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Free Zendesk Alternatives (Nov 2021): Which are The Best Solutions

Looking for free Zendesk alternatives? If so, then you’re in right spot. For those looking for simple, reliable services and tools for help desks There aren’t many companies with more power than Zendesk. Zendesk is among the most well-known in the world, and has millions of people using it.

For those who are new to businesses, Zendesk has a drawback – its price. If you’re on the edge of money, then you may have a difficult time to budget the costs of running a software such as Zendesk. But, you’re not totally left out.

Although free helpdesk applications don’t offer the capabilities and features you’d expect from a premium solution such as Zendesk but they do provide the essential tools you’ll need for a newbie, and provide your clients with the information they need. Today, we’ll look at the best free solutions available for you to determine which one is the right choice for you.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a simple all-in-one SaaS solution to improve customer satisfaction. Ideal for all kinds of companies, from small businesses to well-known enterprises, Zendesk can empower your support staff, send important messages to supervisors, and also help you handle your support ticket more efficiently.

One of the top tools for communicating with customers that are available, Zendesk combines everything from Android and iOS apps to templates for customer feedback and widgets for chat on the web and much more. It’s among the top software solutions for customer service that are available, but it’s by no means the only choice.

Similar to the other tools we’ll discuss throughout this piece, Zendesk has a somewhat limited option users who wish to utilize the service for free. Although you will have access to the tools that are available that allow unlimitless agents, they be missing out on some great tools like the ability to automate and detect collisions. However you’ll get tools for social and email ticketing, knowledge bases report on ticket trends and mailbox tracking that is combined and team collaboration capabilities.

Zendesk Pros

  • A wide range of tools, even with the plan for free
  • Simple to use when are looking to streamline multi-channel support
  • Good for customer engagement
  • Customer issues can be easily managed by using ticket tools
  • Team members can collaborate using tools that support them.

Zendesk Cons

  • Costs can get costly outside of the plan that is free
  • Might not have the most sophisticated features
Who is Zendesk the best choice for?

If you’re in search of a comprehensive help desk ticketing that has an easy learning curve, stay clear of finding alternatives to Zendesk and instead stick to Zendesk as a service. This is one of the most popular help desk software for a reason. It’s packed with features and simple to use, but it could be costly with the passage of time.

Best Zendesk Alternatives

  1. HubSpot

This is the most frequently compared to Zendesk to manage service. The company provides a range of tools for marketing, web development, and sales. One of the components of HubSpot’s portfolio of products includes the “Service Hub”, a complete suite of tools for service integrated into an easy-to use ecosystem.

Unfortunately Service Hub isn’t free. Service Hub can be just as costly as Zendesk. If you’re looking for a bargain You might be interested in the helpdesk and ticketing software provided by HubSpot instead. While this service isn’t the most sophisticated but it will allow users to manage the requests of customers in one space, ensuring that your staff will be in the best shape possible.

The user-friendly environment lets you quick prioritizing tasks, managing tickets as well as tracking the solutions for issues that will help you deliver higher quality customer service. You could even think about upgrading to a fully-featured edition of help desk software as well as a the service solution from HubSpot for additional features such as a shared inbox as well as real-time reporting. The price of the paid edition of HubSpot generally costs more than the alternatives available.


  • A great, user-friendly interface that is easy to use for novices
  • It is possible to upgrade the Service hub
  • Access to all tickets and emails all in one place
  • Complete organization and tracking of customer inquiries
  • Space centralized for teams


  • It isn’t equipped with the latest capabilities to help with service
  • Upgrades can be costly
Who’s this the best choice for?

If you’re looking for a simple ticketing system to keep on top of requests from customers HubSpot’s service is amazing. It also lets you access features such as “goals”, for helping you achieve your goals as well as live chat and email for your team as well. HubSpot is one of the most extensive multi-channel service marketing, sales, and sales tools, however, you’ll be able to get the most effective results if you’re willing to spend the money for the most expensive package.

  1. Freshdesk

Similar to Zendesk, Freshdesk is another fairly well-known software to help customers. Its user-friendly interface ensures that firms can collect important information about their business customers. It’s a platform for automating routine tasks, thereby increasing the efficiency of your agents and an inbox that is aligned for various customer service channels as well.

The plan for free from Zendesk can be fairly complete, with features such as insight into team performance using reports on ticketing, and an easy-to-use mobile application. Like other top tools such as HubSpot it is also possible to provide your customers with self-service capabilities through Knowledge Base, a feature of Freshdesk.

Overall, Freshdesk’s plethora of tools is a good start to a more advanced customer service via digital channels. You’ll save time switching between channels of communication and spend more time engaging in important conversations. Although Freshdesk and its tools for free don’t offer the same capabilities that tools like Salesforce (with Slack), you can still empower and enhance your customer service teams.


  • Fantastic support from Freshdesk assistance
  • Automatization of routine tasks
  • Unified inbox to track customer data
  • Mobile app to help you on the move
  • Information on team performance
  • Basic self-service service for users who want to use it


  • Not the most effective reporting features
  • It requires a paid plan to get access to more lead tracking tools.
Who’s the best candidate for this?

Freshdesk is a feature-rich and a great solution for small-scale businesses looking to provide excellent customer service. It is simple to use, and offers a good level of support for customers even with the free plan. It is easy to track conversations on social media as well as other channels. Freshdesk is among the top zendesk alternatives due to simplicity of use.

  1. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a dedicated helpdesk service from the top customer experience firm, Zoho, Desk makes it simple to monitor all-channel customer interactions. With over 100,000 business users around the world, Zoho Desk is a quite well-known service. Gartner has rated Zoho Desk as among the top aid desk software worldwide in 2021. Customers claim it improves customer and employee satisfaction so that you will get better results.

The complete Zoho Desk experience includes everything from an omnichannel email inbox to manage customer interactions and the tools to automate workflow. You can access live chat and self-service tools and artificial intelligence that provides a better way to handle business conversations. The software for customer service comes with many tools to improve relationships with customers, particularly when you’re looking change to a more expensive package.

The Zoho free plan Desk is quite extensive and includes a help center and the ability to manage customer emails, email tickets as well as your personal knowledge base. There are pre-defined SLAs and an international help desk along with support for mobile devices and 5 7 days a week.


  • Ideal for omnichannel tracking of communications
  • Mobile app access
  • Predefined SLAs
  • Good customer management
  • Support for customer self service
  • Multiple languages


  • Free plan supports only 3 age groups.
  • There aren’t any advanced features, like social or community channels.

Who’s this the best choice for?

If your helpdesk needs aren’t too complex and you have only one or two employees, Zoho Desk gives you an excellent starting point to provide service. We’re especially impressed by the pre-defined SLAs as well as the help desk with multi-language support.

  1. Live Agent

is a straightforward solution for businesses looking for solid support software. This easy-to-use system allows enterprises of all sizes communicate with their customers through different channels. It gives you unlimited email addresses as well as a customer portal and forum advanced tools for reporting APIs, integrations and APIs, and that’s just the base plan.

Advanced packages offered by Live Agent include call center support as well as call routing and transfer video calling, instant chat with your customers as well as call recordings. While Live Agent might not have the same reach on the market as Zendesk however, it’s incredibly effective If you’re looking for an extensive customer service option.

The free Live Agent version is simpler for small businesses to start with investing in customer support. It’s important to note that the capabilities aren’t as extensive when compared to what you can expect with other plans. Of course, you’ll be able to change your features at any time. The free plan comes with seven day ticket records, a email address, phone number and chat button forums and a customer portal and basic reports.


  • Email, Live Chat, and phone all in all in
  • It is reasonably simple to use.
  • There are a variety of price options available in case you’re looking to upgrade
  • There are no contracts (cancel at any time)
  • A free trial is available for those who want to try all the options


  • The free plan is basic
  • Interface that is out of date
Who’s the best candidate for this?

If you’re looking to mix simple ticketing services with a variety of additional features, such as call recording, email tracking or even chat on the go, Live Agent has a lot to provide. It’s actually quite affordable and very versatile, too. You can even create an automated service for customers.

  1. Engagebay

It is a useful tool for service, marketing and CRM technology which is all integrated into one bundle. It is possible to access all the tools you require in one place or purchase the marketing, sales and other tools on their own. The version that is free of Engagebay is called “Service Bay” which is an easy, user-friendly customer support desk.

Unsurprisingly, you don’t have as many features on the Service Bay as you would with Engagebay’s “all-in-one” package, but you can receive free chat software as well as basic help desk features to track chats. The more extensive paid plans include FAQs as well as simple ticket management, offering sophisticated software solutions, such as chatbots, as well as other tools for reporting.

Engagebay assists business leaders to keep a complete picture of the customer experience. It allows you to track the conversations of clients through a variety of channels, and ensure you’re maximizing leads opportunities. But, the service is optimal when used in conjunction with website landing pages and email marketing and lead-capturing tools available with the paid plans.


  • Simple solution for novices
  • Access to upgrades is easy.
  • A lot of leads-related information
  • Live chat is included in the free service desk
  • Community support is excellent.


  • There are a few ways for managing your team’s service
  • The basics are great for beginners.
Who’s the best candidate for this?

Engagebay is a fantastic option if you’re in search of an easy tool for customer service. The help desk isn’t as well-developed as some of the alternatives however, it can assist users to get involved in live chat support for customers.

Choosing the Best Zendesk Alternative

There are many tools available that can be used to manage assets along with customer service, as well as relationships management, from Happyfox up to Jira, Kayako and Help Scout. The trick to success is finding the tool that can be that can empower your staff and enthralling your customers.

When you’re looking for your next solution for managing your service, take into consideration the kind of metrics you’d like to monitor, such as response time and customer satisfaction, as well as how you can gauge the performance of your system over time. Consider how easy it will be when you introduce new employees to your system, and if you are able to offer more advanced features, such as self-service portals.

Although Zendesk can provide lots of features for companies under the right situation however, it’s not the best solution for each team. With a variety of free versions of top software available It’s worth looking into the other tools available to see if they are more suitable for your needs.

Be aware that you might require an upgrade to your software that is free eventually to access the appropriate range of tools. While free options are excellent for those who are just starting out, they’re typically designed to be an entry point for additional, more sophisticated software. So be sure to consider the price and features offered by the free Zendesk alternative that isn’t part that of your free subscription while you’re evaluating options. It’s best to be ready for the needs of your business today and in the near future.

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