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Dropshipping on Shopify: How to Do It A 6 Step Guide to Dropshipping on Shopify

9 Simple Steps to begin dropshipping with Shopify with the top dropshipping tools

The majority of us are looking to move into the realm of E-commerce Do not have the time, money or space to produce or store and then deliver goods to customers. Starting your own business is an excellent idea but it’s costly if you have to begin completely from the beginning.

If you’re able to identify to this, you’ll find that dropping shipping is the ideal option for you. Dropshipping is a great business model to alleviate all the common issues that accompany managing your own online shop. Dropshipping is a business model that allows you’ll be able to forget all the usual hassles that come with the creation of your online shop. All you require is a stunning website and the correct Shopify application that allows you to cost-effectively deliver your products to clients all around the globe.

Now that we’ve (hopefully) got your attention and enticed you to take a review our step-by-step instructions on how to dropship with Shopify

Before we begin, here’s our summary of the top five of Shopify’s dropshipping businesses available:

Five of the top Shopify dropshipping tools:

Dropshipping business Pricing Editor’s rating
Try Oberlo
  • Free
Oberlo Review
Try Printful
  • Free
Printful Review
Try Spocket
  • Free Up to 25 items
  • $29/month Up to 2500 items,
  • $69/month Unlimited products
Spocket Examen
Try Printify
  • $ 0 / mo – 5 stores per account
  • $ 29 / mo – 10 stores per account
  • Prices that you can customize for more than 10k monthly sales
Reviews of Printify
Modalyst Free A 5% transaction charge of up to items

$35/month – A 5% transaction cost of up to items

$90/month $5 transaction fee and unlimited products

Modalyst Review


Dropshipping on Shopify with Table of Contents:

What exactly is Dropshipping?

To begin, we must clarify what dropshipping is actually. We briefly discussed it in the introduction but for those who aren’t familiar about the process dropping shipping is exactly what it is.

It is obvious that you require an online store set up and running. However, when you finally achieve that crucial sale, dropshipping can take all the burden of completing an eCommerce business purchase off your shoulders. That is, you don’t need to purchase stocks, or stock, then ship the product to the customer. The other person handles all the work for you.

Instead of being responsible for the order, the request from the customer is passed to a third-party (i.e. your supplier). They will then ship and deliver the item direct to the customer.

It means that you don’t need to handle the product and only pay for the items you’re selling — win-win! Dropshipping is a great option because there are no huge cost upfront that normally comes from purchasing and keeping large quantities in inventory that you can sell. Sometimes, your products come from a well-known source like Alibaba or Amazon, but often they’ll come from places that are close to your home.

Picking the right dropshipping service is crucial to not only providing the quality your customers expect and expect, but also ensuring that you’re able to offer the correct range of products as well. Furthermore, selecting a reliable dropshipping service also means you won’t have to worry about unhappy customers who complain that they haven’t received their goods in a timely manner. Make sure you select a supplier that is able to offer quick delivery times.

The pros and cons of Dropshipping:

Before you decide to make a commitment to something similar to Shopify dropshipping, it is important to determine if dropshipping is the right choice for you. Dropshipping is an excellent instrument for building your web presence, and it comes with a simple structure, and is a cost efficient method of building the foundation of an online store. But, it’s not suitable for every person. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration.


  • Dropshipping permits you to market products in any way you want and build an individual portfolio for you, and selecting the best suppliers to collaborate with. It is possible to spend your time and money on trendy items , or pick products that are suitable for specific markets.
  • There are many tools and products to assist you along the way to becoming a dropshipper Some of them offer a longer-term free trial. If you require assistance you can find dropshipping guidance posts that will make sure you have everything you require to start your journey.
  • Since dropshipping is becoming more common and more companies are taking part. Shopify assures you that you’ve got the features required to dropship using Oberlo However, you may find other support from retailers too.
  • Dropshipping costs to start are lower than the costs are for opening other kinds of store. You do not have to spend money on storage space or equipment and you pay for the products you need in the event of an order.
  • Dropshipping is risk-free and less because you can alter the inventory of your products at any point and you don’t need to be concerned about losing thousands of dollars in inventory or not signing agreements with suppliers.
  • Fulfillment is no longer an issue since it’s not a burden to do the process yourself. Choose a provider that has the highest shipping efficiency and they’ll take care of everything for you. They can even manage packaging.
  • Dropshipping allows you to concentrate more with your customers and creating a brand that is memorable and spend less time the exhausting process of fulfillment. Dropshipping is also available through sites such as Amazon.
  • There’s no limit to what you can possibly sell using a dropshipping account. Suppliers are available for nearly all kinds of products which means you can broaden your offerings however you like. You could even opt to begin with printing on demand products if having fun with your ideas.


  • Dropshipping is a difficult way to establish your business and establish an established presence in your field. While Shopify can assist you in making your business be noticed with a stylish website, you’ll offer the identical goods that other businesses.
  • Dealing with wholesalers using such things as AliExpress dropshipping can be a bit risky. It is possible that you will encounter suppliers who don’t provide a high-quality product. Or, you may be struggling getting your products to your customers in time.
  • If you manage an Shopify dropshipping company there’s no control over the supply chain and the products. It’s hard to monitor things like the quality of your materials and the speed of delivery because you’re not accountable for the fulfillment aspect of the process.
  • Profit margins tend to be small when you’re competing against several other businesses. Because you’re selling the same items as others and you’re being caught in an “race to the lowest” for pricing and you’re always pricing to the point where it’s impossible to make profit.
  • The scalability of your business is limited by dropshipping, as the quantity of products you are able to sell and the destinations you can deliver these products depend on the vendors you select to partner with. If you pick the wrong suppliers , you’ll be limited to what you’re able to do.
  • Even though you’re not managing the fulfillment portion of your business Your customers are bound to be accountable when something goes wrong. Because getting feedback from your suppliers can be a challenge It can be difficult to provide a high-quality service that will get you top reviews on the internet.

Dropshipping can be an effective option for many companies looking to start their journey in the world of digital. Store owners can start to import products and offering great products to clients around the world. There are some restrictions to dropshipping as well especially if you wish to establish a brand that is memorable and make your mark in the market. Be sure to think about the benefits and drawbacks of dropshipping prior to deciding to take the plunge into this model of business.

Why Shopify Dropshipping? What is it? Shopify Dropshipping work?

If you’ve conducted any research about dropshipping you’ve probably encountered the e-commerce giant known as Shopify. It is among the most popular platforms used by merchants.


It’s because:

Drop shipping-friendly. It easily integrates with a myriad of dropshipping options, such as Oberlo, Printful, Spocket, Dropified, — just to mention just a few (But I’ll get into these later):

You can create more than one user: If you have an entire team, don’t worry. Shopify allows multiple users to use one account. So, be assured that your team will be able to assist with any dropshipping business!

With a wealth of easy-to-use features as well as features Apart from the online store builder, Shopify also comes with a wealth of features to help you handle your marketing and sales tasks as well as customer payment. It is among Shopify’s many advantages which make it a great choice for novice online merchants.

boasts an easy-to-use user interface. All you have to do is go through a few the Shopify critiques to get a feel of how easy and user-friendly this service is. Despite the vast number of options, Shopify isn’t an intimidating piece of software to work with. It actually is a great tool for providing the most of Shopify to novice users.

With the help of a Shopify dropshipping shop, you’ll quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively access all the tools you require to begin shipping your products to customers all over the globe. It’s much easier than setting your store on eBay since you don’t need to store any of your own online business items.

All you require to start is an online presence, a concept of what you would like to offer and a solution from Shopify. Shopify Application Store such as Oberlo. Once you have that, you are able to begin contacting merchants who will handle all the work of providing the customers you serve on behalf of.

Let’s have a look at how this works.

How do I start Dropshipping with Shopify?

It’s enough of the basic things. Now, let’s clarify what you can do to get dropshipping using Shopify step-by-step. So, let’s begin!

Dropshipping as a business model is strongly assisted by Shopify. It’s because the apps in Shopify’s App Store allow you connect with merchants who will fulfill the orders you place on their behalf. There are also other e-commerce site builders that allow you to set up an online store, and then begin dropping shipping. However, most users are of the opinion that dropping shipping using Shopify is the easiest.

Step 1. Create a Shopify account

If you don’t have one then you must create an account on Shopify. Do not worry, it’s extremely easy. Simply visit the website of their company and then click on the “Get started” button.

Tips for Success: When you do this, make sure you have an idea of a name for your store online, because this is one of the first things that they will request.

Shopify will ask you questions regarding the following:

  • If you’re already selling a product(s)
  • Your physical address
  • Other essential information

After completing the process, you’ll be directed to your store’s backend. There you can browse the many free themes and premium themes Shopify offers. Before you start offering your dropshipping items we suggest spending the time to alter your website and transform it unique.

The best design and a simple to navigate homepage will help you to attract interest of the intended viewers and help build an overall more profitable business. Furthermore by personalizing your website using the appropriate e-commerce platform it will help you create an established brand identity for your business, which will keep your customers returning to return.

Keep in mind that you can utilize Shopify templates that are built into the premium and free options on the backend or pay an expert to design the most appealing Shopify design entirely from scratch.

Step 2. Add the products

When you’re at an area of backend for the backend of Shopify shop There are many options you have to consider that include:

  • The theme you choose (AKA the design Template) to your online store
  • The process of setting up your website domain name
  • Add products

Just to mention some.

Our suggestion? Once you’ve established an Shopify Account, start adding products to your store. This makes the design of your online store much easier. It’s because it’s not necessary to imagine the way your online store will look like using products because they’re already in place!

How are you going to go about finding and adding items in your shop?

The easiest option is to utilize one of the numerous Dropshipping applications for Shopify that that we’ll discuss later in this post. However, for the moment, let’s say that you’ve already uploaded your item for sale through the Shopify store. Storeify account.

After you’ve changed the title, description of the product and the photos You’ll have to label the item with a tag. These tags are vital to help you organize your catalog. For instance, if selling pet-related products, you can choose any of these examples for ‘tags’ grooming products as well as dog beds, food for dogs and so on and so on.

There are several ways to add tags to products. You can firstly, add tags to each product. You can also include tags in bulk for products on your list of products. In order to do that, choose the item you wish to label, then choose “Actions” from “Actions” option, then “Add tags.”

Once you’ve added all the required tags to your items, you’re now able to create “product collections.’ They can be described as “product groups” that help customers to locate what they’re looking to find. For example:

  • Sale items
  • Size of the product
  • Color of the product

You’ll see the picture.

To start a collection of your own go to the left-hand navigation menu and choose “Products.” After that, select “Create Collection,” this will automatically take you to a page on which you can designate the name and description of the collection of products.

You can create two kinds of collection:

  1. Manual
  2. Automatic

Manual collections contain only items specifically selected by you (or your employees). As you’re able to imagine the type of collection requires more effort and time to manage. Therefore, they tend to be more appropriate for catalogs with smaller sizes.

Automated collections operate through your (or the team you work with) setting various circumstances that automatically connect products to the correct “product collection.’

For example, if you’re having an event with 50% off it is possible to set an automatic collection that includes every item with an “sale” tags. Simple, right?


How do you dropship to Shopify using Oberlo?

Oberlo Oberlo HTML0 an app for dropshipping owned by Shopify. This makes it a reliable initial point of reference for anyone who is new to dropshipping. The integration is seamless and the procedure of adding, listing and selling items is easy.

To make use of Oberlo navigate into your “Products” menu in the Shopify‘s backend. After that, select “More Actions which is followed by “Find more products for sale.” This should bring your to the Oberlo application. There you are able to search for suppliers and products using your search tool. Browse through the results at your own pace and select the products you wish to offer by pressing the “select item” button.

It will take you to the page of the product which will include:

  • The price of the supply
  • The shipping costs
  • Pricing field (where you input the retail price)

If you’re pleased with the product then go ahead and click “Add the product.” And then, Oberlo adds it to your Shopify store for you.

It is possible to import, display and even sell hundreds of products straight from the shopify account.

When you finally sell, Oberlo handles each step of the processing process. In addition, you’ll receive updates automatically regarding the quantity and price of the Oberlo products, which means you’ll never be left short!

There are also many product customization options, which make editing descriptions, product names and images an easy task.

In addition, Oberlo also comes with an automatic pricing feature. If you’re looking to create pricing guidelines for your product and control the cost of your products at a wholesale level, Oberlo feature comes in useful. Additionally, you’ll be provided with information on tracking your shipment that allows you and the customers you serve to keep tabs on the delivery throughout the day.

What is the cost of Oberlo Cost?

It’s available for free to entrepreneurs uploading 500 (or less) of Oberlo’s merchandise and taking fifty (or less) orders per month.

However, if you wish to go beyond that, Oberlo will set you back:

  • $29.99 per monthly to purchase 10,000 goods as well as process up to 500 daily order
  • $79.90 per month to import 30000 orders. You can however manage an unlimited amount of orders per month.
How to dropship to Shopify using Printful?

Printful is ideal for business owners who use (or thinking about) the business model of print-on-demand. In layman’s terms it is when you’re able to have a third party company print your artwork and designs on items like t-shirts posters, mugs, etc.

Printful is a great choice for you. You’ll be happy to know that you won’t be required to pay any monthly charges or costs for inventory. Printful is also an integrated interface with Shopify. This allows Shopify to forward your customer purchases directly to Printful to ensure delivery.

Additionally, Printful owns its own fulfillment centers and warehouses This is the reason they are extremely trustworthy when it comes to the storage as well as shipping and delivering items. Another thing we like about Printful is the ability to quickly create mockups with their mockup generator as well as photos.

For more information on the cost of Printful, you’ll have to go to their site. Prices are based on the items you’d like for printing on.

How do I Dropship on Shopify using Spocket?

If you’re looking to dropship items from all over the world including states and countries from across the US, Europe, Asia and Africa If so, Spocket is the best company you should choose. It’s not just with the ability to reach an international public and lowering costs, but it also sets the prices for the products it sells (of which, there’s more than one million available) to help you earn more profits! Spocket offers substantial discounts on all its products, which range from 30% to 60 percent!

After you’ve placed an order, customers will receive their items in (approximately) 5 to 7 days. Local orders are faster at 2-5 days. It is also possible to customize invoices using your logo and corporate colors. This is a great way to build your branding.

It’s worth noting, the process of fulfilling orders is very simple. With only a single click, to send your customers’ needs for fulfillment to Spocket suppliers. Additionally, you’ll benefit from real-time inventory level updates…so you’ll never be tempted to sell products that you’ve out of.

The best part is that Spocket is completely free to begin with!

How to dropship to Shopify using Dropified?

If you’re looking to cut down some of your valuable time by using the power automated processes, Dropified is certainly worth looking into. In the average scenario, Dropified says you’ll be able to cut down on 20 hours per week by using their services. Imagine the possibilities of the extra time!

To make things simpler, we’ve listed a few of the best features that Dropified has to offer:

  • Top-quality Zapier integration
  • Dropified makes it simple to search, select products, import and then sell high-quality items from AliExpress
  • You can see rapid profit figures using Dropified’s backend.
  • Automatic price and availability updates


How do I dropship on Shopify using Modalyst?

Then There’s Modalyst. It’s a fantastic dropshipping application that focuses on big-name brands and also small-scale artisan products. With more than 600 sellers to pick from, you’ll be sure to find something that meets the requirements of your clients.

Modalyst sells items from brands such as:

  • Superga
  • Calvin Klein
  • Diesel
  • DSquared
  • Puma
  • Lacoste
  • Cavalli
  • Moschino
  • Dolce & Gabanna

Modalyst’s main advantages are

  • They consolidate the entire supply chain, product management and other related tasks in one convenient central location.
  • It’s easy and quick to integrate items that are available on the Modalyst marketplace to your store’s website and modify the product’s names and descriptions.
  • Automatic and continuous price and update of inventory.

As with other plugins listed, Modalyst is available for free, and some vendors even offer free shipping!

Step 3. Design Your Online Store

After you’ve edited, selected and published all of your items, it’s now time to design your online store. This isn’t an overwhelming job.

Simply click on the tab “Online Store” located in the sidebar left on Your Shopify dashboard. From here, you are able to select a no-cost themes for Shopify or invest in one of their premium templates.

Assuming that you’ve chosen an option return on your Shopify account dashboard select “Customize.” It instantly leads you to Shopify’s theme Designer.’ You can then alter the appearance of your shop. You can browse through all the options for design (again located in the toolbar to the left-hand corner on your display) Make any modifications you’d like.

Add Images

In the case of publishing images to the Shopify website We wanted to add separate sections. In particular, since Shopify offers a few options for doing this, and each one (like the majority of other things with Shopify) is extremely easy.

You can opt to upload pictures straight from your computer (or any other apparatus you’re running). Then, you can choose images from Burst. For those who aren’t aware, Burst is Shopify‘s free collection of stock images created to allow you to find images that match your needs.

If you come across a photo that you love, then you are able to preview how it appears on your website before it is made live. Don’t worry, you can do this using the ease that Shopify’s themes editor offers that’s why you don’t have to switch between a myriad of tabs!

Storeify Themes: General Settings

There are other general settings that are associated with the Theme for Shopify that you are able to alter. You can, for instance, experiment with:

  • The design of web pages
  • The color scheme you use for your website
  • The typography
  • Social media iconoclades that you use as well as the accounts that you connect to
  • The checkout page on your account

The great thing about Shopify can be that it allows you are able to make tweaks until you’re completely satisfied with your final product. When that time comes you can save the file -and voila! you’re completed!

Add Other Web Pages

It’s not only product pages that make up a store. You’ve likely observed that the majority of online stores also have other websites that are’staple typically:

  • A page with our ‘about us’
  • A contact us page
  • A page that details your return and shipping guidelines
  • A FAQ/knowledgebase page

To create a brand new website in Shopify for your website, you’ll need to go to the Shopify dashboard. Choose Pages from the menu on the left side. Then select “Add Page” to set the title and the content.

In this area, you’ll be in a position to:

  • Modify the meta title
  • Edit the meta description
  • Change the URL

For SEO reasons is why we recommend taking care of all of those. Unfortunately we’re too busy to go into the depths of this subject here. Once you’re satisfied with everything, just click Save.’

Sort your website’s navigation

Now that you’ve got your pages on your website and your collections of products ready and you’re ready to determine your navigation preferences. Naturally, when we refer to “navigation settings,” you’re referring to the main menus of your website and what collection of products and pages will be displayed on them.

Before you jump in think about these questions: What type of information will your customers discover? What information do you wish your customers to see? Utilize your answers as the basis for the navigation of your site.

Top Tips: If you have pages on your website that detail your returns or refunds as well as Shipping policies, you may consider putting links to these pages on the footer of your website. Similar to your FAQ page.

Once you are aware of the structure of your site’s menu(s) proceed as follows: following:

  1. Visit your Shopify dashboard
  2. Choose “Navigation,” which is the “Navigation” option that is located on the menu left of the screen.
  3. Choose which menu you wish to include your link collection, page, or page (or any other item). These are called “items.’
  4. Then select “Add menu item.”
  5. You then can enter an item’s name.
  6. Within the “Link” field, select the item you wish to include (collections or products hyperlinks, etc. You can select from the ones you’ve already installed. )

Let’s look at your “Contact Us page as an illustration. Let’s say you’d like to include this page in your menu bar. In this scenario you’ll need select “Pages,” then your “Contact Us” page. Get it?

Step 4. Set your General Preferences

What are what are your preferences in general? From within your shopify website’s back end, you are able to modify the general preferences of your online store. Click the “Preferences” tab on the menu left. From there, you can make your website’s meta titles and descriptions. You can also place you Google Analytics code as well as your Facebook pixels.

Step 5. Configure Your Web Domain

We suggest also adding and using your own website domain name. Without one, your Shopify store’s URL will display this subdomain (as default):

I think that we be one in that this doesn’t appear professional. That is why having the domain you own is essential.

As with everything we’ve covered including your domain very simple to do through Shopify..

Simply launch the Shopify dashboard and click on Online Store.’ This option should be visible in the menu left. From there, you’ll be able to see three options to link your Shopify account to your own domain name:
  1. Connect with a third Party Domain

If you already own your own domain (i.e. an account with BluehostName cheapGoDaddy or GoDaddy, etc. ) If you do, you can utilize this method to connect to Shopify.

Naturally, this procedure differs between different domain providers. Therefore, our recommendation is to go to Shopify’s help page to find out more about this. Or, speak your domain provider directly.

  1. Transfer a domain to Shopify

If you’d like to transfer your domain to Shopify You can control the process, pay for and renew your domain through Shopify’s backend.

However, you should always consult Shopify as well as your domain provider to make sure you are setting everything up properly.

  1. Buy a brand-new domain

Are you still without a domain? You can purchase one on Shopify. Prices for custom domains begin at $11 for a year.


Step 6: Create Payments

It’s a given that making sure that customers are able to pay for their purchases is crucial. To change these payment options, once more make sure you go to the left-hand menu within your Shopify dashboard. Select “Settings,” after which you can select “Payment Service Providers.”

This is where you choose which payment processors you choose to use. Here are a few instances of the services Shopify can offer:

You’ll see!

It is important to take note of this: If you enable Shopify Payments, Shopify can only transfer your funds to your bank account after you’ve created an account with Shopify Payments. Account with Shopify Payments. account.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you opt to accept payment via PayPal the company will email you after you’ve completed the first sale, providing precise instructions on how you can establish the PayPal Merchant account.

Now that we’ve examined how to establish the Shopify shop and we’ll return to the addition of products. There’s more than Oberlo that you can utilize to dropship your products. There are a myriad of other top-quality plugins. A few of them we’ve listed below.

Most of them operate in a similar way to Oberlo but have additional unique selling points that could be more beneficial for your company…


Are you ready to begin Dropshipping using Shopify?

As you can see from the suggestions in the previous paragraphs there are plenty of simple ways to begin working with dropshipping providers using Shopify. It is not necessary to be an expert in e-commerce to begin this method since experts from Alibaba as well as other companies can handle all your fulfillment tasks for you.

When you employ dropshipping to generate cash and gain the appreciation of your clients You can significantly accelerate the process of creating an excellent online reputation. You are still able to accept debit or credit card Paypal payments based on your personal preferences, and decide on the price of your products. The primary distinction is that a third party manages the process of making orders for your customers rather than you.

When you do not have to handle issues like shipping times or orders fulfillment on your own, you can have more time to concentrate on developing your website by experimenting with different methods. For example, you could try pop-ups to make sure visitors stick around for longer or provide different offers to customers who are segmented through email marketing.

A third party to manage delivery times and orders for you also gives you more time to take care of things such as organic rankings and ensuring that your website is listed on the results page of search engines for the keywords you’ve chosen. Simply put dropping shipping dropshipping provider can take a significant portion of your stress off your shoulders when operating an online business, which allows you to focus on what you are best at.

How to Make the Most of Dropshipping on Shopify?

Naturally, the most crucial aspect to keep in mind when contemplating dropshipping via Shopify is that even though it’s very simple to go this route however, there are things you must implement. You must think about the best way to locate the most suitable dropship company using the right Shopify plug-in.

Consider the ways you’ll manage your online store. Are you planning to release new products frequently when your dropshipping vendor changes their offerings? Do you prefer to concentrate your attention on the most important items to keep the level of complication lower for your business. Maybe you’d prefer to concentrate on shipping only those products that dropshipping providers are able to store and ship out of to the United States.

Although there are ways to ship your clients products from around the world, the shipping times may be affected by the distance from where from your provider. If you are a small-sized business shipping time can make a an enormous difference in your business’s success.

Be aware that regardless of which method you choose or which shopify App you employ to build the Dropshipping company It’s your responsibility to create the perfect brand name for your business. It is important to think about everything from customer service to the way you’ll make your site stand out. The dropshipping service will only handle the shipping for you.

At some point, you might decide to include some of your own items to the mix, and begin combining the traditional store model with a dropshipping process.

After reading this article, you’re more confident to begin dropshipping using Shopify. If you have any queries put them in the comment box below. We’re eager to assist our readers in any way we can on their entrepreneurial journeys, which is why we’re open to any and any questions. Contact us soon!

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