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GoDaddy and Squarespace: Are You In Need Of Speed Or Design?

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GoDaddy and Squarespace are both well-known website builders, however they are created for very different audiences.

The fastest way to build a website is using GoDaddy. method to create a site. It’s simple to use and also affordable with prices starting at $9.99 monthly. Squarespace is slightly more laborious, and it costs just a little more the most affordable Squarespace plan is priced at $12 per month.

You pay for what you get for, but Squarespace’s templates are among the top available. GoDaddy’s templates don’t fail to look like ‘Plain Jane when compared. Our customers were equally likely to endorse both GoDaddy and Squarespace however, they did so for various reason: there’s a clear cost/speed tradeoff, as well as the design.

It is apparent in our scores. We have run both platforms through our entire study process:

We at Website Builder Expert Our job is to try out products and inform you how great they are. Below, you’ll learn which one is the most comprehensive website builder, and what people consider about GoDaddy and Squarespace and which is best suited for you.

More details:

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  1. GoDaddy against Squarespace: The pros and cons

GoDaddy Pros as well Cons

Pros Cons
* Design and build websites using ADI which provides a fast solution to the process of creating websites
Change themes at anytime and your website will automatically update your content
* Some features lack depth
* Limitations on creativity

Are you impressed by the simplicity of GoDaddy’s interface?

This builder makes it easy to get online and easy.


Squarespace Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Features of real quality to bring your site to the next level.
Beautiful themes and tons of possibilities for personalization
* Pricing plans with a relatively high price
* The editing interface may take some time to learn to use

Do you like the style of Squarespace?

This builder is ideal to those who have an artistic sense, or simply want to enjoy top quality.

  1. Easy of Use

If a majority of websites claim that it’s easy to use, it’s usually an insignificant comment. The user will test it for several minutes and then decide to give it a thumbs either way or the other. The way we do things is different.

Because we’re used the majority of our time doing research, what’s simple for us might not be as easy for you. Therefore, we visited with everyday people and asked them to try GoDaddy and Squarespace as well. Then, we asked them to design their own website and rate how easy they could complete various tasks.

Then we met with them for an informal interview, during which we were able to really got to learn about their views about the builders of websites. Here are a few of the comments they had to say:

I believe that GoDaddy is the fastest way to develop a site. With just a few minutes I’ve got a website that is attractive.

This theme Squarespace gave me not just stunning design however, everything I required to be successful were ready to be used.

Selecting the best theme for your site using Squarespace is crucial. They all look stunning However, selecting one that comes with all the features you want integrated will make it simpler for you over the long run.

We also asked users what their likelihood would be to refer GoDaddy and Squarespace to someone they know. GoDaddy was able to get an 8percent higher rating over Squarespace. This was due to how easy it was to put together a GoDaddy website completely from scratch.

GoDaddy Vs Squarespace – User Ease Verdict

In general, GoDaddy is the easier platform to work with. It runs on pure speed to create websites for you that you later customize. With Squarespace you’re relying on its gorgeous themes, and the features available to create your own site.

Make Things Simple with GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the most fast-growing builder available, and aids in the creation of your site for you! Take a look yourself to see how simple it is!

  1. Design Flexibility

The design process is based on two aspects: appearance and control. In the end, you would like your website to appear appealing, but you desire to be able to make your mark on it. In order to do this you must have an appropriate level of personalization.

All GoDaddy along with Squarespace’s themes can be adapted to mobile devices.

GoDaddy uses ADI (Artificial design Intelligence) to design your website. Through asking you a set of questions, such as what you would like a website to be used for (e.g. blogging or for business) It can design the design that is that is based on the answers you provide.

After that, you’ll have an amount of control. You are able to change the theme, alter text size/font size, insert buttons and more. But, since GoDaddy has the final say in designing your site, you lose some of your creative control.

Squarespace however it puts you in control. It starts by choosing from an variety of themes which have been carefully created. You then can fill this theme by adding your personal content, adjust it and then add any additional features you’d like.

Not only do the themes from Squarespace appear as professional as professional web developers’ (in the actuality, they’re all created by designers! ) Additionally, they’re customizable in the way that you can alter. Squarespace gives you a level personalization that very few other site builders offer.

GoDaddy vs Squarespace – Design: Verdict

Squarespace is definitely the best choice for designing. Its themes are beautiful and well-crafted. Once you’ve learned how to use its editor you’ll have complete control of the final layout of your website. GoDaddy is more minimalist and straightforward; it’s also faster however you’ll lose some of the creativity control.

Do You Want to Have a Beautiful Website?

It’s hard to beat Squarespace by its gorgeous design and stunning templates. It’s the perfect tool to create a stunning web page.

  1. Tools and Features

It’s always beneficial to check out the features a web-based website builder comes with. In the end, it’s what you are able to do with the software.

This is particularly important when it comes to GoDaddy because it does not have its own marketplace for apps. The only features available are those that are already built-in and there’s no possibility of adding additional features. However, Squarespace lets you add third-party applications to your website through their Squarespace Extensions store. This can be a fantastic option for expanding your site or managing it without the need to upgrade to a new plan.

So, let’s take a look at the things they could do in particular areas.


There are some major differences however we’ll begin by examining the features that both platforms have in the same way:

  • SSL Security – protecting customer transactions and transactions with security
  • Assistance to PayPal, Stripe and Square as payment processors
  • Carts abandoned for recovery – send customers an email reminding customers to return to your site when they leave your website prior to paying
  • Ability to design promotion and discount coupons
  • The ability to connect your store to Instagram

What do you think about selling offline ?

Squarespace is now offering an Square integration, which means you can offer products offline, accept credit payment via credit card, and ensure that everything is synced with your inventory on the internet All you need to do is download an app called the Squarespace Commerce app, and an Square Card Reader ($49). It’s not something GoDaddy is currently offering, which is an enormous benefit for Squarespace.

What they do not have in common The main difference between them is the fact that GoDaddy does not have to apply its own rate for transactions. That means that, with Squarespace you’ll have be paying an extra charge in addition to the payment method you choose to process the transaction.

Squarespace is a winner on a number of aspects on its own. First, it allows you to sell digital goods in addition to physical ones including online courses , software downloads and even software. On GoDaddy there are only physical items.

Do You Have a Plan to sell Online?

Squarespace is the best choice for building an online store that’s successful. It has powerful tools and the design to help your product shine.

Are you looking for a deeper analysis of GoDaddy and Squarespace eCommerce?

GoDaddy Ecommerce Review

Squarespace Ecommerce Review

Do you want to see how they compare to other platforms for e-commerce?

Best Ecommerce Platforms


This is a field GoDaddy does not excel in. You can divide the blog’s posts by categories. You can also insert your blog’s RSS feed into your blog, or keep track of your blog’s performance using Analytics, however that’s only as much as you can do.

With Squarespace you’re able to do all the above and so much more. Its blogging capabilities are excellent. You can archive posts from the past as well as social bookmarks, and include a search feature so that people can locate the information they’re looking for fast.

Are you looking to create your own blog?

How to Begin The Blog

9 Best Blogging Platforms

Email Marketing

Both let you get an individual email address via G Suite, although GoDaddy has an integrated email service that is available at an additional cost.

GoDaddy and Squarespace allow you to create marketing campaigns via email. GoDaddy’s email marketing campaigns are hosted on their own and Squarespace’s is hosted internally through Squarespace Mail Campaigns. You can select from a variety of templates for emails, and then you can make your own personal content to send them to your users.

Alternately, you can connect or integrate MailChimp or select one of the apps for marketing on the Squarespace Extensions store. The Delighted application, for instance allows customers to send post-purchase feedback surveys using texts or emails.


Social Media Integration

Another area where GoDaddy isn’t very strong in. It is because you are able to only embed social buttons on your site. You can also link on your social media pages, such as Facebook Twitter as well as Instagram pages and users can click through to view your work and also follow your account.

Squarespace takes it a step further. It allows you to share your content on social media which allows users to share your content on their own social media accounts with only a couple of clicks. GoDaddy is getting started with this feature. The integration of a social feed into the Squarespace site is simple too and is an ideal way to display your users the latest photos, tweets and posts.

GoDaddy vs Squarespace – Features: Verdict

Another victory in the favor of Squarespace. It has many features to pick from and, more importantly they’re genuinely solidly built. It’s that added quality that makes Squarespace outshine GoDaddy in this case. There are plenty of GoDaddy options however, they’re not that high-quality.

Do You Need a Effective Website?

From selling online to blogging, and beyond, Squarespace has an impressive array of features to build your website using.

  1. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method to help your site get a high ranking on search engines like of Google. The higher on the page you get and the more likely they are to find your website and then click. There are a myriad of ways to improve your website’s SEO. Website builders are excellent of providing tools that aid in this process.

GoDaddy as well as Squarespace are virtually identical in terms of SEO support. On either, you can:

  • Meta titles/descriptions that you can edit The content that is displayed in the results of a Google search
  • Change URL Slugs The text that is between forward slashes ‘/’, immediately after the domain
  • Add alt text to images Write something on your photos to make sure Google can understand what it is they display
  • Get keyword support to help you determine what words or phrases you should add to your text
  • Utilize mobile-responsive themes that is, your site automatically adjusts to various sizes of screens (something search engines search for)

The area where GoDaddy simply beats Squarespace is in the area of the mapping of your site. With GoDaddy it is simpler to upload a copy of your site’s URL’s structure and layout to Google and, in turn, Google has a more thorough knowledge of how your website is constructed.


GoDaddy vs Squarespace – SEO: Verdict

It’s not that far, but GoDaddy wins in SEO. Your level of control is similar for both websites, however with GoDaddy you are able to easily send a sitemap to Google to benefit both. Squarespace is still an excellent choice for SEO however it’s not going to be able to rank well when you have an Squarespace website.

Do you consider SEO to be important to you?

GoDaddy is a fantastic option If SEO matters to you. Not only does it offer powerful capabilities, but it’s also extremely user-friendly!

Do you want to learn the basics of SEO? Check out our helpful SEO guides and professional SEO tips:

  1. Assistance and Assistance and

The amount of assistance you receive is crucial to the effectiveness of your site. In addition to the quality of the support, it’s nice to receive help through a variety of methods.

When you sign up with GoDaddy for HTML0, you get 24/7 phone support and live chat option, which is open till 6 pm. Unfortunately, there’s no email support.

With Squarespace offers 24/7 support for email and provide live chat option between Monday and Friday, from 4am to 8pm EST. The service doesn’t offer telephone support, however.

The two are difficult to distinguish however, there’s an issue – their assistance centers. Help centers are an integrated source where you can locate useful guides to complete certain tasks. Simply enter your query then hit search and discover the guide you need.

We discovered the Help Center at GoDaddy to be a bit overloaded. GoDaddy has changed its platform since the beginning of the year, and now uses ADI but there aren’t all the guides that have been changed.

Squarespace’s Help Center is, in contrast is clear and clean. It’s simple to navigate and locate exactly what you’re looking for.


GoDaddy against Squarespace Help and Support Verdict

Squarespace is the winner for assistance and support. Both GoDaddy and Squarespace provide support 24/7 live chats, as well as help centers. Squarespace has the edge due to its support center being actually, more useful. The guides are current and easy to locate what you’re seeking.

Do You Value Excellent Support?

Everyone needs assistance at times – Squarespace offers 24/7 support and an extensive help centre. It’s a safe place to be!

Are you interested in more GoDaddy as well as Squarespace comparisons?

Wix vs GoDaddy

Weebly and squarespace .

  1. Price and Value for the money

In the absence of a technology master, knowing what’s and isn’t value for website builders can be difficult. We’re glad to say that we’ve taken an in-depth look at both GoDaddy or Squarespace’s plans for pricing to find which one offers the best bargain.

GoDaddy offers the option of four price plans that range between $9.99/month up to $24.99/month. As website builders go from GoDaddy, their plans are inexpensive, but what exactly is the value of the money you pay?

You can also make use of this editor in the exact same way, get the identical themes, and receive the same support across the four plans. If you’re a company however, you’ll need to consider an option like the $14.99/month Standard plan, or more importantly is it’s the $19.99/month premium plan.

This plan comes with additional social sharing options SEO tools, SEO guidance and tools along with the option to accept payments via online for bookings and services. The Ecommerce plan – yes you heard it right you can market your product on the internet. This lets you use all of the Ecommerce options that we talked about in the section on features, and also gives you a small dashboard from which to work.

Did You See an Idea You Liked?

GoDaddy gives a free one month trial to test it out. This allows you plenty of time to explore its offerings and choose one you like!

Squarespace additionally comes with the option of four price plans with prices ranging between $12/month and $40 per month. The two cheaper plans are for those who are individuals or companies that don’t require to sell their products online. You can access almost everything as well as, in contrast to GoDaddy, SSL security is included in all plans.

The more expensive pricing options give you the ability to sell online. It is possible to convert the entire Squarespace template into a stunning storefront and connect your site with the Instagram shopping.

Save 10% off Any Squarespace Plan!

We have an exclusive discount coupon code that will allow you to save 10 percent on your first purchase through Squarespace! Just enter the promo code WBEat when you are making your purchase.

Look over our Squarespace coupon promo code to learn details about the savings you could make.

GoDaddy against Squarespace Value for Money: Review

It’s an even tie! GoDaddy has the most affordable pricing plans, however Squarespace offers more. If you’re not interested in the extras that come with it, GoDaddy is a great choice for sites that are basic. Squarespace is a high-quality service that will help you build an impressive, functional and visually appealing site.

Squarepace Price Review Learn more about the features that’s included with each of the plans.

8. GoDaddy Vs Squarespace: A Conclusion

You should now be able to determine which web builder is the best in every area we’ve covered. Here’s a quick recap:

GoDaddy Vs Squarespace GoDaddy Squarespace
User-Friendliness A simple and speedy method of designing websites through ADI. A bit of a process of learning, however it’s easy enough once you’ve mastered the editor.
Design A limited theme selection and creativity control is due to ADI. Gorgeous themes and a high degree of personalization.
Features There are plenty of tools and features are available, however some aren’t of the highest quality. Premium features of top quality, which are ideal for online shops and blogs.
SEO Excellent control over factors that affect SEO as well as a great sitemap option. Access to all of the fundamental SEO capabilities and features.
Assistance and Assistance and 24/7 support via phone and 24/7 phone support and a live chat option. The help center is a bit out of date and uninformed. center. 24/7 email support as well as 24/7 email support and a live chat option. A clean and well-organized help center.
Value for money Affordable pricing plans, as well as the possibility of building an online business. Pricing plans are a bit expensive however, you will get plenty of quality value for money, both in terms of style and features.

We’ve now compared GoDaddy as well as Squarespace in greater detail You can see that there’s more to distinguish them beyond speed and style. GoDaddy’s lowest-cost plan is just a few dollars less than Squarespace’s however Squarespace’s extensive and well-constructed features ensure that you get the most as you can for your dollar.

Is GoDaddy your perfect Match?

If you are looking for a quick cheap, easy to use, and a fun builder, GoDaddy is the perfect option. Try it for a month free of charge to try it out now!

If you look deeper, Squarespace has better SEO capabilities than GoDaddy and is better suited to online sales If this is something you’d like to explore in the near future. The assistance and support offered by Squarespace is also significantly better. Overall, Squarespace is our winner If time is not essential.

Are Squarespace that Builder you’ve Always Been Searching For?

If you want amazing features and beautiful designs take a look at Squarespace. Take advantage of its trial offer to see what you could design!

GoDaddy Vs Squarespace Questions

There are many other web builders available however two that make a statement are Wix as well as Weebly. Wix is a builder for websites that comes with both ADI and a drag-and drop editor. For more information details about Wix and Weebly take a look at Wix Review as well as Our Weebly reviews.

It’s not only the cost that sway people away from developers – it’s the continuous maintenance. The web design industry is constantly changing and websites are becoming obsolete fast. It is easier to use an internet platform that constantly reinvents itself and upgrades features to make use of when the times change and you don’t have contact your developer once a year or so to make adjustments.

If the sole goal of your site is ecommerce then you’ll need an improved solution. GoDaddy or Squarespace are good for selling a few products every now and then However, online store builders such as Shopify and BigCommerce enable merchants to elevate their sites to the next step. You can look through our full review of Shopify as well as our BigCommerce’s review.

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