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Simple Yet Powerful SEO Tip – Website Architecture

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In a separate SEO guideline discussion, we talked about the idea of “Long Tail Keywords”. These are essentially strategically targeted keywords or phrases that describe the subjects of your business online.

Another important SEO technique is more obscure to a lot of users. This is a method which can result in positive results when you try to increase your rank across the major search engines. The way you design your site’s structure can have a major impact. How the website is structured in highly ranked websites isn’t randomly generated by any means. It’s carefully planned and designed to aid in SEO.

After you’ve determined what the most important keywords or phrases, make sure you devote a whole page for each one of them. When you start to create backlinks with anchor text in accordance with your keywords, the backlinks will direct visitors to the webpage with the keyword that has been specifically chosen. It is also referred to as an “deep link” which is beneficial to SEO efforts to achieve good results in search engine ranking.

Website Builder SEO Guide Read our thoughts on SEO with drag-and-drop websites, particularly when compared with WordPress SEO.

Think about this. If your website is focused on fitness routines, you might require a general introduction or the landing page of your website. If you look further it is possible to make separate subpages for exercises that target biceps, triceps quads, back, chest and so on. It’s all in the picture.

In addition, for the pages listed above, you are able to write articles about back exercises (for instance) in E-zine and other forums for fitness. Then, back link your discussion onto your web site’s section titled “back exercises”, with “back workout” as your anchor text. It’s as easy as pie. Did you get it?

If you work hard, each page on your website will be focusing on its specific keyword or phrase. It is then possible to start creating back links that have relevant anchor text linking to the subpages. The idea is that each subpage of your site will be optimized for its own.

If you build your site this way, your chances of getting higher rankings for every one of your key words or keywords will be significantly higher. This is a highly focused method, and can result in lots of organic or free traffic for all of your key words, if implemented in a proper manner.

There are numerous ways to bring traffic to your site. The purchase of advertisements, like Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) as well as contextual marketing via email as well as other. However, these topics are outside the subject of this discussion and certainly merit being addressed separately. Maybe a different opportunity…

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