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Printful vs. Printify

If you’re looking into a number of print-on-demand businesses there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Printful and Printify. Both are well-known in the print-on demand industry and have good reasons for it.

They offer a wide range of printing and products which allows you to easily design customized products. It’s simple to connect both platforms to online stores. Although they’re alike, there are important differences that will help you choose which one you’d like to choose.

In this comprehensive Printful comparison, we’ll look at Printful vs. Printify comparison will examine everything including profit margins and pricing to the products offered, the lead time as well as printing methods as well as integrations. When you get to the final page, you’ll be aware of which one will work best for your print-on demand business.

Printful vs. Printify: Prices and plans

You can sign up for the platform at no cost. There is no need to pay monthly or subscription charges. Instead, you pay the price of the items that you or your clients purchase. You are in total control of the price at retail, and you’re able to keep the remainder as profits.

However, both plans provide premium and enterprise plans to help businesses grow.

The Printful Premium Plan

Printful’s Pro plan is offered for just $49/month, or $539 per year. Would you like to know what all the hype is all about before you decide? Use the 14-day trial for free.

It will give you:

  • The ability to access design assets as well as services
  • The freedom to select the shipping company for sending your parcel to United States, Canada, or Europe
  • Additional tools available to help with Etsy SEO, a mockup maker, a promotional maker, and a background removal tool.

You’ll also have access to brand new content before other Printful users.

The Printify Premium Plan

For $29 per month ($24.99/month when you subscribe to Annual plan) You have the option of having at least 10 different stores within your account. Each store is eligible for the possibility of a 20 percent discount on all items. When your sales exceed the desired level it is a good idea to invest in this plan. is a good idea.

A business-level plan is available. Pricing for Enterprise plans is based on the specific needs of your business. Contact Printify for more information.


Printful’s Price for Products

Expect to pay anything from $8-$29 for a t-shirt, $21-$48 for the hoodie, or the price range is $15-$25 for a bag bag, as an example. The prices are not inclusive of shipping chargesthat are separate from the purchase. Shipping rates depend on the item. We’ll go over them in greater depth later in this review.

When your Printful shop has reached the threshold of $1,000 in sales in a month, you’ll be eligible for discounts on items – which lets you make more profit. Additionally, you can get up to 20% discount off large orders of 25 or more items.

Printify’s Price for Products

Printify makes use of an extensive network of suppliers along with manufacturers. This affects the pricing of its products. Expect to pay between four to eight dollars to purchase a face mask and $7 to $19 for an t-shirt and $15 to $25 for the skirt.

Printify doesn’t offer samples or bulk orders discounts.

Printful or Printerify: Which Have the Higher Margins of Profit?

In the end, Printify has a better profits because its services aren’t as expensive. The majority of items are identical across both platforms.

For instance:

On Printful the Bella and Canvas DTG Unisex 3001 starts at $12.95 up to $17.45 (for bigger sizes that go all the way up to 5XL) plus shipping charges.

On Printify the same shirt costs between $7.64 up to $16.43 (for greater sizes, up to 4X based on the service) and shipping costs.

Keep in mind that no matter what platform you choose to use you determine the price for retail.

Printful or Printerify Which One Has the Faster Length?

Both companies have comparable time frames for delivery. The time to produce varies among printers and the products they offer.

Following our previous example of continuing with our example of a DTG Bella Unisex + Canvas 3001. Printful’s manufacturing time spans between 2 and seven business days on apparel items and with 97.66 percent of orders shipped within 5 business days. More than 50 percent of orders arrive within three business days. Printful doesn’t offer specific timeframes for shipping.

Printify Printify the production time for the exact product is 1.24 working days up from 3.82 hours, based on the print service providers you select. This doesn’t include the shipping time.

Printify vs Printful Quality and Print

Quality is the foundational product that is important. The two Printful and Printify make use of the identical DTG technology and printing equipment to print the majority of items. There are some customers who say Printful is more reliable in quality print over Printify. This could have to have to do with Printify’s use of multiple suppliers. Printify has multiple suppliers compared Printful’s own in-house team. Printful could use quality control measures which Printify does not.

If you begin with a t-shirt that isn’t of the highest quality, regardless of how the design appears it will get worn out quicker. This isn’t a reflection of the printing service however, it is a reflection on the product preference.

Printify Products

Printify provides a variety of products, which include:

  • Apparel: T-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, dresses, swimsuits, etc. Certain t-shirts can be purchased with all-over printing that means you can put print on sleeves.
  • And Shoes:Sneakers, boots, etc.
  • Accessory:Face masks, hats jewelry, scarves, backpacks, bags key chains, and more.
  • office and tech: Phone cases, mouse pads, phone grips, AirPods cases, Bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers clipboards, and more.
  • Kitchen and Home Goods:Aprons, napkins and drinkware (mugs and tumblers) water bottles) pillows, blankets towels, shower curtains, table runners, bath mats and other…

Printful Products

What are the options for customizing Printful? A lot, which includes:

  • Clothing:T-shirts, embroidered shirts tanks, polo shirts tops, long sleeves jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, sweatpants, leggingsand shorts, underwear, crop tops and skirts, dresses, socks, swimming wear along with sports bras. They also have baby items including baby bibs, baby diapers, and bodysuits. Printful has a selection of products that allow all-over printing. So you can make use of sleeves printing.
  • Accessories: Hats, bags, face masks, jewelry, key chains, flip flops, phone cases, laptop cases, bean bag covers
  • Food and Home Goods:Water bottles, coffee cups, throw blankets pillows, pillows towels, aprons, and more.

Printful and Printify provide a variety similar products. One method Printify reduces costs however, is by offering “generic” items. They don’t have a brand name, such as Bella+Canvas which is a top-quality T-shirt. In this instance, Printful wins because you are familiar with the brand and find out the quality of the product yourself.

To check the product and print quality prior to selling to your customers, purchase samples. You’ll be eligible for the discount for samples through Printful but you’ll have to purchase the full amount when using Printify. To get the most accurate comparison, you should purchase the identical product from both.

One of the major differences between these solutions is the fact that Printful does all printing on-site. Printify On the other hand, makes use of several print services. One way you can be sure of the quality of printing is to purchase the product yourself.

Printify and Printful Features

When we evaluate features and capabilities, we consider aspects like whether you are able to utilize the platform without the need for an online shop. Are there mockup templates available? Does the company provide services for design? Do they offer warehousing to those who want to store a variety of well-known items? What are the options for personalization?

Use without the Online Store

Printful and Printify both Printful and Printify enable you to make use of Printify without the need for an online store. If you’d like to make use of the automation, you need to integrate Printify and Printify with your online store. If you don’t, you’ll need to place orders manually on Printify or Printful when a customer makes an order.

This approach is feasible in the case of a smaller order volume. But as you expand the volume, it’s not feasible or expandable.

Mockup Generator

A mockup maker is vital in helping you understand the way your designs will appear like. After you’ve created an item the mockup can also serve as a picture of the product.

Printful and Printify both Printful and Printify both offer a mockup creator which makes it simple to upload the final image as a product image for your online store.

Design Services

Some platforms provide design assistance with a cost. Other platforms require you to be with designs ready to upload. Printful offers design services, but Printify does not.

If you’re in need of design assistance There are many freelance platforms which can help you connect with graphic designers. Fiverr is one of them. It offers a wide range of designers on budget.

It is important to study the product templates before time, so you can present your selected designer with all the information they require to design the designs you require. Printful and Printify allow you to upload images. Printful and Printify you can upload images to apply them to your products according to your preference.

Even even if you’re not an artist it’s still possible to create unique designs using The Printful Design Maker. It comes with a mockup maker, too.

Choose the item you wish to create. Upload any images you already have, including clip art or logos. If there aren’t any available or available, you can use the tool for adding text. Also, you have access to Printful’s Printful clip art library and premium images to aid you. Video tutorials are provided to assist you in learning how to utilize the tool too.


Print-on-demand is a great option, but why do you need warehouses? What’s the purpose of having to print what you require in response to orders from customers and not have a lot of stock that cannot be sold? This is the primary selling aspect of POD. However, Printful understands that sometimes customers don’t wish to wait for an additional up to six weeks for their order.

If you’re a business with difficulties with growth, warehousing can be an option that is available through Printful. This is the sole POD service of the 11 we’ve evaluated that offers this service.

Here’s how it is done:

Make a bulk purchase of one of your items (at minimum 25) and get discounts. Keep the inventory in your warehouse. When the customer makes the order, it will ship out quicker because the product has already been manufactured.

Storage fees are depending on the number of units that you are able to store in your warehouse and the amount of space your product takes up. There aren’t any fees for fulfillment except for the addition of packing-ins to your orders.

Are the items you buy must be Printful’s? Not at all. If you have additional products in your store you would like to store on Printful you are able to.

All you need to do is send your product descriptions and then send your inventory once Printful has given it approval to be stored. After that, you can sync the items you’ve uploaded to your store via the store management system online. Then, the only thing you need to do is to advertise and sell. Printful will handle everything else.

There are some rules that you must follow, however. The products you sell must:

  • Less that 18” 18”” (46 by 46 inches by 43cm)
  • Non-perishable
  • Valued at no less then $750 (EUR700) per
  • Printful’s Guidelines for Acceptable Content as well as the Warehousing and Fulfillment Terms of Services

Warehousing can be arranged in the fulfillment facilities listed below:

  • US: Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California
  • Canada: Toronto, Ontario
  • Europe: Riga, Latvia, and Barcelona, Spain.

Optional Personalization

If you’re planning to offer your customers the option to personalize their products then you’ll need Printful.

If you’re using Printful in conjunction with Shopify, WooCommerce or Etsy You can easily customize your product. If you are using another e-commerce platform but not Shopify, you will not be able to take advantage of this feature.

To utilize the Printful tool for personalizing products in conjunction with Shopify:

  1. Configure to enable the Printful integration and Shopify integration.
  2. You can enable the personalization feature within the Printful Dashboard.
  3. You can enable the personalization tool while you add new products that are eligible in your online store.
  4. Choose the design elements to personalization. Choose images and text according to the item.
  5. Make sure to add products to your store. Be aware of the digitization cost that is applicable to designs that are embroidering.

Your customer can personalize the design and then makes their purchase. Following that, Printful fulfills the order and delivers it to your customer.

Printful is a Printful product. personalization tool, you must have WooCommerce:

  1. Check that you’ve updated Your Printful WooCommerce plugin to at minimum version 2.1. The most recent version available is always the best.
  2. When you add a new product that is eligible to be added in your online store, you must enable this tool for personalization.
  3. Design the part of the design that can’t be altered.
  4. Include the images and text you wish customers to customize. Check that you check the “Allow Personalization of Text” box is ticked.
  5. Transfer the item into your store.

To utilize Printful’s personalization tool, you must be a member of Etsy:

Check out the Printful Dashboard. Go into Stores > your Etsy Store Settings > Purchases. Select for the “Important personalized orders, such as drafts” box.

Visit your Etsy store. Go through Shop Manager to Listing. Select the listing you would like to personalize. Select on the “Personalization” tab, and then type in the your guidelines.

When you get the order you’ve placed on your Etsy store that has personalization You’ll notice it’s an icon in blue on the Printful dashboard. The order will be opened and you can move the mouse over it in order to see the customer’s request for personalization.

Click on the button, and then edit and modify the product in order to fulfill the needs of your client. After that, you must you must manually verify your order and begin the process of fulfilling the order.


If you’re looking for customized branding options that will help you build brand awareness for your e-commerce company Printful is the right method to go. Why is that? because Printful white labels are products. They permit you to put your company logo on T-shirt tags, for example. This method makes it easier to create your own brand, however it’s a cost. Printify does not offer this option.

You’ll pay $2.49 per label on inside labels. If you’d like labels that are outside for outside labels, you’ll be charged an additional $2.49 for each label.

Printful allows branding for many print-on demand products which include non-apparel items like bean bags as well as aprons, hats and baby diapers.

Printful allows you to create personalized packaging. Simply purchase your custom packaging in bulk through third-party providers. Send your packaging to Printful for approval via the Printful dashboard, and then send it to them when it’s accepted. They’ll package single-item purchases in the appropriate packaging prior to shipping to your customers.

Printify is a great option. Printify the service, you don’t have the option of using branding on the packaging. The packaging doesn’t have anything which suggests that a different business is behind the project The packaging is unassuming. There’s the option to show a customized return address on the majority of labels. Some sellers utilize the standard “fulfillment centre” on their labels instead of your company name.

Order Fulfillment Services

When you are working with a print-on demand company and you also work with a dropshipping company. They take care of all the process for you. Printful and Printify both Printful and Printify handle everything that is related to fulfillment of orders. Customers don’t even realize that print-on-demand printing services are involved.

Printify’s order fulfillment is less expensive because it’s part of the cost of every item. If you opt to ship your own packaging or add-ons (like stickers) using Printful, you’ll have to pay more. You’ll pay 50 cents for each order that is fulfilled using custom mailers. The cost is 50 cents for each pack-in included in an order.

Printful and Printify Costs of Shipping and Times

If we return to our Bella + Canvas 3001 example:

Printful’s shipping prices range between $3.99 per item, plus $1.25 per additional item within the United States, to $9.99 plus $1.09 to each subsequent item within the ETFA States. This price is only applicable to t-shirts.

Printify’s shipping costs range between $3.10 to $8.00 according to the printing service. This is specifically for Bella + Canvas’s Bella + Canvas 3001 shirt however it could also apply to other shirts.

The shipping timeframes are based on the shipping carrier and quantity of packages. In the event that you decide to upgrade from Printful Pro, you have the option of selecting the shipping service you’ll choose for your purchases. This helps keep the delivery times constant.

The shipping times depend on where your purchase ships from. Printful is a fulfillment center throughout New Zealand, the United States, Mexico, Australia in addition to New Zealand.

Printify offers an extensive network of printers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, China as well as in the Czech Republic, and Latvia.

Printify Vs Printful Integrations for Ecommerce

Although you’re able to use both platforms without an online store, it’s always good to know which e-commerce platforms come with native integrations. If you’re on one of the platforms listed below that you can join Printify or Printful to automate the ordering process.


If you have an account on Shopify Store that you’ve created, you can link the store to both your Printful as well as Printify accounts easily.

for Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Go to “Choose the Platform.”
  3. Find Shopify in the list. Then click “Connect.”
  4. Click “Add application.”
  5. Log into your store and complete the configuration.

for Printify

  1. Log into your Printify dashboard. Go through Manage My Stores > Connect.
  2. Simply click “Connect” right next to Shopify.
  3. Copy the URL of your Shopify Store’s URL. Then click “Connect.”
  4. Click “Install application.”

You can also go to your local Shopify App Store, search for Printify and then add the app in your shop.

Simply click” Add App “Add app” button, and then sign into Printify. Printify account to complete your integration.


Do you use BigCommerce? It’s simple to join your online store with or print-on-demand companies.

for Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Go to “Choose platform.”
  3. Look for BigCommerce on the left. Select “Connect.”
  4. Click “Click to” to go to Bigcommerce.”
  5. Log into your account at your account.
  6. Click “Get this application.”
  7. Follow the instructions on screen to complete the set-up.

To Printify

  1. Log into your Printify dashboard. Go through Manage My Stores > Connect.
  2. Simply click “Connect” right next to BigCommerce.
  3. Log in to the account you have created with your BigCommerce account.
  4. Enter the name of your store. Select “Continue.”

You can also go to the App Store of BigCommerce and look up Printify and then add the application on your site.

Select to click the “Get this App” button, and then sign in to Your Printify account to complete your integration. When it’s done you’ll be able to login to your Printify account through your BigCommerce account dashboard.


WooCommerce is a scalable platform that is suitable for WordPress users. Printful along with Printify both have integrations available.

for Printful

  1. Make sure that you’re using Woocommerce 2.4.8 or higher.
  2. Go to the administrator panel of your store’s admin panel. Go through Woocommerce settings > advanced.
  3. Click on the “Legacy API” tab.
  4. You can check the “Enable the REST API of the past” box. API” checkbox.
  5. Click on Settings > > Permalinks.
  6. Verify that your URLs are not set to anything that is not “Plain.”
  7. Install the most recent Version of the Printful Woocommerce plugin.
  8. Go to the Printful tab on Your WordPress dashboard. Then click “Connect.”
  9. Access is granted.
  10. Add new products.

To Printify

  1. Be sure to use Woocommerce 2.4.8 or later.
  2. Log into the administrator panel of your store’s admin panel. Go to Woocommerce Options > Advanced.
  3. Click on the “Legacy API” tab.
  4. Make sure to check the “Enable the old REST API” option.
  5. Go to Settings and then Permalinks.
  6. Check that your URLs are not set to anything different than “Plain.”
  7. Log in to the account you have created on your Printify account. Go to the “Manage My Stores” then select “Add A New Store.”
  8. Click “Connect” right next to the Woocommerce logo.
  9. Enter the URL of your Woocommerce store which is displayed within the settings of your WordPress installation. Look for it by logging into as an administrator, and then clicking “Settings.”
  10. Install this Printify to Woocommerce plug-in. This will automatically apply the appropriate rates for shipping costs to your items.


Are you using Wix to host your online store? Follow these steps to connect your store into either print-on-demand business.

To Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Select “Choose the Platform.”
  3. “Wix. “Wix.”
  4. Follow the steps displayed on screen to establish an account on Wix accounts, should not done it before. If you’ve already done so completed step 2, skip step 2 and hit on the “Connect with Wix” option.
  5. Log in using your credentials. Follow the instructions on screen.
  6. Upload your product to Wix once you’re ready begin selling your items.

for Printify

  1. Log in to Your Printify account. Go to the “Manage My Stores” then select “Add A New Store.”
  2. Click “Connect” near the Wix logo.
  3. Log in to the account you have created on your Wix account. You must accept the permissions needed to proceed with the integration.

You can also download the Printify application to on the Wix App store and then connect to your account.


If you are using the Squarespace platform, Printful integrates with it. Follow the directions for the print-on demand company you have chosen.

for Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Select “Choose platform.”
  3. Search for Squarespace on the left. Select “Connect.”
  4. Log in using the Squarespace credentials. Then click “Allow.”
  5. Create your own products on either of the platforms.
  6. The platforms must be synchronized.

for Printify

At present you’ll require the custom API integration in order to join Printify directly to Squarespace.

If you are using a different e-commerce platform, you may hire an engineer to design an API integration for you that works with Printful or Printify.

Marketplace Integration

If you do not have an online store on your own site, you can do so using one of these platforms or want to increase your reach, you could incorporate both platforms with Etsy as well as eBay. If you’d like to do it in conjunction with Amazon but it’s a bit more complicated to establish.


To Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Select “Choose platform.”
  3. Find Etsy on the list. Then click “Connect.”
  4. Click on the “Connect via Etsy” Click.
  5. Log in using you Etsy account to gain access to Printful application.
  6. Assign items and upload prints.

for Printify

  1. Log in to the account you have created on your Printify account. Go to the “Manage My Stores” then select “Add A New Store.”
  2. Click “Connect” right next to the Etsy logo. Click “Connect” next to the Etsy.
  3. Log in to the account you have created on your Etsy account.
  4. Click “Allow access.”



for Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Go to “Choose platform.”
  3. Look for eBay Marketplace in the list. Select “Connect.”
  4. Select to click the “Connect with eBay” click.
  5. Complete the general form.
  6. Input the information about payment policies.
  7. Complete your policy on returns.
  8. Verify and complete the connection.

To Printify

  1. Log in to the account you have created on your Printify account. Click on “Manage My Stores” then select “Add the New Store.”
  2. Click “Connect” near the eBay logo.
  3. Choose a name for your eBay store, then click “Connect.”
  4. Check out the terms of service from eBay and then click “I I.”
  5. Create or select your return and payment policy to complete the process of integration.


To Printful

  1. Log into your Printful dashboard. Click “Stores.”
  2. Select “Choose platform.”
  3. Search for Amazon Marketplace in the list. Then click “Connect.”
  4. If you’re not already registered, sign up with Amazon Seller Central. Amazon Seller Central account. You’ll pay $39.99/month plus referral fees.
  5. Request an GTIN exemption through Amazon. This confirms with Amazon that you are the owner of the brand and are the only one with unique products, but you don’t have an international trade item number.
  6. Input your Amazon Seller name in Printful.
  7. Select the Amazon regions that you would like to sell your items on.
  8. Submit the Amazon support letter for the brand.
  9. Create and sync your items After Amazon gives you GTIN exemption.

To Printify

There is no current plan to implement an Amazon integration with Amazon. Because of the time it takes some sellers to complete orders, it could hurt your store’s reputation.

Customer Care

For support for customers each of Printful and Printify provide a complete help center. Both platforms assign an account manager, nor does it provide phone assistance. If you require help after having perused the Knowledge Base, you can make use of live chat (when it’s available) with Printful. Printify is a great option. Printify it is necessary to send an email to customer support in order to receive a reply.

Both platforms will offer customer support on the products they sell. If you’ve placed an purchase from a different platform and you have problems with the products also, you’ll need to reach them individually.

It’s important to mention that you’re accountable to provide your customers with your personal support. Customers won’t be aware that both platforms were involved in the development of your products, which is why you’ll have to create your own customer support department.

There is no way for the platform to accept returns or refunds on products except if there’s an error in printing. If the purchaser is unable to find the correct dimensions or colors, it’s your decision to decide the best way to fix the issue.

Think about this when you are evaluating your options to provide customers with customer service as well as returning policies.

If you’re looking to expand your t-shirt business, then you have to attract returning customers. In fact, increasing the number of customers who stay loyal by 5percent can boost the profits by over 25 percent. New customers can be essential to your company, so are ones who return and repeatedly.

Implementing measures to ensure customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of. Research has shown that 93 percent of customers will likely to frequent purchases from companies that provide outstanding customer service. However, the data also indicates the fact that 33% of American customers are likely to think about changing companies right away after the experience of a bad customer service.

Do you have the ability to use both platforms together?

It is possible to connect Printful or Printify with the identical site. This is a great alternative if you wish to sell items that aren’t offered on the other platform, such as certain non-apparel goods. All you need to do is connect each of your Printful as well as Printify account to the online shop you have created. This will let you transfer items from both platforms into your catalog. And, any items a customer purchases is routed to the right service.

The benefit of the printing-on-demand system is that you have the ability to combine and mix different services. Although it can cause things to become a little more complex on the backend, automation makes sure that your orders get routed where they are required to be. What does this mean? Your customers can get additional products that are custom. In the end, diversity will help you grow your online business.


Printify and Printful: Which of these Print on Demand companies is the best choice?

There isn’t single print-on demand company that is perfect. Each business is different and, as such has different requirements. It is important to select the right print-on-demand business for your company.

Printful and Printify both Printful and Printify provide top-quality service. Both companies oversee the complete fulfillment process, and also work with international carriers to fulfill international orders. Each company is a good fulfillment partner.

If you’re not concerned with branding or custom packaging, as well as the logistics of warehousing, it might not be the best choice to work with Printful.

At the end of the day, any platform can be an effective method to start your print-on-demand company. Consider working with both to discover what is most effective for you.

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