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Ecwid Reviews (Nov 2021): Is it the Best Free Ecommerce Solution for Any Website

Ecwid is, to begin with isn’t like the majority of the other eCommerce platforms we’ve discussed before. It appears Ecwid is not all that different in terms of selling online functions. This is quite contradictory when you begin to think about it.

What exactly is Ecwid and what is the main difference in Ecwid and other e-commerce platforms?

In the meantime, before we get at Ecwid’s platform let me inquire about this…Have you ever thought about whether you’re using the correct e-commerce platform for your online company? Have you ever come across new services that are more efficient and less expensive than the one you’re currently using?

So, consider yourself lucky if you’ve got. But, guess what? It is possible that you will not be able change to the latest online platform or even change your website at all. This is, in reality, become one of the main challenges faced by small-scale merchants for a long time.

That is, at least until the solutions such as Ecwid were invented and proved revolutionary.

Have you ever thought about whether you’re using the appropriate e-commerce platform to sell online? Have you ever come across the latest service that’s more efficient and less expensive than the one you’re currently using? Beginning a small business is about keeping costs to a minimum and the search for an online store to assist you with that’s only half the fight. When you own an online business that is small, it is often a struggle when you’re looking to switch an e-commerce platform that is new or perhaps change your website in any way.

Note from the Editor: The piece was first published on the 5th of August in 2015 and has since been completely revised and updated for completeness and accuracy.

Check out the Ecwid review to learn more details about this solution.

What Is Ecwid?

Incredibly, the process of the process of switching from one web hosting service to another one has been difficult because many platforms deliberately create closed systems. This makes it difficult to manage the process of transfer of files or making extensive modifications.

Thanks to a platform known as Ecwid that you don’t need to fret about this. The main mission of the company which was established in 2009 is to assist you in a quick and affordably develop an online store for your website.

Also it’s not necessary to start a brand new website. Simply install Ecwid for any type of platform such as CMS, social networks or even a CMS (in 5 minutes) and you’re ready to go. It’s really that easy.

As someone who has experienced the challenges that come when trying to transfer websites, especially in the case of e-commerce I’m always thrilled about solutions such as Ecwid.

You can bet I’ve tested this on a variety of kinds of websites before.

This comprehensive overview of Ecwid system will cover all the essential attributes you’re likely to be interested in to determine if this is worth the time. At the end of it all, you’ll be aware about:

Let’s go over every aspect separately:

Ecwid Pros and Cons

Ecwid Pros

  • The free plan of Ecwid comes with good features.
  • There’s an Starter Site package for merchants with no websites.
  • Ecwid accommodates dropshipping businesses.
  • Ecwid has plugins that allow integration with the majority of the popular Web hosting providers.
  • Ecwid is very quick to respond.
  • It is possible to set up an online store with multiple languages through Ecwid.
  • Ecwid is GDPR-compliant
  • Ecwid offers a variety of e-commerce features for affordable plan costs.
  • It is possible to take advantage of Ecwid’s POS function to create an offline store that is a supplement to the online store.
  • The Ecwid App Store offers a variety of useful e-commerce apps.

Ecwid Cons

  • Its Free Plan doesn’t offer SEO editing features.
  • It’s not possible to alter the URLs of your products to improve SEO.
  • Ecwid doesn’t support product page AMP versions.
  • You cannot build a fully-fledged eCommerce website using Ecwid.
  • Support via phone is available only exclusively to subscribers who are premium.


How Many People Use Ecwid?

I am quite impressed the fact that Ecwid has been able offer millions of merchants since the year 2009. Overall, Ecwid‘s solutions have helped more than 2 . billion merchants.

It’s also cool that Ecwid isn’t one of the services that focus exclusively on Europe or the US and Europe. The merchants on the platform currently span 175 countries, making Ecwid a truly global platform.

This means that even companies in countries that are developing are gradually making use of Ecwid to set up and running the online storefronts they have. A lot of these are benefiting from the convenience of not having to demolish their current sites in order to build new e-commerce stores.

However, that’s not the only reason Ecwid is becoming more well-known. Even established ecommerce sellers sign up large numbers because the company is currently PCI DSS Level 1 certified. If you’re not certain what that means basically the standard for security for e-commerce. You can be confident that your and your customers are safe and protected.

But don’t let me get it wrong. Ecwid does not exclusively target sellers with existing websites. In reality it’s just that Ecwid is among the few platforms for e-commerce which offer websites for no cost.

It’s also supported by the basic ecommerce features you’ll need when you’re a novice. Thus, you can profit on the features offered by Ecwid by establishing a full online store without having to spend an excessive amount of money.

To be fair, however it’s important to recognize that Ecwid also has some weaknesses. Similar to other online marketplaces we’ve looked at before. However, how bad could they be? Keep reading to learn more.

Ecwid Reviews: Main Features

We’ve discussed it before that Ecwid is an SaaS solution to set the foundation of your personal eCommerce website. It’s pretty much the same description you’d apply to rivals like BigCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify and other similar sites.

But, in contrast to these three Ecwid has made strides within the marketplace because it caters to businesses who do not want to create an entirely new website. The main benefit is the ability to take your current website and incorporate the Ecwid system in a matter of minutes.

It is also possible to replicate the system on other websites, if you are planning to sell elsewhere on the internet. In the end, you can manage all these websites at one central location rather than switching to different platforms.

Also, Ecwid provides an assortment of excellent e-commerce management tools. For instance, you can add a broad range of items, each with specific attributes such as price, weight, images as well as other features. After establishing the shipping costs then you’ll be able to accept different cards and complete orders in line with the rates. In essence, you’ll have everything you need from a standard online store.

Everything can be done via this Ecwid online system through your internet browser. However, it’s not all that simple. It’s also possible to connect Ecwid across multiple devices which means you can you can sell your products on the go from your phone.

To help with this, Ecwid has built its own store management software to be used on Android as well as iOS devices. Although their functions can’t be as good as what’s available on the backend of the web but you can depend on apps to edit product attributes, uploading electronic goods including images of products and selling them, among other things.

Therefore, you could attend a tradeshow and still get a few sales from your inventory. All of these transactions will appear on your website’s backend in real-time.

The system was also created to work well with social media, which means you can even sell your items through Facebook in the event that you need to. Simply configure up the Ecwid system to upload the items you sell direct to the Facebook profile, and it’s done! You’ll be able to market and sync each and every item in accordance with.

This is also applicable to marketplaces such as Amazon as well as eBay. Ecwid lets you export your product catalogs to these platforms, and then connect the sales data automatically when you sell your items in a systematic manner across different channels.

The most effective channel but it has to be the storefront of Ecwid. You can expect Ecwid to completely revamp your site by transforming it into an entire e-commerce storefront that includes features like online payment gateways, a single-page checkout and a stunning layout of the product as well as item filtering shipping integration with services as well as marketing automation.

Another aspect of Ecwid we love is the shipping feature. With integrations for shipping that are real-time you are always aware of exactly what’s happening with your purchases, as well as the location they’re being delivered to.

To top it all to the top, Ecwid recently introduced a new feature named Starter Site. It’s a simple one-page storefront for businesses who wish to use Ecwid, but haven’t yet set up the foundation for a website. It can be run using Ecwid’s primary domain, or you can use your own domain.

However, it is possible to consider Ecwid as a kind of E-commerce-related widget. This is, in truth, could be the primary reason for why we’ve named Ecwid Ecwid initially. After adding a brief HTML Code, the whole system is basically embedded into the existing site like the typical widget and it then displays your online storefront.

All in all The Ecwid features you can avail include:
  • Customer Experience -Product Reviews, Favorite Item Button, Check Out As Guest Or Create An Account, Automatic Tax Calculations, Real-Time Shipping Rates, Automatic Language Translation.
  • Store Management -SEO Tools, Analytics and Reporting, Mobile Store Management App, Abandoned Cart Recovery, Promotions and Discounts, Order Management, Inventory Management, Product Options and Attributes, Sell Digital Items.
  • Omnichannel Sales -Store for Both iOS and Android Buyers, In-Person Selling, Marketplace Integrations, Social Media Integrations, Sell Across Multiple Websites.
  • Shop App:One of the most thrilling recent developments of Ecwid is the launch of the brand new ShopApp feature that allows businesses to are looking to establish mobile connections to their customers. It is the Ecwid ShopApp provides online retailers more ways to engage with their customers through the creation of a unique mobile application. Through ShopApp, Ecwid will automatically create and create a native mobile app on behalf of store in the Google and Apple application store, on behalf of you.
  • the Ecwid Buy Button: The Buy Now button is yet another feature offered by Ecwid which gives retailers greater opportunities to market their products. The addition of the Buy Now button to your website’s page is as easy as an incredibly small snippet of code. Although it appears easy on the surface, it has everything you require to make an effective transaction, including tax support as well as shipping and payment components. Furthermore is that this Ecwid Buy today button automatically adjusts to your blog’s or website’s style and colors making it appear natural.

It’s easy to include an easy Buy Now button to a page on your website’s homepage sidebar, on your blog. You can even bring your button to forums and guest blogs as well.


Ecwid Reviews: Ease of Use

As you can see from the recent redesign of the control panel It’s no surprise that Ecwid is quite easy and simple. It’s not difficult to get familiar with the system. Even the most novice user should admit it, have a good time mastering the backend functions.

According to my view I believe that anyone who has had a go at the CMS system before will be able to comprehend the concepts immediately. All of the main features are clearly laid out in the left-hand side in the Ecwid dashboard, and the right-hand part is reserved for respective choices. Similar to what we’ve seen on WordPress or various other CMS solutions.

Luckily, you can start on Ecwid with no cost any fees. This makes the process of setting up simpler as you only have to enter your email address and create your password in order to get access into the interface for backend.

In order to make sure your store is operational, Ecwid provides wizards for any platform you’d like to host your e-commerce website on. If you’ve got an existing WordPress website, for instance it will take just three steps to integrate with Ecwid. There are other alternatives like Facebook or Joomla depending on the location you’d like to sell.

The procedure for onboarding the backend is secure as Ecwid guides you through each stage of the creation and integration process by providing beautiful images and words. It is possible to begin working on your online store in no time by adding products and their features.

In the final analysis, your Ecwid storefront style is largely dependent on the theme you’ve chosen on your site. There aren’t any pre-designed templates to personalize your store’s online presence.

The editor’s visual interface has very basic editing options. Even on the basic site, Ecwid is only capable of tweaks to layout layout, alignment and layout.

However, luckily you can make your solution by using a third-party editing application. If you’re an experienced programmer and know some basics about programming, you could modify your personal Ecwid theme completely from scratch by using CSS.

If you’re ready to invest in the design of your online store You can start and buy custom themes from a few marketplaces for templates. Ecwid has joined forces with several trusted marketplaces to provide a selection of themes that are ready-made.

However, it may not be required since Ecwid can be adapted to the theme of your site. It automatically scans, recognizes and analyzes your existing color scheme and fonts before applying the same to your display.

The web backend is just one component of the Ecwid platform. It’s nice to know that Ecwid has an integrated shopping app that works on each of iOS as well as Android. So, retailers have the option of downloading a native management software that works on iOS and Android without cost.

This alone lets you manage your store on Ecwid and sell your products on the go and give your customers the opportunity to purchase items through your mobile-friendly interface.

Customers who purchase directly from the storefront one of the most useful features is the ability to translate. It’s a good reason because operating an online shop generally requires the use of people from all over world, you’re sure to encounter people who want to view product pages or other material in their own language.

Ecwid is able to automatically detect and translate over 51 languages. Thus, you can be sure that you’ll be able sell effortlessly to buyers who don’t speak English across the globe.

Ecwid Inventory Management

Its Ecwid Inventory system can be described as easy as it gets, and that’s because it doesn’t appear to have any of the bells and whistles that you could encounter on other e-commerce platforms.

It’s evident that every step is clear and succinct. You can access the Ecwid Catalog menu and modify your product’s categories, descriptions, names prices attributes, image, and categories. You also have the option of setting SEO settings , as along with tax and shipping options for every item in the Ecwid inventory.

Other inventory management options provided by Ecwid include products that are out of stock as well as inventory management for mobile devices barcode scanning, inventory control management, duplicated product management and much more.

Ecwid Review: Pricing

Apart from the apps, the default platform comes with four plans including one that is totally free. Actually, Ecwid markets the free plan very aggressively and proceeds to guarantee that they will not charge you in any way.

From my previous experiences with Ecwid the company, they continue to meet their commitments by making the entire package forever for free. This is the reason why Ecwid is unique, and in the event that you’d like to pay for an upgrade rest assured that the higher-end plans won’t cost the same amount. They’re all quite affordable particularly when you consider the number of features offered.

The downside is that free plan from Ecwid allows you to sell 10 items as well as it’s venture plan will increase the number to 100 items and includes extras such as an iPhone managing app. Additionally, the business plan however, on the other side, lets you sell all the way to 2500 items for a fair price that comes with 24/7 live chat support. Priority support is only available for customers on the Unlimited plan, which is able to handle an unlimited number of products.

Eciwd Pricing Summary

  • The Free plan Free Plan Forever, $0for Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixel, selling simultaneously on several sites and integrating a store on any site, including the starter site and unlimited bandwidth offering 10 products.
  • Venture Plan – $15 per month and billed monthly for $12.50 per month, annually billed for support for chat shopping on Google, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixel advanced SEO tools inventory management and access for App market extensions and selling concurrently across multiple websites with automated tax calculations discounts, adding stores to any website starting site, unlimited bandwidth, which covers 100MB of digital files plus 100 products.
  • Business Plans The price is $33 per month, billed monthly which is $29.17 per month, annually billed for support via phone or chat customer support automatized abandon cart retrieval, two staff accounts, integration with eBay products, product variations, filters Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixel, advanced SEO tools including inventory management and accessibility to App Market extensions and selling concurrently on several websites, automatic tax calculations discounts coupons abandon cart saver, the ability to add a store on any site, starting site with unlimited bandwidth that covers 1GB for each digital file and 2500 products.
  • Unlimited plan $99 per month billed monthly, or $199 monthly and monthly billed, which is $82.50 per month annually charged to get priority customer support. telephone and chat support Square POS integration, automated abandoned cart recovery, two employees accounts eBay Integration, variations of products, filters for products, Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixel, advanced SEO tools and inventory management. Access for App Marketplace extensions and selling concurrently across multiple websites including tax calculation automation discounts coupons abandoned cart saver the ability to add a store on any site, starting site and unlimited bandwidth with a maximum of 10GB for each digital file and unlimited products.

It’s obvious that Ecwid is certainly one of the most affordable solutions currently available. It’s much less expensive than other platforms we’ve looked at before. If you’re looking to save money, this could be the perfect application for you.

Sell using Ecwid Social Media

It’s not always simple businesses to market their products on social media.

Then, Ecwid, and a couple of other major players in the world of eCommerce, have decided it’s time for social networks to become better accessible to people of all ages. Ecwid commerce helps businesses of all sizes sell their items on a variety of platforms which include Facebook, SnapChat Pinterest, and Instagram.

  • Facebook: To sell your products on Facebook you must upload your catalog of products from Ecwid to the Facebook business page. You can then display your items in the shop tab. You’ll require an account with the Venture Business or Unlimited plan to begin. After you’ve purchased it you can go to the control panel of Ecwid and click “All Sales Channels”and select Facebook. Your products will appear through your page on Facebook once you have linked your Facebook page to the Ecwid profile!
  • Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms, and it’s also a fantastic option to sell products via Instagram Shoppable products. You’ll require a Business Account on Instagram and an Enterprise or higher plan that includes ECWid to sell products on Instagram. After you’ve stocked the online shop with items you’d like to sell, ensure that you’re in a country that has been approved using the sell using Facebook Integration from Ecwid to connect your account in bulk. All you have to do is log into your the All channels for salessection in your account control panel, and establish your Instagram account under the Sell On Instagram section. Also, you’ll need be able to verify to your Facebook account.
  • Pinterest is a great option in order to connect with customers via social networks and also sell your products simultaneously. While Ecwid doesn’t offer the same integrations it does for Facebook and Instagram using Pinterest it is possible to use tags to enhance your selling. In the settings of your Pinterest company account click on your Advertisements > Conversions section then click on the Create Pinterest tag option. Copy the unique tag ID then add the Tag to your store’s page on Ecwid!
  • Snapchat: If you have a younger customer base or simply sell to people who like filters and photos, Snapchat is an excellent option. Ecwid comes with its own Snapchat Pixel that can be used to up sales. In the Snapchat Ads Manager Go in the Manage area, and then Snap the pixel. Create your pixel and duplicate the ID. In your Control Panel for Ecwid, click settings > general > tracking. Then, create the Snap pixel. This will allow you to keep track of the sales you make from Snapchat!

Sell using Ecwid through eBay as well as Amazon

Ecwid does more than only help you improve your sales, it also lets you sell through social media platforms or monitor the sales you make through social media channels. It also lets you boost the conversion rate of your products through marketplaces like Amazon and eBay too.

To sell, for instance, for instance, to sell on Amazon Go to the control panel of Ecwid and then click on All channels for sales. You will see a choice to select Amazon. It is possible to directly connect to Amazon via Ecwid without the requirement for third-party services. Follow the wizard and it guides you on how to connect your Amazon accounts.

You’ll have to:

  • Connect to your Amazon seller account. If you don’t already have one it’s time to establish one Register your brand, establish taxes, draft the return policy, and determine shipping charges.
  • Create your first product listing you can match items with an already existing Amazon listing or make an entirely new listing. Make sure to consider the average Amazon price when choosing the price of your product.
  • Be patient until you’ve received approval: Once you’ve added your items, Amazon will review your submission to make sure it is in line the guidelines of Amazon. If your product is accepted, they will be put up to the marketplace.

If you are looking to sell your products on eBay it is easy with Etsy as well. Achieving new customers for less is essential to the growth of any business , and selling your products on different channels can aid in this. With the Ecwid E-commerce service, you are able to add your shop to any number of marketplaces, websites and social media sites as you’d like, including Google Shopping!

The easiest method of adding your items to eBay when you’re an Ecwid merchant is to utilize one of the Trimpo or Codis to. LINQ applications available on the marketplace of Ecwid. This lets you automate the publishing of new products to eBay as well as make changes to your inventory, and much more.

Select the application that is right best for you, pick the items you’d like to add to your list, and then you’ll be on your way to shipping your goods to customers all over the world. Your app will also upload pictures of the product as well as prices and the inventory levels for you.


Importing and exporting Your Ecwid Product Database

In the event that you have to import or export information about your products while managing the inventory of your business, Ecwid doesn’t remove this feature from its inventory management software. It is easy to export and import data about products in bulk using CSV.

The best part regarding this feature is Ecwid lets you make use of the possibility of up to CSV columns. That means the ability to upload multiple products with their unique attributes, which include images URLs, URLs and SKUs names, variants, etc.

However, it appears that the export feature does not only apply to the data of your products. It is also possible to export customer’s details and orders in bulk using CSV. These are the kinds of tools you will need to transfer your data to other platforms for analytics or e-commerce.

Dropshipping using Ecwid

The way to look at it is that Ecwid was reportedly designed to support many different business strategies. It’s perfectly capable of moving beyond the conventional model of direct selling and to accommodate dynamic e-commerce merchants.

If acting as a middleman between buyers and sellers is what you are looking for such as dropshipping, Ecwid can come useful for dropshipping.

Buthere’s the issue. The best way to achieve this is by using with a dropshipping application on Ecwid’s App Store. There are many alternatives for different types of dropshipping companies.

The most flexible ones are able to efficiently coordinate with multiple users and 100+ suppliers in one dropshipping store on Ecwid. You can quickly create products, connect with suppliers, monitor the fulfillment process and shipping, sync your data to track fulfillment and more.

The Ecwid App Market

App extensions are an effective method of increase the size or customize your eCommerce site in a sensible manner. This is the reason Ecwid offers the App Market which offers a variety of useful applications for retailers looking to enhance their capabilities.

In addition to the standard e-commerce applications, customers can purchase extras to customer service, reward programs analytics, accounting shipping products, dropshipping, product management and management of your store.

While a few are available for download for free, the most effective options for Ecwid apps come with cost. If you’re interested in their price ranges, the pricing structure for the Ecwid App market is varied. Certain apps have a one-time fee, whereas others come with a monthly subscription or, in certain cases commission-based pricing.

The decision you make at the end will depend on your particular requirements and budget.

The Ecwid app marketplace is expanding constantly, and includes everything from tools to help you join social media to build your brand as well as solutions that can be great to increase your visibility.

Options such as Xero help you manage your finances and accounting, while LiveChat as well as Tidio Chat improve your relationship with your customers. The more customer-focused your service more easy it’s going remain to maintain customers returning to return.

Another great app option is Google Smart Shopping, which lets you display your products through Google Shopping. Also, you can look into things like Printful, which offers POD designs that permit you to sell your own designs on the internet.

There’s even numerous shipping applications such as ShipStation or ShippingEasy to help you complete your orders.

Ecwid SEO and Marketing

While Ecwid is a third-party service to your existing website however, it is a good effort to boost the overall SEO score. You can, for starters, define your product plus page SEO meta-descriptions. Then, Ecwid can assist you further by pre-populating relevant fields.

Unfortunately, you can’t access advanced SEO editing tools in the default. However however, you’d generally need to use additional SEO tools and marketing tools to truly spread the word.

Furthermore, Google now indexes AJAX websites. Thus, all Ecwid stores are now indexed by Google without additional effort. This is even more beneficial for WordPress websites as you can access additional SEO plugins as well as the search engine function that is built-in in the dashboard.

In terms of promotions on sales, Ecwid offers abandoned cart recovery tools, in addition to discounts for bulk purchases, discount codes and promotional pricing. You can also set discounts that are not available however it is necessary for the integration of appropriate extensions.

Ecwid Security

It is evident it’s evident that Ecwid considers security a top priority as Ecwid is an PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider. In addition the company claims that all transactions that contain sensitive data is transmitted via an encrypted HTTPS channel.

So you can count on Ecwid to safeguard your customers’ private data. For clarity’s sake, Ecwid doesn’t handle any of the payment information of your customers. All transactions are processed direct by you payments processor.

The remaining site information, on the contrary on the other hand, is kept safe and securely on Amazon Web Services secure servers. In order to minimize the chance of a catastrophic attack, the entire network is scanned and back every day.

Ecwid and GDPR

According to according to the European Union GDPR regulations, companies based in the EU and non-EU are required to strictly adhere to the laws on data in the handling of EU traffic. The main goal here is to protect your privacy EU internet users.

In the simplest terms, your website must:

  • Securely store and manage data.
  • Request opt-in permissions from your visitors to your site prior to joining your email list.
  • Create relevant privacy and cookie notifications.
  • Let your users either accept or decline your cookies requests.

Based on our research there shouldn’t be any issue implementing these requirements. It’s the Ecwid backend assists you in complying with the requirements by offering a variety of appropriate modifications to your site.

To obtain the consent to join your mailing list from your customers In this case you can simply add the option to sign-up on your checkout page for your storefront. If you want to monitor your customers’ behavior using cookies, simply go into the Tracking and Analytics section within the Settings section, and then enable your GDPR Cookie Consent Banner. The customers will be able to opt-in or deny cookies at the front of your storefront.

Ecwid Reviews: Customer Support

Ecwid has an “Chat With Sales” feature that is one of my most favorite ways to connect with businesses. You can simply send them a question and then you can focus on another issue until they respond.

The company also offers an extensive support section that includes FAQs as well as a knowledge base as well as email support, as well as an online forum.

In general, support options include telephone support, chat support online and email support, which keeps the response time quick and the quality of support high.

My opinion is that the platform provides everything you could need in terms of customer support.

Ecwid Payment Gateways and Fees

In the end It’s never been simple to find an e-commerce platform that doesn’t have transaction fees. It’s interesting to note that this is exactly what you get from Ecwid. They do not charge any type of transaction fee for any of their plans and make Ecwid a popular online shopping solution for any business seeking to reduce costs or increase profits.

However, here’s the truth. Be aware that Ecwid isn’t an online payment processor. This means that you must install something like Paypal as well as Stripe to process all transactions that are processed through your website.

In addition, it’s quite simple to integrate one of these systems because Ecwid integrates with more than 40 payment options across the world. However, it’s important to remember that each processor comes with its own transaction fees schedule.

Okay. Imagine you want to accept both offline and online transactions. Do you think it is possible to do this by integrating POS integration?

Well the positive side is that there’s a wide range of acceptable POS payment methods that accept credit cards. Ecwid works seamlessly with Square POS, Clover, Vend POS, iZettle and PayPal card readers which allows Ecwid to transform your store’s configuration into an offline and online platform.

Integrating Ecwid With Other Platforms

Ecwid and WordPress

WordPress As you already know is simply an CMS platform. This means that it’s not equipped with the ability to sell online.

However, with a little luck you can easily make your WordPress-based site an online store through the integration of an external application such as Ecwid. The good news is that Ecwid itself is extremely useful because it offers a custom WordPress plugin for this.

Connecting Ecwid to WordPress Therefore, it’s an easy process. Install the Ecwid plugin on the WordPress backend, turn it on and it’s done! You’ll be well on your way to establishing an entirely functional WordPress web-based store.

Yes, in case you’re thinking about it that the plugin is free.

For more information take a look at our conclusive evaluation.

Ecwid and Wix

Wix is a decent web-based website design tool and hosting service. Although you can include additional features for e-commerce to turn your website into an online store droppingshipping is still a big problem.

However, you can fix the issue by integrating Ecwid to your Wix website. Similar to what we’ve experienced using WordPress it doesn’t require long since Ecwid offers a specific application specifically designed specifically designed for Wix users. You can search for it in the apps from third parties on Wix and then connect the extension into your Wix website. It’s that easy.

How Does Ecwid Compare To Other Ecommerce Platforms?

Ecwid vs Shopify

Ecwid, to begin with is basically an e-commerce extension that lets you transform your existing website into an online online retail storefront. Shopify is, on the contrary the other hand, is essentially an all-in-one e-commerce platform that lets you build your own online shop from the ground up before hosting your store on Shopify.

In a nutshell, Shopify is considered a robust all-round online store builder (which also includes an eCommerce hosting solution) as well as Ecwid is targeted at website owners who want to add additional online selling capabilities on their websites.

For more information look over our conclusive Shopify review.

Ecwid vs Wix

Wix is among the top web builders available in the present. It is possible to build your own site and then place it online. you may integrate extension for selling online.

Contrary to that, Ecwid users have their own websites before they look at using Ecwid. While Ecwid is an authentic ecommerce service, Wix is just a website builder which has the advantage of supporting a wide variety of e-commerce integrations.

For more details take a look at our conclusive report on Wix.

Ecwid vs BigCommerce

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify. It’s an e-commerce platform that is fully functional that offers hosting and site building features. But, it will lock your site to the platform from the moment you’ve got it running.

The truth is that Ecwid can’t compare to BigCommerce in terms of E-commerce features. This when you consider it can make Ecwid easier to use.

In the end, Ecwid is suitable for entrepreneurs as well as small-scale businesses who have websites already as well as BigCommerce is designed for expanding businesses who are starting online stores completely from beginning from scratch.

For more information take a look at our conclusive BigCommerce report.

How do I utilize Ecwid to work with Squarespace

Business owners can quickly and easily integrate Squarespace eCommerce functionality to their websites making use of an Ecwid Squarespace store. If you already have an appealing Squarespace website, you can use to it the Ecwid widget to transform your website into an fully functioning E-commerce store.

When you set up a no-cost Squarespace store and then integrating them with Ecwid, they will be able to create an immersive and innovative selling online. Ecwid gives you the option of linking your Squarespace store to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram which means you’ll have many more chances to make sales quickly.

To start Sign up with Ecwid and copy the widget’s codes from your dashboard. Also, you’ll need to sign into Squarespace also. Be aware that Ecwid’s Squarespace shopping cart was designed to seamlessly integrate with the layout you’ve created on Squarespace.

How to use Ecwid with Weebly

If you’re looking to take the quality of your Weebly web site to highest step, Ecwid could be the best way to integrate an easy shopping cart in a snap. Ecwid’s free shopping cart widget Ecwid Shopping Cart widget is free and lets you simply insert a small snippet of code to your Weebly shop, and begin providing amazing checkout experiences in a short time.

As with other Ecwid integrations the firm has created it very simple to connect with your Weebly with Ecwid experience. Once you’ve set up the Ecwid account, you’ll be in a position to effortlessly add the ecommerce widget in your Ecwid platform to Weebly by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code. Ecwid can also allow you to alter the appearance and the functionality of your online store’s experience. Ecwid handles all the work for you, by making sure that your site are optimized to be optimally displayed on mobile devices as well as web browsers as of default.

Ecwid can also provide the Weebly store with features such as an extremely fast AJAX interface Drag and drop capabilities and a wide range of flexible payment and shipping solutions that will delight your customers. Also, you can expect automatic updates every time new features or patches are released.

How to use Ecwid with Drupal

Ecwid is among the most flexible shopping carts on the market currently. You can start selling online within a matter of minutes regardless of where you created your first website. For example, if you have a site built on Drupal and you want to sell on it, then utilize the selling widget from Ecwid to add checkout functionality right away on you Drupal website.

All you have to do is register an account free of Ecwid and then add Buy Now button, or widget feature using Ecwid. You can add the Ecwid label to the Drupal store using the help of a code. You can be sure that the Buy Now button is going to fit in with all of the other components of your site’s style, and will be optimized for purchasing on mobile devices too.

In addition when you mix with your Drupal and Ecwid products it gives you the chance for expanding your sale possibilities to other areas as well. In particular, for instance you could carry buttons or widgets along with you on forums, social networks, as well as blog pages.

How to use Ecwid with Joomla

If your Joomla platform is used as your web builder, it is easy to add an online store to the mix using some help from Ecwid.

In order to add the Ecwid store to an online version of Joomla all you need to do is insert your store’s codes from the Ecwid account onto the Joomla website page you wish to sell on. The store’s code may be corrupted due to the editors built into Joomla ensure that you turn off the editor first.

To turn off your default editor head to Systemand then Global Configuration The default editor, and then change the default editor at “None”. After that, log back to your Ecwid account and then click under All Sales Channels, then Custom Website. Copy your code and paste it on a clipboard. Then, go back to your website content on the Joomla website to copy and paste your store widget.

You can include categories menus, shopping bags as well as bar-style search options to your Joomla website using Ecwid If you’re not afraid of using some additional code. Go through store Extensions section in the All Sales Channels within your account with Ecwid.

Ecwid POS

While Ecwid is most commonly regarded as an e-commerce platform but it’s far more than it is. Merchants who are dynamic and want to enhance their online shops can establish an omnichannel commerce platform that comprises of multiple online channels and brick-and-mortar offline places.

The trick is to capitalize the Ecwid’s POS (Point of Sale) function. It’s designed to facilitate offline sales across brick-and mortar stores, as well as in-person sales on mobile devices.

All of these sales channels are linked and managed through a central Ecwid dashboard. The entire system of the Ecwid framework is then continuously monitored to ensure that all vital variables synced throughout the day. So, even the tiniest change in sales or inventory information is recorded across the entire system the moment it happens.

In the present, if you intend to use the Ecwid POS function, you may need to purchase the right readers for your card. Although online card-not-present transactions are handled via payment processors transactions in stores are mostly processed by processors for cards through card readers.

The other peripherals that are that are required to setup the typical POS system are receipt printers, cash drawers barcode scanners, and so on. The best feature of Ecwid’s POS is that it’s quite adaptable. So, you can integrate any widely accepted point of sale device (here you can find an array of most effective point of sale systems that are available).

In the end the final decision you make to open your store is contingent on your individual desires and financial budget.


Ecwid Negative User Reviews

Ecwid is one of the platforms that attracts many more favorable reviews than negative comments. However, let’s face the facts. While they’re not many but there are some authentic negative reviews of Ecwid.

A majority of complaints, for instance the customer service. Don’t get me off, though. The majority of users are satisfied with the support level that they receive. The only issue is the range of choices available for Free Plan users. You can’t avail live chat with a specialist and telephone support once you upgrade into a paid plan.

This brings us to another frequent complaint. The Free Plan offers very limited options. It’s double-edged If you ask me. Because everything that is free comes with the caveat.

Ecwid Reviews: FAQ

Is Ecwid secured?

Ecwid makes sure that your personal information and data secure. The company is committed to making sure that your information is protected in accordance with the proper laws. The company has been rewarded with amazing reviews over time for its reliable checkout system.

Which is more superior: Ecwid or Shopify?

This depends on the requirements you have. While Shopify offers more options and features, including eCommerce tools to provide, Ecwid is more flexible in the event that you wish to incorporate an online shopping cart to a existing website. Shopify provides a comprehensive experience, while Ecwid is essentially an add-on to a site that you already have

How much does Ecwid cost?

There are several pricing options available for Ecwid starting with the free plan and moving to Venture at $15 per month and Business for $33 per month. Then there’s finally the Unlimited package at monthly subscription of $99.

What exactly does Ecwid refer to?

Ecwid refers to “Ecommerce Widget”. It allows you to integrate store and checkout functionality to your existing website and the name reflects the tool.

Dropshipping is possible using Ecwid?

Ecwid adds new applications and integrations to its marketplace constantly often, and includes tools such as Printful, which allows dropshipping. Thanks to these integrations it’s now much easier for users to import goods from dropship providers directly into their online store.

Does Oberlo work with Ecwid?

Oberlo is an application for dropshipping that is primarily compatible with Shopify. Ecwid also has its own dropshipping applications.

Is Ecwid collaborate with Shopify?

Ecwid as well as Shopify are two competing stores. Shopify has been designed to provide the tools you require to start a business completely from scratch. Ecwid provides ecommerce features to existing stores.

What Are Others Saying About Ecwid?

In general, Ecwid enjoys solid ratings on forums for customer reviews all over the internet. The majority of users are pleased that at the price of a very affordable one they can enhance their websites and transform their websites into stores on the internet. To top it all off it is that Ecwid gives them the ability to sell across multiple offline and online channels.

Ecwid Reviews: Conclusion

Evidently, Ecwid is not an all-inclusive platform for e-commerce and it is not possible to create an online site or even host it using Ecwid. The Starter site option offers a rather limited storefront.

However, Ecwid is highly reliable if your already running a site. It’s a breeze to set up. Just connect it as a plugin and you’ll get an attractive and sleek shopfront for an affordable cost.

In simple terms It is ecommerce that is easy for small , dynamic businesses who require omnichannel, flexible commerce capabilities.

Comment in the comment section below If you have any queries regarding your experience reading this Ecwid’s review. Have you used ecwid before? Are you planning to check the site out following reading about this article?

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