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How to Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers for Your Online Store

Even before you decide what kind of product that you will offer on your website it’s a good idea to learn about what the system of wholesale suppliers functions.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not a structured system in any way. It’s a vast collection of random suppliers scattered around the globe. Some are excellent but others are not too well.

A few years ago, there weren’t many sites that had lists of suppliers, which made them difficult to find the top suppliers.

The advent of eBay started the ball rolling and we’re now seeing amazing marketplaces such as AliExpress as well as Alibaba.

In both AliExpress as well as Alibaba Both Alibaba and AliExpress, you can search for what kinds of items are in high demand prior to making a choice on which products to offer. It also allows users to sort products, look at how they appear or look like, locate pictures and find specific information about the supplier.

After you have decided on a subject then you need to find out the types of suppliers that are available. Experts in e-commerce will share with their horror stories about what they’ve faced when dealing with wholesale providers This is why this is an important issue to be discussed.

All in all, you’re looking to find reliable providers who can deliver punctually, offer an efficient service, and offer you perks in cooperating with them.

Certain online stores may choose to use large suppliers from areas such as China however, sometimes a brand that is unique (like those that offer old furniture or clothing) might have to look for a local company that caters to a specific niche.

Whatever your goals are, it’s important to discover the top of the best. That’s the topic we’ll be talking about today.

Finding and Working With the Best Wholesale Suppliers

The primary task is to record the way you want to complete all orders. Certain companies attempt dropshipping which means that the provider handles everything, including packaging, storage and delivery to the buyer.

Another option is self-fulfillment (or partial self-fulfillment), in which your business store the items in a warehouse before shipping them to customers. It is more expensive and you’ll have greater control over the process of shipping.

We also have among the top and most well-known fulfillment techniques available today which is to work with a third-party company for fulfillment. The best example of this is Amazon fulfillment that lets you deliver all your products to a business like Amazon and then have them store and then ship.

The reason it’s important to choose your fulfillment procedure first is because you have to determine if the suppliers are capable of providing that kind of fulfillment. For instance, a lot of suppliers are willing to offer products to you at wholesale costs and then ship direct to your company. It can be difficult to find suppliers who also offer dropshipping options.

So, we suggest keeping this in mind all the time.

The Best Platforms to Find Suppliers for Your Online Store

We also suggest attending tradeshows and doing your own research via Google and other search engines, these are the most effective places online to connect with and find reliable suppliers.

The two companies AliExpress as well as Alibaba are part of the same company, however AliExpress is more beneficial for small-scale online stores since they offer wholesale pricing, and the majority of the times you can buy the quantity you wish.

  1. AliExpress / Alibaba
  2. Tundra
  3. WholesaleCentral
  4. DHGate
  5. Salehoo

If you’re looking for Dropshipping wholesalers We suggest that you look into

  1. Ali Dropship
  2. Printful
  3. Spocket
  4. Worldwide Brands

Read our post The Top Dropshipping Organizations to see a full list of companies and additional information!


It is important to note that AliExpress as well as Alibaba is both owned by the same corporation. Alibaba is a B2B business that allows companies to buy wholesale items from manufacturers and suppliers in Asia. The variety of goods offered by Alibaba is an ideal option to find items if you run your own shop.

AliExpress is a B2C platform for consumers who wish to find an array of goods at a low cost. You might be able to get small amounts of the items you are looking for via AliExpress before taking wholesale with your purchases.

Alibaba and AliExpress are both incredibly popular. Alibaba and AliExpress are among the top marketplaces for suppliers around the globe that offer an extensive online directory, as well as access to suppliers from all over the globe. Also, you get the advantage from a platform that lets users to evaluate the reliability of suppliers by assessing their ratings reviews, their reviews, and the transactions. The features include:

  • Trade assurance providers who have the strictest quality standards
  • Assessed and Gold suppliers are fully authenticated
  • Secure payment service in which your funds remain in escrow till it is confirmed
  • Access to suppliers all over the world
  • Easy and quick to locate and review the supplier options
  • Simple platform design
  • A variety of payment options to pick from

While Alibaba as well as AliExpress both are highly well-known, there are negatives that you need to know about. In particular, having access to products through these platforms will mean that you’ll purchase products from Asia and that means the delivery times might not be excellent. Also, it’s important to note that your vendors may not communicate in English this can result in the possibility of a language barrier should there are any difficulties when making a purchase.

There are plenty of risk associated in Alibaba and AliExpress when you don’t know how to navigate the platform properly. Also, you should remember it is AliExpress is not designed for whole sale purchases, so be ensure that you are aware of the services you require before you start shopping.


In comparison to market leaders such as AliExpress in comparison to the market leaders like AliExpress Alibaba, Tundra is a company that could be difficult to ignore. The nascent supplier platform isn’t yet established however it is gaining much attention throughout the world. In contrast to other solutions for suppliers, Tundra doesn’t charge any costs or commissions to suppliers, meaning that you’ll typically get the lowest price for your products.

Another thing to consider is that Tundra provides free shipping on an extensive variety of items, meaning that purchasing products for your store can be a bit less expensive. If you purchase from a vendor that is on the Gold Plus plan, then you’ll also receive a guarantee of Tundra that they’ll pay back the amount you paid for and let you retain the product in case you don’t receive the delivery in time.

Tundra offers a wide range of suppliers from across Canada and the US and Canada It’s a great option when you’re trying to connect with businesses a bit closer to your home. It’s important to note the fact that there are a lot of categories to pick from. There are over 800,000 items available on Tundra as well as it’s a wide selection from toys for kids, to jewellery, home ware and more.

Tundra is among the most rapidly growing producers on the market today that includes features such as:

  • Simple Wholesale Marketplace Navigation
  • hundreds of thousands different product choices
  • No fees for membership or commissions.
  • Support for more than 25,000 buyers in over 180 countries
  • Over 175,000 orders have been shipped through wholesale
  • Product samples are available with credit for reimbursement
  • Incredible flexibility

The most significant issue customers are likely to face when using Tundra is that it is quite new in comparison to other providers. However, don’t let this hinder you from trying the service. It’s among the most efficient providers available, and is a great choice for local supply alternatives.

Wholesale Central

One of the most well-known B2B wholesale directories available on the market, Wholesale Central is designed to help both wholesalers and retailers. For retailers you are able to search many suppliers in categories and select the best products that you can stock in your shop. The site offers the ability to search for some of the most popular items by showing the items you sell within certain categories is popular.

There are also bonuses from various suppliers, such as free shipping with your first purchase, or even tracking for deals in this “deals and steals” section on the site. To ensure that you receive the highest quality of service from a trusted manufacturer Wholesale Central will also list its most trusted suppliers so that you know which firms have the highest ratings and performance.

There’s nothing to worry about when purchasing wholesalers on Wholesale Central however, you may be able to find the experience somewhat complicated at first. The site and the inventory search experience is dated as compared to other top players.

The features include:

  • Classify suppliers to help you find what you need
  • Locating options for products
  • Lists of top suppliers and ratings
  • Every day we have new deals
  • Support for suppliers as well as retailers
  • Great selection of products

The majority of experts would not recommend Wholesale Central if you’re new to the business. It’s because even though the business is different, it will require the user to do a great deal of effort to connect with the suppliers that you’d like to contact. It is also evident that there aren’t any easy-to-use platforms to purchase products to stock your shop.

If you’re just beginning to explore the world that is wholesale business, there are certainly platforms that offer more handholding. If you’re an experienced wholesaler you’ll discover that the process of navigating these platforms is easy enough.


When it comes to finding products dropshippers, online retailers and dropshippers have many options nowadays. The DHgate is another top-quality option to wholesale shopping. The largest online marketplace worldwide, DHgate is home to thousands of suppliers and an online marketplace that offers millions of items across many categories.

One of the great aspects of this Chinese directory is that many of the sellers have no minimum orders for dropshipping or retail business. This allows you to purchase a small amount of goods to evaluate the quality of resellers before you commit the entire amount.

There are also reviews offered by importers to assure that you’re receiving the best quality item at the prices available. Small-scale business buyers can select from top wholesale distributors who have high ratings, or from top-rated merchants that typically have greater sales volumes. The benefits include:

  • Options for lower order as opposed to things like
  • Tools that can be adapted to every business model
  • Top and premium merchants
  • A variety of items from brands
  • Affordable dropshipping service
  • Protection of your customers for your online business

There are, however, many counterfeit products available on the platform, and you’ll need to change in order to stand out from other online platforms with the right motives. The majority of the items that are brand-named offered on this platform will not expand your customer base however, they could be a cause for legal troubles if you’re not careful. Be sure to do the proper research before purchasing new products.


An online directory of wholesale suppliers for your online website. Available for over fifteen years. Salehoo is an extremely popular choice across the world. Although it’s among the smallest companies in the directories of suppliers we’ve selected however, it still has access to an extensive range of more than 1.6 million items.

In contrast to other wholesale suppliers of products and clothing that are available, Salehoo will also require companies to pay a modest cost to access their databases of suppliers. There’s an annual cost or a per-year fee based on the one you’d like. If you plan to stay with Salehoo in the long run, it’s best to get the lifetime membership. You could even receive an exchange if you’re satisfied with the high-quality products or shipping fees.

One of the factors that make Salehoo so remarkable is how thoroughly vetted the suppliers are. Not only do you get speedy delivery and minimal order volume requirements, but you also get authentic branded items from brands such as Sony, Disney, and other brands. In order to help you increase your margins on profit There are many categories of products to select from as well as a plethora of customer support that is often higher than what you receive with Amazon FBA and similar options. The features include:

  • High-quality, authentic brands that are famous in the USA
  • A huge selection of wholesale items
  • A wealth of support resources are available to novices
  • Fast and low order quantities and speedy delivery
  • Educational and training tools
  • Fantastic overall platform experience

Salehoo can assist customers with any questions they may have, from how to master SEO and the best ways to promote your business on LinkedIn. There are a myriad of educational resources to aid you in connecting your store to other services such as email automation and dropshipping via stores such as Shopify. You can also talk to real people from the USA to get answers to your questions.

Salehoo is sure to be a great choice for any business that isn’t able to scrutinize suppliers on their own however still requires the highest quality of goods to help build their brand.

Now I’ll provide an easy-to-follow process that will help you identify and select the best providers:

Contact the Suppliers First and Cut Out the Middle Men

When you make contact with suppliers via telephone or email or by phone, the goal is to communicate with someone who is able to make the right decisions. The issue is that certain industries use different delivery and distribution systems. So, you may encounter middlemen involved during the process if you don’t speak to the supplier in the beginning. Additionally the supplier must be upfront with you regarding the other companies participating in this process.

When you’re directly working with your supplier, this is the best method to reduce costs and increase profit.

Another point to take into consideration is that suppliers don’t compete with all other suppliers. For instance, if make contact with a mobile phone provider and they state that your company is too small to be their business right now You can always request recommendations from them.

They may even provide you with a the complete list of trustworthy suppliers that support smaller brands. In exchange, you could provide them with business after you’ve developed.

Make Sure That First Contact is Productive

You’ll want you to create a professional relationship with the company that supplies you. But it’s not always as simple as you believe. There are times when you’re talking with a new person every time you make a phone call.

Ideally there are two or three people who are familiar with you and can recall specific details about the relationship. This doesn’t just speed up the exchange, but also you’re in a position to understand the provider more and feel more comfortable with their company as your relationship expands.

The initial phone call must establish contact with the business. If they’re unable to assist the information you require then it’s probably the right time to look and look elsewhere. It’s possible that as your business conversations become more serious, you may be assigned to talk with someone else in the near future, but this first person is the one you’re seeking currently.

Additionally, a large part of the value of the first phone call is obtaining a good amount of data from them.

Your first line should sound like this:

“Hello I’m about to launch an online store. Was wondering whether you could find out more information about the minimum order requirements for your store as well as wholesale prices. Thanks!”

It’s also important to follow-up on your calls or emails. Suppliers are busy businesses with busy employees. If you’re not getting an answer Try again with an eye on the clock.

Ask for Samples

There aren’t many suppliers that offer samples however it is becoming increasingly frequent. This is particularly true of less expensive items. The reason why you should have to have a sample is because it is not advisable to sell products until you’ve first had a look at it, touched it, and tried it.

You can then inform your customers about this and build trust between you and your customers.

Given the number of companies offering services It is sensible to stay clear of those who don’t provide you with samples.

Send them a message using this template for simple messages:

“I enjoy the look of the product online, however I would like to see a sample of the product before we begin selling. Could that be possible? ?”

If you’re purchasing multiple items from the vendor, inquire whether you can receive a set of perhaps 20 or 30 items. They might ask for an account but the majority of the time , it’s only for shipping. As you try the products and choose those that you like, you are able to continue to request samples until you have tried every product on your site.

Bargain for Better Prices

There is only one way to convince an organization to lower its cost is to possess some kind of bargaining chip or leverage. It’s not possible to ask for a reduction just because you’ve got the ability to feel.

So, here are a few tools you can use to negotiate:

  • Let them know that you are able introduce your supplier to new markets.
  • Reduce the risk for the provider.
  • You can consolidate purchase orders.
  • Try bundling various types of products rather than purchasing the same items in the bulk.
  • Include the price of the competitors.
  • Find out about other incentives, besides price reductions.

Avoid Dropshipping Arrangements at the Start

The dropshipping bug appears to be all over the internet however this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea for every company.

In fact, we strongly suggest against it in the early stages of a business because it’s difficult to keep prices at a minimum and to deliver the goods in time.

Here’s the reason:

The majority of the time, you’re droppingshipping from a country such as China. So, delivery process will take a long time, and you won’t have much control over this. Additionally, smaller stores generally don’t have better rates.

But, a well-established retail store (physical or on the internet) is able to influence negotiations. The companies that are established can boost their business through dropshipping and usually don’t have to spend a lot. Furthermore, the items that are dropped shipped make up only a fraction of the inventory, which means it’s not always taking an extended time to deliver.

First, find a reliable company that offers dropshipping as well. It is possible to sign an agreement for dropshipping when you’ve gained momentum.

Are You Ready to Find the Best Wholesale Suppliers for Your Online Store?

It’s not every supplier’s job to return your call or even be friendly to you, but a lot of them are professional and friendly. In the end, every profitable business started in the beginning as a small business as are suppliers who keep searching to catch the biggest one.

If you have any concerns regarding finding the most reliable wholesalers in your web store shoot us a message in the comment section below. Additionally, feel free to share your own experiences cooperating with vendors, positive and bad.


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