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How to start an online Store that drives sales

6 steps to start off and launching your own profitable store

Wix stands out as our best option for building your web-based store. If you’re looking to bypass all the other details and just get right into creating, start your free trial:

Top Ecommerce Website Builders that are Highly Rated for an online store

This is my complete list of the top eCommerce website builders: 

  1. Wix eCommerce— Excellent to set up a store within minutes
  2. Zyro — Best ecommerce site builder for beginners
  3. BigCommerce — The most effective website builder to sell multichannel
  4. “squarespace — Top quality templates for websites
  5. Square Online — The best integration with brick-and-mortar
  6. Shopify — Most customizable ecommerce site builder
  7. Weebly — The most affordable for small-sized businesses.
  8. Shift4Shop — Best enterprise-level builder at rock bottom prices

When you are launching an online store one aspect is more important than everything else to make your first sale: marketing.

It’s true. The way you present your business will determine the amount of money you’ll earn.

If you do it correctly, you’ll see the sales begin to come in. Don’t do it right and you’ll be left with a busy and time-consuming activity that you’ll have to take care of.

In this article we’ll teach you how to set up an online store in the near future, and how to convince those first buyers to sign up.

How to Create an Online Store

Six steps are required for market creating, designing and improving your online store’s performance:

  1. Pick your marketing strategy
  2. Locate the perfect niche for your product
  3. Select an appropriate name for your business
  4. Make your own own online store
  5. Do a 60-day marketing burst
  6. Make your own Marketing Flywheel

The earlier you begin and get started, the faster you will learn about the trends that matter to your business.

Step 1: Pick Your Marketing Strategy

A solid marketing plan is the foundation of the online shop you have. It should be the first thing you think of before anything else.

Actually, you should ignore all other things for now.

(We’ll discuss steps to set up an online store soon — I’m sure.)

If there’s one thing that could determine the performance of an online shop,, it’s this step. It is essential to select what strategy to use for your advertising. It’s not a difficult decision but one you have to think about and plan ahead.

Most online stores utilize one of three strategies for marketing:

  1. SEO
  2. Paid marketing
  3. Platform marketing

Let’s look at each.

SEO is a must for Online Stores

This strategy for marketing is easy: search for keywords related to items you would like to sell, and then ensure that your website ranks on Google for those keywords.

In this instance, IKEA, Target, and Amazon have very high organic rankings (the ones beneath the carousel as well as the advertisements) SEO is a key factor for the phrase “bookcase.” That’s right, when hundreds of people use the term “bookcase” on a daily basis will be taken directly to their sites where they can buy them.

If you can put this approach to benefit your business, you could earn a significant amount of money from an online retailer.

SEO provides a variety of benefits that are perfect for businesses:
  • Traffic streams can be highly reliable, which means that they provide steady revenues for your company.
  • Search traffic typically has the most volume of traffic of all traffic sources.
  • Even when it isn’t the search engine traffic can be extremely profitable.

Reliable, high volume and profit-oriented. It’s everything you’d want.

There’s one big drawback: SEO takes a lot of time and effort. Even if you’re in the same product without competitors, it may take between 3 to 6 months for your site show up in the top or 2nd page results for a particular keyword.

The amount of traffic is likely to be minimal until you are able to get your website in the top 3 rankings on a search term. If your industry is slightly competitive, it will take years of hard work to get there.

If you decide to choose SEO as the strategy for marketing to promote your store online you’ll be focusing on three aspects:
  1. Optimizing your pages for key words for your products.
  2. Making engaging and useful content for non-product keywords that are within your industry. This will help your pages for products get a higher rank.
  3. Your content should be so great that people will want to link your site as a source.

If you’re playing the game of SEO in the SEO game, there are only two elements that matter the most: content and links. That’s why you’ll be spending most of your time.

Paid Marketing for online Stores

Certain online stores perform exceptionally good with paid advertising. This includes paid posts for Instagram and Facebook and also paid results on Google search results. Paid marketing is the placement of ads that you purchase.

However, is paid marketing the right choice for your company? A general guideline is that paid marketing is a good alternative if your product is the kind of thing that is a possibility to be displayed in a shopping mall.

What is the reason?

The two most prominent paid marketing channels at the moment is Instagram and Facebook. along with Instagram. In particular, Instagram has become extremely popular with online retailers over the past couple of years.

Imagine the state of mind people are in when they scroll through the Facebook or Instagram feed. They’re unwinding for a short time or so, chuckling at a few images, and sending short messages to a handful of friends. They’re having fun. It’s similar to how people shop at malls. At times, shoppers are looking for something specific however, a majority of people visit the mall to relax. Malls have been aware of this for quite a while and retailers have been able to optimize this type of shopping experience.

Items that sell well in a retail store are likely to sell well when you place an ad that is paid for in Facebook and Instagram. These are typically:
  • consumer products. Business products have an extremely difficult time using these channels.
  • Visually appealing and captivating. This is why clothing companies perform so well in shopping malls, and also why apparel companies have been very active on Instagram in recent years.
  • Easy to comprehend. The offer must be understood in just three seconds. If you’re using a complex sales process that needs more explanation, the audience are likely to have scrolled through your advertisement long before you’ve had an opportunity to sell.
  • An attractive price factor. If the price is so high that consumers must think about the implications, they’ll simply ignore the ad, and soon forget about it.

If your product is in line with all these requirements then you must seriously think about taking the route of paid marketing.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is a notable variation to this. Since you’re bidding for keywords on Google which means that you place your advertisement in front of people who are actively seeking out that particular product. So long as the term is popular enough and the bids on the ad aren’t overly competitive, the ad will perform very well.

The main drawback to paid advertising is that you’ll need to put a large amount of money in the beginning before you can determine whether or not you’ll make into a profit. A lot people don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend with no guarantee of earning it back.

The majority of paid campaigns fail to turn into a profit immediately and usually require several iterations and effort before they begin making money. Professional marketers typically require 3 to 6 months to turn profitable. Therefore, be cautious and be sure to not spend more money than you can afford to lose. If money isn’t enough for you, consider another of the marketing alternatives.

Marketplace Marketing to Online Stores

This is a totally opposite direction to the two options previously mentioned.

Instead of building your own store, and employing a method of advertising to get visitors, you’ll make use of one of the most popular e-commerce platforms:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay

It is definitely possible to succeed at all three of them. We would suggest that all of them focus on Amazon. Amazon’s market is larger and offers more potential and nearly every product category is available on Amazon.

The most common exception is when you’re operating a craft-related business or something similar to creating your own bookends that you sell to the public. If that’s the situation, Etsy is a better choice since people are looking for more crafts-based items.

eBay is still a great option for those who do a lot of buying and selling. If you’re creating identical products over and over again, the possibility of selling to make money on Amazon is much greater.

The platform you select as your primary marketing channel. The first step is to create your store on the platform and include all your products. In the second step, you’ll enhance your shop to the highest possible level so that the platform will be able to showcase your items.

Optimizing your store is usually focus on two areas:

  • Your product pages should be targeted specific keywords that are searched on the platform.
  • As many 5-star reviews of your products as you can

If you can improve your reviews and search terms More people will be able to be able to find your products on the platform, which means more sales for your business.

How to Pick the Right kind of online Store for You

Let’s review the information we’ve covered thus far. There are three kinds of stores online that you are able to open. They depend on the marketing method you use.

The three channels used to market the online shop are:

  1. SEO Focus on the content and the links. You’ll need time and patience
  2. Pay-per-click marketing — You’ll be charged for advertising. It requires 3-6 months of the payment in advance and a visually appealing easy-to-understand consumer product that has an affordable price.
  3. Existing platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay -The focus is on securing the top search terms on that platform and accumulating 5-star reviews. You must be committed to learning about the features of that platform.

I strongly suggest that you select any one of these options and build your whole enterprise around this. This is right, just one.

“Why is it that we can’t be multiple things? Do you think we would want to employ different marketing channels to promote our business? More marketing equals more sales isn’t it?”

I’ve made this mistake countless times. After more than a decade of work in the field of online marketing, alongside many of the most respected marketers I’ve seen a recurring pattern: people who are proficient at one particular type of marketing tend to be poor at other types of marketing.

What could be the reason?

There are a few reasons it’s not easy to be successful in more than one type of marketing

  • Each marketing channel is totally distinct. While some marketing principles are applicable to every channel, you’ll need to master all tactics from scratch. Continuously learning new channels slows your speed.
  • Marketing channels for online businesses constantly evolve. What works right today won’t be effective in 12 months. While I’ve been 10 years doing SEO, I feel that I’m learning it each year. If you’re focusing on just one channel of marketing it will be much more easy task of keeping up.
  • Marketing channels on the internet are laws of power. That means the majority of the earnings are made by a handful of major players while everyone else is fighting for scraps. If you’re not among the winners, you’re not going to make many dollars.

If you choose to stick to a single marketing channel you’ll go over the learning curve quicker. The quicker you can unlock that marketing avenue, the quicker you’ll start making cash from the online shop you have.

So, step one is complete. It’s a long process and it’s vital to spend the time you have on it because it’s the foundation of any other decision you make during the process of making your online store operational.

Step 2: Determine the right product niche to Your Online Store

When you’ve decided on the marketing plan you want to use, choosing the right product’s niche is the most important choice you’ll have to make.

One tip: Don’t get into product categories. Being personally involved in the area can be helpful to build the business. However, it can also be a to fall into.

It is possible to pick a niche which doesn’t help your business. It isn’t a matter of how much effort or time you invest in it. If there’s not a demand, the company won’t be successful.

There are some things I want to look for in a great product category of on-line stores:

The first step is to avoid choosing an area that is too specific.

One of the most effective practices in the field of marketing is to differentiate yourself from the competition. And this is a great tip and is a major advantage when you’ve got it.

It’s also difficult to come up with a real method to distinguish yourself that people are willing to spend money on. There are many methods to differentiate a merchandise, yet only a few really matter.

Do the most rated toothbrush holders on Amazon have to be unusual and quirky? Not at all. It should be user-friendly and reliable, as well as affordable and be able to get a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. That’s all you need.

If you want to distinguish your product from other products in your market, look for an area with competition that aren’t monopolizing their marketing channels.

Do the Amazon reviews not as good for the best brands? Do the SEO results show poor quality? Aren’t any companies investing significant advertising dollars in the product? If yes, there’s a possibility for you to compete with them by leveraging your marketing.

A moderate cost is also essential.

The best rule is to stay clear of any category of products that have an unsatisfactory cost.

In the end, if you earn only $1 profits for every sale, then you’ll have to sell 100,000 items each year to make enough money. After all taxes and overheads it will give you around 50-60k per year to sustain your lifestyle.

Selling 100,000 copies of things is a lot of work. This is not an easy task.

Are you averse to it? Not necessarily. Would have been better? Yes, definitely.

Let’s suppose that you’re selling something at $80 and earning $40 profits on every sale. In order to make $100,000 annually, you’ll need to sell 2,500 products. This is significantly easier to manage.

But, you must also be careful to be careful not to sell something at prices that are too expensive. When prices change as does the buying behaviour. Prospects demand more proof. They might even request completely different buying procedures.

How many car buyers buy without having them tested? There aren’t all of them. They would like to view the car and speak to an actual person prior to making a decision that is so big. Automobiles require a lot of additional work and sales expertise to be sold effectively due to their price.

We suggest you find an item that you can sell between $50 to $100 dollars. The price is high enough that sales will grow fast for you. The price is also low enough to ensure that buying is simple.

Finally, ensure there’s enough demand.

It is possible to determine whether there’s demand for your product by conducting a little analysis using the method of your choice.

SEO is a must. Google Ads has a Keyword Planner which tells the number of times you can search for something on Google each month. If your keyword for the product receives less than 1000 monthly searches It’s probably not enough to start a business around.

Similar to Amazon. If you’re struggling to find products that have over 100 ratings, then it’s too small.

In these days, I’d prefer to choose a field in which I’ve no experience with but that has real demand. It’s better than finding out that a particular passion area of mine isn’t in demand in the future.


Step 3: Select a name for your brand

Attention this is an TOUGH step.

This is because many of the most popular names are being registered. The websites are being taken by the top names, and they’ve been registered, and you’ll be getting nowhere.

It is possible to make a few slacks. You may even decide to pick a name that isn’t ideal just to see how you can go about it.

Don’t do this.

It’s totally worth the effort of finding an excellent one. It’ll pay off.

Here’s the checklist for naming that I use for naming:

  • Simple for anyone to pronounce. I never want to cause any inconvenience when people are searching for my website.
  • 3 words or less. I like to keep it as brief as is possible to make it easier to remember. A couple of words is the ideal amount, however 3 is fine.
  • Complete the Bar Test. I should be able say the name in a loud bar, without having to repeat it. That’s a indication that the name is easy to comprehend. This is a huge benefit for word-of mouth marketing in the future.
  • You can get access to .com domain. Every online story requires the domain .com. It’s now too common. There are some who use strange domains such as as well as I believe it can be a problem later on, since anyone who owns knows how valuable it is when you’ve tried to buy it. I’ll either purchase the domain before it’s sold or locate one that is immediately accessible.
  • It is relevant to your industry. Make sure the name is relevant to the product category at least in some manner.
  • The trademark is not in conflict. Any corporate law firm will be able to perform an instant check on this. Because legal time is costly Find 3-5 names that can check all of the above criteria. Have an attorney review for trademarks on the at the same at the same time. It’s not uncommon to have at the very least one of them in use.

We’ve got a comprehensive instruction for how to choose and purchase a domain here.

When you’ve got your domain name chosen, you can register the domain with you Domain Registrar. If you’re purchasing the domain from someone else transfer it to the domain registrar you’d like to use in the long run.


Step 4: Your Online Store

If you’re considering an SEO or paid-for marketing strategy it’s a vital step.

What’s the reason? Simple It’s because the high-quality of your site’s design can have a significant influence on the amount of your visitors will convert into customers.

To ensure that you build the best quality website We recommend using Wix.

There are other options that are available such as Shopify and Bigcommerce however none of them can compete with the Wix. It’s extremely simple to use, packed with the features you require and it’s the best cost.

Have you never created a website before? Don’t worry. Wix is the most simple web-based builder available. Start with a template. You then drag and drop elements you’d like to include to the page, and put in your information about your product. Wix ensures that the final product looks stunning even when customers are purchasing via their mobile.

There are some exceptions , however. In the event that you have an existing website that has an enormous readership, then you can utilize the platform that you currently are using. In this instance, adding WooCommerce to your WordPress is a great alternative.

In addition, you may already be using platforms such as Facebook or Instagram for great results to sell your products. In that case you’re better off staying there.

In any case, always use Wix.

We’ve created an in-depth guide to how to create an e-commerce website here.

If you’ve opted for any of these platforms, such as Amazon take care to treat your business as well as your product’s pages with utmost attention to detail. Write as persuasive copy as you can. Make use of every feature they provide. Find the most high-quality photos you are able to. Take care to do everything. Make sure your pages stand out.

Step 5: Do a 60-day Marketing Burst

When you begin an online business, it’s likely that you’re starting out small.

While you’ll likely be experiencing growing pains, an ounce of momentum can go a long way.

Your first review or your first page to rank in Google the first time, and your first purchase through ads that are paid It’s life-changing.

At this point in the process, don’t fret about scaling, systems or trying to accomplish things efficiently. Instead, seek the momentum in any way you can find it, no matter the amount of individual or outreach you’re required to perform.

You require a massive amount of your own effort and energy. Even if you must perform actions that you know won’t be sustainable over the long run.

Here are some examples:

  • I could use on my own network in order to determine if anyone would be willing to conduct interviews with me. If they are, they could post it on their website. This could help me gain some first hyperlinks to my website.
  • I can ask my family and friends to write the initial couple of Amazon reviews.
  • I’d consider spending a bit of my own money on ads that are paid to determine whether the advertisement generates any revenues in any way.

I’m trying to find a marketing strategy that requires my time, but lets me quickly achieve my first couple of successes.

Now, conduct some research into your preferred marketing method and come up with 50 ideas you could personalize. Prioritize them, and then plan for a 60-day marketing Burst. Send as many of these ideas as you can in the 60-day period.

It is when that people usually work long hours, consume excessive amounts of coffee, and then really push themselves. But I think you must do your best to stay within the rules and make sure you don’t exhaust yourself.

When you’re done with the 60-day marketing burst, certain of your marketing strategies will be successful and you’ll be able to make your first sales. Also, you’ll have a modest but steady flow of sales, due to the fact that you’ve chosen only one channel for marketing. This steady stream of sales is enough to get the Marketing Flywheel on.

Step 6: Create Your Marketing Flywheel

After you’ve built up an initial momentum It’s time to begin creating the marketing flywheel that can increase your business’s growth all the time without needing to do each job.

What’s a “flywheel? It’s a large wheel that is part of an engine that assists in the creation and conserve energy. We’re applying the same principle to your marketing strategy to help you achieve massive expansion.

In the beginning of your time on Amazon it is necessary to request personally many of your initial product reviews. However, that’s not sustainable.

Instead, you should look for ways to promote your business and to create Amazon reviews without you asking for them.

Let’s look at an instance:

A well-known tactic used on Amazon is to solicit customers to write a review. Some even offer a discount coupon on the next purchase if the review is published.

It is possible to automate this tactic. Let an assistant to send the same email template to each new customer, soliciting reviews and a coupon code for their next purchase. The majority of platforms allow the ability to send personal messages to customers via the platform. Therefore, while you cannot your customers all at once, you could let an assistant send out messages one at a time each week for you. This is a repeatable system which doesn’t consume your time.

A brief note about this review strategy Before you attempt something similar, be sure you read the policies and guidelines for the particular platform that you’re currently on. There are always rules to follow regarding such things, and every platform is a bit different. Be aware of not pushing things too far, and put your store at risk of being completely removed.

Find the most market flywheels that you can.

Instead of writing content on your own could you hire someone to write content? If you conducted the keyword research, wrote an outline of the requirements you would like to see on each article, and then hired someone who wrote the article it self, you can create lots of additional content that will help you succeed by using the SEO approach to marketing. It’s like an example of a flywheel.

Instead of enhancing your paid advertisements yourself do you have the option of delegating that? In the event that your sales conversions are continuously improving and the cost of acquiring a new customer decreases, this allows you to acquire more customers using an equal amount. It boosts your business, without any personal effort. Another flywheel.

Concentrate on your primary marketing strategy and then create an advertising flywheel that will help your online store grow with no effort on your part. This is the primary factor in opening an online business, creating sales quickly, and speeding the growth of your store.

What is it that you’re still

Begin your no-cost trial on Wix today and begin your online store within minutes. You can follow the other steps above to gain an advantage over your competitors.

There are some possible exceptions. When you’ve got a website that has an enormous readership, then you can utilize the platform that you currently are using. In this instance, adding WooCommerce to your WordPress is an excellent alternative.

Additionally, you might have platforms such as Facebook or Instagram for great results to market products. If so you’re better off staying there.

If not, you should always use Wix.

We’ve created an extensive guideline for the creation of an online store here.

If you’ve chosen any of these platforms such as Amazon make sure you treat your company as well as your product’s pages with the utmost attention to detail. Write as persuasive copy as is possible. Utilize every feature they provide. Make sure you get the best quality images that you are able to. Take care to do everything. Your pages must stand out.


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