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The Most Standing Desks

Any chiropractor or doctor can give you a multitude of reasons that sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your health.

From general joint and muscle pain to chronic ailments both the long-term and short-term consequences of sitting at a computer all day long are alarming to be honest.

It’s the reason why so many people are shifting on to standing desks. Companies are purchasing tables that can be adjusted to height for employees working at their desks while remote employees use standing desks when working from home.

Anyone who is working from desks will benefit from the ability to stand up while working. Even if you’re working from a desk for a few hours emailing or participating in an event the standing desk may still be worth it.

Are you suffering from back discomfort? Pain in your neck? Joint pain? A standing desk could provide relief.

These are the Top 8 Best Standing Desks

  1. UpLIFT V2– The Best Overall Standing Desk
  2. Completely Jarvis Bamboo Best Standing Desk
  3. Evodesk Gaming Desk– Best Standing Desk For Gamers
  4. Readydesk– Best Standing Desk For Desk Converters
  5. ApexDesk Elite– Best Standing Desk For Multiple Monitors
  6. VariBest Standing Desk
  7. Devaise– Best Crank Handle Adjustable Standing Desk
  8. Stir Kinetic Stir Kinetic The Best Standing Desk with the Most Advanced Features

There are a myriad of standing desks that are available on the market. However, after a rigorous investigation I’ve found eight I am able to recommend for various scenarios.

1 – UPLIFT Version 2 -the The Best Overall Standing Desk

In terms of performance and features, cost, and performance it is the the UPLIFT V2 stand desk is the top pick on our list of. It is rated with an 4.9/5-star rating and more than 5,200 customer reviews.

With the assistance of a certified professional ergonomicist and furniture design specialists, UPLIFT was able to design the perfect standing desk suitable for both home and office use.

The UPLIFT V2 standing desk available in a range of colors, styles, materials and finishes. The 18 options available include bamboo, laminate and solid wood.

The top aspects of the desk include:

  • Electronic height adjustable
  • Free under-desk wire management kit
  • Quiet adjusting motors
  • 355-pound capacity for lifting

The desk is available in a range of sizes ranging from 42″ 30″ and as big as 80″ 30″.

Select the frame type grommets, frame type, and keypad depending on your preference. You can then add other accessories, such as lighting, mats for standing and drawers, keyboard tray storage, and a variety of other possibilities.

There are two versions of the desk: UPLIFT V2 and the commercial version, UPLIFT V2. The basic version costs $589 while commercial desks start at $649.

This standing desk has a seven-year warranty, and a free 30-day trial. It’s delivered for free within 3 to 5 business days and it’s simple to assemble.

2- Fully Jarvis Bamboo The most customizable standing Desk

If you’re looking to have absolute design control, then this Standing desk in the Jarvis bamboo by Fully is an excellent option to take into consideration. It has an 4.8/5-star rating and has more than 2,100 reviews from customers.

Bamboo is treated with UV before being completed with a water-based polyurethane finish to keep its natural appearance.

Fully built The Jarvis standing desk model that has 350 pounds of capacity for load. The standing desk is adjustable and is rated at 50″ and is low enough to be able to stand on the floor.

As we’ve mentioned before the ability to design your own designs allow the Fully Jarvis distinguish itself from other models. Here’s a brief review of the various parts you can modify.

  • Top-of-the-line
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Grommet color
  • Grommet power
  • Above the desk power
  • Frame color
  • Desk height
  • Handset (with the option of programmable memory)
  • Desk castors
  • Management of wires and power

There are five sizes to pick from, from 42″ 24″ up to 78″ 30″. If you aren’t looking for a rectangle desk, choose the shape that is contour.

Fully comes with a variety of accessories and other items such as anti-fatigue mats, balanced boards, spacesaver chair arms, monitors as well as hooks as well as side tables and desk bottle openers and much more.

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is priced at $519. Fully provides free shipping and 30 days of free returns.

3 – Evodesk Gaming Desk — Best Standing Desk For Gamers

Like the name implies as the name implies, as the name implies, Evodesk Gaming Desk is designed specifically for gamers. The entire standing desk is designed to offer the best gaming experience.

The Evodesk Gaming Desk is completely customizable. There are more than 8,000 unique combinations available, which means you can customize the standing desk to meet your personal preferences and style of gaming.

With 250 different height options the standing desk can be completely adjustable. The adjustable motor moves upwards and downwards in a speed of 1.5 millimeters per second. This allows you to swiftly switch between sitting and standing effortlessly.

Choose between a 48-inch desktop, 60-inch desktop, or studio-style L-shape desktop. It is possible to purchase the desk already configured using single arm monitors, two arm monitors, and the quad monitor arm system.

Other highlights and top features that are included in the stand-up gaming desk made by Evodesk are:

  • Memory presets that can be programmed to work
  • Air, dust and resistance to moisture
  • Wear and scratch resistant
  • Edges and corners that are rounded to provide comfort
  • Wood options that are sustainable
  • Tubular steel design

The Evodesk Gaming Desk is priced at $699, and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Accessories and add-ons can swiftly raise the cost. Keep that in mind while you’re designing your desk. For instance, you could upgrade to a complete treadmill that is priced higher than the initial cost.

4 – Readydesk — Best For Standing Desk Converters

Readydesk provides you with the ability to transform any desk into an upright desk.

If you’re not looking to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars on a constructed standing desk, the converters for standing desks made by Readydesk is a budget-friendly option to look into.

Readydesk includes conversions for desktops and laptops. There are models that are big enough to accommodate dual monitors.

No matter if you work from your home or in the office You can transform your workstation standing desk using one of the Readydesk converters.

The Readydesk 2 Standing Desk converter costs $149.99. It weighs only 14.9 pounds, making it simple to move and put together and requires no tools.

Also, you’ll enjoy free shipping and free 100-day returns.

If you’re limited on funds look into the Readydesk Allstand laptop standing desk riser shelf that costs $54.99. This compact, 4-pound laptop accessory allows you to transform kitchen tables or countertops into a standing desk.

5 – ApexDesk Elite — Best Standing Desk For Multiple Monitors

The ApexDesk Elite series is an electric height adjustable standing desk. It comes with an ergonomically curvaced top that is sufficient to hold many monitors.

There are two sizes to pick from: 71″ 33″ and 60″ 28″. The model with a 71-inch width is among the biggest desks we’ve encountered during our studies.

The desk is built by using an industrial-grade steel frame which can be able to support up to 225lbs.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from the programmable six-button controller that comes with four presets that are customizable for different desk levels. This feature makes it simple to move between standing and sitting throughout the day.

You should expect to spend around an hour to assemble the ApexDesk premium. There aren’t the same number of customizable features in comparison to other standing desks we have on our list. However, it’s a reasonable cost for a large desk.

From $599.99 The ApexDesk Elite is the perfect choice for those looking for an expansive standing desk. ApexDesk comes with free shipping too.

6-  Vari — The Best Variety of Standing Desks

At one time Varidesk, Vari is a market leader in the field of standing desks. They offer a broad selection of standing desks that can be used for office and home use.

Apart from desks Vari offers office furniture as well as office accessories such as storage and seating, privacy walls and much other things. They also sell tables, desks for classrooms, and desktop converters too.

In the end, Vari has everything you might need to have an active workspace. Vari is a favorite option for offices with modern designs.

Choose electric adjustable standing desks or manual adjustable standing desks. Vari provides a variety of sizes, prices and styles, colors, and much more. Here’s a brief review of some of the choices:

  • Electric Standing Desk 48×30 – $550
  • Standing Desk 48×32 – $595
  • Electric Standing Desk 60×30 – $650
  • Standing Desk 60×34 -$795

All desks that stand up and other accessories from Vari are shipped free of charge. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you are able to return the item in the initial 30 days. Vari will cover all expenses associated with returning the item as well.

If you’re interested in an adjustable desk by Vari but are in a pinch The converters begin at $175.

7 – Devaise — Best Crank Handle Adjustable Standing Desk

If you are looking for an adjustable standing desk and don’t want to pay the cost of an electric desk, Devaise offers several great options to think about.

For Desks made of Devaise you can alter the size of your desk by turning a crank handle. No requirement for power sources.

Because of the simplicity and design of this desk, the initial cost of Devaise desks is much lower than the other adjustable desks for standing that are available.

  • 42.7″ Stand-up Adjustable Desks starting at $239.99
  • 55″ Adjustable Standing Desksstarting at $269.99

Quality and value In terms of price and quality, both the Devaise standing desks offer outstanding value for money.

They’re extremely popular in home offices. They’re not as flexible and feature-rich as other desks we’ve seen. What one sees is exactly what will get. However, it’s solid, easy to set up and gets the task completed.

It’s odd that Devaise does not offer free shipping. It states “shipping is calculated at the time of checkout.” But while you’re in the purchasing procedure, you’ll notice that shipping is free when you input an address (at at least, that’s my experience).

8- Stir Kinetic Top Standing Desk with advanced features

Its Stir Kinetic Desk was dubbed “the Tesla of desks” by the Wall Street Journal. It’s, in short, not your typical standing desk.

It’s extremely sleek, durableand extremely practical.

Its Stir Kinetic standing desk series features a curvaceous style which is modern and practical. It’s designed ergonomically with the waterfall edges rounded to provide comfort when you lift your arms rest on the desk’s edge. This design option also enhances circulation.

Stir truly stands out from the rest of the pack with its technological capabilities.

Its Stir Kinetic Desk Model comes with an integrated touchscreen, as well as wifi as well as Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a desk that is Bluetooth compatible and can connect to WiFi. This allows you to connect your desk to third-party deviceslike Fitbit. It also has features for cloud storage.

One of the most distinctive features in this particular desk its software. With proprietary algorithms and customized interfaces The Stir Kinetic stand desk is able to adapt to the requirements of each user. It monitors usage and keeps track of your preferences.

The desk can be adjusted electronically between 25 inches and 50.5 inches. It can hold a static capacity in excess of 300lbs.

Let’s look a little closer at the cost:

  • Stir Kinetic Desk M1 -$ 2,990
  • Stir Kinetic Desk F1 – $11,990
  • Stir Kinetic Desk L1 – $1,990

Evidently, the prices below aren’t suitable for all. It is possible to purchase a used car for less than F1 model. F1 model. Desks like these are usually utilized in shared or office spaces, not for homes.

However, for those who are always looking for the top-of-the-line innovations, look into Stir Kinetic’s standing desk series. Stir Kinetic standing desk series.

How to Choose the Best Standing Desks for You?

There are some aspects to take into account when you’re looking for an adjustable desk. The ideal choice for me may not be the right decision for you.

This is the process we employed to narrow down our best choices in our list. This guide will help you choose a desk that meets your specific requirements.

Adjustable Height

The first thing you should look for in an adjustable desk is the capability to alter the height.

This feature offers you the possibility of switching between standing and sitting throughout the day. It also allows for accommodating many individuals, which can be vital for offices and shared areas. For example, a person who is 5’6″ will not be at exactly the same level as a a 6’2″ user.

It is also important to take into consideration how the desk’s height is adjustable. Standing desks that are powered by electricity will be the most efficient and speediest however they usually are more expensive cost. Hand cranks and manual adjustments are cheaper but aren’t as efficient.

Desktop Size

The size of the desk is another important aspect to think about when searching for an adjustable desk.

The desk should fit comfortably within the space in which you plan to set it up in, while accommodating your equipment and other accessories. For instance, some standing desks are fit for laptops that are small. However, other standing desks that are large are able to accommodate dual monitors, and even quad monitors dependent on the setup.

Generally speaking, desks that are standing that are designed for homes are usually smaller than commercial desks that are designed for workplaces. But , it’s something that you’ll have to discover for yourself.


Many of you simply need to be able to stand up while working. It doesn’t matter what the desk is like — and that’s perfectly fine.

For those who would like something distinctive consider the perfect desk that you could modify to meet your specific requirements.

Certain desks offer the choice of material the color frame, grommets and many more. There are desks that allow you to add monitor arms hooks, storage elements, hooks as well as castors, power sources, lighting, and numerous other accessories.

Many of these elements will increase the cost of the desk, however, it’s worth it when you need something distinctive and practical.


What’s the most comfortable standing desk available in the present? The Uplift V2 is our top recommendation.

There are many other options worth considering according to your needs and particular use scenarios.

For a complete and customized experience For complete customization, take a look at for the Completely Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk. Gamers should opt for an Evodesk Gaming Desk. If you are looking for an alternative to a standing desk look through the choices offered by the ReadydeskVari offers many conversions for standing desks and accessories too.

Consider to use Devaise for desks that can be adjusted in height that have a crank handle. If you want the most technologically-advanced desks on the market, check out the Stir Kinetic series.

Whatever your budget If you are on a tight budget, follow this guide to locate the ideal standing desk.

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