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Printify Vs Printful (Nov 2021) The Ultimate Print-on Demand Services Comparison

Get a closer look at the top two print-on demand services used by drop shippers.

Printify  vs Printful… Which is better?

It’s not easy to decide.

We’re asked frequently to write an in-depth overview and suggest the best platform to start an online business selling T-shirts.

Print-on-demand is a business model that appears to be taking a hit within the e-commerce industry. The data-backed figures reveal that the printing market for T-shirts alone is predicted to reach the $10 million mark in 2025.

It’s not a surprise that there’s hundreds perhaps thousands of new products coming to market that fit an POD-based model.

Absolutely, low expenses, huge mark-up possibilities as well as a the low barrier to entry are a few aspects which make the print-on demand model a great option for people who are looking to begin an e-commerce business.

It’s now simpler than ever before to print custom items like hoodies, drawstring bags or cushion covers with just a single click. To date, both Printify as well Printful have been regarded as the two most popular print-on demand services.

However, ultimately, this analysis will provide a crucial perspective of the advantages and drawbacks of each print-on demand solution.

To give you a brief overview.

This guide offers a complete description of how each platform performs in the marketplace. For a quick overview of the most important areas, we’ll take more in depth at the following factors that are highly productive:

  • User-Friendliness
  • Pricing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customer support
  • Print quality
  • Integrations

This sort of summarizes the information we’re going to look at on every platform. We’ll give credit where credit is due, and highlight the many pitfalls for Printful and Printify. Printful and Printify..

At the end of the day you’ll be able to determine what POD software is ideal for your soon-to-be online-based company.

However, before we offer the most in-depth information about these services, we need to clarify exactly what “print-on-demand” entails.

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on demand, as the name implies it’s an online fulfillment method in which the seller collaborates with a vendor to produce prints that are custom-designed according to an order.

The provider, which is predominantly an online print-on-demand company with an office and an online platform that is integrated with the drop shippers’ online selling channel. The seller can customize white label products that are sold under the brand of the seller or a pre-designed print style.

The items include T-shirts, caps leggings, totes as well as pillows, hoodies and curtains. The list could go on for a while.

Similar to drop shipping, this method lets you not hold any inventory or pay costs upfront until the product is delivered to the client. This is the ideal option to test an concept since it is minimal overheads and is a low obstacle to entry.

If you’ve cultivated an audience, whether naturally or via campaigns printing on demand can aid you in the monetization of your content.

It’s simpler to set up an income stream because you don’t need to manage fulfilling the process.

Let’s look at both options for a while to find the one that is best suited for beginners.

How Printful functions?

Printful operates production houses within Europe, the USA, Mexico, and Europe. The company has a broad geographic area to meet customer orders in a timely manner.

In order to begin it is necessary to register and link your store to Printful. What is the reason you should connect your store with Printful?

Here’s a hint.

In fact, it’s as accurate to refer to print-on-demand as other dropshipping technique. When you’re done with all your integrations, you’ll have to design your own products by using the mockup generator.

You may want to inquire what is the concept behind a mockup generator?

In the broadest sense the mockup generator works more of an image tool that can help create customized prints of your products. It can help you create incredible high-quality photos by using the templates that are suggested.

When you sign up with Printful You can go into any one of the categories, and select any item from its POD collection that you would like to put up to your online store. There are more than 200 items to pick from.

Printful’s high-selling categories:
  • Clothing: T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Leggings, Shorts, Tank tops, Polo shirts, Long sleeve shirts.
  • accessories: sticker, phone cases, bracelets, necklaces, and Bracelets.
  • Bags: Tote bags, Laptop cases, Drawstring bags, Backpacks, Fanny packs.
  • Home and Living Coffee mugs, blankets pillows, posters, Pillows Bean bags, Canvas prints Beach towels, Embroidered Aprons.
  • Collections: Sportswear, Streetwear, Workwear, Beachwear.

There’s a vast collection of products that you can post in your dropshipping store. Printful offers customers a multi-fold approach because of its vast variety of customizable branding options.

After you have put your mockups together Printful lets you upload all of the designs into your store. Next, you need to market your products to your targeted public and then be patient for the automated order feature to kick in.

Printful prints, packs and delivers all orders placed by your customers through your store. The drop shipper must cover the shipping costs after an order has been fulfilled.

This takes you free of the task of designing a design for a printed product and delivering orders to your clients.

This means that two concurrent transactions occur every time a client places the purchase of a print-on demand product. The first step is to formulate a pricing equation to determine your margins of profit. This makes it much simpler to establish the most competitive prices for the products you list.

The following transaction, that is charged by Printful charges the customer, is used to purchase the product and pay for fees for fulfillment.

That’s all.

It’s that easy. Right?

Here’s a guide to Printful’s overall performance:

Printful Review High Quality Printing as well as Dropshipping.


Printify’s workings

Printify attempts to make the ordering process as easy as it is possible.

Similar to its top rival, Printify uses a mockup generator that eases the burden of designing prints. It is easy to Drag and Drop tools which are incredibly helpful to those who are just beginning.

For creating an 3D professional image of your product, Printify has all sorts of color options that you could think of. It also has a huge catalog of products available to use.

The POD service collaborates with brands and designers which use state-of-the latest technology to improve quality of the products.

Printify sort these print-on demand gurus in accordance with their bestselling status locations, prices, and location. Thus, selecting the most suitable printer to complete your orders is an essential aspect to the success of your POD Dropshipping company.

The vast selection of items is comparable to its competition. Prints can be customized with designs to appear on merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies cups, mugs as well as leggings and more.

The choice to choose your preferred supplier is advantageous for both parties; your company and your customers. As a Dropshipping company you are able to secure your brand’s credibility by choosing the right print company.

You can request samples. This lets you feel and assess firsthand the quality of the product and design. If you’re happy with the products you’ve seen, go further and include the range of items in your store.

As expected, Printify will handle the entire fulfillment process. In order to break from the area of deficit Printify’s print-on-demand service guarantees to not fall short of all order management needs.

When you sell make sure that quality control is up to date and that you have a record of each and every item.

All that’s left to you to choose is the strategy for marketing. Regarding its manner of operation is concerned it appears that Printify follows the same direction that its competition does.

Below is a more detailed post-thought about Printify’s capabilities:

Review of Printify: An Easy and Fast Method of Making Prints Using Your Designs.

Winner The tie is. The user-friendly interface both Printful as well as Printify is equally helpful for users who are just beginning their journey.


Printify Versus Printful Pricing

There is always a major change in pricing when it comes down to selecting the best option. As a middleman, must consider the possibility of a POD channel being economical.

It allows you to build momentum as you maximize the profit margin that could be earned.

You’ll be pleased or, if you’d rather being comfortable, reassured that both businesses are open about their pricing. There aren’t any hidden charges. You can rely on this fact. New users don’t have to have to pay for a subscription on their platform.

Both printing solutions are able to determine the needs of their customers in the near future. This means that they don’t require any subscription or membership fees.

Pricing plans for Printful’s services

If you’re looking to market white-label items, Printful has an affordable cost for all your requirements. It is possible to request inside labels to be placed on any POD item you plan to sell.

A label on the inside usually includes the garment’s dimensions, the details about the material, as well as the label of the manufacturer, or logo.

With print-on demand, you have the option of personalizing the label with your company’s name. Printful charges $2.49 per label. This is a tried and tested marketing technique used by the majority of businesses to help make their brand known to the world.

In order to build genuine client loyalty may need to establish the budget for inside labels. The technical side of it is quite simple. You can select an appropriate label template and modify it to match your branding.

Printful also offers other services. Printful provides to drop shippers are:

  • Outside label – $2.49 per label
  • Long Sleeve Print- $ 5.95 per Sleeve
  • Short Sleeve Prints Price: 2.49 per sleeves
  • Embroidered logos- $2.95 per additional location

Printful lets you create the design that shows your company’s logo and print it onto packaging slips for no cost. Many sellers make use of this service to improve a customer relationship, provide discounts and even introduce new products within the market already in existence.

For packs-ins like business cards, flyers, and stickers, you’ll have for $0.75 per package. You can choose to pay this cost to advertise your product.

You can observe every customization has the cost.

So , how much money am still left with?

This is a security concern for any drop shipper that prints on demand. If you look at the positive aspect, Printful gives you pricing strategies that have tested and proven to be effective.

There’s an Profit calculator to aid you in finding the most efficient margins of profit. It will show you the amount to anticipate in net profit per item sold.

Although there are no limitations on prices, Printful recommends a 30 per cent minimal profit margin. Printful gives discounts for volume orders to customers after they have reached a certain number of sales in a month.

Printify’s pricing plans for printing

Printify offers three distinct plans. In each package, the drop shipper is granted access to the following features:

  • A sophisticated mockup generator.
  • Connecting with sellers channels, such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, among other eCommerce cart solutions.
  • Live support for 27/7
  • Create manual orders.
Free plan

Printify suggests this option to any merchant that is just starting their Dropshipping company. There’s no limit to the quantity of product designs you’d like to add to your store online.

The free account lets users to connect with five POD dropshipping stores. There’s nothing else to count on with this account. It’s true that the cost of living is never easy.

Premium plan

If you’re looking to expand your business more it is the best package for you to put your money into. It’s perfect for businesses who have multiple stores as it’s able to handle 10. Printify costs monthly for $29 for the premium plan.

The drop shipper package is among most well-known because the drop shipper receives up to 20 percent discount on all purchased items.

Another benefit to think about is that this plan lets you offer personalized items within your store. It’s not included in the basic plan.

Enterprise plan

For the fulfillment of more than 10,000 orders daily, you’ll need to select the most expensive package. The seller gets a customized API integration that doesn’t restrict to the amount of merchants that you integrate your account with.

It has a dedicated team of customer service to assist the seller in overcoming any issues. Printify quickly keeps all customers of the enterprise plan informed about any new features they incorporate into the platform.

WinnerPrintify. Printify’s price is significantly lower. However, the pricing isn’t clear established. Printiful has categorizes all its services in this manner( labels, in-labels).

Printify Vs Printful: Printful Integrations

Both platforms provide APIs that help merchants connect to large e-commerce platforms.

Printful and Printify are able to integrate Printify and Printful can be integrated with Shopify or WooCommerce Selling channels. Printful offers a more extensive integration options than Printify, which is its competitor. It also syncs with other platforms, including:

  • Squarespace
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • Ecwid
  • PrestaShop
  • Big Cartel
  • Gumroad
  • Magneto
  • 3rdcart
  • Launch Cart.
  • Wix

Printify’s premium plan connects to two marketplaces: Etsy as well as eBay. Printful, on the other hand, Printful makes headway for other marketplaces for listing of products like Amazon, Storenvy, Inktale, Wish, and Bonanza.

If you’re looking to begin selling your print-on-demand items on E-commerce platforms, Printful recommends Shopify, Etsy, Ecwid and BigCommerce as they are easy to set up. The API helps automate the process of fulfilling orders and the application is available at the mentioned stores.

If you’re looking to make use of an enterprise-focused channel, such as Magneto It is worth hiring an expert developer to assist you start your POD store.


Printify or Printful? Shipping and Fulfillment costs

If the shipping process takes a long time your company is at risk of falling in slowing sales. Printful provides in depth, how the whole fulfillment process operates.

The process starts right when an order is placed. Printful estimates that it will take anywhere from 2-7 business days to produce garments, and 2- 5 business days to make other products.

When it comes to shipping, it is contingent on the location where the item needs to be delivered to. In general, Printful suggests that it could take around four business days. Printful has achieved its goal of more than 3 million customers every year through collaboration with international carriers.

The listed shipping options are FedEx, DHL, as well as DPD. The company provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to calculate the cost of shipping.

Print products like T-shirts, long sleeves and crop tops as well as tank tops, these are the items your customers need to pay for shipping:

The first product

  • USA: $3.99
  • Europe: $4.39
  • Canada: $6.49
  • Australiaor New Zealand: $6.99
  • Worldwide: $5.99

Additional product

  • USA: $1.25
  • Europe: $1.09
  • Canada: $1.25
  • Australiaor New Zealand: $1.25
  • Worldwide: $1.25

You may decide to let your customer calculate the cost of shipping at the time of checkout, or to include shipping in the price of your product. cost. Customs charges may also be applicable according to the location in which your customer’s situated.

Printify also delivers orders through top carriers. Printify also has a partnership together with local fulfillment firms to help drop shippers who sell products from all over the globe. Some of these services are however, slightly higher.

Printify’s shipping solutions Printify require longer time to ship international orders because they do not have as many fulfillment centers. Here’s a breakdown of time to ship:


  • USA: 7-15 business days
  • Canada: 10- 15 business days
  • International 10- 30 days

Printify does not give much insight into the time it takes to produce an item. Printful however provides real-time updates to the shipping costs during the checkout.

To mix both the negative and the positive, Printify offers a faster solution for retailers that use Shopify’s Advanced Shopify plan.


Printful is a page that provides full transparency regarding the entire delivery and fulfillment process. Printify isn’t designed to handle international transactions.

Printify Versus Printful: Customer Support

Printful offers a rich-colored method of engaging with their customers on the most nimble level. The company provides an onboarding session for every new user for free.

The blog section of the site is rich and provides valuable tips on running an effective print-on-demand company. You can call them or start a chat or send them an email.

With Printify there’s an assistance center that includes posts on topics that are important to you, such as integrations, troubleshooting, product payment, as well as mockup designs.

They also have a lucrative blog with advice on design trends, marketing and stories of success. What makes it fall behind Printful is that it doesn’t have 24/7 live support.

There’s been a lot of mixed opinions on the internet about the Printful‘s customer service. We have a group of users who has a positive opinion of the print-on-demand service due to its responsive dashboard , while other groups complain that its customer support isn’t quick enough to respond to any urgent questions from its customers.

Winner: Tie. Both have equally winnings and evident weaknesses.

Printify vs Printful: All Features

Which of them is the leader? Let’s find out.

Printful is organized which categorizes its services clearly. Printful’s online photography service is a unique option that’s not offered by other print-on-demand companies.

If you require high-resolution photos to create your brand’s image, Printful has got you covered. As we mentioned earlier in this guide to comparison Printful also provides discounts on bulk orders.

For items that must be photographed and delivered, Printful gives a 20 percent discount. This sounds like a great deal. Printful stocks already-designed samples which means you don’t have to wait long to get images of your items.

Printful also offers same-day fulfillment on orders placed before noon , thanks to its automated order processing system. One of the best features is its pricing calculator , which allows users to set retail pricing.

Contrary to that, Printify racks up with a wide selection of its products. In contrast Printify is a hit with regards to graphic design services. Printful offers designs for business branding as well as promotional products and accessories.

The company showcases the work of their designers and their professional graphic design team in-house to their customers on their official website.


Printify vs. Printful: Product quality and designs

It was a difficult aspect to determine. Therefore, I decided to conduct some internet research and find some reviews written by users.

Printful has shown a keen attention to finding the best designs for its products on the market. Printify however is a more conventional company with a long-standing print-on-demand product like hoodies and T-shirts.

There’s nothing wrong with this. However that having a wide selection of trendy products can go quite a ways.

When you look at the online comments, Printful looks more convincing in terms of creating merchandise and increasing the trust of customers in the brand.

The tiny reviews I managed to collect about the quality of the product happens to place Printful in the top spot as an more superior choice.

The majority of complaints are about Printify’s printing quality. Some of their clothing products wear off and crack in an extremely short period of time. What might cause this phenomenon may be due to the fact Printify serves as an intermediary.

Literary doesn’t actually print their own. They rather source this service from third-party businesses, which isn’t the case with their main rival. Printful has invested a lot in warehouses, printing equipment as well as graphic design.

With this type structure, it’s simpler to maintain the product in their quality.


Printful vs Printify Print Aura

Print Aura is much less efficient when compared Printify and Printify or Printful. It is a departure from the majority of the print-on demand merchants’ requirements.

The site appears static, which can be a little off when we imagine the urgent necessity to use an efficient and user-friendly POD service. If there was no savvy platform, it could impede the entire fulfillment process of orders by a significant amount.

The standard shipping process for the purchase of a T-shirt from Print Aura only takes between three to five business days within the US. If we compare these three companies according to speed of delivery It’s obvious Print Aura is the fastest. Print Aura takes a narrow advantage.

Its mockup tool is however, not the ideal combination for printing custom. In addition, the page for the design tool isn’t designed to load quickly. Printify and Printful have taken care of this vital performance indicator.

I’d suggest Print Aura for a novice who is in need of an introductory punchline for selling basic print designs. The capacity to scale is poor and the print designs are not as appealing as Printful’s. Printful.

Another issue you might be able to overlook with this print-on demand service is its mockup maker. On the Print Aura landing page, they do not discuss how they use their mockup tool.

Although it is useful, new users may have a difficult time trying to navigate through technical complexities.

You might see the selling of your name as a goal that is within your reach, however you may be missing out on the additional degree of precision in workflow that Printful and Printify Printful and Printify both have.

Printify like the other two POD websites offers the option to upgrade to an advanced plan. In contrast, Printful is the only service that offers a wide production network. Drop shippers are able to choose a artist of their preference. This is not the case with the two cases Printify or Print Aura.

Printful Compares to Printify vs Teelaunch

The three options at a minimum have one thing they share. They all offer a transparent customer service system.

There’s a ‘out out of sight’ truth regarding Teelaunch. It’s intended to work for Shopify customers. Teelaunch has a small share in the market for print-on-demand because it’s not as well-known than the two other captains of the print-on demand model.

However, Teelaunch has unique products that are difficult to find in other marketplaces. It is possible to sell unique printed items like brand-name shower curtains, power banks, UV printed bracelets, monogrammed gloves for kids journals, hardcovers for journals pet bowls, jewelry containers and many more.

Out of the three print-on-demand options I’d rate Printful as the most efficient in terms of branding designs and quality. Teelaunch is a brand newcomer to the dropshipping market has plenty of things to get caught up on.

To be the level at which Printful currently stands it is necessary to spend more money on fulfillment centers. Because Printful boasts more fulfillment centers in the US which means they can offer less time in shipping compare to Teelaunch.

If Teelaunch is able to improve to improve their lead time the company would be on the same page with its rivals. However, this would necessitate Teelaunch to establish an internal team to handle all of their fulfillment needs.

They currently outsource this service, which gives the POD company a better control of the quality of its products as well as a rapid turnaround times.

If we do a head-to-head comparison of the user-friendliness the three companies appear to be user-friendly for newbies. All three have a high-quality image when it comes to the user-friendliness aspect.

Regarding pricing, Teelaunch gives the drop shipper a better markup, but they do not forget the quality element of all their printed designs.

Printful is a great service.

  • Printful offers a wide range of different products to utilize
  • Does it have an automated order fulfillment system
  • Integrates with the major marketplaces and shopping cart channels.
  • It comes with a rapid turnaround time.
  • Centrally-located fulfillment sites. Printful operates warehouses across Los Angeles, North Carolina, Latvia, and Mexico. They’re planning to open a second facility in Spain. Since they offer in-house printing drop shippers are able to sell their products worldwide and deliver orders on time.
  • The user experience is top-quality.
  • Excellent quality of the products
  • Printful has a significant customer base in Europe, the US and Europe

What’s not to love about Printful?

  • While the quality of its products are way ahead of the competition, Printful‘s products are priced a little high. It is worth researching your customers’ preferences to find out the amount they’re willing invest in custom-branded items.

What are the best things about Printify

  • You can select your preferred printing service
  • Flexible pricing model
  • Over 200 different products to choose from
  • They are also a bit less expensive

What’s not to like about Printify

  • A few integrations
  • The branding services are small
  • The quality of its prints is often changing


Printful vs Printify- Final Verdict

It’s exciting to observe how print-on-demand items have seen an upward trendline in drop-shipping models.

This comparison is great for businesses that aren’t just looking for the best way to begin the print-on-demand industry but would like to begin using a high-quality POD provider.

Although both have their own selling points to be considered, quality of product is the most important aspect that allows a brand to increase sales.

Based on the data we’ve provided in this article there’s no doubt it’s true that Printful is a clear advantage over Printify..

Printful is a king in the game of printing-on-demand. It was founded in 2013, while its rival is two years older.

In a real-world context, Printful has a quicker shipping method and superior quality print, which, in essence, is a fantastic bargain for dropshippers.

Because the majority of customers are focused on the quality of your print, it is essential to ensure consistency for each print order. There is no better solution in terms of print quality than Printful.

So, every platform comes with its advantages and cons. You should therefore explore each of the POD platforms to determine which one is the best fit for your dropshipping requirements.

To get there the easiest way it is best to browse the internet, run an analysis of market trends, request samples, or, even better, try both alternatives independently.

It’s not expensive to incorporate each of the POD services into your dropshipping business. In this way, you’ll be able to determine more about which one is to help your online store more bankable by retaining customers.

If you are looking for nothing more than quality and customer satisfaction, Printful has an unbeatable strategy to use.

In the end, Printful takes the lead.

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