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10 Fun and Engaging Exercises to Make You a Better Entrepreneur

When I started my journey being an entrepreneur my skills were lacking. several abilities. I couldn’t think for myself; I wasn’t a good salesperson and was not a great networker. The list could go on and on…

How do you feel I’ve done? Do you want to quit?

Absolutely it’s not! Instead, I was able to develop the required skills. What did I do? I created 10 unique exercises to help me to develop these skills.

Here are 10 activities that can help you to succeed as an Entrepreneur:

Exercise 1 Utilize random words during sales calls

When it comes to selling it is essential to know how to think quickly. It is impossible to predict what customers will be asking therefore you need to be able to think quickly.

To be able to think immediately it is recommended to start making sales calls with a partner or a colleague who is also listening. All you need to do is turn on your phone on the speaker and let your coworker or friend offer some random phrases to use in your next conversation.

For instance I was conducting a sales call previous day and a colleague suggested that I utilize the words “suntan” in addition to “sandwich” when I was writing the following sentence. I then told potential clients…

If you can combine your knowledge and my knowledge of marketing I’m sure we’ll crush it to the point that we’ll be on the beach in the next six months, having a sun-kissed body drinking beers, and eating sandwiches.

It’s possible to find this game initially difficult however, it becomes easier with time. It can also help stimulate your creative thinking and helps increase your confidence in sales.

Exercise 2: Identify five facts

Make sure you do your homework prior to any business conference or call. Don’t just focus on the business, but also on the person. It could be the businesses who issue checks, but it’s the people within the company who take decision.

It is possible to learn many things about people through a couple of Google searches or employing tools such as Rapportive. Today, it’s simple to conduct this type of research due to the internet-connected world where lives of people are made public.

Being able to get acquainted with someone in the business is essential as people are more likely to do business with people similar to them. By doing a little bit of study, you can improve the chances of securing an agreement.

It’s never a bad idea to master the art of becoming an effective researcher. Being an entrepreneur there are times when you don’t have all the answers, and you’ll need to figure out how to discover them via study.

Exercise 3 Perform something humiliating in the public

Fear can hold the majority people back. In life and business you’re probably concerned about what others think of your character. Because of this, you’re probably afraid to do anything that may embarrass or cause others to criticize you.

One method to avoid this is to be that is embarrassing and public. An example of this is to lie on the street without any clothes on for ten minutes.

You might be a little uncomfortable initially however, you’ll soon become comfortable with it.

If you make a mistake on a regular basis and you’ll be more concerned less about what people consider your actions. In time, this will be applicable to your business and you’ll be able to take whatever steps necessary to be successful (assuming that you’re not doing something illegal).

The one thing you don’t would like is fear and emotions to prevent you from achieving your goals.

Exercise 4 Read the newspaper every day

Choose a few news websites you enjoy, and check them out every day. Between BBC to CNN There’s plenty of news sources you can choose. If you read these websites every day, you’ll build an in-depth understanding of the current news.

What is the significance of this?

Two great reasons to check the news each day:

  1. The current events impact businesses when something significant is going on in the world and affects your business in a negative as well as positive manner. Therefore, it is important to stay informed. For instance, a good friend of mine owns established a business selling guns. He noticed that each whenever there’s an attack at a high school and his sales increase. Shootings of any kind are awful, but he must to be aware of when they occur to ensure that he doesn’t blame the higher sales to marketing efforts.
  2. People discuss the world and when at business or networking events, other people will probably mention the latest news. If you’re up-to date the people around you will realize you as well-informed and knowledgeable and will keep you active in the discussion.

If you’re wondering what sites I visit every day It’s BBC as well as The Economic Times.

Exercise 5 Get your numbers

When I talk to new entrepreneurs Do you know what a lot of them forget? Their numbers. From the cost of things to the amount they are charged to their profit margins many new entrepreneurs tend to ignore their numbers for business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’ll encounter customers and customers who make you feel uncomfortable. They’ll ask questions, such as:

  • How much are you charging?
  • How is the time it will take to see the results?
  • Do you know how many clients you can serve?

They may appear to be straightforward questions. They are, but many business owners tend to stop and then forget or don’t know the answer.

If you aren’t able to answer these questions, how competent are you in your work?

It’s likely that the people you’re talking to may think of your answers. Inability to provide a solid answer indicates that you’re inexperienced and may not be worthy of working with.

Make sure you study your numbers, retain the information, and master the numbers as well as how to use your hands. By doing this, you will be able to better understand your company and will show you the areas where you can improve your business to make more quickly.

Exercise 6 Have Spaß

If you’re planning to party, attend entertaining events, or simply having a good time with your buddies, you must be able to enjoy yourself.

Remember the days that you had as a young child… It was a time when you had fun your life, didn’t you? You played around with your friends, laughed and made wonderful memories with your buddies.

Adults are often unable to enjoy themselves. The only thing we think about is work. This can be detrimental to your business. This will lead to exhaust yourself and will eventually result in a loss of revenue.

What is the process? you might ask.

Through my time, I’ve realized that offering a high-quality product or service doesn’t suffice. Certain people are able to do business only if they are comfortable with everyone else involved. You must learn to entertain your colleagues and make sure they have a great time.

Fun doesn’t need to cost a lot of money It could be as easy as taking part in an mud run with just a few people. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re enjoying yourself. It could have a significant influence on the amount of customers that you’ll close.

Exercise 7 Stop judging others

Who isn’t happy being assessed? I’m sure I don’t…

As human beings, we instinctively evaluate other people on various factors like the way they dress or look and how they talk or even the place they reside.

It is not a good idea to judge other people. So long as there isn’t any illegal activity allow them to live their lives as they please. If they’re content then you should be glad for them.

When you begin to criticize other people, you’ll be able to block doors that might have been business partnerships as well as making enemies with no cause.

How can you stop judging others?

If someone is doing something that normally causes you to think of judging them Just tell you, “I’m not going to criticize them.” This may sound silly however it’s actually effective. After a few days you’ll stop being judgmental towards people.

Exercise 8: Remove the bullshit

I don’t care about whether you are the top bullshitter on the planet… people aren’t happy about it. Stop blaming the other and get right to the truth.

If you’re socializing with colleagues or friends, you need to be direct and concise. Naturally you do not want to upset people’s feelings through being too blunt however, you must be clear in relation to business issues.

If you see your coworkers, or potential customers, begin making noise, try to cut them off and then get to the point. It’s best not to scold them however, they’ll eventually realize that they must get to the bottom of the matter.

Some people won’t enjoy it, but some will eventually appreciate you for it. It is also a sign of how confident you are and you’ll be able to make new business opportunities in the process.

Exercise 9: Engage in an unintentional chat for 30 mins

Have you ever attempted to engage in a conversation about an absurd subject over 30 minutes? It can be difficult to maintain a 30 minute conversation, even on a reasonable subject!

I would like you to begin going to restaurants, lounges and bars or other places that are public in which you’ll get to meet strangers that likely won’t do business with.

Begin by chatting with strangers and start conversations about silly or useless subjects. Make sure to keep the conversation going for at minimum 30 minutes. If you notice that the interest of your partner in the conversation is slowing down, stop the conversation and move on to your next person to talk to.

It’s hard to keep going for 5 minutes initially However, eventually you’ll reach the 30-minute mark.

What are the benefits of doing this? It will help you develop the art of conversation. From entertaining to grabbing the attention of your viewers it is a must-have expertise in business. If you don’t have it you’ll not accomplish much.

Exercise 10: Was she dressed and what was she doing?

It is essential to remember things. If you lose even the tiniest details, how can you recall the most important details?

When I was a child I wasn’t the greatest memory, but I now recall almost every detail. What’s the secret? My friends and I have been playing a game which aids.

Each every time we go out for dinner we choose random women. After our event we ask each other about what they wore and how they behaved. The reason why we select women is that it’s harder to remember what they’re wearing. For men, it’s usually jeans and a t-shirt so even if you’re not paying to the details, you’ll usually make a guess.

Begin by studying those around you and pay attention to every detail, from their clothing to their manner of conduct and their body language. As you do this you’ll be able to retain more information.

It has made it easier for me to to remember all the crucial details about my business. I no longer need to write down notes or track the important things… it’s all stored in the brain of my.



If you are just beginning your journey being an entrepreneur you’ll be lacking the knowledge necessary to succeed. So, what do you do? Instead of giving up, you should make an effort to acquire the knowledge you require.

The process of learning these skills doesn’t need to be boring as studying textbooks. They can be learned through fun and challenging exercises such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph. These methods have proven successful for me, as well as some of my acquaintances So why not try them?

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