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How to unpublish Your Wix Website

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Do you would like to remove the content on your Wix website? We get it.

There are a myriad of reasons to not wish to have your website being seen by the general public. For instance, you’re trying to rebrand your business, or perhaps your website isn’t up to date. Or, you could switch towards one of Wix’s rivals including Squarespace or GoDaddy or remove your site to make major adjustments.

Whatever the reason for not publishing your Wix site, there’s a good reason to consider it a good idea. It doesn’t have to be a hassle. In this post, we’ll walk you through the entire process step by step. We’ll also discuss the potential risks associated with removing a website from publication along with the options available – to help you decide which option is best for you.

  1. How do How Do I Unpublish my Wix Site?

First , sign onto the Wix account you have created. Wix account to start.

After that, go to the sidebar to your left and click the ‘Settings’ tab.

This will open the Settings wing on your Wix dashboard. In the General section there is a web site settings subtopic to choose. Select this and you’ll be nearly there!

Then, at on the screen, you’ll see an encircling line that shows that your site has been published. Just click the “Unpublish” button to put an blade over your Wix website…

…and by clicking one more time (on the button ‘Unpublish’ beneath the circle) and let it go.

This is it! The Wix website is no longer available for publication, which means that it will not be available to view or interact with on the internet any longer. However it doesn’t need to last forever. You are able to easily republish your website later on.

Republishing an existing Wix Site

The most important thing to be aware of prior to the republishing of your Wix website is that you cannot follow the same process as the one mentioned above.

Instead, just move to the top left area on Wix Editor, then navigate to the top right corner of Wix Editor, then click the big blue “Publish” option…

… you can’t miss it!

Are you having trouble understanding how to navigate about Wix? Read our detailed guide on how to make use of Wix to help you get on the right path.

  1. What are the reasons I might have to remove my Wix Site?

There are a myriad of reasons that an Wix user may choose to de-publish their site.

In the end, unpublishing is entirely different from deletion. When you delete your website is done, it’s removed not just from the internet and Wix’s servers, but also from the internet also. If this sounds like a lot of work this is because it kind is. The problem is and you’ll not be in a position to retrieve the information to come back should you need to re-invigorate your website, and there’s also a possibility that you will not be able to recover your domain’s name as it was originally. The deletion of your website is a serious break and it’s forever.

Unpublishing On the other hand will simply erase your Wix website from view by the public. It will be accessible (albeit still inactive) within the Wix dashboard. So you keep your Wix account is open and active, you’ll have access to your website. It’s possible to create adjustments to the content as well as – should you want to make it available for republishing when you want to.

This is why maintenance is often the primary reason Wix users opt to de-publish their websites.

Unpublishing your site gives you the opportunity to refine your website and make tweaks to its layout and content without causing any disruption and without having to reveal the messiness of your work to the general public. This is especially important when you are who want to make big modifications to their website and particularly key for websites that receive lots of traffic on a daily basis.

You might also want to remove your Wix website while you and your team optimizes it for Google’s most recent Core Vitals update to the Web Vitals update and test to ensure that it’s running at an adequate speed and with a high level of uptime.

Top Tip!

It is important to keep in mind that removing your Wix website could cause problems. Not Don’t cancel your domain, and don’t stop your subscription to one or more of the paid Wix plans. If you’d like to cancel either of these commitments you’ll need to switch off auto-renewal within your site’s backend.

For more information look up Wix’s policies concerning cancellation of your premium plan as well as your domain.

  1. What are the risks that come with Unpublishing My Wix site?

There are a few activities that come with a risk including removing your Wix site isn’t an exception.

First of all, there’s a real chance that your rankings could slide. The longer your website is inactive the more likely this will happen. For one thing, Google and its fellow search engines are awestruck by responsive websites that update their material regularly and boast a high uptime. This means that they aren’t happy about websites that don’t do either!

Alongside the SEO negatives, you also have your brand’s reputation to take into consideration.

According to Warren Buffett famously opined, “it takes 20 years to create an image and only five minutes to destroy it”. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get your brand and your business the level you’d like it to be. That includes having a solid, reliable website that you are proud of.

If someone trying to contact you on the internet – say, an individual customer or an investor who cannot access your site even when they attempt, it’ll cause a loss of trust in your business. As time passes, it can undermine trust among consumers and – if allowed to fester – result in the brand to lose its image, visibility and (eventually) profit margins, too.

Of course each of these risk can be eliminated by simply removing your Wix website (if it ever happens!) for a couple of hours at one period of. In general it is best to stop publishing only when you’re in a moderation state or, alternatively, look into other options that are available.


  1. What are the options for unpublishing my Wix Site?

Unpublishing isn’t for all. What alternatives are available?

Eliminating Your Wix Site

We have already talked about the distinctions between de-publishing your website and completely deleting it. While it is beneficial to unpublish for improving or updating a site you plan to keep however, deleting your site is a better option for those who want to eliminate their website completely.

Elimination will work for:

  • Customers who don’t require their Wix website, for example people who’ve shut down their business for good
  • Users who do not plan to restore their site – or resume the services they were showcasing at any time in the near future
  • Customers who wish to have their website’s information permanently and permanently deleted from Wix’s servers

To remove your website go to into the editor in Wix (this differs from the dashboard above , it’s the place in which you edit and interact with your website) and click the button ‘Site’ located in the upper left corner. In the drop-down menu that this creates, choose “Move Site into Trash’.

Be aware that the following is not the option to take in the event that you are planning on making any changes to your website and possibly putting it back online in the near future.


Noindexing The Wix Website

Now you are aware of the distinctions between deleting and unpublishing an Wix website. But what happens if you decide to neither? What happens if you don’t want your website to be listed within Google search results however, you  want it to be accessible such as to people who have an immediate hyperlink?

If this is the case are a Wix user, then noindexing your site would be your best option. The procedure here differs from both deleting and removing your Wix site . Here’s how it appears to be.

To begin, click Marketing & SEO from the left-hand sidebar on your Wix dashboard, and then select “SEO Tools in the menu it generates.

Then, scroll down to the very bottom and then click “General SEO Settings”.

After that, just take off the tiny slider switch which reads “Let search engines find your site And you’re done!

Be aware that this doesn’t hinder Google’s “spiders” from crawling your site however this does prevent them from indexing it. This means that, consequently ,means your Wix website won’t show up in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Top Tip!

Do not be concerned when you’re still finding your Wix website appear in search engine result pages (SERPs) even though it has been removed from indexing. If your site was created when you decided to remove it from indexing It could have been searched by Google. If that’s true, it could take a while (no less than couple of days, at maximum) to get the database to be updated and for your pages to be removed.

The most frequent reason for people to not index their Wix website is maintenance. If, for example that you’re making significant modifications to your site that you’re not sure you want being seen by the general public. But, you may still require only a few individuals to be able to access your website via a URL to be able to see the full scope of the project, and be able to give feedback on any changes that are ongoing.


Utilizing the “Coming Soon” Page

Of of course, if you’re concerned about the SEO implications of not indexing or removing your Wix website, there’s a last option you can consider: creating an “Coming Soon” page to your website.

It’s a breeze to accomplish – there’s several templates Wix offers for free to help you accomplish this – and this means that you don’t need to keep your website from public view while it’s going through changes. You don’t need to prevent Google from indexing your site also, which will give you an advantage in getting to the top in the search results.

How to Remove Your Wix Site from Publication Wix Site The Summary?

You’ve now learned how to remove your Wix website (and should you choose to, republish it) in a few easy steps. We’ve also explained the main reasons behind why you might want to shut down your website at all, and we’ve outlined the potential risks associated with it.

Of course, there are numerous options that are simple to consider; for instance, you cannot index your site, making it accessible via a hyperlink (rather than the SERP) only, or create a nice-looking “Coming soon” page to inform your visitors that there are ongoing improvements.

Do you have a story about your experience that you’ve had with removing the content on your Wix web page that you’d prefer to discuss? Please share your experience in the comments below or drop us an email message to let us know what you think of this article. Thanks for reading and best of luck with the new features for your Wix website!

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