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The Best Credit Card for Startups in 2021

Do you want to immediately get the solution? The most suitable business credit card for the majority of businesses is Chase Ink Business Cash.

A reliable business credit card is crucial for new businesses.

If you are looking to purchase things like hotels, flights and even your phone the option of charging your credit card is the most suitable choice.

This is because the top business credit cards for business come with exceptional benefits, such as rewards points, cash back along with travel miles.

Certain credit cards offered by companies offer purchase insurance, in addition to supplementary protection for car rental. It is also possible to make use of a credit card with low interest to pay for purchases when you’re trying to get the small-business loan.

With the many business credit cards to pick from, it’s difficult to determine the most suitable choice for your business This is the reason that drove me to create this guide.

The 8 Best Credit Cards for Beginning Businesses in 2021

In a world flooded by many business credit cards, here are eight I would recommend to startups.

  1. Chase Ink Business Cash
  2. the Chase Ink Unlimited Business Business
  3. American Express Blue Business Plus
  4. American Express Blue Business Cash
  5. Capital One Spark Cash Select
  6. Capital One Spark Miles
  7. Capital One Spark Classic
  8. US Bank Business Platinum

I’ll outline the most significant benefits, offers for introductory prices, and noteworthy details for each of them in the next section.

The Best Startup Business Credit Card Reviews

1. Chase Ink Business Cash

The Chase Ink Business Cash is the top overall credit card for companies that are just starting out. It comes with outstanding rewards, benefits, as well as a enticing sign-up bonus.

  • There is no annual fee
  • A $500 sign-up bonus is offered after you have spent $3,000 during the first three months

Chase Ink Business Cash card provides cash back for basic startup expenses, which is fantastic.

This includes cash-back of 5% each year on office equipment including internet, phone service and cable on the first $25,000 in these categories. Additionally, you’ll receive cash back of 2% at restaurants and gas stations on the first $25,000 worth of total spending every year.

Other purchases earn cash back, with no limitation.

There is always a have to use the internet for your business. So why not receive cash back each month?

Additional benefits and features that come with this card include: Chase Ink Business Cash card include:

  • Fraud protection
  • Individual spending limitations
  • Emergency assistance and travel services
  • Extended warranty protection
  • No liability for charges that are not authorized
  • Purchase protection (covers the purchase against loss or damage for a period of 120 days)
  • Car rental collision waiver

With these benefits and the cash-back program, sign-up bonus and no annual cost, Chase Ink Business Cash is a must for any company that is just starting out.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out what you need to know about applying online

2 – Chase Ink Business Unlimited

The Chase Ink Business Unlimited is almost identical with that of the Ink Business Cash card.

The card gives the identical benefits of fraud protection as the collision waiver that is in the bullet points above.

  • There is no annual fee
  • A $500 sign-up bonus is offered after you have spent $3,000 during the first 3 months

If it’s exactly the same, why not include it on the list? Simple: The reward structure.

Instead of giving cash back percentages in various types of products, Chase Ink Business Unlimited offers 1.5 percent cash back to spend on all purchases.

This is an option for those who don’t want restrictions or limits in the quantity of cash back you earn.

It all depends on the kind of business you run.

For instance, suppose you’re looking to use a credit card to buy things like inventory , or other items that do not belong to those Ink Business Cash reward categories. In this situation, Chase Ink Business Unlimited could be the best choice for you.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out what you need to know about applying online

3 – American Express Blue Business Plus

American Express has one of the most reputable reviews in the world of credit cards.

Whyis that? The customer support is one of the top.

If you’re starting a business enterprise, you should think about an American Express Blue Business Plus card as an excellent alternative.

This card Amex Blue Business Plus card is ideal for those who wish to earn reward points instead of cash-back or travel miles.

You’ll earn 2x Membership Rewards points on purchases of any category up to annual spending of $50,000. Following that, you’ll be able to earn unlimited points.

Amex provides you with more buying powerand the capability to make business purchases that exceed the limits of your spending without cost, though restrictions are in place.

The card is equipped with account alerts electronic statements and a thorough year-end report, free employee cards, and is one of the top mobile applications for credit cards for businesses available today.

American Express customer service and dispute resolution is the best in the business. If you are looking for top customer service This card is the perfect choice for you.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out what you need to know about applying online

4 – American Express Blue Business Cash

If you are looking for cash-back instead of reward points The American Express Blue Business Cash is your card of choice.

The card’s terms are essentially similar to those of those of the Amex Blue Business Plus card. The structure of rewards is the most significant distinction between these two cards.

The Amex Blue Business Cash card You can get 2% cashback on your first $50,000 of purchases each year. It’s a great bargain. Following that, you’ll receive cash back of 1% on all other purchases.

Other benefits that are top of the line are:

  • Powerful buying power that has been expanded
  • Damage to the car rental insurance
  • Hotline support for the world
  • Employee cards for free
  • Account manager access
  • Amex Mobile Business app
  • Account alerts
  • Venders pay through
  • Extended warranty protection is available for purchases that qualify
  • Purchase protection is available for purchases eligible for purchase

Overall it is a great card. American Express Blue Business Cash card is among the top business credit card available on the market in the present.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out the steps to submit an online application


5- Capital One Spark Cash Select

Capital One Spark Cash Select gives you an unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase you make.

They also do not charge an annual fees. You can also get an initial $200 bonus after spending $3,000 over the initial three months.

The card is like that of the Chase Ink Business Unlimited credit card. Chase offers a higher initial sign-up bonus ($200 instead of. $500) when you spend the same amount within three months.

However that said, it is true that the Capital One Spark Cash Select card comes with its fair share of fantastic features.

  • Customer support for businesses is a priority.
  • Alerts about fraud
  • Employee cards for free
  • Flexible payment (pick your due date for your next month)
  • Transaction details
  • Year-end summary with items
  • Download purchase records in formats suitable for QuickBooks and Quicken

As a rule I’m inclined to the absence of any annual fee. There’s no need for banks to charge you for this. However, if you’re looking for greater than 1.5 cash back, you should apply an application for this Capital One Spark Cash card instead. It gives you unlimited cash-back of 2 however it comes with the annual cost of $95 (waived for the initial year).

Startups that are charging less money for their cards are fine using Spark Cash Select. Spark Cash Select card.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out the steps to submit an online application


6 – Capital One Spark Miles

Travel a lot? This card is for you.

If your business is in the world of jetsetting, Capital One Spark Miles can help you earn points that you can then use to purchase additional travel with some amazing kickbacks such as TSA Precheck and Global Entry.

  • Annual fee of $95 (waived for the initial year)
  • A 50,000 mile sign-up bonus is available after spending $4,500 within the initial three months

As I said earlier I generally don’t suggest cards that charge annual fees for companies that are just starting out. However, this card is simple to justify if you frequent travel.

The 50,000 miles equals $500 worth of travel. If you consider that the annual fee is waived in the beginning of each year. The signing up bonus alone is enough to cover those first 6 years of using the card.

Additionally, you can earn 2x miles in unlimited increments on any purchase. There aren’t any limitations on seat availability, blackout dates or minimums for redemption.

Other major benefits of Capital One Spark Miles Card include: Capital One Spark Miles Card are:

  • Credit of $100 for TSA Global Entry, PreCheck and TSA PreCheck.
  • Earn 5x miles on hotel stays and car rentals by Capital One Travel
  • $0 fraud liability
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Lock for cards

If you’re starting a business that needs a lot of travel for business, this card is the perfect option for your.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out what you need to know about applying online


7 – Capital One Spark Classic

We understand that sometimes you don’t have an excellent credit score.

If you have a poor credit score, but you still would like to earn credit card rewards, then the Capital One Spark Classic is your ideal choice. The Spark Classic card is the most rewarding in terms of rewards and benefits can be obtained when you have low credit.

  • No annual cost
  • Unlimited cash back of 1% on purchases of all kinds

While the card won’t come with a sign-up bonus or interest rates that are low however, you’ll still be able to access to many of Capital One’s most desirable benefits for the card.

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Download purchase receipts into Quicken and QuickBooks formats.
  • Waiver of damage to your rental car
  • Protection for purchases extended (90 jours for approved products)
  • Alerts and coverage for fraud
  • Employee cards for free

In the end, it’s an all-business credit card with no frills. However, it’s a great option to build credit by responsibly using the card. Additionally, you’ll receive cash-back of 1% on all purchases.

I’d recommend applying for Capital One Spark Classic if you’re not able to be approved for other credit cards for business.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out what you need to know about applying online


8 – US Bank Business Platinum

Credit card finance can be an inventive method to bypass the restrictions on small-business loans in terms of what you can spend money on.

To think about this you’ll need cards with low-interest rates.

This is where you’ll need the US Bank Business Platinum card is useful.

The card is definitely not a top-quality rewards. Therefore, I’d recommend it as a possible alternative financing method.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out what you need to know about applying online

How to Choose the Best Credit Card For Your Startup Business?

Are you unsure of what to look for in a credit card? Although every business is unique and may look for different items, there are some crucial but common factors to take into consideration.

This is the process we followed to develop this guide. You can use it for your own study.

Annual Fee

A majority of startup businesses should search for credit cards that do not have an annual cost. It’s crucial to cut costs wherever you can in the beginning of your business.

Seven of the cards listed on the above list of cards are for free. The only card you’ll need be paying for is the Capital One Spark Miles card. However, the cost is only $95 per year, which is waived at the beginning of the year and is it is easy to justify for frequent travellers.

The fees for business credit cards can be as high as $500. Although you might consider them later on, I’d avoid them in the beginning of your venture. Start with the basic options and revisit as your company expands.

Rates of Interest

Always aim to pay off your credit card bill in full every month. However, sometimes, cash is scarce for entrepreneurs, and so you may need to fund some purchases.

Find an account that has APR of 0% for purchases made in the first year. Try to pay off those prior to accumulating additional interest charges.

A credit card with low interest rates may be more affordable than business loans. Consider this before you make large purchases.

Credit Score

In the case of a startup your credit score will be considered in the application process for credit card. This is because startups do not have credit histories in their the file.

A score that is high will grant you access to higher-quality cards that have low interest rates and high rewards.

But, not all fall within this classification. When your score on credit is lower than normal, there are credit cards you should consider applying for. For instance, the Capital One Spark Classic is one of them.


Rewards from credit cards typically come in three formats:

  • Cash back
  • Points earned through membership
  • Miles

I would recommend cash back reward cards for startups in general. The cards in this list vary from 1% to 5percent. Certain cards have limitations on how much cashback you can earn, whereas others allow unlimited cash back on any purchase.

Rewards programs that include miles is great if you have to travel frequently for business reasons. If not cash back is right.


Each credit card comes with an array of advantages and perks.

From sign-up bonuses to protection against purchases and fraud alerts, the options vary according to the type of card and company. It’s up to you determine what benefits will be most beneficial to your budget.

For instance, the absence of foreign transaction fees and insurance for auto rental waivers won’t be a reason to convince you to don’t ever rent a vehicle and never make purchases using foreign currencies.


Startup companies have distinct financial requirements that are different from established companies.

There are plenty of excellent cards for entrepreneurs to pick from to aid them in their endeavors.

Here’s a summary of the top 8 that I’d like to recommend.

  1. Chase Ink Business Cash
  2. The Chase Ink Business Unlimited
  3. American Express Blue Business Plus
  4. American Express Blue Business Cash
  5. Capital One Spark Cash Select
  6. Capital One Spark Miles
  7. Capital One Spark Classic
  8. US Bank Business Platinum

All of them come with a range of benefits that are appropriate for different kinds of spending and startup. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in this list.

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