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5 Best Website Builders for 2019

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Review our top 5 websites builders and choose the best one for you.

At Website Builder Expert Research is at the core of what we do. Experts from our group has spent more than 500 hours evaluating various website builders as well as contacting users and convincing people similar to you to play with them in order to identify the top web builders available.

What is a website builder What is it, and how does it work?

The website builders is free web-based tool or program that lets you create your own website without needing to be a technical expert. It isn’t necessary to install or download software on your computer in order to use the website builder. You simply need a mobile phone or tablet as well as a reliable internet connection.

Website builders were designed to be user-friendly to use by anyone who wants to utilize these tools! There is no need to be a professional web designer. So don’t fret if programming languages such as HTML and CSS seem like a foreign technology to. If you’re a blogger online store, charity or restaurant owner, you’ll be able to build websites in just a few minutes.

How exactly can you create a website using a web-based website builder? This is a step-by-step tutorial making use of Wix (our top-rated web builder) to illustrate:

Step 1.

You can sign up for an annual subscribe plan. Each plan offers different features , based on the things you require your site to accomplish. Similar to every subscription the higher your cost the more features you will be able to use.

Step 2.

Select a template for your website that is suitable for your needs from the vast library of templates across a variety of industries including restaurants, business, food, as well as blogs.

Step 3.

Modify Your design through clicking the elements (an illustration, as an instance) and altering the size, colour the font, their orientation, and more. You can also shift elements to the place you would like they should be by dropping them and dragging them into a new position on your site.

Step 4.

Create new elements or applications for example, contact forms, photo galleries, or an online store to give additional functionality to your website.

Step 5. 

When you’re pleased with how your website appears it’s time to press Publish and your website is up and running on the internet! You’ll also be in a position to modify your site after it’s live by using an identical editing tool you had before.

The Top Website Builders For More Detail

  1. Wix

The most comprehensive web-based builder available



  • It is impossible to change templates after your site is live
  • Reliance on applications for scaling
  • The amount of creative freedom available to you can be overwhelming

Wix is the top website builder we’ve reviewed and it’s difficult to figure out the reason. It’s really two services that are bundled together into one. It’s a drag-and-drop-style website builder that offers infinite customization options, coupled with the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) platform for complete convenience. Wix ADI creates a site for you using the details you provide it like the kind of site you’d like to create and the style you prefer.

With Wix you’ll have the tools you need to make your site stand out the rest of the web. The features include more than 500 design templates with unlimited media galleries, fonts maps, contact forms. Other features built into the software comprise SEO guidelines (Search engine optimization) to assist you in getting your website found on Google as well as Wix Marketing for Emails. If you’re in need of additional tools, the Application Market includes more than 1,200 integrations from third parties.

From window cleaners and a vegetarian bakery Wix can be used for almost every kind of site. If you require assistance throughout the process, Wix has great support on the web while you develop as well as an experienced help desk to provide assistance if you’re stuck.

  1. Squarespace

The most effective for design



  • The absence of an app store doesn’t mean that you’re dependent on its built-in capabilities
  • It isn’t easy to grasp
  • A few users find the terms to be confusing

Squarespace is a web-based website builder that is known for its beautiful, professional-looking websites. It’s well-known among people who work in the creative sector like photographers and artists due to its modern and sleek designs. The templates have been created in a wide range of fields that range from podcasts and blogs and even occasions or weddings. With Squarespace you can create your own unique impression on your site by easily modifying your website’s layout, right from the colors and fonts down to the width of the sidebar as well as the background image.

It’s not only a pretty look but Its integrated features are superior to any other builder for websites out there. It allows you to build emailssell productslink your social media accounts and many more. All features on Squarespace are developed by them and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

It’s possible to have a difficult time using Squarespace even if you’re a complete beginner, but. It’s quite a little more complicated than other web builders which is why it is a bit more difficult to master. However, you don’t require technical skills or coding expertise only a little patience and confidence!

  1.  Weebly

The plan with the lowest price


  • The best option for those on an income
  • Massive App Store for scaling your website
  • A variety of suggestions to improve the ranking of your site on search engines.


  • The options for customization are limited.
  • It is impossible to edit your site in mobile view
  • It isn’t easy to grasp

Everything about Weebly is intended to help users of all skill levels build good-looking and functional websites, effortlessly. Don’t get us wrong: there are more sophisticated website builders out there, but Weebly is quickly catching up by introducing new theme designs, as well as more modern features For example, powerful SEO tools and complete web statistics .

Weebly may be extremely difficult to use when compared to other drag-and drop website builders like Wix. It’s because its themes are more organized. Although this makes it easy to design a site for those who prefer to stick with the pre-set design of the theme, it may seem restrictive if you’re seeking the freedom to be creative. However, you’re able to switch themes after publishing your site. This is an excellent option, since it allows you to not be bound to one theme for the rest of time. If you decide in the line that you’d like to completely redesign your website , you’re able to!

Weebly’s collection of over 50 professionally-designed themes are packed with of features built into the theme, but should you require more advanced tools, the App Center includes fully integrated, one-click install tools to allow you to create functionality for your site. The apps offered by Weebly fall in a variety of categories like communications, marketing social, e-commerce and the more standard tools (such like pricing tables as well as team chart charts).

  1. Site123

The best way to get assistance and assistance



  • The creative control is limited and features do not have the real-deal quality
  • Limited to two subscription plans
  • Inability to switch templates once your site is live

Site123 is designed to help businesses and individuals want to get their website up and running without much hassle. It’s probably not the best for extremely complex or powerful websites however, for speed and speed (with plenty of helpful assistance throughout the process! ) It’s hard for a superior site builder.

Site123 asks you a couple of questions about your site, and then creates a template that has some features that you might require already included in it. This removes the stress of having to add functions to your website by your own way, which means you can launch your website quickly. Although Site123 has an variety of options including integration of social media with marketing via email as well as the basic tools for SEO however, they’re pretty restricted in terms of capabilities.

What sets Site123 apart from other builders of websites, but it is the assistance and assistance. If creating a website was like learning how to ride a bike, Site123 could be your stabilizing factor, helping your progress right up to the moment your website is ready for launch. Site123 provides assistance through email as well as social media, and also the knowledge database. What is really impressive, however is the live chat assistance, which is available 24 hours a day.

  1. SiteBuilder

The most simple to utilize


  • The most simple to use web-based site builder
  • The editing interface has been designed with the user in mind.
  • Customizing your website is easy


  • Do not make backups of your website.
  • Features are restricted in terms of their capabilities.
  • Templates are old-fashioned

The Site Builder’s drag and drop editor can get your basic website up and running quick – however, making simple websites is all it’s good for. If you’re looking to do other than that, Site Builder won’t be powerful enough to meet your needs. Why is that? Although it provides the basic information however, it does not have the high quality features and customizability of design which allow it to work with an advanced website.

If all you want is a simple site Then the ease of use of Site Builder an attractive selling factor. Site Builder offers hundreds of templates that are ready to alter. The template will guide your design, provides you a design to create and allows you to imagine how your site will appear once it’s launched. Customizing your website isn’t easy and time-consuming, which means that the layout is heavily dependent on the template you select.

Site Builder has a wide range of extra features that are free including simple email forms, to mail list button live feeds for social media, as well as music and video players. However the tools aren’t able to develop or grow your site. They’re very limited when compared to other web builders, such as Squarespace. Site Builder has an App Market however, and you can integrate a number of apps to your site.

How to Choose a Web Builder

It’s something that lots of people are struggling with due to the fact that there are so many websites builders on the market. It can be difficult to choose the right one on our top five list top five builders is difficult!

Here are a few of the things you must look out for in a web designer:

  • User-friendly – how fast do you need to have your site up and up and running? If you’re in a hurry and want to build your website, then a builder program like Wix ADISite123 as well as Site Builder is a great option. If you’re willing to work to truly customize your site to make it unique website, you should consider WixSquarespace as well as Weebly are the better choice.
  • Features Think about the main purpose of your site and ensure that the builder has the features you require such as email marketing tools, blogging tools or photo galleries.
  • Templates Consider how you want your site to appear, then browse templates from builders to check if you like the designs . You can also modify the templates to suit your preferences.
  • mobile responsiveness in the context in templates, it’s essential to make sure they’re mobile-friendly. With nearly half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices having a site that isn’t appealing on mobile is a major no-no.
  • SEO  – this is crucial to ensure that your site can be found by search engines. Verify that the builder includes SEO tools inbuilt like Meta-tags, Page Descriptions and website maps. Without a good SEO your site won’t attract any traffic!
  • Support and assistance Consider the best way for you to be assisted should you have questions. What’s your phone number? Email? Online guides? You should be able to reach the customer support of your builder in the way you’d like.

If you keep these in mind it is likely that you will be able find an internet-based website builder that you enjoy.

Our top recommendation is to test everything before buying If not, how can you determine if a builder’s the right fit for you?

Fortunately, all of the website builders we’ve highlighted offer an affordable plan (Wix, Weebly and Site123) or a no-cost evaluation (Squarespace, Site Builder), therefore you have the chance to test them without having to pay any money.


Website builders software is hugely popular with millions of users who use it around the world. Wix for instance, boasts more than 110 million customers with over 45,000 sign up for the site every day. Similar to that, Weebly has grown from 15 million users to over 40 million in the last few years.

Website builders are extremely inexpensive, usually costing between $5-$40 per month, depending on what you require your site to be used for. Some web builders, like Wix and Weebly provide free plans that permit you to design and create your website for free (although the functionality of your website is limited).

Website builders are mostly utilized by small to medium large companies. They’re generally flexible in the event that you want to offer products in the bulk. If you’re looking to sell bulk quantities then you’ll require a specialist online store builder such as Shopify or BigCommerce that allow you to build a robust online store.

There is, however, generally a lot of trouble involved. The majority, if not all of the content needs to be transferred manually. Website builders can be dependent. This is the reason it’s important to try a few alternatives before committing to one.

Most builders allow you to make your site within less than an hour. We wouldn’t advise being as quick however. The best method to create an effective website is to allow yourself a full day to explore the software and tweak your website. It could take more time than this, but it all depends on the amount of pages you’ve got and how much customizing you’ll need.

If you design a website designed for search engines, then it will. It’s a myth that you won’t be as successful with web builders, however, you can definitely! How do you create a site that is ranked in Google will require a solid quality content, as well as some background research on the subject of Search engine Optimization (SEO). The creation of websites that visitors are able to access is essential to a solid website marketing strategy. It’s also it’s not too difficult to accomplish.

If you have an existing Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace website (or any other web-based builder) you could upgrade to an online price plan that will allow you to access sales tools and features. We recommend Shopify or BigCommerce that are specifically designed for e-commerce with the best tools for expanding your business.

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