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The Wix e-Commerce review 2021: What You Need to Be Educated About Wix Stores

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What are the pros and Pros and Wix eCommerce?
  • Never make changes in a blind way The Wix editor will show you what your changes are doing to the appearance of your storefront
  • Great app market You can choose among more than 250 free and paid applications to easily add more functions on your website store
  • Multichannel marketing Make use of Wix’s built-in selling capabilities on Instagram to promote your business to millions of potential customers
  • Easy to use for beginners The interface is easy to navigate and includes a drag-and-drop editor as well as mobile-responsive templates
  • Advanced tools for e-commerce such as abandoned cart recovery, which helps find customers who have left items at their checkout
  • Multilingual websites Multilingual sitesgrow your business internationally by creating multiple websites in different countries
  • There are no alerts for stock management No stock management alerts Wix doesn’t notify the user when stock levels are low, making it hard to increase your levels.
  • Too much freedom of creativity total freedom of creativity could get in the way of the best practices for designing ecommerce.


Does Wix Sound Good So Far?

Create your own online store today for free using Wix eCommerce. You can read about its advantages and disadvantages on the Wix eCommerce website. We’ll be waiting!

More Information

An overview of Wix eCommerce

Most likely, you’ve been familiar with Wix. You may have seen their ads, which show users can build websites quickly and effortlessly, and without even touching a single piece of programming. Did you realize that Wix can help you establish the online retail store?

Wix eCommerce employs the same simple and intuitive drag-and drop editor that you see in the ads that lets you create your own eCommerce website. There is no need to code hosting, stressing, or coding selecting a template, personalize it by dropping and dragging elements like images and text within your pages, then click publish!

The Wix e-commerce plans include a variety of powerful sales tools included the plan, which we’ll go over in more detail later on. You can see those features in action on Wix sites such as, which uses the builder to show off its candle products.

Wix is the top overall eCommerce platform available. How can we tell Wix is the most effective e-commerce alternative, beating out other brands like Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly and Squarespace? We’re not guessing, we’ve tested them all and even got regular users to test them as well.

We looked into all the crucial areas including features and pricing to user-friendliness. This article will walk you through the results we came across and then inform you once and all whether you should select Wix eCommerce to create the foundation of your online store.

We’re not drawing the line – but Here’s a quick overview of the way Wix did in our tests:

How easy is it to use Wix eCommerce?

What’s the point of building a website if you’re struggling to complete basic tasks every step of the process? Processing payments, adding new products and customizing your storefront all of these should not make you tear your hair.

Fortunately, Wix is known for its easy-to-use design for beginners and straightforward process. It has a drag-and-drop editor which means you can drag elements such as video and text boxes to where you’d like them on your website.

Making your storefront customizable is extremely simple. Wix is a See is what you get (WYSIWYG) website builder which means that when you make changes to your pages, you will know exactly how your site will look when it’s live.

When you move a text field across the screen of Wix’s  editor you will know exactly where it will appear in your live site. This differs from other builders, where you need to edit your site on the backend and only view the result after you have a preview of your site.

The most appealing aspect, however it is you don’t have to be able to write a single line in programming. Wix helps you develop a professional site for your business without having to think about the unwelcome HTML or CSS that has helped Wix get a 4/5 score in our user-friendliness test.

If you’re looking to get a website quick Why not test Wix ADI It uses Artificial Design Intelligence to create an individual website for you within a matter of minutes. It’s as easy as answering a few questions, select the design you like, and modify it to your heart’s desire until it is exactly the way you would like it to.

Do you have an international public? It’s no problem. with the Wix Multilingual You can make multiple variations of the page using various languages.

After you’ve made your website it is possible to translate images, text, links search engine optimization settings and much more in a matter of two clicks. Et voila! Your website will be multilingual.

With all the tools required to manage an online store, E-commerce platforms can be difficult to use and take some time to learn. Wix offers simplicity with an impressive array of tools for ecommerce and also offers an incredible amount of customization to your shop front.

Do You Want To Save Time or Effort?

Wix is extremely simple to use, so you can have your store up and running in no time even if there is no prior experience in technology!

Additional Information


Wix eCommerce Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important tests for any developer is if it is able to keep its customers satisfied. This is the reason we do not just examine each platform by ourselves and invite others to try them and give us comments.

We know this because Wix isn’t just looking at the right way – it leaves satisfied customers behind. When asked if they would be likely to recommend Wix their friends, users gave the service with a hefty 3.99/5 in all!

Here are a few things that our customers have to have to say about Wix eCommerce:

“The suggestions that pop up when you click on them are fantastic. For instance, I was given warnings when I dragged an image to a location that it would be obscured in the menu navigation .”

“It’s very useful to be able to change the size of the dashboard to ensure your sidebar’s menus are less crowded and the actual page on your website is larger.”

The most important thing that our customers have told us is the ease with which they could utilize Wix to build their stores. From adding features for e-commerce such as size and product variations and making the store’s logo more unique, Wix received positive comments about its easy and flexible design.

Some users felt that the degree of control over creativity to be more of a hinderance and wished for more structure and a more powerful collection of ecommerce tools. But they were impressed by the possibility of creating an impressive and distinctive brand through Wix and were pleased to add tools like videos of products.

In the end, our customers have rated Wix as the best overall online store builder, specifically for small-sized businesses that want to build an attractive and well-known branding. It has a vast array of ecommerce tools but Shopify could be the better choice when you’re trying to create a huge eCommerce empire.

Our Users Recommend Wix to Us – Will it be awe-inspiring for you too?

Visit Wix’s site to test Wix for yourself and find out whether you agree with the reviews of our users.


Wix eCommerce Features and Sales Tools

Wix offers all the tools you require to see physical and digital items flying off the shelves of your virtual store and scoring 4.4/5 in this category of research.

Beautiful product pages are all well and good, however, you must keep things in order behind the behind the scenes. Wix provides a wide range of internal e-commerce features that ensure your online stores will function and flourish.


Types of Product

If you’re selling hand-crafted goods or digital downloads Wix will not hinder your efforts. You can create your shop to sell physical as well as digital items including music, knitted scarves and ebooks.

If your business is dependent on bookings and making payments for courses, Wix has options for your needs too. You can accept payment for bookings using your Wix Bookings application however, you aren’t able to offer the services as real products.

In contrast to selling platforms like Etsy which allows you to only sell vintage or hand-made products, there are no limitations on the types of items you can sell on Wix. The marketplace on the internet is entirely yours – you are able to sell these items as well!

Product Description

You shouldn’t purchase something on the internet in case it’s not attractive. One product image only and taken from an unhelpful perspective? Unhelpful layout or an inconsistency of zoom on the product? Don’t bother with a sale as the majority of customers will go elsewhere.

It’s a good thing, as this is one of the strengths of Wix. The templates are attractive style to build your store’s appearance on, while keeping branding and user experience being crucial elements. Product zoom is integrated, and gives the customers a clearer idea of what that you’re selling.

Don’t keep your customers with a mystery about the products they’re purchasing. Wix allows you to add up to 15 images of your products for each item you upload. This should suffice to get your customers reaching to their wallets.

You can also include videos about your product to showcase your merchandise and give customers with a better experience. They aren’t included in the templates, but they are easy to integrate into your store with Wix’s drag-and drop editor.

Optional Payments, and Fees

Wix provides all of the standard payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square. It has more than 50 payment choices to choose from therefore there is something to satisfy all users. Wix isn’t compatible with Amazon and Apple Pay, but there are plenty of other options to make up for it.

Wix even offers its own payment processor, Wix Payments, which is designed to simplify your transactions and help you manage them from one central location.

All Wix sites come with an SSL certificate that has to be activated in order to protect your website. SSL is a shorthand for Secure Sockets Layer and protects the data of your visitors This makes it vital for online storessince it ensures that it is safe to accept payments.

Additionally is that your customers can save their credit card information in the My Wallet part of checkout. This will make it simple and fast for them to purchase your items in the future.

The Management of Inventory

Wix’s inventory may not be the most robust in the market, however, you can sell unlimited items without difficulty and it is possible to import mass quantities of products and variants of them by using the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that you can import from an Excel spreadsheet. Easy stuff!

However, Wix does support product management. By using Wix Stores, the Wix Stores app you can select how you manage your inventory, keep track of the number of products, and then automatically mark products as being out of stock.

Shipping Options

Shipping can be a challenge to manage, particularly when you’re shipping to regions that have different regulations and costs. Wix integrates with ShipStation, the ShipStationapp that helps give a seamless experience for shipping to your clients.

It is possible to connect your store with a dropshipping service which allows you to sell a diverse variety of products without having to worry about shipping or packaging. This is a dream for busy entrepreneurs!

Wix also lets you print custom shipping labels to aid in building your image as a brand, and you can keep track of orders via its dashboard and also establish tax and shipping rules on your merchandise.


Cart Recovery Abandoned Cart Recovery

Through the Wix abandon cart retrieval feature, you’ll be able to immediately notify customers who put items in their carts but later left the website prior to making their payment.

A shocking 70% of all online shopping carts have been abandoned by their users This is a huge amount of revenue lost that could easily be sucked by this clever method.

Multichannel Sales

Multichannel selling is a crucial aspect of running an online business. Selling on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Amazon is a fantastic method of promoting your company and attracting more people.

Wix allows you to sell products and services on Instagram, helping to showcase your business and brand for sale to the 1 billionplus daily active users. If you’re looking to sell your products on Facebook and Pinterest it is necessary to make use of a third-party app such as Ecwid that integrates with your Wix site and offers additional features.

Wix Ascend

A comprehensive marketing platform, Wix Ascend allows you to connect with your clients and promote your brand and manage your workflow from all one place. It makes marketing easier to manage.

Wix Ascend comes as a standalone subscription that comes with three price plans providing you with more features and tools the higher priced plan you select. Plans range from $10-$49 per month.

App Market Wix Stores app is the heartbeat for Wix eCommerce. It’s not necessary to download it, or look for it since it is built into all templates for Wix eCommerce. When you use Wix Stores, you can…

  • Sell unlimited items
  • Start a dropshipping business
  • Create galleries of your products to show your inventory
  • Create discount codes
  • Make sure you have a mobile store optimized
  • Accept all kinds of payments such as credit cards and offline transactions
  • Access to the payment processing services online such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square
  • Automatically send email alerts to your customers
  • Create newsletters and inform your customers about specials and new products with wix shoutout as well as Light box
  • Order management tools that are top of the line
  • Secure your data at the highest level with SSL encryption
  • Profits are yours to keep — Wix does not charge transaction fees

… And many and much. It’s a pretty impressive list! It’s possible to see all of the most recent Wix Stores functions on the Wix site however if it’s not enough for you then don’t fret – you’ll find an abundance of other resources on Wix App Market. Wix Market.

You’ll find a range of paid and free apps that are created by Wix while others are developed from third party companies, offering advanced tools for adding to your website. There are more than 200 apps available and more than 50 of them of them in the “Online Store” category..

Utilizing Wix App Market Wix App Market you’ll access tools for customizing your storefront, include Live chats, coupons and other features to attract customers and connect with other e-commerce platforms, such as Ecwid.


Search Engine Optimization also referred to as SEO is an art form for some, but is a mystery for other. It’s all about making your site as accessible and simple as it is in order for Google as well as other engines that search for it to locate it.

Wix offers integrated SEO-related tools to make the process simple. All Wix websites are mobile-friendly and feature custom options that range between alt-text to setting up keywords for your pages.

It is easy to get grasp SEO by using the Wix SEO Wiz. It asks you a few basic questions, including what is the title of your site along with its keywords, and utilizes the answers to build an individual plan. Additionally, there is an SEO Guide to be able to follow as your site develops.

What Sales Tools Do You Really Need?

Your store could benefit from the features and tools offered by Wix for sales? Start by implementing Wix’s no-cost plan to experience them for yourself.

Additional Information

How good are Wix eCommerce’s Templates?

In spite of its fantastic ecommerce features and app store that is impressive, Wix really shines in the design and style of its templates as well as personalization, scoring 4/5 in our design flexibility category.

Wix includes more than 800 templates total, and over 100 templates are available under the “Online Store” category. You can even pick a blank template in case you’re looking to begin by scratch, but with designs as polished as Wix’s to be unnecessary!

Every one of the Wix templates are completely free of charge, meaning there’s no need to worry about hidden charges. However, if you’d like to use all of the features offered by Wix’s ecommerce templates you’ll have to sign up for an E-commerce plan (more on the ecommerce plans later).

For choosing a template go through the options (either by category or making use of the search function) Click preview to determine if you like the style. Then, choose the template you prefer and then begin editing. Credit cards can remain inside your purse!

The process of previewing your template and ensuring you’re satisfied with the design is crucial with Wix since you aren’t able to alter the template after you’ve launched your website. If you do think you’d like to change it then you’ll need to create your new site and enter your content once again. And when you’re short on time it’s not ideal.

The majority of Wix templates are mobile-friendly and include an exclusive mobile editor which means you can ensure your site looks stunning on any device.

Design Customization

Although Wix’s templates are amazing, you’ll desire to put your own personal stamp on your website’s style. It’s not necessary to spend long hours in coding or learning new tech techniques to achieve this. simply add images, remove sections, add new pages, move text boxes to new positions and then add any features you’d like to include, anyplace on your website.

Designing your own brand identity and customizing your designs is a breeze using Wix. The drag-and drop editor makes it possible for anyone who clicks the mouse can make an online store that is completely unique.

Your pages for products will reflect your brand’s image, and your website will be just as popular as the products that you offer. The ability to customize the check-out page will be restricted, however you can add your business’ branding and name.

If you’re looking for a greater degree of customization You can try Velo from Wix (code). For those who are tech-phobic, before you run to the hills Velo by Wix does not mean that you have to write any programming!

This may sound confusing however Velo by Wix lets you build a database to allow you to create more complex websites without the hassle of learning new abilities – or the expense of hiring developers.

In the end, Wix has got it covered in all areas. It offers a wide selection of elegant designs, with lots of features and plenty of creativity for beginners, as well as more advanced tools for customization. With all that control over creativity but, make sure that you’re always creating with your clients in the back of your mind.

Do You Need to have a Beautiful Storefront?

Choose the right theme for your store online Browse through Wix’s templates and select the most suitable one for you!

More Information

  • Do you think design is everything to you? Have a look at the Squarespace Ecommerce review and find out what this builder that is designed to be a designer offers.
  • Do you want to sell artwork on your online store? We have a guide for how to sell Art Online!

Help and Support for Wix eCommerce

If you board an aircraft, you likely do not pay attention to the safety instructions or emergency functions. But, if they weren’t present it’s unlikely that you’d be on the plane at all.

The process of signing up for a website builder that has no assistance from the customer side may not be as bad as boarding a plane with security equipment however it could cause many hours of frustration and possibly even money in the event that something goes wrong.

Wix won’t let you down in the event that your website is hacked or you’re having difficulties navigating. Actually, this is one of the strengths of Wix, and it earned 3.8/5 for support and help.

It can provide various choices for customer support It includes:

  • Phone Support
  • Social media help
  • Forum for community
  • Email support
  • Video tutorials
  • 24/7 on-page editor support
  • Deep knowledge base

If you’d like to speak with a person in real time on telephone, or enjoy to read through detailed articles on how to use the service, Wix has something for all users. It doesn’t have live chat alternative, however, with its vast knowledge base and social media assistance This isn’t a major issue.

If you are a member of the most expensive plan for e-commerce, Business VIP you will get priority responses to any ticket you submit. Additionally, you are eligible to receive VIP support, which provides you priority support via phone.

Price of Wix eCommerce Is it an Excellent Value for the Money?

With all the features that Wix offers You’re probably asking what price Wix cost?

The free Wix plan is generous, and helped the platform achieve an 4.4/5 score in our value-for-money evaluation. You can use all the time you need to create your online store, and then prepare the store for launch. It’s also an excellent opportunity to test Wix out and see for yourself if it’s the right choice for you.

To accept payment and earn money You’ll need be upgraded to one of online plans.

The Wix Marketplace offers 3 Wix eCommerce plans to pick from:

  • Business Basic $33 per month
  • Business Unlimited $27/month
  • Business VIP $49/month

You can also choose the customized enterprise plan Wix’s comprehensive business plan, that is targeted at large companies and begins at $500 per month. It requires an individual quote to determine precise pricing.

All three allow you to accept online payment as well as sell your product without commission, link to your own domain and eliminate Wix advertisements, and also use Google Analytics. The three apps come with unlimited bandwidth. In addition, you also receive $300 Ad Vouchers and the ability to unlock your SiteBooster along with Visitor Analytics applications.


Have a look at a few of the main aspects of each plan’s plans in the table below:

Features Business Basic $33/month Business Unlimited $27/month Business VIP $49/month
Video Hours 5 hours 10 hours Unlimited hours
Eliminate Wix Ads
Connect Domain
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 20GB 35GB 50GB
Priority Response

Business Basic $29/month

Basic package is the most cost-effective choice. It’s the most affordable e-commerce plan and the best choice when you’re starting out. $23 per month is a price that is very competitive which makes Wix the most value for your money if you’re new to the world of website development.

At just $23 per month, you can:

  • Wix Stores ecommerce platform, with all of the options discussed in the previous section.
  • 20GB of storage space for all your website’s assets, like product galleries
  • unlimited bandwidth which means you can draw many visitors as you’d like. Your site will not go down when you make it to the top of the list!
  • A free domain name that you can customize for a year, meaning you’ll be able to eliminate the Wix logo from your website address and pick your own
  • There are no Wix ads on the pages of your site
  • Five hours of video
  • Advertising vouchers are worth $300, which means you can place ads for your site with Google and Bing
  • Site Booster application (normally the cost is $60) to help push your store’s page up Google indexes
  • Visitors Analytics application (normally 60 dollars) to gather information about your site’s visitors and
  • Google Analytics for the most comprehensive data about what your clients are doing and the best way to meet their needs.

The $23 figure is the cost per month for a year-long payment. Business Basic is the Business Basic plan costs $28/month for a monthly payment.

This option is ideal for small-scale e-commerce companies that are still figuring out their way and are just beginning to establish selling online.

Business Unlimited $27/month

The Business Unlimited plan is the most well-known of the Wix ecommerce plans. It’s ideal for businesses that are growing and includes the additional features to show that. It’s still less expensive than Shopify’s cheapest plan and, for $27 per month you’ll have:

  • Everything comes from Business Basic plan Business Basic plan
  • 35GB of storage
  • 10 hours of video
  • Wix Logo Maker(worth $50) This means you can make your personal logo that is professional
  • Social Media Logos files You can download more than forty different dimensions of your brand ready to share on social media

If you’re seeking to expand your company Business Unlimited Plan is the best option for you. Business Unlimited Plan offers great value for your money.

Business VIP $49/month

The most expensive Wix Business VIP plan is perfect for businesses with a strong foundation that requires more sophisticated tools. At $49/month, users receive:

  • Everything in the Business Unlimited plan
  • 50GB of storage
  • Unlimited video hours
  • Priority Response
  • VIP assistance

This additional degree of service is ideal for businesses that need all the benefits, but aren’t able to afford being at the bottom of the line in the process of waiting for assistance. This means that this Business VIP plan best for established businesses.

Do You Want Great Value For Money?

You cannot offer your products for sale for free on Wix eCommerce, which is why you’ll need to select the best price plan for you Compare and join on the pricing pages of Wix!


Value in exchange for money

You can create your own store with Wix’s free plan, but to test these features’ tests, you’ll have to enroll in one of the three e-commerce plans. Instead of a trial offer, Wix offers a 14-day guarantee for money back in case you’re not 100% satisfied you can claim your money back without concerns.

Wix is a great platform to start for companies on a tight budget, due to the fact that it’s much less expensive than other platforms for ecommerce. It does offer lesser advanced options as compared to dedicated ecommerce builders however this also allows it to be a less expensive choice for small-scale businesses.

How do Wix compare to other websites? Shopify’s prices begin at $29 per month and can go from $299 to $299 monthly. BigCommerce’s pricing starts at $29.95 per month and rise until $224.95 monthly. Squarespace’s eCommerce plans are more affordable starting at $26 up to a much more affordable 40 dollars per month.

Based on our study, Wix was rated higher in comparison to BigCommerce and Squarespace and you’re receiving top-quality service at a reasonable price.

In the end, Wix averages out at lower than its competitors, particularly if you’re considering the long-term costs of growing your business.

Additional Information


Wix eCommerce Review: The Verdict

This article will look at the insides and outs of the factors that make Wix eCommerce work.

Wix is an excellent option for establishing your first online store, and later moving it to the next step.

The drag-and-drop editor and integrated ecommerce capabilities make it simple to use for those who are new, and its vast app Market gives it the power enough to help you achieve your goals.

As you can see from our Ecommerce Comparison Chart, Wix is top in the e-commerce industry.

The impressive customization, variety of features on websites, as well as easy-to-use processes are the area where it can really hold it’s own against platforms such as Shopify. Also, it offers the advantage of a no-cost plan and low-cost pricing for those who are just beginning their journey.

Wix is the most comprehensive E-commerce platform available these days. If you’re planning to start your own online business but do not have a lot of tech or web design expertise If so, Wix is the best starting point to earn money, and develop your brand’s image.

Are you ready to try Wix Ecommerce?

You are ready to begin creating the online business of your dreams? It is possible to try Wix without cost before deciding an option to start your online store!

  1. Wix Ecommerce FAQs

You can’t sell on the Wix site without first signing up for the premium plan. However it is possible that you can create your online store and have it up and running with the free plan, and you changing to an e-commerce plan. If you upgrade to an ecommerce plan, you’ll get access to built-in ecommerce capabilities, and you’ll be able to accept payment through your site.

Although Shopify is the most suitable option to build larger stores that sell more than 10 items, Wix is still the most versatile option. In simple terms, Wix ticks all the criteria – it’s perfect for complete beginners as well as business owners who are ambitious thanks to its simple-to-use editor, affordable costs, and extremely powerful sales tools.

In the event that you are a user of both Shopify and Wix and Shopify, you can utilize Shopify Buy Button Shopify Buy Button to add E-commerce features for the Wix website. It is primarily designed to add Shopify’s selling tools on an unrelated Wix web page, but it does require coding. However, it’s a means to blend these two popular brands, if you wish to utilize both!

It is also possible to integrate other platforms, such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay in Wix to create a Wix store through applications.

It’s not! Wix does not charge fees for transactions in comparison to other platforms for e-commerce and you won’t be surprised by unexpected sales fees. The apps are available for free and premium, which means you don’t need to spend money if you find free ones that you are happy to use (and there are plenty of them out there)!

If you receive the domain name for free with your e-commerce plan, keep in mind that it’s free initially and will then renew at the normal rate once the time is over.

Wix offers Three eCommerce plans So there’s plenty of room to increase the size of your business. We suggest Wix for sellers who are new to the market, as well as for small-sized businesses that want to establish and expand fast!

Wix is the perfect tool for creating your brand and growing your business. If your business is substantial and well-established and you’re seeking an even greater scale of expansion, you may be interested to look into BigCommerce.

Did you find in our Wix eCommerce review useful?

Have you used this article to determine whether you should use Wix eCommerce? Then, can it help in the beginning of with the online business you want to run? If so, (or If not!) make an answer in the comments below.

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