool is Sellfy , and on first look it has a bit of an Kickstarter look in its user interface (without the crowd funding aspect,) which allows you to create your own storefront through Sellfy. You can create a storefront on Sellfy platform, sell your goods to thousands of people on the network, and also getting the opportunity to add Sell buttons onto your website.

While this service won’t remove the time or cost you’ll have to spend on creating your website, it will help make the process of selling online somewhat simpler. We find that pretty attractive and we’d like to invite you to join us for a closer review of the features Sellfy can offer.

Sellfy Review: Highlights

Sellfy’s offerings fall under various categories, including payment as well as security and marketing custom integrations, products, and.

The first thing to be aware of Sellfy which is that it allows you to sell a variety of goods that include physical items such as furniture and other accessories as well as digital items such audio and ebooks and subscriptions. Sellfy lets users stream videos at any time for educational use.

In our review of the product, we decided it was a good idea to test the possibility of selling a digital item that we’re used to. We took a look at an overview of the Sellfy features a close look by uploading and posting an Ecommerce Platform’s guide to creating the Most Successful Online Shop.

It’s important to note it is true that Sellfy serves sellers of:

  • Design assets
  • eBooks
  • Films and videos
  • Audio files
  • Software
  • Other digital items you own

Then, let’s get to the highlights…

An Complete Storefront at Sellfy

I see the primary benefit of using Sellfy is the ability to set up a storefront and up and running in just a few just a few minutes. There is no need to worry about creating your own website and upload two gigabytes per file and make use of unlimited bandwidth. In other words you’ll be able to forget about hosting.

The pages for your products can be personalized to allow you to preview your media products, and your storefront is beautiful and doesn’t requirement for design. Sellfy also gives you a amount of flexibility since it is compatible to work with virtually any CMS system, or sell your products on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other social media platform. With their brand new WYSIWYG editor Sellers can now tweak the design and layout of their stores to fit with their brand.

The storefronts are optimized for mobile market, and it allows you to use Buy Now buttons and widgets and integrate them into your own site.

Being a huge advocate automation of as many of your processes as possible I’ve always been a huge fan of Zapier. Sellfy also comes with an Zapier integration available that allows you to connect to over 775 apps within the Zapier database. It also streamlines selling processes through automation.


Discounts and Analytics

It’s true that some functions can come into play when you’re considering the idea of putting a simple PayPal button for your site. In essence, you can create discounts for each your products directly on the dashboard of Sellfy.

Offering products for free is an option. You may even design discounts for social media to hand to people who like your page.


Email Marketing and SEO

Another reason Sellfy is superior to adding an PayPal button onto your site. Instead of having to manage a totally separate MailChimp Account, Sellfy gives you custom purchase emails that go out in a timely manner.

It’s also evident that marketing is much more easy with integrated SEO and discovery settings.

Similar to other tools such as Shopify, Sellfy allows you to boost the reach of your store through social media. You can design and track Facebook and Twitter advertisements. The user-friendly nature and the ease of use of Sellfy analytics dashboard allows you to determine what advertisements bring customers to your online shopping cart and also what’s most likely create a credit card purchase.

Two Payment Options , with quite several Modifications for Customization

PayPal or Stripe is the options that you have to sell your products on Sellfy. These are usually the two most commonly used payment processors. However, they do not allow certain people who can’t utilize these payment options in different countries. The integration is seamless however we’d like to see more choices.

In addition, Sellfy allows instant payouts, many currencies worldwide, currencies and taxes, EU VAT reports and invoices from customers. Additionally, they offer webhooks that let users create custom functions.

Sellfy allows sellers to accept payments online through their website. You can select between the two options for payment: Stripe and PayPal. In other options, your payments are processed quickly and your personal information remains secure and private which means you can earn confidence in your customers.

A point to be noted it that your checkout feature isn’t available during the course of the two-week trial. You’ll need a paid plan in order to ensure you’re able to take payment. If you’d like to make the checkout feature, you cannot get it done on your own. There’s a money-back guarantee but it’s not a guarantee.

PCI compliance is a the norm, and there are other ways to safeguard products as well. Sellfy offers things such as PDF stamping unique links for downloads as well as limited attempts to downloads. Sellfy will transfer money to your accounts nearly instantly and you’ll be able to start spending money quickly.

You’ll need to set up an account on or Stripe or PayPal to use the payment processing features that you prefer. Once you have your account, access the Sellfy service and select the Payment Settings tab to connect to your account.

Buyfy Embed Option

Apart from offering you the possibility of setting an online store using Sellfy, in addition to allowing you to set up a store directly on the Sellfy marketplace, Sellfy also offers a array of embed options so that you can improve the visibility of your business this way. With Sellfy you can make use of your existing business site have and include “buy right now” buttons to your site. You can also embed the entire Sellfy store on a website or simply embed certain products you’d like to offer.

Sellfy lets you connect accounts to Facebook page, which means you can embed the store in your social media platforms. You can also use Sellfy in end-screens or cards inside YouTube videos, too. It’s a great method to begin selling online.

The Sellfy POD

Sellfy print on demand lets you to offer custom apparel, home decor accessories, and more with your own digital and physical products. You can manage all this inside the confines of your Sellfy store, and access the same analysis methods, promotions and simple set-up features as you go along.

To get access to the features to use the functionality, log to the Sellfy POD platform and select the product you wish to sell. Sellfy’s POD offers a variety of top-quality items to pick from, such as t-shirts tank tops, hoodies phone cases, sweatshirts and many more.

To begin it’s easy to access the section for products on the dashboard of your store, and then select “print on demand” from the menu “Print for Demand” option. POD lets you add as many items as you want for your online store. Additionally, it will track the options available to you.

Sellfy is also looking at expanding its range of products in the near future, so it is possible that they are adding more products in the future too.

To maximize the benefits of Sellfy’s POD service, you can access a user-friendly product editor that lets you to modify your designs and to add customized elements. You can:

  • Modify the hue of the item
  • Upload your own logos and graphics
  • Position and edit the graphics on the item
  • High-quality preview images of products
  • Add text for a quote

Once you’ve developed your product, you’ll just take orders, and Sellfy will take care of the rest. Every time you receive the order it’s delivered to production using Sellfy after which it is shipped to buyers around the world. You can also track the entire process by using an online tracking link.

There’s no cost to using Sellfy POD since it’s included in every plan. Only after the customer has placed an order with you. This means that the customer will pay you the retail price of the item before you have to pay any amount. You decide the amount you make by setting profits that you can earn on your own.

Customer Care

Customer Support for Sellfy is basic. There’s a contact page on the website , where you can submit inquiries for information or make suggestions for problems. If you’re able to figure your own problems to solve them, Sellfy has its own knowledge base.

The knowledge base contains numerous answers to frequently asked questions regarding managing your account, POD and getting started with selling online, collecting payments and much more. You can also use the search tool to assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

Sellfy Pricing

The Sellfy pricing system is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re offered an excellent method to sell all your online assets.

  • Starter – Pay $19 per month. The features include unlimited products, store customization, Discount codes and support up to 10k annual sales. Print on demand tools included in this kit, and assistance for downloads via digital media, subscriptions, as well as advanced tax and VAT setting. Users can gain access to domain connections and also access marketing tools such as email contact migration and have no transaction fee which makes it much easy to earn a profit through physical and digital products.
  • Enterprise:$39 per month or $468 annually billed. The Business package includes all the features of Starter as well as the option of a custom domain for your online store. You will receive discount coupons and printing on demand in addition to support for up to 50k annually in the sales of your product, abandoned cart emails with no branding from Sellfy, as well as 10,000 credit for email. Upselling on products is provided as the standard for small businesses. In addition to upsells, you are also able the option of migrating your existing template catalog of products and store templates from other websites like WordPress without difficulty.
  • Premium begins at $89 per month, or $1068 if you pay it annually. It includes everything you require to expand over Amazon selling, which includes assistance for up to $200k of sales. You can also connect your own domain to run your online business and get up to 50k email credits. It also offers priority support if you require assistance using your new ecommerce platform effectively to meet your business’s needs.

As with other ecommerce tools, such as BigCommerce or Wix, Sellfy also allows users to get in touch with the team in case you require expert assistance. Discounts on sales in high volume are offered for brands with larger sales.

Sellfy Integrations

Another element that can impact the total price of your premium subscription that includes Sellfy is the additional integrations you’d like to have. Pixels for Facebook and other social media tools let you monitor your sales across all social media. Additionally, you can use Google webhooks and analytics, or connect directly to Facebook chat or Patreon. There are over 500 third-party apps to choose from too.

Read the description of the product for every application you’re considering using prior to your decision so that you’re sure there aren’t any additional costs you have to know about. Keep in mind that Sellfy also offers a particular application for Wix.

Sellfy Support

The first section of support that is visible on the Sellfy website is the FAQ area. It assists with presale inquiries, but that’s all there is.

It’s a basic tool, which is why the Sellfy documentation is limited to about 30 or so items. It’s easy to find and you don’t need to worry about becoming overwhelmed.

The only method to reach Support directly to use contact via email. There is no support via phone However, you can be moved to the top of the line by signing up for the paid plan.

Along with blogs along with Facebook, Twitter, and a blog accounts, there are plenty of sites to get acquainted with the platform and reach out to the help desk.

Who Should Use Sellfy?

We suggest Sellfy to those operating more than five items. The trial for free will be more than enough for you to try the service out. Sellfy appears to be the best choice for sellers who have large digital libraries, who require extra tools to discount as well as PDF stamping and analytics.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to utilize Sellfy to sell digital products and would like to share your opinions in the comments section below.

Ending Thoughts on the Sellfy is a great solution to sell product files as well as other products online. Customers who sign up to the service will find it simple to use, similar to WooCommerce or Sound cloud and can accept payments via a variety of payment options, including Stripe as well as PayPal.

Sellfy can be used Sellfy to provide E-commerce and download links to customers around the globe and transform any site into an online web page that promotes your company. The embed function means that you don’t need to start creating a new website when there’s already a site that you’d like to expand on. It doesn’t come with any transaction costs to be concerned about and this means that more money will end in your pockets in the event that you’re selling on the internet.

There are limitations with Sellfy also, as you’ll see. Branding is included in the basic plan, which means you’ll have be able to pay for upgrades and more if are looking to build your own image as a brand. Many people consider the Sellfy program to be basic, with only a few credit for email marketing.

If, however, you’re new to selling online and are looking to start as soon as you can, Sellfy is a great option. It allows you to get online quickly, and create an impact on your customers without spending an enormous amount. Subscription discounts for long-term periods are great as well.

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