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6 of the best music-related website builders We have a Fine-Tuned Collection

Our research projects, which are conducted by independent researchers, and independent reviews are funded partially through affiliate commissions, and with no additional charge to the readers of our site.

Find the top website builder for musicians. Then evaluate your options using our interactive chart of comparisons. We’ll bring our findings to life by providing deep reviews and suggestions.

You’ve got your music You’ve got your appearance But if you’re a musician in the ultra-digital age, where every internet user is spending on average seven hours per day online but that’s only a small portion of the tale. We shouldn’t forget the number of big artists have been discovered on the internet and have been discovered online – 5 Seconds of Summer, Carly Rae Jepsen as well as Justin Bieber, to name just a few.

To create a strong online presence, you require a top-quality web-based builder. This is why we conduct deep research to separate out the true legends from one-hit wonders and identify the platform that’s going to help you. We’ll guide you through the top six web builders that can get your noticed, move your business to the next level and assist you in making profits selling songs online.

The 6 top web builders to use by musicians include:

  1. Squarespace is the ideal site for music-related websites
  2. Wix is ideal for user-friendliness
  3. Weebly is the best choice for marketing via email
  4. Duda – Best for simple templates
  5. Inspiringly best for creating an electronic kit for press.
  6. Site123 – Ideal for Bandsintown integration

Squarespace was the top choice in our study and its premium music-related website templates and appealing features make it the ideal tool for musicians. Wix isn’t far behind , with its user-friendly editor and robust analytics and analytics, while Weebly places third with its outstanding features for email marketing and price-performance ratio.

We’re very satisfied with the research we conducted since not many websites are able to claim that they’ve done extensive testing prior to making recommendations. Alongside our general category of website builders’ research we’ve applied weighted-research guidelines to the builders listed on this list to figure out the best platforms for musicians specifically.

Here’s a brief review of the categories we study in our general study:

  • User-friendly
  • Design Flexibility
  • Price for value
  • Feature quality
  • Support and assistance
  • Customer satisfaction

This allows us to assess and evaluate the builders with accuracy, and focusing on the most important aspects that customers have shared with us that are most important to them. We also invite groups of ordinary people to test the builders and provide us with feedback, which we review to:

  • Know exactly how simple (or difficult) novices find the builder
  • Find any issues in the builder
  • Judges’ satisfaction with customers

Alongside this general study, we’ve conducted specific studies on what makes a web-based builder ideal for musicians and have placed greater emphasis in the following fields of research:

  • Audio and music files
  • Videos and images
  • Social media
  • Event reservations
  • Newsletters sent via email
  • Design

After examining these subcategories based on music we compared each builder’s score for music specific together with their overall score in order to calculate the rankings in this report.

Find the Top 6 Website Builders for Musicians.

Check out the builders you’d like to compare using the arrow located at the top of the chart. You’ll then be able see the builders compete against each other in specifications and prices.

Many website builders allow you to sell products online however, most times you’ll have upgrade to a more costly eCommerce plan for the ability to make this happen. If you’re looking to offer a handful of products within your existing plan for building websites, but not pay for e-commerce, you could use a flexible option such as square online checkout links. These are shared links that allow you accept secure online payments from your customers.

To utilize the checkout link, you need be required to do is make a new account for a free Square Online account, identify and price the product you are selling, then create the checkout link you want to put on your website – the process is quite easy!

  1. Squarespace – 12/month at $12

The best platform for music-related websites

In our overall rankings for website buildersSquarespace is the best choice for creative – and for musicians as websites go, Squarespace is hard to beat. Its elegant templates, simple access to social media, and beautiful audio player are excellent features to promote you work to the most professional possible way.


Musician Website Builder Features: Squarespace

  • Audio Blocks Add audio tracks to custom content blocks and then include buy links directly beneath the audio files
  • Unfold application: Create professionally designed social content to help promote shows and brand new tracks
  • Pages for events: Advertise up to 350 events per month online
  • Marketing via email: Choose from expertly designed email layout sand align the design of your email messages to your website to ensure uniformity
  • blogging: Squarespace has many templates that support blogging, including “Cruz” – making it the ideal starting point in the event that you want to create a music blog.


Along with powerful music-related features, each Squarespace plan also includes:

  • Unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth
  • SSL security
  • Free custom domains in the initial year


Squarespace gets the top spot for design and layout in our research into website builders. It also scored a close-to-perfect 4.9/5 in our research on music websites to show “design adaptability.”

Templates from Squarespace are modern, sleek and provide a lot of creative options and are perfect for the artistic expression that a website with music demands! Squarespace provides five templates that are specifically designed for music but you can make use of and modify any Squarespace template to suit your needs.

The only drawback to this incredible design flexibility has to do with the fact it’s Squarespace isn’t as simple to use as its competitors such as Wix In fact, the builders earned an average of 3.5/5 and an 4.3/5 during our study of usability as well as ease of use. Squarespace remains a drag and drop builder which doesn’t require users to be a coder however Wix’s editor is much more user-friendly!


The most affordable plan on Squarespace can be found in the personal plan. It costs only $12 per month when it is billed annual, and $16 monthly to month.

If you’re interested in e-commerce features on your Squarespace website, in order for instance, to make money selling your musical tracks online it’s $26/month for the Basic plan, and $40/month with the advanced plan. You can sell unlimited items using both plans – you’ll receive additional features with the Advanced plan.

Are Squarespace the best choice for You?

Squarespace was recognized as the top musician website builder during our study. Will it impress you?

More Information

  1. Wix $ 14/month

Ideal for user-friendliness

You’ve probably come across Wix earlier in your search for a musician’s website builder The builder is popular for its easy drag-and-drop editor for websites as well as its vast collection of apps that are fantastic tools for novices who are looking to create an impressive-looking website.


Musician Website Builder Features: Wix

  • Wix Music tool: Upload your music and then sell the downloads, without commission.
  • Wix Music Analytics: See stats on your most popular tracks played, the most downloaded tracks, and the highest revenues-generating tracks
  • WX Shout Out Powerful email marketing


In addition to these top-quality music features, Wix’s most affordable pay plans (called” the Combo plan) provides:

  • 2GB bandwidth
  • 3GB of storage
  • 30 video minutes

Its Combo plan is a fantastic option to begin your artist or band website. If your fan base is increasing, you might think about the second-lowest Unlimited Plan that includes:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 10GB of storage
  • 1 video 1 hour

Wix plans are also available with a domain name for free in the initial year!


The music template templates from Wix are extremely simple to design and customize the reason this builder is our highest scorer for user-friendliness. The drag-and-drop editor is easy and, if you’re looking for an even more hands-free experience, you could allow Wix’s  ADI tool design your website for you based upon your answers to several questions!

Other builders, such as Duda and Site123, are equally user-friendly, however, Wix is the clear winner due to its simplicity of use with robust features.


Wix is based under the “freemium” basis, meaning that you can start a website on the road without paying a dime – you’ll only have move to the paid subscription to eliminate the Wix advertising and the automatic ‘wix site’ that is included in your domain’s name.

The cheapest plan offered by Wix is that of the Combo Plan is priced at just $14 per month when it is billed annually. The second-lowest Unlimited plan costs $18/month.

You are looking for something that is simple to use?

Wix is extremely beginner-friendly So if you’re looking for something you can get right into the building process, this is a ideal option!

More Information

  • Wix review Read our complete review of everything Wix.
  • Prices on Wix – Find an overview of each Wix pricing plan.
  1. Weebly – $ 6/month

The best email marketing method

Our priced plans begin at only $6 per month and include a variety of some exciting features. But, you’ll need to install many add-ons individually. Some are free, however more advanced features typically cost which means you’ll have to pay a fee that is similar as Wix and Squarespace to access the same features!



Musician Website Builder Features: Weebly

  • The Weebly promoter for emails Use an email builder with drag-and-drop to design stunning campaigns
  • Backgrounds with video: Engage visitors with music videos and other performances


Weebly’s marketing capabilities via email are amazing You can design beautiful messages with no technical expertise.

Additionally, you can get data on your marketing campaigns as well as import contacts from email sources such as Gmail, Yahoo!, and Mail Chimp.

The general features of Weebly are good for those who are new to the platform, however it isn’t perfect when compared to the features of Squarespace and Wix in fact, Weebly comes third in the feature category of our study with an average of 4.3/5. As an example, Weebly doesn’t offer a direct bookings system or an event system. Instead, you’ll need create a separate app for the cost of an additional fee.


The templates offered by Weebly are simple, clean, and mobile-friendly. The advantage is that your pictures will be front and center however the downside is that you won’t enjoy the same creative freedom or design flexibility as you would using a builder such as Squarespace.

Weebly provides more than 50 themes you can choose from and you are able to change themes at any point even after you’ve launched your website.


In our musician-friendly web builder study, Weebly was the top performer in terms of value for money We believe that you’ll get more for your buck when you choose the second plan of the Three paid-for plans:

  • Personal $ 6/month
  • Professional 12/month
  • Performance — $26/month

Although the personal plan may be the most affordable, we suggest the Professional plan because the features it offers are than what your music website would require – like the free SSL protection and unlimited space.

Do you require top Notch marketing tools?

We were impressed with Weebly’s email marketing feature, which is great to keep your followers informed of your most recent information.

More Information

  1. Duda – $14/month

The best template for basic designs

Duda is able to earn its spot as the fourth best web-based builder for musicians mostly due to its impressive score in terms of user-friendliness and user-friendliness. With a score of 4.1/5 rating, it’s next to Wix. Duda’s price is higher than many builders, but it has the features offered and that’s why it has a 3.2/5 score in terms of price-for-quality.


Musician Website Builder Features: Duda

  • Music widget Easily Upload Sound Cloud as well as Mix cloud Audio files onto your website
  • Backgrounds for video: Showcase your performances on screen

Duda does not have as many options like the three best builders. In terms of features the company is in fourth with scores of 3.6/5. However, the options Duda offers offer are very beneficial, for example:

  • Pop-ups that are easy to trigger or messages to keep fans entertained.
  • Free SSL


Duda provides an array of mobile-responsive templates which are very simple to modify using its drag-and drop editor. customizable sections that are available allow you to build websites simple. The templates from Duda also come with audio and video widgets that aid in the integration of your online activities.

However, if you’re looking to have greater design freedom on your music site, you might be better off using Squarespace Duda’s templates. They’re more flexible than the majority and don’t get the first place! With colors and more than 100 font styles that you can add your own personal touch.


The Duda plans begin with the basic plan of $14/month which is perfect for those who are just starting out in the music business. If your site’s audience is more established or you wish to expand your website, then you might require additional features (like comments sections as well as additional branding options) that are available with the $22/month Team plan.

A monthly cost of $22 is expensive for a builder with no features or capabilities of rivals such as Wix and Squarespace The great thing is that the Team plan comes with the opportunity to try a 14-day trial for free to test the service before you commit!

Do You Enjoy Simple Templates?

Duda appreciates style, which is evident in its simple and simple-to-customize templates!

More Information

  1. Inspiringly $8/month

Ideal for building an electronic kit for press kits

strikingly is a sleek web builder that is easy to use and specifically designed for beginners. If you’re not an expert in technology but would like to be online quickly You’re at the right spot! Be aware that this simplicity is at the expense of design flexibility and robust capabilities.


Musician Website Builder Features: Strikingly

  • Support for electronic press kits: Create your own press kits that visitors can download on your website – and ensure that you include images of your bios, bios, coverage for media and social media websites!
  • Sound Cloud: Embed Sound Cloud files on your website

Strikingly can help you create an online press kit which we believe is an asset to artists who are building their online presence! Let’s look at some more common website features Strikingly provides in their three packages:

  • Free domain for the initial year
  • 1-10 GB of storage
  • 50GB-Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth


Strikingly’s templates are well-designed and simple for novices to use, which means you’ll have your site up and running in a short time. A lot of content sections and image blocks are pre-planned.

The disadvantage is that you’ll not have the full creative freedom – Strikingly was ranked second within the “design flexibility” category in our research with an average of 2.9/5.



Strikingly has three plans that are paid:

  • Limited – – $8/month
  • Pro – $16/month
  • VIP $49/month

The Limited plan isn’t expensive when compared to other top builders of websites, however Strikingly was ranked second on the “value for price” section of our study and scored 2.9/5. The basic design templates and limited storage for the Limited plan means that the majority of users will have change to the more expensive Pro plan.

Do you need to get Online Fast?

If you’re self-promoting and want to have a an easy and quick online presence It’s worth trying.

More Information

  • Strikingly Examine Strikingly Review Take the time to look more closely at Strikingly.
  • 5 Modern Home Page Layouts 5 Sleek Home Page Layout Designs Get inspired by some of our most popular examples.
  1. Site123 – $12.80/month

The best option for Bandsintown integration

Site123 is a great choice for any musician who wants to join the web quickly and easily . The editor is easy to use and there’s no need to learn. But if you’re looking at it for the long run it’s a good idea to look elsewhere . Quick and easy doesn’t mean robust features or top quality designs!


Musician Website Builder Features: Site123

  • Bandsintown Integration: Add your Bandsintown profile as an element on your website
  • Sound Cloud: Integrate your Sound Cloud profile as an element on your website
  • Event Management: Sell event tickets and provide coupons


Site123 isn’t as robust as other builders listed However, the Bandsintown as well as Sound Cloud integrations are very useful. You can see what else you can do with Site123.

  • Free domain registration for the first year
  • 10 GB of storage
  • 5GB bandwidth


Site123 is awarded a 4.0/5 for user-friendliness it is third in the rankings, behind Wix along with Duda. The website editor is straightforward and there’s lots of help on hand – and you can create a template to suit your needs based on answers to a few of the questions.

What’s the drawback to this user-friendlyness? The answer is that Templates from Site123 will do the job but you can’t modify them much.


Site123 has the free option as well as a paid plan which costs $12.80/month. You can also unlock additional levels of payment after signing to the first paid plan. If you’re unsure about Site123 it’s possible to begin by signing up for the free plan to try it out!

Are you in search of Great Bandsintown Integration?

Site123 is a straightforward and easy-to-use website builder. Its top characteristic lies in its Bandsintown integration!

More Information

Alternative Website Builders that are suitable for musicians

All six of the site builders listed above have been through our rigorous research procedure and were examined through our overall research categories as well as music-specific study categories.

However, it’s helpful to know that there are other music-specific websites builders available that we haven’t yet analyzed in the meantime. Until we run the next three players through our internal process and weigh the strengths as well as weaknesses of these three in general overviews:


Bandzoogle Pros

  • Ecommerce with no commissions is included in any plan
  • Affordablely priced

Bandzoogle Cons

  • The sites aren’t up to the same level (visually and technically) as the larger website builders like Squarespace and Wix

Bandzoogle was created by musicians for musicians. Its journey started in the latter part of the 90s when the founder of the company and music producer Chris Vinson created his own website.

Bandzoogle is a drag-and-drop site builder, which means that all of its templates are customizable without having to code everything you. It might not be as well-designed as big names such as Wix and Squarespace however it does have helpful features such as simple integration with YouTube and Sound Cloud, and commission-free selling of merch and tickets.

Bandzoogle has three plans available for paid users. Its $8.29/month Lite plan is the most affordable, but it’s limited to the 10 track and page limit. Its $16.63/month Pro package is most expensive, and includes unlimited tracks, pages as well as the ability to add subscribers on your mailing lists.

Music Glue

Music Pros

  • Great ecommerce features
  • Possibility of setting up pre-orders

Music Cons

  • PS4.99 monthly cost plus 2 percent commission on gross sales

Music Glue is an e-commerce platform that allows you to build your own music website for a monthly cost, with a variety of useful features, such as advanced data tools and pre-orders for merch.

What’s the deal? Music Glue charges 2percent commission from the gross income. If you’re not making any money it won’t be necessary to pay anything. However, when your sales begin to grow you’ll be able to see the costs being deducted from your earnings!

Band Vista

Band Vista Pros

  • Users praise its simplicity of use
  • Affordable plans

The Band Vista Cons

  • Templates are identical, and appear outdated

Band Vista allows users to easy to upload music and video files. The cheapest plan offers 50 tracks of music and 1,000 newsletter subscribers. While the most expensive plan includes 1,000 tracks of music as well as more than 25,000 newsletter subscribers.

Band Vista’s templates haven’t been a notable feature . They’re messy, and even though there are several templates available however, they’re all pretty identical. If creativity is important for you, you may prefer a different option. At $9.95/month the cheapest plan offered by Band Vista is reasonable for the value you receive.

The best music website builders Summary

There you go A quick tour through the top website builders for musicians available on current market. No matter if you’re budget-conscious, style-driven or even a merch-focused buyer there’s a website builder to meet your needs. This is a brief summary of the builders we’ve reviewed, as well as their most popular selling points:

The top 6 websites that are suitable for music artists include

  1. Squarespace is the ideal website platform that uses music ($12/month)
  2. Wix – Ideal for its ease of use ($14/month)
  3. Weebly is the best choice for marketing via email ($6/month)
  4. Duda – Best for simple templates ($14/month)
  5. It’s strikingly best for creating an electronic kit for press ($8/month)
  6. Site123 – Ideal to use for Bandsintown Integration ($12.80/month)

Squarespace’s design as well as features makes it an excellent overall choice for any music site We believe it’s the ideal choice for any musician who wants to make it online. However, if user-friendliness is your top goal you should consider Wix could be more suitable.

If you’re still struggling to decide Don’t fret! Each of the web builders on this list offer an affordable plan, or a no-cost trial. Try one out and change it in the event that it isn’t working for you.


WordPress can be described as an extremely powerful system for managing content. If you’ve got time and expertise, it’s a great option to build your site. But , honestly, web builders are so sophisticated today, that there’s nothing really to gain from using WordPress for capabilities. If you’re looking for the flexibility to personalize your site, choose Wix and there’s nothing you can’t drag and drag and even include your own code, if it’s something that’s floats your boat.

Wix was the top choice during our testing of users for user-friendliness. The whole idea behind it is to let anyone create websites, and from the experience of our testers, Wix totally lives up to this claim. Additionally, it is able to combine the ease of use with robust capabilities, which isn’t often the case.

In terms of technicality, a musician does not require any equipment, aside from perhaps the guitar… However to succeed as a musician in the present it is essential to have a website! Social media profiles can be helpful however, they’re not able to provide the same level of personalization and comprehensive information to your followers.

There are two ways to sell on your website for music. You could join an e-commerce plan on most websites however these costs more per month than a standard non-selling plan. The cheapest way for selling online making use of online checkouts from Square that you could later post on your personal site to sell products No expensive ecommerce plans needed!

In the end, it’s entirely up to you however we suggest including your own “About Us” page as well as audio files that let you show your work in a preview and an event calendar with forthcoming shows, as well as hyperlinks for your feeds on social networks. The six builders listed in this article provide these features.

If you’ve reached the conclusion the article congratulations ! You now have the top six website builder for artists. What about the top web builders? We’ve evaluated them also!

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