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Best Project Portfolio Management Software

PPM, or project portfolio management software in short — is a commercial solution to manage the portfolio of projects as an entire.

The basic project management software can handle small projects. However, at a larger scale, project portfolio managers must be aware of how many projects are developing. In many cases, the one project within the portfolio may be separate.

A step further away from typical project management methods, the project portfolio applications make it simpler to grasp the timelines, resources, and the overall goals of your business in a more comprehensive manner.

The software helps portfolio managers to comprehend the coordination of projects currently in progress while also planning the requirements of the future projects.

Overall, these tools guarantee that your business’s projects are finished on time and on budget. From the assessment of risk to issues with performance and executive-level business insight as well as resource allocation and much more, the portfolio management software can do everything.

If your current program for managing projects does not provide the business aspects of managing several projects, it’s the right the right time to switch to an PPM solution.

The 7 Top Project Management Softwares. Portfolio Management Software

After exhaustive studies, we’ve identified the top seven portfolio management tools available that are available today. This guide will help you find the ideal PPM program for your needs.

1. GANTTPRO: the Best PPM Software for Simple Use

For those who require a basic system for managing your project portfolio with no additional tools or complicated features Look for GanttPRO.

The online PPM software lets you manage budgets, resources project risks and risks at the top level, with top-of-the-line quality. It’s reliable and includes everything you require to efficiently reach your goals in business.

The top advantages and features of GanttPRO are:

  • Multiple plan views (grid, Gantt chart, board, portfolio)
  • Custom columns
  • Auto scheduling
  • Calendars of projects
  • Task management
  • Collaboration tools for teams
  • Real-time data sync
  • Health status of the project
  • Workload management
  • Management of resources
  • Budget monitoring

GanttPRO seamlessly integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Jira Software. It also comes with an API that will automate workflows and create customized integrations.

Individual plans begin at just $15 per month. The cost per user varies upon the number of people in your group With a lower per-user price, the more team will be. For instance, it’s $8.90 each user in teams with five members and $6.50 each user when teams are 40. Contact GanttPRO for a quote for your enterprise for more than 100 people in your team.

2-Sciforma: the best Scalable PPM Software

Sciforma was a major player in the field of project management for over 30 years. Over 300,000 users across the globe rely on these tools on regular basis.

The software includes everything you require to manage your manage projects at a larger scale. They offer a variety of options for managing projects as well as resources management, work management and even time management. However, Sciforma’s portfolio management application is among the most effective in the marketplace currently.

Sciforma gives portfolio managers an all-encompassing health rating, based on an intelligent and extensive algorithm. The score is based on the three main components of portfolio management for projects: time costs, quality and cost.

The software offers many advantages and features, such as:

  • Examine ideas related to the capabilities of your company
  • Determine the criteria that drive the decision-making process
  • Study “what would happen” scenarios regarding cash flow, workload and budget impacts
  • Monitoring of consumption in the budget
  • Collaboration at the portfolio level

Sciforma is durable, simple to use, flexible, and includes everything you require right from the beginning. Try it out today.

3 – Proggio: Best PPM Software For Jira Users

Jira by Atlassian is a top pick in our ranking of most agile tools for managing projects. In the event that you’re currently using Jira as an instrument for managing projects, Proggio should be on the first place on your wish list of PPM software.

The program seamlessly integrates seamlessly with Jira. You can actually open the Proggio account and then link it to Jira in one day, without any complicated onboarding procedure.

Proggio creates high-level portfolios of projects and makes it simple to comprehend by looking at it in a single glance. Make use of the software to design project plans , and even manage tasks for projects from one central location.

The top highlights of Proggio are:

  • The roadmap for progress
  • Strategic and tactical plan
  • Eliminating data silos
  • Visual resource management
  • R&D Progress monitoring
  • Align Jira tasks with the roadmap

Proggio even offers a no-cost plan for basic usage. However, it only allows one active project, which isn’t ideal to manage portfolios of projects. Business plans start at $30 per user per month. The minimum number of users is five and it can accommodate up 20 projects in active use.

For groups of more than 20 or for companies managing 20+ projects, get in touch with Proggio to request a customized quote. The entire Proggio paid plans can be accessed for a no-cost trial.

4 – Change point: Best For Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Change point is a specifically designed PPM solution. They provide a range of tools and technologies that are used in areas such as project portfolio management new products design, corporate architecture and service delivery.

Strategic Portfolio Management (strategic portfolio management) is the core feature of the software for PPM by Change point. It allows businesses to expand their portfolios of projects while aligning their portfolio roadmapping to the corporate strategy.

The software was made specifically for SMEs and larger companies. Here’s a look at some of most popular features and advantages from Change point to PPM:

  • Full portfolio coordination
  • Priority boards for projects in progress and new ideas
  • Visual program maps
  • Project roadmaps
  • Planning intake for projects
  • The Project management office (PMO) tools
  • Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)
  • New product development (NPD)
  • IT Project Management Office (IT PMO)

The software is adaptable and agile, which makes it easy to be able to change your approach to live analysis and market trends. It provides powerful analytics to help you manage successful initiatives using data-driven information.

5 – Celoxis: the Best All-in-One Project Management Software

Celoxis is a complete project management system that comes with PPM functions. It’s used by well-known brands such as Adobe, LG, Whirlpool, Rolex, Lufthansa, Tesla, Rolex, the Cheesecake Factory, HBO, and more.

In addition to portfolio management tools, Celoxis comes with tools to help with project accounting team and client collaboration as well as project planning, request tracking, as well as resource management.

The program has great reports and dashboards which are easy to read. It works with more than 400 tools right out of the box and includes an API to integrate custom features as well.

With project portfolio management by Celoxis you’ll receive an aggregated set of data and other information about your projects via an extremely customizable portfolio dashboard. You can set up and monitor your most critical portfolio KPIs easily.

Celoxis is simple and straightforward pricing, too. There aren’t any tiers and you’ll get everything you require right straight out of the box. There are only two options available:

  • Cloud Cloud $22.50 per user
  • On Premise — $450 per user

There is a minimum of five users on both packages. Cloud software is billed each year, while the on-premise version is charged only once. Test Celoxis for without cost within thirty days.

6- Mavenlink the best PPM for Teams and agencies

Mavenlink is distinct from other PPM solutions available in the present day because of its focus on remote work and collaboration among teams. The program is developed specifically for service companies, such as agencies.

It’s described as an all-in one solution for resource management and management of projects.

Mavenlink seamlessly integrates with your CRM tools.

The program eliminates the guesswork involved in managing projects and project management. It will allow you to precisely evaluate your team’s capacities demands, skills, and capacity through every stage of the project’s process.

Monitor task statuses in real time to ensure everything is running smoothly for you and your customers. You’ll be able view the entire financial transparency to ensure that your projects remain on budget. Should they not be, the program will provide you with the necessary information to make needed adjustments.

Another reason I love Mavenlink is due to the built-in tools for team collaboration. It’s simple to keep everyone on the same page all the way from your contracts to customers to the C Suite and every other person in between.

There are four plans to pick according to the size and requirements of your company.

  • Team – for teams that are just beginning their journey
  • Professional – To plan projects and time tracking
  • Premier – Track hours billable while managing clients and resources
  • Enterprise BI and security that is enterprise-grade

Pricing for Mavenlink isn’t available on the internet. However, you can join for a free trial of 10 days to start.

7 – Planview: The Best PPM Software for Beginners

If you’re brand new to the world of portfolio management Planview can be the ideal choice for you to look into. It is a trusted software used by thousands of businesses as well as 1million+ users around the world.

Planview has been a market leader in the field of project management for over 30 years.

I love Planview because they offer developed software specifically for people who are new in the field of project portfolio management. If you need basic guidance on prioritizing portfolios and resource planning, Planview PPM Pro is the perfect solution for you.

It offers role-based solutions for PMOs portfolio managers and Project managers and resource managers and team members on their own.

For companies that require more sophisticated solutions, check out Planview Enterprise One, an PPM software that can be used by enterprises. The plan for enterprise includes financial and strategic planning and portfolio management that is lean, product portfolio management, as well as features for enterprise architecture.

How to Choose the Best Software for Project Portfolio Management Software for Your Company

The process of selecting the ideal project portfolio management software for your company can be a challenge when you’re not sure of what you should look for. There are many alternatives to think about and, generally speaking, there isn’t a “best solution for everyone” tool.

This is the process we used to choose the top picks from our list. These are the characteristics that you must consider when you shop for.

Risk Management

The most effective PPM software allows you to analyze the risks associated with each project individually, as well as your portfolio of projects. It allows you to group projects and decide which projects or sets of projects are not risky enough.

Each the tools for managing risk must be easily accessible and customizable by using your admin dashboard.

Resource Planning

How many projects will your team manage? Who in your team should be working on certain assignments or tasks? Are you working at your capacity?

PPM software removes the guesswork out of these issues. You’ll have real-time information and data to aid in the management of resources to increase efficiency while making sure that individuals and teams aren’t burdened.

Pipeline Management

In essence the pipeline management tools help determine if sets or projects of projects can be completed on time. Instead of being astonished by a last-minute delay you’ll be able to keep track of the details from a bigger-picture view.

This will help you to better manage your resources and make adjustments to keep to deadlines.

Financial Distribution

Naturally, financial planning is an essential aspect of project management. In large scales, it’s simple to overspend in the event that you’re not keeping track of everything.

PPM software lets you assign financial resources in a way that is suitable for ensuring that projects are completed within budget.



What is the most effective project Portfolio Management (PPM) application? It’s all about what you’re looking for.

Sciforma can be ideal for companies who need to manage a larger team and a growing portfolio of projects. Proggio will be our number one recommendation for Jira users because of its easy interface with Jira.

Change point is ideal in PPM (strategic portfolio management). Celoxis is a tool that is all-in-one to manage projects that comes with PPM features integrated. Are you in charge of an agency? Check out MavenlinkGantt PRO along with Plan view are excellent choices for those who are who are just beginning to learn about managing their portfolios of projects.

Whatever the size of your team or the needs of your business regardless of your business size, you can find the most effective PPM program for you business by following the suggestions in this guide.

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