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9 Most Popular Weebly Alternatives: Other Wonderful Website Builders

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Weebly isn’t working for you? We invite you to join us for a look at the top nine alternatives to build websites that have a distinct area of expertise.

Weebly is an extremely popular web-based site builder. Its built-in features as well as business templates based on services help this platform stand out.

However, it’s not suitable for all users. Some people are unhappy with its design, Others feel that it’s not simple enough for users to get used to. Are you feeling the same way? If you’re planning to build your own website using Weebly or you already have an account and are looking to switch platforms, this guide is perfect for you.

We’ve spent a lot of time investigating and testing web builders and are in a position to match you with the perfect solution. We’ve reviewed the most effective websites builders available on the market However, the most effective platform doesn’t necessarily mean the best one best for your requirements. We’ve come up with this piece.

9 Top Weebly Alternatives

  1. Wix – Best all-around website builder.
  2. Squarespace:  Best for creatives and design.
  3. SITE123 -Best live chat service.
  4. Strikingly – Best value for money.
  5. Duda -Best for helping out with a creative hand.
  6. GoDaddy -Fastest to build a site on.
  7. -Best for blogging.
  8. Jimdo creator Jimdo Creator Friendly platform for easy online stores.
  9. 1 and 1 IONOS IOS HTML0 & 1Best for businesses that employ white collar workers.

Wix is ranked first (and is ahead of Weebly) due to the amazing tools can be used to enhance your Wix website. Squarespace is a standout for its attractive templates, and SITE123 is a fantastic choice for people who are looking to start their own business and need an extremely user-friendly platform. For more information check out our rating breakdown for the best three options:

Below, we’ll go over the best Weebly alternatives, with a focus on the areas they excel at. This will not only provide you with a general understanding of each one as well as a clear concept of what kind of website builder that you require.

The best alternatives to Weebly

If you’re unsure of what websites builders are, let us to clarify. The website builders is a web-based tool that lets you make your own site at an affordable cost, without needing any programming knowledge.

After testing and researching a myriad of platforms, we’ve capable of identifying which site builders are the most effective in various fields.

Our study focused on five main areas such as features, design as well as help and support, value-for-money and the ease of use. All of them play a significant role in deciding which builder for your website to choose.

Based on this, we developed an enlightened rating structure which ranks every platform. This provided us with a precise understanding of the areas that each builder excelled at and which ones they would suit most.

  1. Side-by-Side Comparison of the Top Weebly Alternatives
Website Builder Features Score Design Score Scores for Help and Support The Value-for-Money Score Ease of Utilization Score WBE All-Rating (/5)
Wix 81 percent 71 percent 100 percent 90 95% 86 percent 4.7
Squarespace 78 percent 92 percent 80 % 52 percent 67 percent 4.3
SITE123 62 percentage 57 percent 75 75% 62 percentage 80percent 4
Strikingly 56 percent 68 percent 90 90% 90 percent 75 percent 4
GoDaddy 48 percent 45percent 55 percent 54 percent 75 percent 3.8 83 percent 52 percent 80 % 86 percent A majority of the population is 65% 3.7
Jimdo Creator 66 percent 49 percent 45percent 66 percent 73 percent 3.5
1&1 IONOS 70 70% 47 percent A majority of the population is 65% 42 percent 70 percent 3.5
Duda 64 percent 94 percent 80percent 28 percent 81 percent 4.0

It’s a lot to digest for a novice, so to assist us, we’ve listed the top score for each category in large. At a glance, it’s evident there’s no doubt that Wix ranks as the best dog with three out of the five categories, in contrast, Squarespace is the undisputed designer’s king.

In the following section, we’ll give background to these scores by analyzing each builder’s website individually. We’ll cover all the areas above and explain what kind of website will work best with each builder.

Additional Information

Wix Pros Wix Cons
Simple and user-friendly drag-and-drop editor * Scalable tools that will help you to achieve success on the internet You can’t alter templates after your website is active
* Doesn’t have enough storage space for websites with a lot of large files

Wix sets the bar high for web builders. It provides more than 500 stunningly created templates to pick from, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that is also easy to use. In terms of capabilities, Wix has some of the best available, supporting everything from blogs and e-commerce to service-based companies and multilingual websites.

If you are unable to find the feature you require, Wix also has an extensive store of apps that you can browse through to discover the feature you’re looking for and then install it. The process of building a website is made easier by using the option of design assistance that Wix offers, ADI. It works by asking you to answer a set of questions prior to designing your site for you – which is a feature Weebly isn’t able to provide.

Plans can range from free to just $35/month depending on the needs of your customers There’s even a two-week, no-cost assurance.

Why should you choose Wix instead of Weebly?

Wix is a superior all-around website builder with superior features to assist you expand and increase traffic to your site.

  1. Squarespace

The best for design and creativity.

Squarespace Pros Squarespace Cons
* The most elegantly designed templates for any web builder
* Features have real-world quality to them
* Expensive pricing plans
* At first, it can be difficult to grasp for those who are new to the sport.

Squarespace is an online platform that exudes class. It’s designed specifically for the creative industry that have designs so stunning that you’d think you’re a web designer. This is a major advantage, considering that the fact that 94% percent of websites’ initial impressions are design-related. The benefits of Squarespace than just appearances however – it’s not equipped with the same amount of features Wix and Weebly have however Squarespace places a high value on the quality of its products.

The premium plans are a reflection of its lavish appearance, with prices ranging between  $12 and $40 per month. The top two plans let you create online stores. There is a free trial of two weeks which allows you to test the system before you decide to sign up for the service.

Why choose Squarespace instead of Weebly?

The stunning templates offered by Squarespace are great for photographers, designers and artists. It comes with higher-quality features to help make your website stand out.

More Information on Squarespace

  1. SITE23

Live chat support is the best. chat service

PROS of SITE123 SITE123 Cons
* Amazingly helpful live chat help
* Simple to use app market
* Features lack real quality
You can’t alter templates once your site is live

SITE123 is a bit more minimalist than other builders of websites that are on this list, focusing on the user experience and its simplicity. Its incredible support and assistance particularly via live chat is proof of the efforts of SITE123 to make their platform as user-friendly as it can be. Additionally, it offers design help, making website creating an easy task.

As with all great web design companies Site123’s templates are mobile-responsive. They adapt to any screen size. There are two plans available so you can pick one: free, or $10.80/month. The premium plan offers more storage space and bandwidth and also removes ads and allowing you to use online shopping features.

Why should you choose Site123 over Weebly?

Site123 is simpler to use, and has excellent support for novices. Additionally, it’s ideal to build basic websites with design help.

More Information on SITE123

  1. Strikingly

The best price-for-money

Prostrisingly Pros Astonishingly Con
Great value-for-money
Fantastic help center with 24/7 assistance
* Not intended for use on websites used by businesses.
* Only able to create one-page websites

Strikingly is a website builder that places speed and efficiency at the center of all it does. If you’re looking to create an expansive, unique or complicated site this isn’t the right platform for you. It’s ideal for simple personal sites like websites for resumes, blogs or even events like a wedding or party. wedding.

The process is simple and so is connecting your social media accounts that you might have. Your Strikingly website could serve as a central point to help you build your web presence. Prices vary from the free plan all up to $49 per month. The longer you commit with (between one and 10 years) the lower it gets, which is an excellent value.

Why should you choose Strikingly instead of Weebly?

Strikingly is a better choice for basic or simple websites It also offers better assistance and support than Weebly.

More Information on Strikingly

  1. Duda

Ideal for helping out with a creative hand

Duda Pros Duda Cons
Excellent built-in prompts that offer suggestions for creating your website. There are no limits in terms of creativity * Expensive pricing plans
* Not much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidance

Duda is the perfect choice If you’re looking for a professional-looking website but don’t have the imagination in bringing your ideas to reality. The templates are the ideal starting point and you’ll find helpful suggestions to follow, giving tips and advice for building the best website. It is possible to put everything anyplace, meaning you don’t have to stick to a pre-determined template.

The whole package comes with the cost of a price there’s no free plan or free service and prices that range between $14 to $74 per month. It also lacks SEO assistance, so although you might need assistance in the design process however, you’ll need to be ready in order to optimize your site.

Why choose Duda instead of Weebly?

Duda is a great tool for inspiration in design It also doesn’t place any restrictions on where content can be put on your websites.

More Details on Duda

  1. GoDaddy

The fastest way to create a website the fastest way to build a website

GoDaddy Pros GoDaddy Cons
* You can construct an online site in just a few minutes
Automatically reformats your site whenever you switch themes
* Features aren’t as deep and quality
* Not great for blogs

GoDaddy is a name that’s known for its online presence. If you’re looking for a way to build websites or host one or simply purchase domain names GoDaddy is the best choice. The website builder it offers, Go Central is focused on speed. It aids in the creation of the design for your site by asking you a series of questions regarding the purpose of your website.

If you require something on the web quickly, GoDaddy is your best option. You can try it for a period of two weeks with plans ranging from $5.99 up to $29.99/month. GoDaddy is ideal for basic websites for personal or business use however, it’s quite skilled in creating elegant and practical online stores too.

Why Should You Choose GoDaddy instead of Weebly?

It allows you to build websites extremely fast and easy to modify the designs when you’re looking to upgrade your website.

More Information on GoDaddy



The best blog for you.

WordPress Pros WordPress Cons
It is widely regarded as the biggest blogging platforms
* A wealth of options
It’s difficult to make use of if you’re not proficient
* Designed for the sole purpose of blogging.

If you’re looking for a blog looking for, is the ideal platform for you. It might be more complex than other platforms on this list, however every template is specifically tailored specifically for blogs. Make sure you don’t confuse with it’s an open-source self-hosted platform that’s not appropriate if you don’t have the skills to code. provides a free plan that gives you access to the basic features, and also the benefit of a WordPress subdomain. Premium plans range between $5 and $25 per month, but bear in your mind that you’ll need to pay for the plugins you use for things such as SEO.

Why choose WordPress instead of Weebly?

WordPress is the best choice if you would like to build your own blog and for those who want greater control over the website’s code.

More Information on WordPress

  1. Jimdo Creator

A simple platform for online stores

Jimdo Pros Jimdo Cons
Storage space is unlimited with all premium plans
* Accurate and concise help center
* A limited selection of templates
* There is no option to restore

Jimdo Creator has its strengths however, in the end it’s not carving out an industry niche. It’s great for personal websites however, there are better options on the market as well for business and creative sites. It’s true that Jimdo is a decent middle-of-the-road site which is perfectly competent, but not a lot of fun.

Jimdo’s design assistant tool however, Jimdo Dolphin can be extremely useful for those who have less time or skills in design. Prices for both vary between $0 and $39. Like Squarespace The top two tiered plans are designed for online commerce, which allows you to make a successful online store.

Why should you choose Jimdo instead of Weebly?

Jimdo is pretty useful If you’re looking to use a design-assisted tool that can help you develop your website.


  1. 1 &1 IONOS

Ideal for businesses with white collars.

1&1 IONOS Pros 1&1 IONOS Cons
* Specific tools that are made to help businesses grow
The templates cover many different industries
* The design is a bit outdated
* No free plan available

1&1 IONOS is the kind of website builder your grandparents are proud to have. It’s sleek, stylish and sturdy built for small businesses that need an online space for their service-based business. It’s a tool that emphasizes this by offering an numerous options that will help you increase your visibility and expand your company by integrating the integration of social media and email marketing.

Like a 1950s boardroom 1&1 IONOS templates look slightly outdated and serious, but this shouldn’t pose a problem for white-collar professions like consulting or accounting. Prices vary between only $1 to $30 per month and it’s an excellent platform in terms of price.

Why should you choose 1&1 IONOS instead of Weebly?

It’s ideal for small-scale businesses as well as startups. It can aid in creating an upscale website with a more clear design.

More Information on 1 and 1 IONOS

What If You Would Like to Sell Your Products online?

If you’re trying to create an online business, Weebly may not be suitable for the task. It’s got features that allow you to allow online sales, however it’s a site builder at the top of the list and not an ecommerce platform. If you’re looking to build to have an online presence, it’s better to check out dedicated services such as Shopify as well as BigCommerce.

Shopify is our most rated e-commerce platform. It offers a myriad of tools and features to allow you to not just sell your goods, but also increase your earnings. It includes everything from SEO-related guidance to marketing via email to mobile-friendly themes as well as multi-channel integration (which allows you to sell on marketplaces and social networks).

BigCommerce On the contrary offers more as an in-box solution. Everything you require to start is included and you don’t need any additional costs, such as paying per month for premium apps. It’s a bit more technical than Shopify however, it could prove more affordable in the long run.

When selling on the internet isn’t your site’s principal goal but you’re still looking to market a few items every now and then, Wix and Squarespace are two excellent Weebly alternatives.

More Information

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Weebly Alternative

It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect website builder , as there are many options available to pick from. There are many factors to take into consideration when making your decision and we’ve listed the best ones to keep in mind in this article:

  • The kind of website you’re looking for is likely to be the most crucial aspect to think about. If you’re in the creative business such as squarespace is the best choice. For blogs, you’ll want to look into WordPress. Small-sized businesses can discover the perfect fit with 1 and 1 IONOS and others.
  • Budget will determine your decision as well. If your website is intended only for personal use and you’re not willing to invest any cash, Wix offers the most cost-effective plan. If you’re in business however, investing into your website is a smart idea and will pay dividends in the future.
  • Your level of computer proficiency also impacts. The most user-friendly platforms include GoDaddy and Wix and GoDaddy. and SITE123 offers excellent assistance if you’re concerned about being stuck.
  • The amount of time you have will be a factor in the decision. If you’re looking to get a site launched quickly, it could be worth looking into Godaddy or a different design-aided tool such as Wix ADI or Jimdo Dolphin.

Is Weebly the right choice for you?

The most important thing to emphasize is the fact that Weebly isn’t a terrible web design tool. It could be the ideal choice to consider if you’re not decided to give it a go. We’ll show you how it performed during our tests:

Website Builder Features Score Design Score Aid and Support Score Valuation for Money Score Ease of Utilization Score WBE Overall Score (/5)
Weebly 84 percent 77 percent 70 percent 82 percent 70 percent 4.1

Weebly actually offers an amazing variety of features that satisfy all kinds of requirements. This is a great thing because it means that you don’t have to spend more money for apps. WordPress and Wix aren’t as well-known for their features , with 83 percent and 81% however, there’s been no challengers to knock Weebly from the top position.

What’s lacking it’s assistance and support as well as its user-friendliness. In our tests, users have found Weebly somewhat difficult to use and were not convinced that they received the support they looked for when they were stuck on something. If assistance and support are your main concern, we suggest you look into Wix as it’s the only building platform to earn 100% on our study in this category.

Weebly is perfect for small-sized business websites It offers a wide range of templates, good design, and ecommerce features. Prices range from $8 up to $38 per month, which is affordable, with a no-cost plan that you can utilize when learning about the platform. It’s worth a try Weebly before you completely write it off.

More Information on Weebly

Best Weebly Alternatives Summary

If you think about it All things considered, you shouldn’t be stuck by Weebly. Even if it didn’t perform as expected on Weebly it does not mean it’s the finality of your website’s dream. There are hundreds of website builders on the market We’ve compiled the best Weebly alternatives to look at. For the last time, here’s the list:

9 Top Weebly Alternatives

  1. Wix – Best all-around website builder.
  2. Squarespace – Best for creatives and design.
  3. SITE123 -Best live chat assistance.
  4. Strikingly – Best value for money.
  5. Duda -Best to lend a helping hand.
  6. GoDaddy -Fastest to create a website on.
  7. -Best for blogging.
  8. Jimdo Designer Jimdo Creator Friendly platform to create simple online stores.
  9. 1 and 1 IONOS The HTML0-based IONOS is Best for businesses with white collars.


In the event of deciding to shift platforms, the most important aspects to be considered are:

  • The kind of website you’re looking for
  • Your budget
  • Your skill level
  • Your time

The answers to these questions will provide you with a better idea of which builder for your website will be the best fit for your needs. In the majority of cases it’s likely that Wix to be the most suitable alternative to Weebly. It’s user-friendly, well-designed, and fairly inexpensive as well!

Each of these platforms offer free trials, and certain offer a completely free trial! If you’ve got half an hour to spare you should consider joining a few and exploring what they’re about. It’s not going to cost you anything, and it could be the beginning of your new website.

Are you willing to test the most effective Weebly Alternative?

Wix is user-friendly It has website tools that can be scaled and more than 500 customizable templates.

Best Alternatives to Weebly FAQs

There are a lot of great website builders on the market However, the most effective alternative to Weebly is Wix. It was rated top of the line in our testing for the most user-friendly website builder to use. It offers excellent features, well-designed templates, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

A lot of web builders provide no-cost plans, meaning you don’t need to pay any fees for a Weebly substitute! The majority of premium plans cost between $5/month to $50/month across different platforms, but you’ll never find a lower price that 1&1 IONOS which costs only $1 per month.

As with the most reputable web-based developers, Weebly offers its customers the benefit of a integrated SSL Security Certificate. This is shown by the padlock symbol that is displayed next to your URL. This tells your users that your website is secure to browse and interact on.

Weebly is controlled by the payment processor Square. Due to this, there is a general belief that Weebly is likely to spend more time and effort in the development of its e-commerce capabilities and could be a site to be on the lookout for in the event you’re planning to launch an online store in the near future.

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