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7 Top Ecommerce Platforms for 2021 Wix Vs Shopify and Big Commerce Vs Square Online vs Ecwid vs Squarespace vs Big Cartel

If you’re searching for the top ecommerce platform, we have our top choices.

The quest to discover the best ecommerce platform out there has been our ongoing goal here at ever since the site was established. We put in the time each week to evaluate and test every platform to determine if they are as one of the best eCommerce platforms available.

We’re performing all this testing to ensure you do not have to.

This article now is a summation of our research, and suggestions on how to choose the right e-commerce platform to meet your specific requirements!

Shopify is the most flexible, feature-rich , and the most complete e-commerce platform of all. It comes with a complete set of features. has everything you require to operate a successful online store. Additionally, it lets you modify your layout and incorporate various features extensions.

You can also sell everything you like, including physical items, digital products as well as downloads, services and even drop-shipping.

The cost starts at the cost of $29 per month, or as little as $9 per month in the event that you’re not comfortable being able to have an internet-based storefront and instead selling through social media or other channels. I would have no problem suggesting this site for anyone wanting to start their journey in the world of e-commerce.

Wix is among the most well-known premium websites builders on the market currently. It’s not just simple to operate, it’s extremely flexible as well. Business owners can manage multi-channel marketing campaigns using Wix and improve sales performance, and also publish articles quickly.

With a wealth of features, including E-commerce plans that cater to businesses that wish to sell products on the internet, Wix is an obvious option for a lot of companies. However, despite its large array of features Wix is quite cost-effective, with a wide range of plans which will suit the needs of every business.

If you’re in search of an all-in-one site building tool that will enhance any online or e-commerce brand If so, Wix is the perfect choice. With its robust application market, you are able to even modify and enhance your website in the way you want.

It’s not easy to believe, but as hard as it may be to believe, there are more than 120 shopping cart software applications available, and they are all looking to take on the title of being the top eCommerce platform on the market. We ought to know that since our job is to try the various options. And we’ve done that…a lot. So far, we’ve examined every one of the leading platforms with separate reviews as well as a complete comparison chart that outlines the most important characteristics that each one has. We’ve evaluated each platform based on their SEO performance.

The information you’ll find here is an all-in-one overview of the most effective e-commerce platform and what makes each contender fantastic. After you’ve read this guide, you will know how to select the most suitable ecommerce platform for your business.

The following are most effective eCommerce platforms we’re going to test:

  1. Wix
  2. Shopify
  3. BigCommerce
  4. Square Online
  5. Squarespace
  6. Ecwid
  7. Big Cartel 
Selecting the most effective e-commerce platform Table of contents

Here’s the details of this comparison:

Without further delay Here’s what we’ve discovered during our search to determine the top e-commerce platform there.


For many, the price is the main element, not only in selecting the most effective e-commerce platforms to select however, in general when they are going through their lives. Personally, I believe that if you’re planning invest a substantial amount of your time and effort to create your own online retail store and establishing your own online retail space, there must be more than just making a savings of $1 on the cost of your platform. However, with that being said we must also try to get the best amount of value from our dollars. Let’s see how it all plays out.

Shopify Lite also stands out by their unique offer. With the Lite option, customers do not receive any online store as such but you are able to utilize the Shopify Buy button for your current website or social media account, email and more.

Apart from that, each platform comes with pros and cons with regards to price, based on which one is most important to you.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Cheapest plan that allows Unlimited products The Squarespace Business plan costs $18. But, we must not forget Square Online, which does provide unlimited products at no cost.
  • Cheapest plan for 100 items: Ecwid Venture is $15. And, of course, Square Online.
  • Cheapest option for staff accounts with 10 or more: Squarespace Business at $18.
  • Cheapest plan that provides unlimitable bandwidth as well as storage space: Ecwid Free, Square Online Free, or Squarespace Business ($18).
  • Cheapest all-around and feature-rich choice: Shopify Basic ($29) and Squarespace Basic Commerce ($26).

To me, Shopify is the top e-commerce platform in the marketplace because it provides the greatest opportunities to expand your business. It has the capacity to handle huge amounts of traffic, and transform your website into something truly unique.

A note about Squarespace pricing. While you can start with Squarespace for less than $18/month however, the cheapest price doesn’t offer the e-commerce capability. In essence, if you wish to sell something online on the Squarespace web site, you’ll have to shell out at least $18/month to get the right to use the.

However, if you’re looking for a basic small shop and you’re looking for a simple, small store, the more affordable Shopify solution is perfectly. If you’re wanting to make your purchase for without a cost, Ecwid and Square Online are excellent options for those who can live by the restrictions.

Flexible and features user-friendliness

If you’re a newbie owner of an online store, then there’s nothing more crucial as having all the options you could require to have at your disposal and being in a position to utilize the features with ease.

One thing all the platforms share is the dashboards of their platforms are very simple to navigate. Additionally, the majority of platforms have set-up wizard to help you with the design of your very first store. The inventory Management, Design capabilities and the process of setting up all contribute to the general user-friendliness is assessed in this review.


Shopify is a complete solution with regards to an easy installation, and a convenient dashboard for adding products, modifying the appearance of your site , and many other. It’s great since Shopify asks you to confirm if you’re planning to move your store from another platform in the sign-up process. The system then gives you the option of importing items from your old store.

The process of adding a product is simple and simple and includes fields for titles, descriptions, prices and much more. The reason I believe this is simpler to use over the other options is because it clearly explains the purpose of each field to do, eliminating any doubt while entering data.

It is the same level of simplicity when you manage your customers’ details, including their names such as orders, customers, and statistics for your store. Every part of your store is accessible via the main menu, and every option is visible.

The aim for Shopify is to truly allow anyone to create their own online store even without any experience in design or development.

Check out the full reviews of Shopify and then check out the Price guide for Shopify..

In terms of features, Shopify has it all:

  • Unlimited orders products, files, and orders Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile commerce ready
  • Make use of the domain you own
  • Point of sale
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Accept credit cards plus 100 payment gateways
  • Costs of shipping by auto-pilot
  • Automatic taxation
  • Web-based Ecommerce Website Builder with drag-and-drop
  • Full blogging platform
  • Multiple languages
  • Profiles of customers
  • Dropshipping
  • Customer accounts
  • Search engine optimization
  • Review of the product
  • Gift cards
  • Social media integration and sell on Facebook
  • Management of inventory
  • Digital products
  • Variations in the product
  • Level-1 PCI certified
  • Advanced reporting
  • Mobile app
  • No transaction fee when using Shopify Payments

All of this provides you with great flexibility. It’s simple, whatever type of store you’d like to start, Shopify will be able to manage it. Including:

  • Stores that sell physical items
  • Digital products
  • Dropshipping
  • Services


Wix offers something for every company with any business strategy. It doesn’t require any programming to make an impressive Wix website. Drag-and-drop features provided by the company coupled with the access to a wide variety of powerful tools mean the site will be built on the way to a stunning website within a matter of minutes.


The ability to access everything, from the e-commerce capabilities to custom templates is simple with Wix You can also create unique services for your customers. For instance, you can set up booking widgets or share music on the internet. Wix also has tools specifically designed for restaurants.

The characteristics you can expect to see include:

  • Over 500 templates
  • Drag-and-drop allows for total design freedom.
  • Industry-leading integrations
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • A full app marketplace with hundreds of connectors
  • Options for advanced design
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Media galleries
  • Scroll effects
  • Tailor made content
  • Original AI designs
  • SEO is a feature of Google.
  • Unified database management
  • API connections for open platforms
  • Restaurant reservation apps
  • Booking
  • Control of events
  • Forums and memberships
  • Music and art stores
  • Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Free hosting
  • A professional mailbox
  • Custom domain name
  • Social connections to media
  • SSL certificate

… There are new features are always coming.

Big Commerce

In comparison next to Shopify, BigCommerce offers the cleanest interface and clearest steps to get your online store up and running in just a couple of minutes. In reality, the dashboard appears remarkably like Shopify’s dashboard, and includes the ability to accept credit cards, integrating with other platforms as well as customizing your store’s appearance and much more.

Everything is conveniently accessible through the sidebar menu , which has been divided into a few sections that are related to thematically. It is possible to access your order, product and customer information easily. You can make use of some of BigCommerce’s marketing options as well as analytics and other modules in which you can enhance your store’s appearance.

Check out the BigCommerce Review and then check out the BigCommerce Pricing guide.

It is quite simple with all the essential attributes of the product easily accessible. Instead of placing every information about the product on one display, Big Commerce uses tabs, each of which focuses on an individual aspect about the merchandise.

These are additional features available in Big Commerce that can make it a contender to be the most effective ecommerce marketplace:

  • Unlimited orders, products storage for files, bandwidth
  • Live chat support 24/7
  • Point of sale
  • Visual store builder
  • Move your store over to the cloud and import your products
  • Accept payments through PayPal made by Braintree, Stripe, Apple Pay and Pay using Amazon and many more
  • Manage inventory and order management
  • Sell on Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and Square POS
  • Multiple marketing features
  • API
  • Multi-layered security for hosting and DDOS security
  • Hosting that is PCI Level 1, compliant.
  • Find your way onto product comparison websites
  • Encourage visitors to return with emails marketing
  • SEO has many features

In the end, BigCommerce is a nice alternative to Shopify If that’s the kind of thing you’re seeking. The features are just as impressive and extensive with the same price (that is until you exceed your expectations to the point that Shopify is the better choice).

Square Online

One of the things that is distinctive in Square Online is the emphasis they place on user-friendliness use , while simultaneously providing some very powerful features beneath the underneath the hood.


To name a few of the highlights:
  • Unlimited orders products, file storage and bandwidth
  • Booking appointment for an appointment is available.
  • Sell event tickets
  • 24/7 support via chat and telephone
  • Point of sale that is automated with purchase and sync of items
  • Management of inventory
  • Accept credit cards.
  • Accept online donations
  • Calculation of taxes
  • Visual Ecommerce Website Builder Tool
  • PCI compatible
  • Mobile apps
  • Offer delivery, pickup or delivery
  • Integration with Instagram
  • Facebook advertising integration
  • Customer reviews
  • Cart emails that have been abandoned
  • Discounts on shipping costs
  • SSL certificate
  • Gift cards and coupons
  • Text alerts on order status
  • Customers can personalize their orders and pick-up times
  • SEO has many features

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The process of signing up is simple. Square will be asking you a few questions about your company and the type of online store you’d like to create.

In the present, you are able to set up an POS module. This is accomplished when you download the official app on the device, either iPhone as well as Android and following the set-up instructions on the app.

The dashboard is quite appealing, especially when as compared to other similar options available. You can take any section of the sidebar, and drag it to where you’d like to place it. This means that you can customize the dashboard appear exactly how you like instead of needing to adjust to what was available right from the start.

It also has a great onboarding guide that will guide you through the essential steps to go from nothing to an operational eCommerce store. What’s unique about Square’s onboarding process compared to competitors is that they decided to concentrate on the most important aspects of business when launching an online store instead of just focusing on the design aspects.

For instance, Square will take you through the steps to verify your identity to ensure that you can connect to your bank account and begin taking credit card payments. This is the very first thing that Square would like you to do in the end and it’s logical because as an owner of an online store you’ll want to begin your journey in the shortest time possible.

After that, Square will show you how to set your taxes, and set up for the POS program, then after that, you can access the other tools available on the dashboard.

The process of adding new products is carefully planned. To make it simpler for people who haven’t had prior experience on similar platforms, here are a few examples of products you can include to your store to get some idea about how it functions.

All in all, Square makes the key aspects of the process of setting up an online store simple to comprehend and doesn’t bother you with things that aren’t important to store owners. Also, Square offers an “business first” type of approach that a majority of users find appealing.


Squarespace is known for the ease with which it simplifies the entire process of creating websites. It’s not just for e-commerce sites however, but for any other kind of website too.

Squarespace is the “do everything” kind of platform that can take on whatever you can throw at it. It’s a fantastic drag-and-drop editor you can use to build your website and also enable the features you want in the process.

The whole process begins by choosing your website’s niche or subject and then answering a handful of questions to narrow the focus on the website you want to create. This is the initial stage. Squarespace will ask you if you intend to sell something on your site. Then, you can choose the kind of items you’d like to sell. For example, Squarespace can handle standard retail offering, selling services, scheduling dates, promoting events, taking donations and plenty of other situations.

The list of features provided by Squarespace is amazing. Here are a few highlights from it

  • Free domain name with custom domain registration included
  • Sell everything you can think of (products or services, events appointment, subscriptions and donations and more.)
  • All websites are optimized for mobile.
  • Gift cards
  • Point of sale
  • Effective stats and analytics for your entire website and Ecommerce
  • Customer accounts
  • Unlimited contributor accounts
  • A Google Workspace account included free for the first year.
  • Advanced customizations using CSS and JavaScript
  • Integration with Instagram
  • Abandoned cart Recovery
  • SEO is a feature of Google.
  • SSL security

Check out the square space reviews and read the Pricing for Squarespace guide.

Through the pricing structure of Squarespace that you’ll get gradually more advanced features with each stage. However the plans all allow you to sell products in unlimited quantities to any audience.


Ecwid offers a clear and simple to understand dashboard with the most crucial options being highlighted in the middle portion of the. It’s easy to spot is the user-friendly interface, which shows how far you’ve come in setting up your store.

The side menu provides you with access to all other areas in the administrator panel. There, you can change the appearance and layout of the store. You can also control items, check on your customers’ orders, customer’s names, and other things like that.

Making new products available is an easy process. The interface lists the main parameters of a product on the middle panel and all other information is accessible by way of tabs located at the top.

The overall experience provides you many options and is still simple to make use of which is fantastic.

The additional features available in Ecwid:
  • Beginning at 10, to unlimited items
  • Unlimited orders, unlimited file storage and bandwidth
  • Support for live chat is available 24/7 plus phone support with priority (no support for the plan for free)
  • Sell on multiple websites blog sites, and social networks
  • Sell using any device and anywhere you go
  • Address book for customers
  • Smart shipping calculator
  • Integration seamlessly with WordPress, Joomla and more
  • Track inventory
  • Sell digital goods
  • Accept payments via 40 different payment options
  • Define options for shipping
  • Level 1 PCI certified

All in all, Ecwid delivers all the options that online store owners require. It’s also very affordable and ideal for those who are comfortable with less than 100 products on your catalog.

Check out the full review in our Ecwid reviews.

Not to be left out and without no doubt Ecwid has the highest-quality free service of all the platforms in this analysis. The one other option that has the free plan can be found in Big Cartel, but that plan is rather limited in comparison to Ecwid’s.

Big Cartel

The primary goal for Big Cartel is undoubtedly minimalism. The dashboard is the main one that displays only the most basic information about your store. But, it’s tough to declare that the dashboard is flawed as it’s probably what you’d like to observe whenever you visit your store at any time of the day.

There’s only few options on the main menu. They highlight the most popular actions site owners might want to do.

The panel for the addition of a product is as well transparent and very attractive.

All in all, you’ll receive the basic features that are essential when you launch a new eCommerce store However, there isn’t much more than this.

In particular, the features found in Big Cartel:

  • Up to 300 items in your database
  • Up to 1 to five images for each item
  • Email support Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST
  • Point of sale
  • Unlimited bandwidth and orders
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly Store designs
  • Real-time statistics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Promotional tools

The bottom line is that Big Cartel is a very fundamental participant in our search to discover the most efficient e-commerce service, and – despite its stunning design, it might be suitable for you to start but it’s not easy to increase your sales and profits as sales, products and overall business grow.

Read our Big Cartel review.

One thing to note about Big Cartel is that it’s one of only two choices on this list that offer an unpaid plan.

Templates and designs

Design is crucial, everybody knows that if the appearance of the store isn’t appealing to the customer, then the most likely they’ll take your shopping elsewhere. In all times when your store is unappealing, even if your merchandise is fantastic, shoppers will not pay focus to them.


One thing that is what makes Wix attractive is the possibility of having an array of scalable templates that you can choose from to ensure that your site will shine. Wix’s templates are beautiful, and they’re modern enough that you don’t feel like you’re likely to require to modify them every single time. You can sell your products on many attractive and elegant websites and create your own custom modifications.

With over 515 premium templates to pick from, the templates are designed to appear and feel amazing. Also, you get the benefit of being able to look for templates that are suited to the industry you work in. Wix organizes templates into more than 70 sub-industries, so regardless of what you need you’re bound to discover it on Wix.


If you’re searching for an platform that has some of the most professional themes that you can find, then you must look into Shopify and the fact is there’s no platform with more designs as Shopify.

There are over 100 themes to choose from (both paid and paid) All of them are stylish and modern. You can also customize and modify the theme that you’ve selected to make it look exactly the way you’d like it to.

Shopify themes have also proved to be extremely useful for proprietors of stores in actual situations. Take a look at the gallery below of the designs of stores currently in use which are built using Shopify themes:

Big Commerce

Big Commerce also comes with a great collection of theme options for you to choose from, which are divided into various types, and all of them are responsive and completely customizable. They were designed to create a more modern fluid user experience making use of the latest merchandising technology for categorization and different sizes of catalogs. There are paid and paid options, and I have to affirm that the free options really look nice.

Square Online

Square Online Square Online is certainly not lacking when it is it comes to the design options available. There are a variety of good templates to pick from their catalogue. The templates are optimized for particular areas and different types that are available on online shops.

There’s things for traditional retail shops, but also restaurants who want to provide customers with the possibility to reserve tables online, as well as service providers, non-profits and other things.

It’s important to note the fact that every one of Square templates are optimized for mobile use (and purchasing), and give you the option to customize your template using an editor that you can drag and drop.


The templates are the area where Squarespace truly shines. Since the time that the company released their platform back to 2003 they’ve become famous for how well thought out their designs were and the modern look they gave them.

Squarespace clearly places emphasis on quality over the quantity. Although 100+ isn’t an unimportant amount of templates, by any standards however, some of the competitors do offer more options. But, as I mentioned in a few words the thing that distinguishes Squarespace from the rest is the quality of these templates.

Additionally, when you’re starting out using Squarespace it will recommend specific templates in response to your questions at the time of signing up. They’re all gorgeous and can be modified to fit any type of online store or business. You can modify the visual elements in your design, change images, and more.


Ecwid is a completely new design approach to store layouts that is, there aren’t any themes to select from. In my experience, I was unable to locate them easily.

The method that it operates is that you are able to visit the Ecwid App Market and purchase pre-made themes from third-party websites.

In addition you can alter the basics of the look of your store. Things such as dimensions of images dimensions, aspect ratios, card information, category places, layouts of product pages and navigation and some other things.

Overall, this could be an ideal solution for one type of buyer – someone who simply is looking to begin with a decent store and not be concerned about the design too much but it’s not appealing to me. to my personal tastes, and this is probably not the most effective e-commerce platform available.

You might think that the sheer number of themes that are offered by a platform isn’t important, it’s not. It’s important to be aware that if your shop doesn’t possess distinctiveness, like having the similar theme to fifty other stores, customers will be quick to attributing this to inadequate management by the owner of the store.

It is more likely to cause them to leave your website without offering a fair chance.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel only has 15 theme options (at the date at the time of this writing). This is a big drawback because distinctive branding is an integral element in selling on the internet. But, you can look for Big Cartel themes through Google to get some amazing solutions that are provided by third party sellers.

It’s similar to WordPress where you can purchase themes separately from the platform. It’s not the most efficient method to find the right themes but it offers you more choices.

Big Cartel also lacks a drag and drop editor, however the design customization isn’t the most difficult thing about it. The design elements are placed to the left side, which is good however the tools are inadequate, and anything further than which requires knowledge of coding.

Apps and add-ons

Each of the platforms that are included in this comparison has various applications and extensions to some extent.

But, the two which stand out most and provide the most extensive variety of applications and accessories can be found in Shopify and BigCommerce. Both of them offer more than 100 applications and add-ons that can integrate into your online store.

Similar to other leading web design companies such as Weebly and Shopify, Wix offers a range of extensions that you can utilize to improve the performance of your website. The factor that distinguishes Wix unique is how extensive the app market it has. There are over 300 applications to select from today and the number keeps growing.

Wix integrations are simple to access and integrate on your website quite effortlessly. Be aware that if an app is shut down, it isn’t possible to appeal to Wix to return it returned. These are third-party apps in the end. Integration choices are Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, MailChimp and many others. There are applications to assist you with cart recovery.

Another aspect to remember is how simple it is to look for the applications and accessories, as you most likely have some items in your mind to include to your online store. Perhaps you require an automated solution to receive email receipts or an application that can help you create a loyalty system.

In the case of Shopify and BigCommerce it is possible to search through filters and navigate through different categories whenever you are you require a specific application. The other options for e-commerce make it extremely difficult to accomplish this or do not have the capabilities at all.

Square has an extensive catalogue of extensions and apps that you could integrate to the Square store. They’re not only for items that you could add to the store’s website as well as integrations with other websites like social media profiles, or even other websites in general.

Of course, the standard things like accounting software and employee management, email marketing and others, are also available.

Another benefit that comes with working through Square is you are able to purchase the necessary devices for the storefront. Square will provide you with anything from tablet configurations for restaurants terminals, registers, and registers to to complete kits with everything you need for a storefront (cash drawers, terminals etc. ).

We’re including it in this article because it is to be thought of as a sort of add-on, but more conventional one which you can put in your hands.

Lastly, Squarespace. It’s not known for their extension options. Prior to recently it was not able to support extension extensions from third parties. Instead they believed that they were capable to provide all the features customers might require right within the tool itself.

They’ve changed their approach, and now users can connect their Squarespace websites with around 25 extensions. There’s nothing major at the moment however, the number of extensions is likely to grow in the near future.

Customer support

There is a good chance that you will require assistance at some point during your online shopping career. It’s essential to be aware of various support services offered by businesses.

Here’s a brief tables of the support options that are offered in comparison to the price that comes with the monthly plan you have to purchase:

  • Wix Support for customers is available via email, phone or via an online knowledge base
  • Shopify Live chat available 24/7 plus phone support on every plan ($9 to $299)
  • BigCommerce Live chat 24/7 and phone support for any plan ($29.95 to $299.95)
  • Big Cartel: Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm EST for any plan ($0 to $29.99)
  • Ecwid Support is not available on the free plan. 24/7 live chat ($15) live chat and phone ($35) 24 hour Priority Support ($99)
  • Square Online – 24/7 assistance via live chat, email, phone and social media. There’s also a knowledge base which should provide the answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Squarespace No 24/7 support ; customer support is available by emails and chat (only Monday through Friday, 4AM-8 PM EST) There’s an online knowledge base

The majority of online store building tools offer a variety of customer service.

ShopifyBigCommerce, and Square Online provide 24/7 support via telephone, Chat and email. The other platforms typically offer live chat support however, their telephone support has time restrictions.

The one company that doesn’t appear to provide chat or phone support is Big Cartel, which only offers email support and it’s not just that, they only offer support Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6 midnight (EST). Additionally, there is no support available if you’re using the free plan offered by Ecwid.

If you’re searching for a business that provides outstanding customer support throughout any day or night, you ought to try Shopify or Big Commerce the chance.

Furthermore, all the solutions discussed come with knowledge bases which allow you to search the subject and check if somebody previously discussed the issue and dealt with it previously. I believe this is among the most helpful support options you’ll find since it lets users to solve a problem without you’re in a waiting room for an agent to assist you.

While they all have knowledge bases, in addition to blogs as well as FAQs and other information, Shopify and BigCommerce have the largest number of users, which makes them more knowledgeable about their knowledge base contents. Why is this? Simple. Because more people are talking about the systems, naturally there are more questions asked and more solutions were posted.


If you’ve been searching for an online platform to manage your eCommerce store You’ve likely encountered at least some of the brands we’re comparing in the present. Although it’s not the most effective factor to take a decision which will impact your business , it’s worth discussing, especially considering that when large numbers of people are drawn to one method, we want to believe that it’s for reasons.

However, if you do the results of Google and Trends There is only one winner that stands out with regards to what people are looking for and the amount of them are interested in the popular consumer-oriented ecommerce tools, but we’ll hold for for an instant. Before that, take a glance at the chart of popularity for our most popular products: BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Ecwid, across the last 12 months:

Yes, you’re right? Shopify is about seven percent more popular than everything else!

Another method to examine the popularity of a website is to link it with where the customers go after they leave an eCommerce platform. The reason why this is important is that it gives an indication of how the companies are keeping up with the latest technologies and implemented improvements to attract more customers. A quick market share analysis on Shopify will reveal that the Shopify business is gaining the majority clients from BigCommerce, and Big Cartel. BigCommerce is still stealing customers from Shopify however, it was once to be the first destination for people to go following Shopify. We think it’s because of the pricing offered by BigCommerce.

It’s important to note that Wix has seen a rise in popularity lately as well. The firm’s relationship with top celebrities such as Jason Statham, Gal Gadot and Heidi Klum makes it hard to overlook. It’s tough to discover anyone who doesn’t know about Wix when looking for an e-commerce website builder or platform in the present day.

The final verdict: which eCommerce platform is the most efficient

No matter how many articles about comparison you read, there’s just one individual who understands which platform is the best fit for what you require, and that person is you. The thing it boils down to is the platform that will allow you to sell the items that you provide in the most effective way for both the store proprietor and for your customers.

Based on the advice you have read Based on the advice you read above, follow the advice above to select one or any of the links below to learn more about the features each platform can offer you. I highly suggest beginning an initial trial for free with at least two platforms so that you are able to explore them and determine which one is the most convenient for you.

We offer our advice in regards to the most efficient e-commerce platform accessible.

Still unable to make a decision? Take a look at these reviews that are specific to the top e-commerce platforms listed here:

Frequently asked questions

There are so many types of online shopping solutions to pick from, we’ven’t been in a position to include everything on our list. But, we’re making sure that all tools currently available are given the respect they are entitled to. In the subsequent sections, we’ll to examine which software tools are the most suitable to specific roles in the world of digital marketing and selling arena.

Let’s look at it more closely:

What is The Most Effective Ecommerce System for SEO?

SEO is an essential element of many E-commerce applications, as it guarantees that your goods and services are easily found online. Our top options for SEO include:


Shopify is without doubt one of the more flexible and robust e-commerce platforms that are available. As soon as you sign up your account on the platform, you’ll be able to access everything you require to operate a successful company, such as tools for managing orders, specialized shipping options, and an SEO-optimized back-end. It’s possible to unlock SEO-focused tools through an account on the Shopify App Store, such as the SEO Manager that includes keywords, meta content tools, recommendations, and Google search console connections.

WordPress is a great choice for SEO , since it provides access to the most popular plugins, such as Yoast. If you’re familiar with WordPress and its features, then using something similar to WooCommerce for an eCommerce solution makes sense. Because the two platforms WooCommerce and WordPress are created specifically to be highly ranked by search engines, you’ll not have any issues boosting your rank. In addition, with Google SEO tools you will also download a variety of other plugins such as membership engine software and membership extensions.

Magento is recognized among the top feature-rich online shopping platforms for reasons. While this platform isn’t equipped with the same SEO-related plugins like the Shopify and WooCommerce but it does come with SEO components that are integrated into it. Every aspect from advertising to customer segmentation is available. The standard features are built into the open-source Magento which means you can optimize your search engine by using instruments for Google websitemaps as well as Google Content APIs and search engine friendly URLs.

What is The most effective Ecommerce Solution for the Small Business?

It’s more than the cheapest price to create an online marketplace perfect for small-scale business owners. It is also important to find a platform that is user-friendly to use. Our top recommendation is:


There are a lot of tools that promote them as the ideal online store for small-scale companies such as Ecwid, to Wix We believe that the best option has to be Squarespace. Squarespace is among the most user-friendly applications that are available for newbies, and it comes with all the features you’ll need to begin online, including themes for free and access to numerous payment processors.

What is the most effective Ecommerce system for Dropshipping?

Many small-scale business owners think dropping shipping to be the best method to begin to enter the sales world. Our top recommendation for dropshipping would be:


Shopify is by far the most effective solution for those looking to test dropping shipping for yourself. Shopify and Shopify Plus both Shopify and Shopify Plus have access to extensions like Oberlo , which enable users to make crucial relationships with business suppliers within a matter of minutes, and easily add new products to your site. When you use Shopify drop shipping, you do not have to be concerned about locating the right store and managing the fulfillment by yourself. Everything you require is accessible via extensions and extensions.

What’s the most effective platform for B2B?

Selling to businesses requires a different approach to selling directly to customers. If you’re searching for an B2B service, here’s what we suggest:


With high-quality, free themes to select from, expert instruments, and various high-level services, Magento is an ideal platform for B2B companies. Magento is equipped with a sophisticated filtering system for products, which is perfect for aiding your customers in finding the tools they require. It is also possible to establish various tax rates depending to the location, as well. Additionally, there is the documentation and Knowledge Base support that is specifically offered for B2B sellers using Magento.

Due to the fact that Shopify is so adaptable and adaptable it’s an ideal option for all kinds of businesses. B2B retailers around the globe make use of Shopify for its simple wholesale E-commerce tools and numerous applications. Shopify also makes it simple to sell digital downloads, products, and services to other brands.

What is the best free Ecommerce Platform?

If you’re building an online store for an entrepreneur with a small budget Your budget is severely restricted. The best FREE eCommerce service is

Square Online Store:

There are several eCommerce platforms which offer a free trial, so you can try the software and find out the results you’re getting. The good news is that Square Online Store is among the few solutions which offer a totally free service. It’s worth noting that, like many services of this kind it is possible that you will require to pay for upgrades to enable more features and design elements.

What is the best Open Source Ecommerce Platform?

An open-source eCommerce store is an SaaS solution that lets users to create everything from your backend. The tools you need by downloading for free, and it is your responsibility to pay for things such as hosting and security on your own. The top open source options include:


Similar to WordPress, WooCommerce is completely open source. This makes it an ideal choice for any business owner who is looking to incorporate advanced tools and instruments to their marketing strategies. WooCommerce also gives you access to an enormous group of developers and experts who can assist you to install those extensions and plugins you need the most.


CSS-Cart is among the best platforms for ecommerce in the market for technical support and price for price. It also has the advantage of being one of the most popular tools for people looking for open-source website building technologies. It is possible to use its code CS Cart to adapt and develop it as you wish.

What are the Top Ecommerce platform for Startups

Startups typically require a distinct set of features from their eCommerce software. Some may require a number of tools to improve their security while trading online. Some will have to utilize the latest technological advances for taking payments through innovative methods, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our top choices for startups include:

Light speed:

Light speed is an excellent point of sale and retail system that was designed for expanding merchants and restaurants. The cloud-based eCommerce platform integrates with all the available products, and it comes with an excellent website building tool. There’s also a range of applications offered by Light speed to enhance the performance of your website.

PrestaShop can be an ideal choice for businesses that are just starting out for many reasons. First, it’s totally free to make use of – which is a great option for those who aren’t able to afford it. Additionally, it comes with numerous knowledgebase articles and help to aid young businesses in getting established. Prestashop can also allow users to make use of an alliance program to aid you in finding additional business.

Wix is a budget-friendly and user-friendly platform that is ideal for novices who don’t require any extra to start. With Wix you can construct an amazing startup website that is stunning and is extremely efficient. It is also possible to begin your journey using Wix by creating a site for no cost, which is perfect if you’re unsure what you’d like to spend at first. Try out tools that offer free trials such as open cart and Wix can open you up to possibilities.

The Best E-commerce Platform for selling digital products

If you’re creating your own website to offer digital goods such as web hosting services and marketing equipment, then you’ll need an appropriate type of website builder. Our top recommendation is:


Sellfy is a low-cost and user-friendly tool that includes everything you require to concentrate on the digital sales channels. You don’t require much know-how to start using the platform, and it is packed with a variety of useful features, including the management of digital products, and support for enterprises for all kinds of eBooks to the design assets.

“Can you assist me to set up a store with Shopify or BigCommerce and etc. ?”

Yes, I collaborate with experts who are knowledgeable about all of these well-known online platforms. Please complete the form to ensure that I’ll be capable to provide you with the most suitable individuals to collaborate with.


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