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What to sell online -40 products to make money from home

The process of starting your first store online can cause anxiety. You’d like to hit the mark with your initial idea However, you don’t wish to be chasing rainbows.

You’d like to sell physical goods online and earn a profit. In order to do that, youneed information that is reliable and an efficient business model for e-commerce.

Also, you need ideas for products. On this site you will find thousands (literally):

There are many ways to earn money online and hundreds of possible niches and millions of goods to sell on the internet The foundation of your success is rooted to two aspects

  1. the best products and
  2. the market that you are targeting.

Don’t let fear of failing keep you from undertaking the study process.

The good news isthat there is always an opportunity and you can discover the steps to take in this article for free.

Be aware of the key principle: you require the right process to decide the products to sell on the internet.

What To Sell Online: How To Find Products To Sell

The process I prefer to adhere to is:

  1. Brainstorm ideas beginning with areas of expertise
  2. Ideas for research can be found through Google Trends and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
  3. Look up market statistics to determine whether the sales of the industry are increasing
  4. Find low-competition niches within industries that are growing.
  5. Take note of data such as Amazon and eBay sales, search volume Keyword difficulty.
  6. Check out my ideas using actual data

Examine your competition as well as suppliers and manufacturers before investing any cash. Check their prices and levels of inventory throughout the day to determine if they’re profitable.

Jungle Scout automatically does this. I highly recommend it to anybody making sales through Amazon or using Amazon affiliate marketing.

When you are choosing your products, stay in eye on the ideal price point. Make sure to are able to mix low, medium and high prices. Based on your market or margins you may require an ” loss leader” to attract customers, and later upsell them.

The Secret to the Best Product to Sell Online

There are two kinds of products that you can offer on the internet: niche and commoditized products.

These are products that are highly sought-after or are popular. They are items that everyone wants such as food, clothes and so on. They could be either digital or physical. Niche products are those which only a particular group of people are seeking. For instance, if you’re participating in roller derby, you’ll require an exact roller skate which others who aren’t interested in competitive skating might even think about.

There is no “magic” answer to this. The decision to sell online depends on your business model and the location at which the data indicates. What works for dropshipping businesses will not necessarily work for white-label products. Selling products online is all about fulfilling the demand of customers with a method that works for you.

Let’s take a examine a few products that can be used in conjunction with the model of business that you’re using for your eCommerce brand. Particularly, we’ll consider:

  • Private label products
  • Dropshipping
  • Print on demand
  • Wholesale
  • Retail Arbitrage
  • Amazon products

As a bonus we’ll take a look at some trendy products that you can adapt to your specific demands.

Best Products to Sell in a Private Label Ecommerce Store

When you have the use of a private label that you own, you as the retailer on the internet, decide everything regarding the product. You decide the product’s characteristics and how it’s made and packaged, and so on. A third-party manufacturer designs the product on your behalf and then sends the product to you for sale. Customers see the item on your online store as if it were your brand but they don’t know that anyone else was involved to do with it.

You’re familiar with numerous private label brands like Equiate from Walmart and Mainstays as well as The Target’s Room Essentials and Market Pantry.

Here are some fantastic products you can sell online under the model of private label:

Skincare Products

If you make your own collection of clay masks, lotions, body scrubs, cleansers, or any combination of these skincare products are a hot item. In 2018 the global market for skincare was valued at $134.8 billion and is predicted to expand by an average of 4.4 percent compound annual rate (CAGR) to 2025.

Fitness Equipment

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic the world has seen a rise in the demand in fitness products. While health clubs and gyms are reopening with social distancing rules in place, a lot of people choose to make use of their personal exercise equipment in their homes. Fitness equipment of all kinds are highly sought-after including yoga straps and yoga balls to balance discs, kettlebells as well as resistance band.

In 2020, the worldwide fitness-related equipment industry was greater than 10 billion dollars. It is expected to expand by 11% between 2021-2027.

Water Bottles

Bottles of water have become more well-known over time due to the growing market for bottled water. The public is becoming more environmentally conscious, and are keen to take action to ensure that single-use bottles don’t end up becoming a waste product. Market research shows the global reusable water bottle market It was $8.38 billion in 2020 and is projected to expand at a rate of 4% from 2020 to 2028.

Although you can purchase water bottles from most stores An online business can be profitable in this market. It’s all in the products you provide and how you promote your products. If you begin with a product of high-quality which keeps the water chilled for several hours and offer various design options to select from and you’ll be able to identify a specific customer base for this lucrative product.

LED Lights

LED lighting has grown in popularity due to being much more efficient in energy than other lighting alternatives. There are many various products available including light-up sneakers, solar-powered lighting as well as fairy lights and LED lighting strips.

While there are plenty of products to choose from, and a lot of brands that offer minor variations of the same item but you still have the ability to make a mark on the market. Make sure you invest your money into developing an individual brand and marketing that’s distinct from other brands, so you stand out from the rest of the pack.



Electronics is a market that you can trust to be regardless of what’s happening around the world. It may slow down, however, it’s still a strong market in the long run. Research shows that the market for electronics will reach $1055.29 billion by 2021. The majority of the 11.2 CAGR of 1% in 2020 is due to businesses making adjustments to their operations due to COVID-19’s effects. In 2025, the market is estimated to be worth $1291.14 billion by 2025, which is a growth rate of 5 percent.

You can offer a range of electronic products on your online store including Bluetooth keyboards and speakers , to headphones, smartwatches, and smartphones accessories. To distinguish yourself from the rest choose a product that is unique like video game accessories and then market it. Just focusing on the most popular product of the moment will not make you money in the long run.

What to Sell in a Dropshipping Online Store

With dropshipping stores dropshipping store, you do not need to worry about storage the inventory or managing it. Simply list items that are available for sale on your site Send the orders to your supplier (usually using automated systems) and then the supplier takes over.

The provider will then ship your order straight to the customer and the customer doesn’t know there was an outside entity in the process. It is possible to sell a range of products using dropshipping. Since these models are less profitable so it is best to choose products that have cost-effective shipping.

Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are extremely beneficial however there are a lot of accessories available to can make them even more useful. It could be an armband to keep your phone in place while you’re out on the trail or out on the trail, an wireless charging pad for charging convenience or a water-proof bag to keep your phone safe when you’re in the water, there’s many things you can sell.

Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

As time has passed fashions, styles and styles have changed significantly however one thing is the same – jewelry and fashion accessories are sought-after objects. If you are focusing on a specific kind of jewelry such as rings or offer a wider range of merchandise, this type of store holds a lot of potential.

Art Supplies

Art is never out of fashion. When selling art materials it is possible to concentrate on a specific form of art, for instance, painting, or you could be able to cover a wide area and offer supplies for all kinds of media. These include easels, paintbrushes markers, charcoal paper, ribbons, scrapbooking embellishments, canvas, and more.

Bluelight Glasses

Bluelight glasses are constructed by using special lenses that block blue light emanates from screens that emit electronic light. It is believed to reduce eye strain and aid in getting sleep. The blue light is similar to sunlight, making it more difficult to help the brain slow down. Patients with prescriptions can obtain special lenses that block the blue light, however the glasses are specifically designed for people who don’t have prescriptions to wear.

Auto Accessories

Accessories for cars cover a broad selection of products. From seat covers, dash covers as well as steering wheel cover to backup cameras that are aftermarket and car stereos to air fresheners there’s plenty on the market.

The Best Products to Sell Using the Print on Demand Business

Print-on-demand is an excellent way to earn money online. If you’re looking to launch an e-commerce business for t-shirts, or an entire line of items based around an idea such as wall art, wall art or even decorating your home, you’ll have plenty of options when you open printing-on-demand stores.

Looking for something you can sell online through POD? Check out these options:

T-shirts and Hoodies

Hoodies and T-shirts are in high demand nowadays However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot create your own niche on the market. If you create designs that people like and appreciate, you can begin your own line of clothing. Make sure you offer your designs on high-quality apparel products, such as those of Bella+Canvas 3001 t-shirts instead of a cheaper or generic quality product.

Yoga Pants

The yoga pants aren’t just for yoga enthusiasts. They’re comfortableand fashionable enough to wear them outside of the house, too. You can stand out from the crowd with different styles and styles. Even If there isn’t a graphics artist You can employ freelance designers to design the concepts for you.


Mugs aren’t only to store pictures of your children for the grandparents’ Christmas gifts. You can create your own line of clothing with fun phrases or designs that you wear on your clothes.


Wall Art

Offering your customers the option to print their designs on wall art can bring variety to your shop. Perhaps they like one of the designs they see on your t-shirts however, they don’t want be a risk and order the wrong size.

Bags and Totes

With the trend to eliminate single-use plastic bags in grocery stores, a lot of people carry their own bags made of reusable material. Why purchase bags that have the name of the store’s owner on them, which makes it difficult to separate them from the rest of the crowd when you can have your own bags that are custom-designed? As with the wall decor, you can apply all of the designs that you can find on clothes onto bags and totes , so that everyone has options.

What are the Best Products to Sell Online for a Wholesale Business Model?

When you run the wholesale company, you buy large quantities of items from a source at a reduced cost. Then you sell the items at a profit. If you do not have the money to purchase inventory on a first-hand basis the method may not be the right choice for you.

You’ll either need to store and complete orders on your own or you’ll have to send all of your items to a third party logistic (3PL) business. The 3PL will be responsible for the storage of your inventory, as well as packing, picking and shipping your orders for you. Prices vary from one service to the next. It is important to evaluate companies to ensure that you’re getting the greatest price. The best company for small products may not be the ideal option for larger objects. Think about your inventory in general prior to partnering with 3PL.

Here are a few of the best items to sell online through Wholesale businesses:

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen appliances are in fashion as more and more make meals in their kitchens at-home. There are numerous household appliances that are extremely popular and you can sell through an online retailer for example:

  • Air fryersThese appliances allow users to get the flavor of fried foods without the fat. As of August 20, 2021 there were more than 60K searches per month on Google as well as forty thousand monthly search results on Amazon. If you’re still not convinced that they are in high demand, Exploding Topics shows the growth in the number of searches has increased by 470% in the past five years.
  • Grids:These allow you to enjoy the ease of a flat top grill at any time you require it.
  • Pizza ovensThese bake at higher temperatures than the traditional home oven. The result? A crispier pizza in less time. With the 76K each month Google search results as well as 35K Amazon searches I’m sure you’ll be able to find a customer.
  • Mobile blenders Need you to whip up a shake or protein shake for a quick snack? These blenders are generally powered by USB, making them perfect to those who are on the move for work. While they’re not as prominent on search engines like they were before, they still be an excellent addition to your kitchen equipment in the store.
  • electric kettles Want you to enjoy a cup of tea in your office? Electric kettles enable you to have hot water on hand in the event that a stove isn’t an option.
  • Man do line slicers Love potato chips, but don’t want all that fat? Do you want to create your own pickle slices thin? Man do line slicers are able to slice vegetables into paper-thin slices. They’ve had the number of searches that are 34k through Google and 47K searches on Amazon each month, meaning that there’s a lot of interest in adding these devices to their kitchen.
  • grape cutters Grapes can be a choke risk for young children. A regular knife used to cut grapes individually can cause a catastrophe that is just waiting to occur. Grape cutters are specially designed to make sure that the grapes are not too large enough for children to eat.

Subscription Boxes

If you are able to think of it most likely there’s a subscription box that’s for it. There are some that are monthly while others are quarterly. If you are able to secure enough items that fit into a particular subject from wholesalers then you can send the items to an 3PL which offers the kitting service, starting your subscription box business is simple. When you attempt to organize and store all of the items yourself that things may become a bit chaotic.

Do you have an idea? Look up what’s available and think about how you can make your own different to reach the same group of people or enhance it to capture some market share.

Smart Home Products

Smart home appliances let homeowners and renters incorporate smart features into their homes without the need to construct an official smart home. This includes all kinds of smart outlets, from power strips to lighting lamps and lights to thermostats as well as doors sensors, security cameras doors, and sensors. There are also smart humidifiers, air purifiers and diffusers. They all work through the wi-fi system in your home. A lot of products work with voice assistants such as Google, Alexa, and Siri.

The global market for smart lighting by itself was valued at $12.72 billion by 2020, and will likely to hit $37.41 billion by 2026 due to an 20.26 percent CAGR.

Gardening Supplies and Furniture

Gardening is a wildly popular pastime. A survey conducted in 2018 by Garden Research found that 77 percent of Americans engaged in gardening activities during the last year. This means that $47.8 billion was used for landscaping and gardening equipment. Furniture was not part of the expenditure. But, people who care about their garden also invest in furniture that allows the gardeners create a tranquil outside space.

Some gardening tools you may want to consider selling on the internet might include:

  • Seeds and bulbs
  • Flower pots
  • Watering cans
  • Technology – automated irrigation tools, indoor gardening equipment, monitoring technology for changes in growth
  • Gardening tools
  • Soil and fertilizer


Shapewear is a kind of undergarment that is designed to enhance your appearance body while wearing a specific clothing. It can help flatten your stomach, hips legs, and more. It can make the clothes that you’re wearing look better by smoothing the entire body. While it’s primarily targeted at women, it’s accessible to males, too.

There’s a wide selection of choices for complete bodysuits, tops and bottoms – you can put in your online store. It is possible to include the shapewear as part of an general clothing shop, or make a separate shapewear and underwear exclusive store. Shapewear is a lucrative niche.

What can you sell online through Retail Arbitrage

In retail arbitrage, also known as the model of retail arbitage method of business, you purchase items from retail outlets such as Walmart, Target, or another local retailer. After that, you put them up on your online store. It’s hard to locate and maintain inventory because you’re relying on the stock available in stores. To find the most value you should take advantage of sales, clearance deals and closing sales. This is why some products can be better off with the use of the use of retail arbitrage over other products. Check out these ideas to start.

Puzzles and Board Games

Board games and puzzles are timeless. They are a fantastic way to unwind from your screen while having fun with family and friends. Also, since they’re always in stock at retail stores, you don’t need to be concerned about not having enough stock. A large number of games and puzzles are on sale or clearance, making it simpler to find plenty of choices for items to sell on the internet.

Books, Music, and Movies

Like board games and puzzles Books, music and films are all good choices. Also, they are on sale which makes it easy to get the inventory to sell online. You can pick a wide range of choices from any genre, or add additional choices to stores that specialize in niche genres also.


Children’s Toys

Toys for children are always a excellent choice. You can decide to focus in a certain age group or kind of toy to ensure that you can target a specific target market. Also, you could expand your offerings to toys of all kinds.

Baby Products

Baby products are usually sought-after because each generation continues have children. The baby needs a lot of things to make life simpler for parents. From bottles and clothing or accessories like bottle warmers or the storage container for dirty diapers You can find many baby items that are on sale at the major retailers that you can list in the online shop.

Home Decor Items

The home decor market is a fantastic alternative for businesses selling e-commerce. It is possible to sell a wide range of things like wall art candles, lamps and rugs, centerpieces, storage containers like baskets, mirrors, and so on.

White Label Products for Your Online Business

White label is similar to the private label model of business. The different is that white-label products are general and sold to several retailers. The manufacturer doesn’t control the specifications as you do with private label products. You are in charge of the label and branding however, you don’t control the other aspects. This means there could be many other companies out that are selling the same product that you do.

Don’t let that deter you, however. Certain kinds of products are extremely lucrative for white label agreements.


Health supplements have been a sought-after product to market however the market is growing due to the spread of the outbreak. As the virus gets worse and people become aware of their health and willing to invest in supplements that improve their overall health and wellbeing. A healthy diet is the important aspect to care for your body, however there are many instances where supplements help make an upsurge in nutritional deficiencies.

Research indicates that the global market for nutritional supplements reached $310.4 billion by 2020. The market is expected to expand by a CAGR of 6.2 percent until 2028. To meet the massive demand, it’s possible to develop an array of standard vitamins or think about creating your own blends to address particular health issues.

Beach Towels

Do you have some cool designs you’d like to be able to share with the world? Have a go with beach towels. Printful is a printing company that provides white labeling at an additional cost per item. You can add your personal logo on the label. So, you don’t take the risk of ordering too many items and then finding out that you aren’t able to sell it.

Flip Flops and Shoes

Flip-flops and footwear are a hot item that everyone must protect their feet. It is also possible to use white label printing-on-demand for avoiding having an surplus inventory.

Notebooks and Stationery

While many people are averse to electronic note-taking, handwritten notebooks are still superior to learn from. The most important thing to sell stationary and notebooks is determining your target market. You are able to target anyone however you’ll have greater likelihood of success if select a niche that is smaller. The options include:

  • Parents of school-age children
  • Students at colleges
  • Office Administrative staff

To complete your online business, you can add other items that are related, such as pen pens, sticky notepads, sharpeners for pencils, as well as pencil case.

Choose a company that sells products in hundreds, since you don’t want stuck with a lot of copies of one notebook. Once you have figured out the most popular designs and you are able to increase your order quantity.

Essential Oils

The pandemic forced a lot of companies to shut down their doors at the very least, temporarily. Because spas and salons could not offer the services that people needed they began to look for alternatives to achieving similar home-based care. This resulted in a spike in the sales of items like diffusers and essential oils and products that contain essential oils, such as spa baths, foot baths.

Essential oils are simple for white-labeling and selling on the internet. If you’re already a health celebrity, it’s time to take advantage of out on a enormous opportunity to make money.

Top Products for Your Amazon Business

Because Amazon is involved in the business of making products You must conduct some research to ensure that you’re not competing with them with their own products. If you’re considering setting up the Amazon online store selling products on the internet Some products will do better than other products.

There’s not single strategy that can be an exact winner each time. You’ll need to try various products to determine which one works best for you. Believing that you can only buy the top-selling items on Amazon can lead to catastrophe in the future.

It’s also contingent on the way you intend to manage fulfillment. If you decide to join your online company by using Fulfillment via Amazon (Amazon FBA), there are certain rules and restrictions you should take note of. FBA obviously isn’t the only fulfillment provider available. However, knowing the costs of fulfillment prior to the time of purchase will help you determine which products to target.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders have become a favored item, with the number of 43K per month Google searches, and 39K searches per month on Amazon. They might not have as broad an appeal to the general public but that’s ok. You clearly have a product to target to a particular segment, which could help in the marketing process.

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are well-liked by people because they’re believed to provide therapeutic benefits commonly related to medical marijuana, with no psychoactive effects like THC. Since they’re made of hemp, they do not contain THC. They are therefore legal in all 50 states.

There are numerous companies selling CBD Gummies, as there are more than 210K monthly Google searches, and 75k monthly Amazon searches. This means that you’ll be in a tough spot for you when it comes to the competition. If you invest in a top-quality product, distinctive branding, and a well-crafted marketing strategy to reach many more potential customers.

Expand your CBD options beyond Gummies also. You might consider including CBD capsules, tinctures, vape oils, and more so that you can attract new customers that don’t want to go eating gummies.

Weighted Blankets

The weighted blanket is a fashionable trend since they’re thought to reduce anxiety. The weight when you sleep can also help to get an improved night’s rest. The blankets are available in various dimensions and weights. They’re also available in assortment of materials. Some are safe for use in the washing machine, while some aren’t. Some that aren’t machine washable are suitable to be used with duvet covers. Therefore, you could sell them on your online store.

Something to consider when selling blankets with weights is the price of shipping. The weight of the blanket is one aspect which determines the amount it will cost to transport an item. To get the most value for your shipping expenses ensure that your blankets are properly packed, to ensure they are shipped in the smallest container possible.

With an average monthly Google search volume of 307K , and the monthly volume of 457K Amazon queries, it’s obvious that consumers are heading straight to Amazon’s marketplace online to find the right blanket that is weighted to meet their needs.

Pet Products

There’s plenty of options to assist pet owners in taking charge of their pet. From the basic items like water and food bowls as well as harnesses and leashes to more amusing items such as toys and exercise games, you’ll discover a wide range of items that can be included in an online store devoted to pets. This is a great choice for a pet care business to expand its operations as an income-generating supplement.

Haircare Products

Products for hair care are another option to offer on Amazon. If you already run your own salon or you’re self-employed, this could be a fantastic opportunity to broaden your offerings.

Start with conditioner, shampoo leaves-ins, detanglers and so on. Then, you can expand to different areas such as brushes hair ties, combs, and so on. It is possible to target people who have curly and ethnically-colored hair.

If you’re not interested in selling directly on Amazon or want to keep your own site off the market however, you could still earn cash through the platform as an affiliate. Amazon makes it simple to reach customers via Amazon Local Associates. Amazon Local Associates program. You’ll own your own storefront online, so that your loyal customers can purchase any product offered through Amazon.

Trending Products to Sell Online

Beginning your store with just trendy products is an unwise method since trends are constantly changing. If you have a store that is established and are looking to expand your offerings for quick sales, switching to popular items or products that are trending can be a fantastic method to broaden your options and draw in new customers.

Melatonin Gummies

Melatonin is a chemical that occurs naturally within the body that aids in helping our bodies sleep. A lot of people use supplementation with melatonin to help get to sleep quicker and remain asleep for longer. Similar to multivitamins Gummies are also getting more popular as a choice.

The product works well with private label companies. You’ll have control over the ingredients included in the product, and be able to create a strong brand name as well. It’s also possible to use white label companies however, this implies that you’ll need to use an already-existing product, and apply your own brand name on it. You’ll need to put heavily on marketing and branding.

Camping Gear

Gear for camping is one of the popular product line since it’s safe to use when socially distancing. It is possible to open a store that sells a range of items like:

  • Inflatable mattresses
  • Toilets for camping
  • Tents
  • Chairs
  • Camping kitchen items – stoves, sinks, plates, cutlery, etc.
  • Batteries powered by solar energy
  • Ponchos/rain jackets
  • Boots
  • Survival tools

This can be done in conjunction with a dropshipping business.

CBD Balm

CBD balm can be described as CBD Gummies. The difference is that people apply directly to the areas of their body that they experience discomfort or pain. This makes it a great product to sell to people suffering from joint pain and other chronic pain disorders.

It has 6.5K search results in Google in addition to 2.4K queries on Amazon It’s not as popular as many of the other items listed. It could be beneficial. Similar to melatonin gummies is best to use white or private label strategy.

Wax Melts

Wax melts can be a great alternative to conventional candles. They don’t require the use of a flame, making them a great option for families with young pets or children.

Wax melts are put into an electric appliance that utilizes an electric light bulb to heat the wax to melt it. When they melt, the scent diffuses throughout the room.

Wax melts are the most searched-for item on Amazon than Google however they are a popular choice on both of the search engines, coming to 41K and 19K, respectively.

If you are a business online you could create your own wax melts, or purchase them from a third-party. They can be sold through Amazon or through your website. You could expand your product line to include light bulbs, warmers and cotton puffs that allow you to make it easy to wash warmers between scents.

Diabetic Socks

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage, primarily on the foot. This can lead into a loss of feeling on the feet, which can make it easier to get injured. The importance of foot care for diabetics regardless of whether blood sugar levels are well-managed and in control.

Diabetic socks are specifically designed to offer extra foot care. They’re constructed with moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your feet dry. This helps reduce the risk of fungal infection as well as keeping smell at the bare minimum. Dry feet are also less at chance of developing blisters or other injuries that are slow to heal due to diabetes.

Exploding Topics has seen a 46% increase in the volume of searches over the past five years. The data also shows the number of searches per month through Google along with 16K daily searches on Amazon.

It’s an excellent product to dropship and be a great accessory to health-conscious clothing or stores.

Which Products Will You Add to Your Store?

Whatever business model you decide to go with, making sure that your product fulfills the needs of customers or solves an issue makes the difference to your success. It is possible to have a strong business plan, however if aren’t able to create the right product it will be difficult to earn profits.

What are the products you plan to include in your online store as you begin selling items online? Do you have other ideas to add to the list we haven’t thought of? Please share your ideas by leaving a comment.


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