It’s the Best Business Intelligence Software

Are you looking to get straight to the solution? The most efficient business intelligence tool for most users is Tableau and Zoho Analytics.

The growth in the use of large data led businesses to use business intelligence (BI) software to become popular over the last few years. BI software gathers, analyzes and transforms data into business-relevant insights.

Businesses use BI programs to help them make more informed decisions. Through aggregating and compiling data through these tools it’s simpler for companies to predict growth, increase revenue, and gain a better understanding of their clients.

In the past businesses relied heavily on quarterly or annual reports. The modern, robust technology and BI tools that are available today let businesses look at reports in real time.

A few common examples of BI tools are data storage reports, data visualization and dashboards. Business intelligence software collects information from sources within the organization and organizes it in a manner that decision makers can make sense of.

After a lot of study, I’ve compiled the best business intelligence tools currently available. Use this guide to determine which one is the most suitable for your company.

The Best 7 Best Business Intelligence Software

  1. Tableau Tableau BI software for all kinds of companies
  2. Zoho Analytics — The best self-service BI application
  3. Microsoft Power BI – The most affordable BI software
  4. SAP BusinessObjects – Top business intelligence software for businesses that are growing.
  5. Sisense – Top BI software for developers, data engineers and analysts
  6. Domo the best BI program to develop custom applications
  7. SAS – The best BI software for customer service

I’ve reviewed the top seven BI tools in the following article. Read on to learn more about the capabilities and benefits, the use instances, and disadvantages of each.

  1. Tableau: the Best BI Software for All Types of Companies

Tableau can be considered to be one of the top business intelligence tools available.

In reality, they provide BI tools to meet the needs of every company type and their needs.

If the analyst you are are part of a small group or large-scale organization or want to integrate Tableau directly in your software, products and websites, Tableau has it all.

It’s simple for anyone to set up and manage your Tableau solution on a large scale no matter your tech expertise degree and level of experience.

Tableau is aware that each role within an organization requires access to various data sources to perform their work correctly and take decisions. So, they’ve created distinct roles that meet the needs of your employees.

Here are some of their most distinctive highlights:

  • Sales analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Human resources
  • Marketing analytics
  • IT analytics
  • Analytics of support and service

From desktop applications to server or online deployment, Tableau has BI software to meet the requirements of all types of businesses as well as sizes of business industries.

Tableau begins at $70 per month, per user, which is billed annually. Teams can get a tiered price as well, meaning you can buy limited licenses that start at just $12. The users are able to access and interact with data, but won’t have the same level of control.

You can test Tableau for free by completing 14-day trial.


  1.  Zoho Analytics: The Best Self-Service Software for BI

Zoho offers a variety of tools, suites of products and applications for a myriad of business needs. Although Zoho is most famous as a CRM software and Help Desk, Zoho Analytics is an outstanding solution in BI software.

As with every Zoho products, Zoho Analytics is solid, feature-rich, reliable and simple to use.

Its affordable price and its easy to set up makes it our top choice for small-sized businesses that require something that they can run on their own.

It can take a while to help new users get their bearings and to set up their data however, this isn’t an application for BI that needs an army of developers to run.

Zoho Analytics allows your teams to collect data from a variety of sources and mix them to produce visual charts and reports. It’s easy to see the state of your company across every department in a single glance.

This BI tool allows users to share information and collaborate online with department head and colleagues. Comment on the data or set alarms whenever an anomaly or anything out normal happens.

It is possible to join Zoho Analytics to any data source. Starting from Microsoft Excel to HTML, JSON, Google Drive, and web URL feeds Zoho Analytics can draw data from all sources. Upload information from your CRM and accounting software, email software local databases, cloud databases and much other databases.


  1. Microsoft Power BI— the Best Value BI Software

Microsoft actually offers two distinct business intelligence tools: Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.

Pro version: The Pro version of the software is an online program that anyone can utilize. It’s only $9.99 per month for each user, which makes it an excellent option for companies operating on the tightest budget.

PowerBI Premium an enterprise version of this BI program. Pricing isn’t available on the Microsoft site, but it’s costly. According to other online sources, the cost starts at 5k in a month. This isn’t suitable for all users. Therefore, for the purposes for this article, let’s concentrate specifically on Power BI Pro version–the cost-effective solution.

Don’t be deceived by the cost. It’s still an extremely effective software. It’s easy to share information and collaborate with interactive data visualizations that allow self-service analytics.

Microsoft makes sure that your data remains secure and secure even when the data is exported.

The software lets you make use of smart tools to uncover valuable insights into your business departments, customers, and departments.

For those who aren’t accustomed to creating information, Power BI Pro makes it simple to create machine learning models to make the process easier. It also lets you stream the analytics in real time.

As is typical with every Microsoft products, Power BI Pro seamlessly integrates with Office 365. It’s easy to connect Excel queries or data models as well as additional reports with your BI software.

At $9.99 each month Microsoft Power BI Pro is a bargain. Test it for at no cost during the first thirty days.

4 – SAP Business Objects — The Best BI Software for Growing Companies

SAP Business Objects is a comprehensive business intelligence software suite. It is designed to make data consumption as easy, personal and as dynamic as is possible.

With its on-premise deployment, SAP Business Objects lends support regardless of whether you’re dealing with a handful of customers or thousands. The flexible architecture and broad selection of BI tools make it a perfect solution for businesses growing rapidly.

SAP Business Objects optimizes performance across hybrid landscapes. It makes use of an active data connection to cloud-based analytics as well as data on-premise.

The BI software comes with enterprise-level reporting, ad-hoc reports, data visualization and dashboards based on roles. There are numerous self-service options which can be utilized to create stories and analyses business trends.

In integrating Microsoft Office with Microsoft Office By integrating with Microsoft Office, you can utilize SAP Business Objects for analysis of massive data sets on a large scale. Additionally, you’ll benefit from real-time analysis.

SAP Business Objects is definitely geared to advanced users who have complex requirements. If you’re just starting out or a small-sized company owner, you’ll feel overwhelmed by this software.

The price for SAP Business Objects isn’t accessible on the internet. You’ll have to call the company to request an estimate.

  1. Sisense: The Best Software for BI to Data Engineers, Developers, and Analysts

Sisense provides tools for BI that are designed for people who are technical adept.

Sisense offers special BI solutions for data engineers, developers and business analysts.

Sisense is suitable for a range of industries It is suitable for:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Supply chain
  • Software
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality and travel
  • Enterprise

Additionally, it provides instruments and analytics that are specifically designed for various departments within an organisation. Examples include sales, finance, IT marketing, operations, human resources, logistics customer service, and more.

Install Sisense BI in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid configuration using Windows and Linux.

For engineers, developers and tech-savvy business people, Sisense has everything to satisfy your needs. It’s certainly not for everyone else.

Prices for Sisense BI isn’t accessible on the internet. Contact them today to receive an estimate that is free.

  1. Domo: The Best Software for BI for Application Development. Application Development

Domo provides you with everything related to all aspects of business intelligence. This includes data visualization and data integration data science embedding analytics, data transformation and application development.

Create custom applications for your employees, customers and partners, leveraging all the potential of data.

Make use of Domo’s built-in infrastructure that provides security Data governance, data security, and access rights for users. It is not necessary to purchase additional storage or hardware through a third-party vendor.

What are these apps employed to do? Anything. For instance an NBA team made use of Domo to design the seat visualization chart that would monitor sales, revenue, and attendance statistics.

Apart from the possibility to develop custom applications in addition to the ability to use some of Domo’s built-in apps to perform common business functions.

Domo is a great platform for integrating data. Domo platform can also be used to automate back-end data integration as well as other repetitive BI tasks. Utilize Domo to create easy and automated reports.

Domo pricing is based upon many different variables. Because the BI software is customized for every business, you’ll have to reach out to the sales team to request a quote custom-made. However, you can test it for no cost.

7 – “SAS” — The Best Customer Support Software with BI

SAS provides an array of BI solutions that could be the perfect fit for your company’s needs:

  • SAS Enterprise
  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • SAS Office Analytics

The Enterprise version is a wizard-driven program which allows users to study data and share results with a the simple point and click Windows interface. Visual Analytics is a self-service application for visual discovery. Office analytics is designed for making your data more efficient within Microsoft Office.

SAS stands out from the rest due to its excellent customer service. If you require assistance or guidance throughout the process, SAS will be able to assist you.

SAS has a vast information base on self-service issue resolution. If you require additional assistance, SAS offers technical support for maintenance, consultation help with licensing in the form of role-based support and much more.

SAS offers a broad variety of training online courses, and other tools for learning to help you get the most out of your analytics software to make the most of all its capabilities.

For a customized quote that is based on your specific needs it is necessary to inquire about pricing from SAS’s SAS the sales department. SAS offers a free 30-day trial, however for a short period, the trial is now increased to 90-days.

How to Choose the Most Effective Software for Business Intelligence Software For You

Software for Business Intelligence is extremely flexible. There are a myriad of possibilities to choose from. How do you determine what is best for your company?

We would like to assist.

This is the process I used to choose the top three winners from our list.

To figure out which is right to suit your needs, let me outline the aspects you need to consider when evaluating your options.


There are a variety of ways in which businesses can make use of business intelligence applications. utilized and utilized for company. There are desktop applications as well as cloud-based software and the hybrid deployment of servers.

Cloud-based software is the ideal option for the majority of smaller companies. It’s typically cheaper, too. If you’re dealing with advanced or complicated needs it might be beneficial to think about on-premise deployment.

The data sources you use will contribute to determining what is best for you. Are you connecting with your BI software with your existing data? Are making use of the software in order to gather data?


In the final analysis, the main goal for BI applications is helping to make smarter business choices. Reports can help you understand information in terms you understand.

Predictive modeling, data visualization as well as decision analytics, are only few of the various reporting options you should look for.

It’s important to pick an option that’s simple to use and produces reports on a single glance or in real time based on the issue you’re trying to discover.

Technical Skills

Contrary to other business applications that are available business intelligence is complicated. It is not always simple for everyone to utilize.

If you’re just starting out or operate a small business, you’ll do better to use Zoho Analytics or Microsoft Power BI. They’re both easy to use. Tableau is fairly easy to comprehend for those who are new to the software however, it also comes with capabilities for experienced users.

Sisense as well as Domo both require more technical understanding. Sisense is designed to be used by researchers, developers and analysts. Domo offers tools for building custom data collection applications.

Choose the BI solution that is within your technical expertise and is compatible with the technical capabilities of the people who use it.

The best part is, not every person who utilizes BI software needs to know the backend. These tools allow your super users design dashboards that can be altered by almost any.

A sales manager doesn’t need to have any knowledge of data science to make use of the BI software you use, as that you have someone with the knowledge to create dashboards.


Business intelligence software doesn’t have to be to be costly. However there’s a substantial variation in the cost for the most affordable and expensive software available.

Microsoft Power BI Pro starts at $9.99 monthly. The Premium version offered by the same company costs thousands of dollars per month.

There are many other desktop or cloud-based software for around $20 to $75 per month. Software for larger firms and companies with a lot of data can cost more.

Some software companies don’t offer simple pricing online. Since a large portion of this software is tailored to your specific business requirements it is necessary to ask for an estimate for some of the solutions.

I recommend enrolling in a free trial before signing an extended-term contract. Each of the solutions on our list includes a free trial that you are able to utilize. Trials last between 14 and 90 days.


What is the most effective business intelligence software available on the market right now? It’s all about the features you’re looking for. Here’s my top choices:

  1. Tableau Tableau BI software for all kinds of companies
  2. Zoho Analytics — the best self-service BI software
  3. Microsoft Power BI – The most affordable BI software
  4. SAP Business Objects Best business intelligence software for businesses that are growing.
  5. Sisense – The best BI software for developers, data engineers and analysts
  6. Domo Best BI tool for custom application development
  7. SAS – The best BI software for customer service

Tableau  is the top recommendation. It’s flexible, durable, allows for a range of business requirements and comes at a reasonable price.

However, Tableau isn’t suitable for all. Small-scale businesses are better by using Zoho’s Assist. Data engineers, developers and other users who are tech-savvy are advised to use Sisense. If you are looking to create an application that is custom designed to collect data, Domo will be the right option for you. Companies with constantly changing requirements that are rapidly growing should consider leaning toward the SAP BusinessObjects.

Microsoft Power BI is the most affordable entry-level BI program on the market. SAS is the one that provides the highest level of customer support.

No matter what your type of business and requirements, you can follow this guide and our top recommendations to choose the right business intelligence software.

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