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How to Get an appropriate name that will be suitable for Your Online Store

A compelling and memorable brand name to your store can give you an advantage in the current digital environment. The correct brand name or company name is among your most important assets your business could have. Not only does it distinguish your company from the other businesses your clients is able to find using their preferred search engine and also showcases your personality as a brand.

A unique name will stand out to the people you want to reach, providing more depth to your company, as well as increasing your chance of growing. A well-chosen name could make it easier to build a relationship with your clients, encouraging them to contribute to the growth of your business through the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

But, there’s more to choosing the perfect brand name than simply typing some words into a name generator. If you’re looking to be noticed on the internet then you’ll need names that are brand-able appealing, engaging, and meaningful. Here are a few the suggestions can be used to create memorable titles and an amazing website name to promote your store online.

The Benefits of a Name that is Great

Have you ever noticed how the term “Google” has gradually become an accepted term for “search in the web”?

It’s become so routine that people are getting off with seemingly contradictory remarks such as “let me search this “on Yahoo.”

Admit it. We’ve all been there at one point or another.

In retrospect, the conflict in the battle between Google and Yahoo was one that spans over 10 years. It was fought on many fronts as both giants fought to be the dominant player on this World Wide Web.

However, despite the increased efforts from both rivals the one is worth $581 billion and is in the race for $1 trillion and the other just barely hanging onto dear lives in the range of the bare minimum of $68 billion.

Hold it there! What went wrong?

There are plenty of inventive technical techniques Google has employed to put its company over Yahoo. However, as the latter also has its own team of highly skilled engineers, it will be simple to modify and restore isn’t it?

Theoretically, this would seem reasonable. Buthere’s the thing. Google is the main preferred choice because, among other reasons, it’s the name that’s proven to be impossible to match.

Perhaps Yahoo might have had better in the event that Google kept its initial title “Back Rub“. However, the Google co-founders Larry as well as Sergey have always displayed an exceptional ability to use words. They realized at an early age that this name simply wouldn’t be enough.

Imagine what awkward “Backrub the meaning” could be to your workplace.

So , during the brainstorming process they decided to try out “Googol” which is basically a one digit “1” and one hundred zeroes. Two of the most fundamental digital data units. A brilliant idea to put it mildly.

This is the next intriguing aspect.

While checking the availability of the name on the internet the mistake was that they entered “Google” rather than Google. Then boom! The rest of the story is over.

A name for a business, in fact is the most essential component of an online store’s brand. It is the mainstay of the 10 seconds that it takes to give an impression on potential leads.

It’s not a surprise that the psychology of semantics has proved this over and over. The structure and vocabulary of your business name will determine the subsequent reactions it generates.

The problem is that choosing the right name isn’t that easy. If you happen to stumble across one, will it be suitable to appeal to your intended audience?

To aid you in the entire process Here are some helpful guidelines for locating the ideal one.

Let’s get fired up!

Keep it simple, easy and Short

Our brains were blank slates at the time of our birth. The major component of our subsequent learning process was developing vocabulary. In the early years we knew about 10,000 words, an amount which grew over twofold by the time we reached adulthood.

This process is not only about receiving words and letters like computers. Every word was processed in our subconscious, and our minds have formed a certain perception of specific names.

This is the entire concept that lies behind the implicit-association test. Although we may not realize that our brains have established positive and negative associations regarding certain words.

In the end it is possible to find names that sound nice and welcoming. Some names will cause you to think “huh? What’s the! Ok, next!”

According to the results of a customer Thermometer research that surveyed individuals across the U.S., 65% of people have emotional ties to brands. The subconscious associations with brands along with other factors were always important factors.

However, one thing is for certain…

A name won’t be welcoming enough if it’sn’t simple and concise.

The quicker your customers absorb your company’s name, the faster they’ll remember it, which in turn means the greater your chance of attracting returning customers.

The key is to start by using words that they are already familiar with. A native speaker of adulthood knows 25,000-35,000 words. That’s plenty of options of words to pick from.

Below is a breakdown of various categories that can help determine the population you’re looking for.

A name that is not well-known or complicated On the other hand can end up being exactly like Mississippi. The name originally came from an Ojibwe term “misi-ziibi“. However, we later came up with an even more complicated word due to the fact that the name itself was not easy to remember.

In your instance the unfortunate thing is that people don’t bother to come up with new words. If they don’t know the term, they’ll go to the next competitor.

Should be Synonymous with Your Micro Niche

If you’ve never even spent any time using social networks, you’d have an concept as to exactly what “Instagram” is about based on the name.

If that proves difficult, at the very least you can make an uninformed guess as to “Facebook” and “LinkedIn”.

I, for example, wasn’t aware that Snapchat existed until 2012. My children were able to beat me at it. The app’s logo did nothing to help as it only put me off more.

Perhaps a bell? Maybe an alarm app? I then looked up this name again…aha!

This is pretty much the reason they didn’t feel it was essential to add the “about our company” webpage in their main website.

Instagram however is essentially a combination of “insta” to “instant” and “gram” in “telegram”. In truth it’s not that easy to understand. This explains why Facebook just played around with different features however, they kept the name in place after it acquired the application.

That’s the power of picking an identity that is synonymous with your Micro-niche of ecommerce.

Consider it this approach.

According to the data of Tony Haile from Chartbeat According to the chartbeat’s Tony Haile visitors to your website will go out within the first fifteen seconds. This means only a small percentage of them will be able to spend the time needed to look around on your “About Us” page.

It only makes sense to begin passing on messages right from the beginning and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Utilize Generators to Get Inspiration

Finding compelling names for your business isn’t an easy task. If you’re trying to make your online store stand out, you’ll have to think outside the box of generic names such as “Top Computers” or “Carol’s Candy”. The ideal name for your online store is one that appeals to both search engines as well as the people you want to attract. The problem is, most of the top names for small-scale businesses are already taken.

The fact that there are thousands of businesses means that if you’re looking to increase your odds of success by using great name for your business, you may require a little assistance. A name generator for companies or a free online business name generator will assist you in figuring the list of possible names, so that you can make an educated decision about the name of your eCommerce business. These tools employ keywords as well as essential information about your business to provide suggestions for names which are appropriate for potential customers as well as you.

Some of the possible company name generator choices you could consider are:

  • Generator of business names for Shopify Shopify is among the most useful tools available online for any eCommerce company for a variety of reasons. In addition to accepting payments and establishing stores using Shopify it is also possible to utilize the system to locate good business names, too.
  • WerdMerge Free company name generator which mixes several terms from your SEO strategy into a unique name that is brandable for your company.
  • Name thingy  is a website created for the start-up company that is struggling to come up with a name for their online venture. The site may not be able to provide you with the perfect name at first however, it can give you some helpful names that you can utilize to help guide your team.
  • Namelix: A no-cost and simple AI-powered business name generator. Enter a few particular keywords that you have chosen from your SEO strategy it will then spit out store names you can choose from in just a few minutes.
  • Business Name Generator It is a site that does exactly what it states on the label. It allows you to type keywords relevant to your business in the search bar then the program will produce unique name suggestions which you can then add to your list of brainstorming ideas.

It is important to note that there are a few catchy names you can create using the help of a name generator for businesses will be suitable for your customers or the people you want to attract. It is important to review your list of suggestions carefully after having taken a look at a number of options to discover a name that communicates the persona you’d like to portray for your online store.

But, using a free business name generator to have access to more ideas could be the secret to locating the right name faster. If you don’t, it could serve as a source of inspiration for your team as you begin the brainstorming process.

Be unique and original

Okay, we’ve decided that the perfect corporate name for your business should be professional simple, concise, and pertinent to your micro-segment.

Let’s cut to the chase

Doesn’t that translate into a boring normal name?

Not at all. There is no doubt regarding this procedure. The name you know is familiar however it doesn’t have to be boring.

It all comes down to your ability to think creatively around these two frequently misunderstood characteristics.

Think of “Amazon” for example. In the past, it was merely a reference to a well-known forests that was located in South America. It was then that Bezos was born and it became a brand. The familiar, yet refreshingly insightful and unique.

In the event that you fail to be unique, you can result in your business suffering the same fate of a small time eatery in Korea that was previously known as “Louis Vuiton DAK”.

Of course, lots of people believe that the designer brand Louis Vuitton would never bother with the smallest of fry. They would also assume that these established brands use large corporations which pose a serious danger.

But we shouldn’t forget how their vast workforces typically include full-time in-house lawyers. They are also not directly involved in marketing and production, the legal professionals could search the web looking for new opportunities each time they’re bored.

It was the Korean restaurant was a attractive target since it had the fortitude of even adopting the logo of the designer. In the end, the original Vuitton was able to win the International Trademark infringement case which forced the restaurant to change its name the name to “chaLouisvui Tondak”. However, the name, as it turns out was not enough, and the proprietor was fined of $125,000.

The key lies in…

The name doesn’t have to be identical for it to trigger a legal action. If it tastes or even smells similar to another registered company, you’ll be called as a copycat. That’s enough to make you feel bad and adds to the chance of hearing from lawyers who are hungry.

Just like that and you’re done.

Find out How To Verify your Trademarks

When you’ve got a large choice of store names to pick from, and you’re thinking you’re ready to choose the perfect brand name to launch your eCommerce business, take an instant. Before you start researching branding and SEO, as well as the creation of your website, you’ll need be sure that the name is secure to use.

As previously mentioned, excellent business names only work when they’re unique. So ensure that you are aware of the ways to verify whether names are already used before you begin building your online store. There are plenty of fantastic sources available to assist you. There’s the United States Patent and Trademark Office is the first stop to visit for assistance when you need to ensure that your name isn’t already used.

Keep in mind that just because you’ve come across your name using a name generator for companies like Shopify isn’t a guarantee that the name you’ve picked is necessarily accessible for free. Shopify and other name generators may be able to suggest names already used. Before purchasing your first domain, or shelling on your credit card for a name that is ideal for your company look into other sources like Trademarkia. Also, determine if your company’s name is accessible on social media as well. Imagine if a firm like Apple owned its top-level domain but didn’t have the correct Instagram tag to post information online?

Namechk is a site that you can check URLS, social handles as well as domain name names, to make sure that the name you want to use is actually available for use.

Run Your Name Past your Team

After you’ve confirmed that your ideal name isn’t already used elsewhere there’s another step you must make sure you do prior to making use of your credit cards. Be aware that it’s easy to become caught in the haze of selecting a name that is suitable for a brand new business. It’s easy to focus on a name that you like but not recognizing that others must be able to recognize and respect your business name, too. Keep this in mind when you are considering your business name it is important to not spend money on business name ideas until you’ve vetted them by your team members too.

Get together all the individuals who are part of your online business team including your logo designer as well as your marketing experts as well as your sales team and even your key stakeholders and target market. Give them a list your top catchy names, and then ask them to vote for the name they believe is the most appropriate to your business. This is the perfect opportunity to ask for candid opinions on the domain name that’s likely be the deciding factor for an online business.

Your team should evaluate the business name suggestions in light of:

  • What is it to say” Your small-scale business name isn’t just pretty on paper. The most effective names are also easy to use and also share. Take a look at names like Apple as well as Shopify for example. They’re not only sweet and short but they also slip across the lips.
  • Meaning Do you and your employees understand the reasons you’ve picked the name of your business? What is it saying about your company and the products or services you provide? Do you see a hint of your brand’s character in the name? Will it be possible to communicate with potential customers by using this name?
  • Design is it capable of changing your attractive names into something that’ll appear attractive in a logo? A long or complex name is not likely to be well-suited for the form of a logo or icon for an app in the future.
  • SEO Does it attract the search engines? Is your domain name simple to read and locate? Do you have a lot of terms that can make your domain appear unnatural or is it close enough to your targeted sector so that you can gain access to a greater variety of visitors?
  • Longevity: Is your name too specific? A name that is focused on a specific item or place could prevent your business from expanding into the future. Don’t stop your eCommerce company back by using names that are too narrow. Make sure the attractive names you pick will allow you the chance to expand.
  • Domain accessibility Do you possess the appropriate domain extension? If you’re determining if your domain name is available for use, it is important to make sure that the name you want to brand is accompanied by a .com domain. If you don’t own an .com domain, you may be unable to compete on the internet and reach the right people.
The Perfect Name for Your Company

There’s more to developing the ideal brand image for your business other than investing in the perfect logo or creating an easy-to-use web site. Making the perfect name for your small business is the way to ensure that you distinguish yourself from the rest on the internet and bring the right people to your business.

When choosing the best name for your company can be a difficult and complicated task, choosing the right name is one that your business and its brand cannot be able to afford to compromise on. Without a name that is appropriate to describe your brand, you’ll be unable to get noticed in the field you’re working in and especially at a time where the world of technology is getting more complex and overloaded.

Do not hurry in the course of selecting the ideal name. You want something that is brand-able and easily accessible and memorable, distinctive, and full of significance. If you are able to decide to pick an appealing name that connects to your customers the possibilities for your business will be endless.

Have fun sampling different possible names.

You may be required to come up with a myriad of ideas however, you’ll be able find the perfect one with these suggestions. Don’t forget to look for names from other sources.

Also, we are awestruck by stories about business naming and branding. Don’t forget to share your story in the comments section. We’d love to know the story behind the idea behind your company’s name.

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