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Oberlo Review (Nov 2021) Super Dropshipping, the Way to Do It

Dropshipping may sound easy but it’s usually an issue to get in touch with suppliers, get affordable prices, and then update the products on your site. In the end, at all, you’ll will be left with a small profit and an unsatisfactory situation. In the following Oberlo analysis we’ll discover the company’s efforts to improve this.

Oberlo doesn’t function as an ecommerce platform in its entirety, it’s an extension that which you can use on websites developed by Shopify and other platforms.

The idea behind Oberlo was to allow people to access the eCommerce marketplace as quickly and cost-effectively as is possible, Oberlo belongs to the dropshipping market. If you’ve never been aware of dropshipping prior to now, it’s eliminating the warehousing, and fulfilment issues from the selling process.

Instead of purchasing products in bulk, then storing them and sending them to customers after they purchase something and make an order with a vendor after a client purchases an item on your site. With Oberlo it is possible to export items from AliExpress as well as other similar websites straight to your Shopify store.

Oberlo was established in the year 2015, however it has grown in recognition in the past couple of years. Nowadays, it’s among the most sought-after applications on the Shopify marketplace.

The aim of this tool is to load products for dropshipping while relaxing and letting Oberlo pack and deliver the items for your clients.

A benefit of HTML0 Shopify users is that Oberlo is installed for new Shopify users , so that merchants can add and search for products swiftly from the moment they sign-up in Shopify.

While Oberlo is available in all countries but it’s important to know that it is only compatible using Shopify stores. If you’re looking to start an online dropshipping company using an WordPress website, or anything other than that, you’re likely need to test another software.

However, the fact that Oberlo is only compatible with Shopify will not be an issue for the majority of users. Shopify is among the most well-known and feature-rich platforms that shoppers use today. It’s ahead of many of its rivals and is quite cheap too.

If you’re just beginning your journey in the eCommerce world, it takes just a few minutes to create a store on Shopify and then add Oberlo into the equation.

After you’ve signed up for an account with Shopify You can then look for Oberlo in the app store, and then install it at the touch of a an icon. With Oberlo it is not necessary to make every order by yourself. Your sales on Shopify are immediately synced with Oberlo. Once you have found the item you’d like to sell and then publish the item on your store all you need to do is review your orders on Oberlo using an order link.

If you click the buy click, Oberlo opens AliExpress, displays your order history and then adds the items you want to add to your cart. Then, you simply add the shipping details and you’re on your road to being a satisfied customer.

When the order is delivered, Oberlo automatically updates the status of your online business store and informs the customer. It’s among the most attractive dropshipping apps alternatives because it’s easy to use!

It sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Let’s find out whether this is worth the price.

In addition, here’s an Video review on Shopify developed by my friend Joe.

Orbelo Review: Pros and Cons

Every product has its positives and disadvantages to be considered The same is the case with Oberlo. For many, this software is one of the most efficient ways to get started selling online. But there are negatives with Oberlo as well.

Oberlo Pros

  • Simultaneous integration to Shopify
  • Secure and quick product import from AliExpress
  • Simple to use interface with a welcoming interface
  • Automated fulfillment of product orders
  • Daily sync of products
  • Automated pricing and inventory
  • Additional scalability to accommodate growing businesses
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Tracking of shipment and sales options
  • You can change suppliers as you’d would like
  • Options for pricing markup
  • EPacket filter built-in

Oberlo Cons

  • Only Works with Shopify
  • There is no option to operate as a separate service
  • None of the items are modified in Oberlo
  • Only AliExpress is supported.

Oberlo Review: Features

Oberlo’s goal Oberlo can be to integrate your store to hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. In this way, you’ll be able to choose a selection of products to connect them to your store. The creation of content (for products pages) is usually done by the user, and you do not need to search for and find the right supplier.

Additionally, there is the benefit of not needing to store, pack or even ship your product. It is true that you lose some control over your product in this manner, but the features provided by Oberlo are able to make it easier for the seller. It doesn’t require a lot of money to begin and the integration process is as easy as it gets.

Let’s discuss the various Oberlo characteristics:

Incredible Imports From Suppliers

The main feature you can avail with Oberlo comes from import from AliExpress. Because so many dropshippers utilize AliExpress to locate and sell their products It’s hard to imagine of why a solution similar to this one hasn’t been developed sooner. In addition, you get the access of thousands of sellers via AliExpress however, the product pictures, information as well as prices are located right there for you to access.

Anyone who’s been on AliExpress is aware that it’s quite simple to look up keywords and find products that could be suitable for your store. The Oberlo process makes the task much simpler. You can basically go through your normal browsing process and, this time, you’ll receive the Oberlo button that will automatically upload the product you are looking for into your store online. There’s nothing else to it.

There’s More

Oberlo was the name used to only provide a connection to AliExpress. The only downside to this is that the bulk of the suppliers were from China. Therefore, companies from other countries would have to endure very long delivery times. But, Oberlo has now added two different kinds suppliers: Oberlo Verified Suppliers and Oberlo Suppliers. The traditional Oberlo Suppliers are businesses that have been checked and checked through Oberlo’s marketplace. Oberlo marketplace. A lot of them are around the world and have faster time to ship than AliExpress. They are Oberlo Verified providers are top-performing suppliers who were selected by Oberlo as being among the best.

A beautiful interface for managing Products

Like similar to WordPress configuration similar to the WordPress configuration, the Oberlo Dashboard also has a simple menu that is left-hand for performing a range of tasks. For instance, you can look up products, create your top-rated products, import lists , or browse your inventory. The items you have that you sell are organized in a reasonable manner and include information on the sales and profits for each item.

Editing a product in Shopify is done with one click, meaning that you’re using two dashboards for this scenario. The product’s details are actually managed by your Oberlo dashboard. Instead, you should visit your Shopify website to complete the.

Automated Order Fulfillment

This is my absolute favorite feature of Oberlo. I love the Oberlo system since it allows dropshipping exactly what it is supposed to be: Simple. If an order has been placed through your online store all you need to do is find the product within your inventory, and then click the order Product button. You are able to add a couple of products to your own cart, even if items come from different sources.

The great thing is that, once you click the button all the rest is taken care of by Oberlo. They pack and ship products in a way that your customers don’t even know that you’re dropshipping and you don’t have to worry about storage the packaging, shipping or packaging of your items.

Auto-Updates for Inventory and Price

It is a constant process to ensure that you don’t sell an item out of stocks. Same goes when it comes to pricing. In the event that an item’s price changes at the end of the supply chain you’ll be informed when you’d like to alter the price on your site.

Quick Supplier Changes

Through O the Oberlo You gain the benefit of accessing millions Alibaba as well as Oberlo Verified products. They are currently testing a broad selection of verified suppliers. They’re a good choice for suppliers, and you can look up reviews to determine what kinds of products they offer. Staying with one supplier is not required. If you find that a different provider is more affordable simply pressing the button will change you to the more affordable one.

Oberlo Review: Supply

There are millions of items for you to select from at Oberlo. You can browse through various categories such as beauty jewelry, home, and more and search using your search engine.

Naturally, the supply won’t be an issue with Oberlo. It’s the most efficient dropshipping option in terms of the variety of products. Furthermore you can examine every product and see details such as pricing, color, quantities, and shipping.

Oberlo Pricing Review

Each plan offered by Oberlo comes with the 30-day trial offering you an idea of what to expect once you choose to start paying. You can also terminate an account at any point and exceed your plan’s limits without impacting the order process. One important thing to remember is that exceeding an amount in your plan will eliminate dropshipping from the service, meaning that you’ll be required to complete the order manually.

For cost, it’s fairly affordable and there are three options to select from according to the dimensions of your shop.

  • Starter for just $0 you get a set-up for 500 items and 50 orders each month, daily syncing of products with automated order fulfillment, price automation cost-free Extension for Chrome, as well as sales reports.
  • Basic HTML0 $29.90 each month you get a set-up for 10,000 items and 500 orders each month, everything you have from prior plans, plus shipment tracking and monitoring of order fulfillment.
  • Professional for $79.90 monthly you will receive a set-up for 30,000 items with unlimited monthly orders and everything included in the previous plan, and many users.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the Basic plan as 500 products are supported quite a lot. Its Basic Plan is the most sought-after, and many companies require tracking of their shipment and tracking of fulfillment.

The no-cost starter plan offered by Oberlo is bound to be a hit with those who don’t have lots of a budget on dropshipping strategies. There is no need to make a payment as your business begins to expand and you require new features.

When you purchase the Starter plan offered by Oberlo it isn’t necessary to need a lot of starting funds to launch your dropshipping company. You purchase only with your provider when you have a client purchases from you. This ensures that your cash flow for outgoing and ingoing flowing seamlessly.

You can start the first sales as quickly as you’d like using Oberlo and, once your business grows it will be able take orders just like you would normally. But, the auto-fulfilment feature is disabled when you exceed the limits of your plan. That means you’ll need to manage the shipping on your own or upgrade to a higher-priced plan.

Another advantage to Oberlo can be that it means you do not have to commit to your plan if you’d like to test another service. You can simply cancel the plan and then uninstall the app by logging into your Shopify store. There’s no obligation to prevent users from trying new things.

Oberlo Review: Support

Although it isn’t a complete online store, the Oberlo company definitely takes its support seriously. For instance, a comprehensive blog is filled with information on the latest developments, strategies, and ideas. Subscribe to the newsletter via email for updates, or look up details on the social media websites. We’ve found that fast support usually happens from sending an enterprise a message on Facebook.

For the meat of the support staff, Oberlo has a massive forum where you can interact with other users making use of the service. The forum is well managed by Oberlo, who responds to users. Oberlo and includes issues like what you can anticipate in terms of earnings and the best way to create your own dropshipping company.

Additionally, a comprehensive knowledge base is offered to those who wish to look up and answer the most frequently asked questions about Oberlo. If you’re unable to find an incident that happened in the past there is a ticket submission option that is also available. Regarding customer support, Oberlo seems to have everything to cover all bases.

Is Dropshipping a thing?

Dropshipping is an efficient and simple way to begin earning money online. In this type of enterprise, it’s not like you possess the items you’re selling. You don’t purchase items and store them in warehouses that you can then ship straight to the customers. Instead, you select the items you’d like to include in your store through a third-party vendor such as AliExpress.

When you dropship, the manufacturer is responsible for creating the product, storing inventory, and shipping the products to buyers around the world. However as a retailer you’re accountable for showcasing your products to prospective customers as well as marketing your business and creating a brand your customers can trust. Also, you must ensure that orders are delivered to the dropshipping providers from your clients.

In terms of a business model Dropshipping lets you eliminate many of the burden from the fulfillment process. You can create an own eCommerce store without using Amazon and eBay. You can also choose an individual Oberlo price guide and markups that you can control, which increase your chance of earning a profit.

As you’re in charge of managing the Shopify application using Dropshipping and ensuring that your company is identified on Google but at least you won’t have to fret about shipping and fulfilment of orders.

While Oberlo does not provide the sole method to begin dropshipping, it’s one of the most well-known choices for businesses that sell on the internet. This is especially relevant for companies with a shop on Shopify.

Another thing to bear in mind, if you choose to go with dropshipping is that you could be in charge of providing your own customer service. If this is the case it’s essential to ensure that you choose an organization that you can reach out to inquire questions about delays in the shipping process.

What exactly is AliExpress Dropshipping?

Oberlo dropshipping is often called AliExpress dropshipping because the Oberlo application allows you to pick products of AliExpress suppliers to include in your shop. With tools such as Oberlo Chrome, for instance Oberlo Chrome Extension, you can add new items into the Shopify list in just a few seconds.

It’s true that Oberlo doesn’t provide only one method to get dropshipping via AliExpress. Businesses can also purchase bulk items directly from AliExpress and ship them directly to their customers directly. But, Oberlo is the most efficient way to avail AliExpress dropshipping which means you do not have to worry about issues like storage and fulfillment of orders.

Utilizing using the Oberlo software and AliExpress the possibility is to add products with images and descriptions, to your dropshipping shop in a matter of minutes. For those who are new to the world of eCommerce using is usually a simpler way to earn money than constructing your entire business completely from the ground up. There’s even a no-cost plan from Oberlo to help you get started with the fundamentals.

Once you’ve mastered how to master Oberlo then you can begin making other strategies to get the most the benefits of an eCommerce business. It might mean upgrading to the premium plan offered by Shopify to gain access to additional features, or adding more features to you SEO strategy. Whatever you decide to do and what you decide to do, the Oberlo marketplace for supplies will ensure that you are stocked with dropshipping-related products.

An easy-to-follow guide to setting up Oberlo using Shopify

Shopify as well as Oberlo are an ideal match for those who are new entrepreneurs and wish to begin selling on the internet in the shortest time possible. Shopify gives small-scale entrepreneurs with the tools needed to get their online presence noticed. The easy-to-build website technology makes growing your business quick and easy. There’s also an online marketplace that lets you use add-on tools and plugins to add more capabilities too.

Shopify Marketplace Shopify Marketplace is where you’ll discover the Oberlo application. Oberlo is the preferred tool to use for dropshipping using Shopify. If you’re looking to create your own Shopify store in which you aren’t accountable for the fulfillment of orders on your own, Oberlo is the tool to use.

The question is what do you do to get started by linking Oberlo as well as Shopify?

Step 1: Create your Shopify Account

It’s the first thing to do is to create an account with Shopify. first Shopify account. Visit Shopify to sign up and then select “Start free trial” for those who want to experience the features you’ll get before you sign the”dotted line. After your 14-day trial is finished it’s time to decide the Shopify pricing plan is best for you.

The costs for the basic Shopify begin at just $29 per month. If you’re looking to add more features, you could move up to Advanced Shopify for $299, or the basic mid-level Shopify price of just $79 for a month. There’s the option to avail Shopify Plus for enterprises, however, this is only an option if your business is growing on an alarming rate.

Step 2: Signing up to Oberlo

Once you’ve created an account with your Shopify accounts, then you’ll have to sign up with Oberlo as well. This will let you look at the different products you can sell on your site. Take a look at Oberlo’s Oberlo setting for few minutes before you go to Shopify’s app store, so that you can connect the Shopify as well as Oberlo accounts.

Be aware that once you’ve linked your Oberlo account to the Shopify profile, you aren’t able to remove them from the link and then join the same store with an additional Oberlo account. You’ll need to create with a new Shopify account to accomplish this, which is why it’s essential to be thorough in this process. If you encounter any problems you’re having, contact the Shopify team for assistance on what you should do next.

To connect the Oberlo as well as Shopify accounts, go to the Oberlo page of Shopify’s Shopify app store and then click Add App. You’ll have to be signed to Shopify in order to complete this process.

Oberlo will require permission to handle your personal data as well as your the information you provide about your orders. You’ll have to accept to allow Oberlo all of these capabilities through clicking Install App.

Step 3: Connect Oberlo Connect Oberlo Your Store

After you’ve installed Oberlo installed then it’s time for you to link the application with your store. Visit the site and click connect Oberlo in Shopify to create an account. On the dashboard, click the Connect Store option. At this point, if your account isn’t already logged in to Shopify then you’ll have to input the details of your website.

Oberlo requests authorization to handle your items as well as orders and other information. To grant Oberlo permission to perform every function, you need to install the application. From your Shopify administration section, click Apps and then Oberlo to start the service.

For the final step of setting up it is necessary to decide the appropriate shipping settings to make use of in Shopify. In the Shopify administration section, select the Settings tab, then Shipping and Delivery. Only focus upon the shipping section. This is the general and personalized shipping that you can offer to your clients.

Step 4: Fill out your Shipping Profile

The shipping profiles in Oberlo allows you to modify your shipping options to fit the requirements of your business regardless of whether you’re fulfilling orders using dropshipping, Oberlo or shipping goods from your home. There are even different shipping rates for certain items to specific areas.

Your company’s needs will assist you determine which shipping options are appropriate for your business. If you’d like to have the same shipping rules for all of your products, then you only need to choose an overall shipping rate profile. The profile is activated on every Shopify website that you connect with Oberlo immediately. The benefit of this general shipping rate feature is that it instantly covers all your items and you don’t need to allocate each item separately.

If you’re seeking different shipping regulations for different places or products then you should use this customized shipping rate function to build customized shipping profiles. These profiles must be manually created, and you’ll be able to access up to 100 profiles so you’ll have plenty of freedom for diverse range of products.

After you’ve completed managing your shipping accounts You’re now ready to begin selling your goods with Oberlo. It’s that easy!

Who should be using Oberlo to run their online Store?

The answer is easy, since any retailer with dropshipping needs to think about installing Oberlo. It’s only a couple of minutes, and the platform reduces the time it takes to dropship. It is also possible to find high-quality suppliers at reasonable costs. This is the way to go with dropshipping.

Anyone can sign-up for an Oberlo account and begin adding items to their online store. Over the years, numerous proprietors have shared their successes experiences. Be aware that Oberlo isn’t able to be able to do everything. It could make it easier to stop warehousing your own items, but it’s not compatible for all retailers, such as WooCommerce stores.

You may also require looking up suppliers to make sure you’re getting top quality products, user-friendly descriptions of products, and a variety of speedy shipping options. Take note that some AliExpress suppliers aren’t particularly fast in delivering their items to their customers.

Should you have concerns regarding these Oberlo review Please contact us via the comment section below.


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