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How to keep your employees Content while pushing them to the Limits of their abilities

In the near future, you’ll have to be surrounded by employees. If you’re looking to establish the largest company possible there’s no other option other than to employ individuals to aid you.

While hiring employees might sound simple, you’ll quickly realize that no one cares about your business as much as you do, nor do they have the same dedication as you do. Sometimes you might find some top talent to assist you however, they won’t make up the majority of people who will make up your team.

How can you motivate people to put in the effort?

It’s important to push them to the limit while maintaining their motivation otherwise they’ll become exhausted and leave. Here are seven strategies I employ to push my workers to the limit and making sure they are motivated and content.

1- Tactic: Encourage and discourage at the at the same time

On Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesday, and Thursday I will usually point out the ways that employees could improve their efficiency as well as what they can contribute to the business and remind them to create more aggressive revenue targets.

Through time, I’ve realized that criticizing people for four days each week helps the person work harder However, in the end, this could lead them to stop working. Therefore, on Fridays I make sure to thank them for a job that they have done and let them know that I am happy to work with them. I do the same process on weekends via email and text messages and make them feel joyful and eager to get back to work for the following day.

The reason I prefer to praise on Fridays is that it’s typically a deadline day in which everyone is trying to meet all of their goals for the week. Thus telling them how good of their job they performed will show your employees that you appreciate them , and will give them a sense satisfaction.

2- Technique Dangle a carrot

The most effective method I’ve found to inspire my employees to do their best and keep them satisfied by putting an attractive carrot in front of them. You’ll need to decide what is appealing to which employees. If you aren’t able to figure out what they are drawn to it might be a good idea to try dangling cash since most people want to advance in their careers and earn more money.

For instance, I am aware that I know that my assistant would like to earn more money, so each month she is able to help me to close two enterprise contracts she earns a substantial size reward. This is effective since it doesn’t just push her to think about what companies I can offer larger contracts to but is also a way to consider my company’s financial health.

There is a colleague who is a fan of high-end watches. I’ve offered to purchase the watch of his dreams should he be able to provide my company with more than 100 leads that are qualified each day, as it will dramatically increase the bottom line of the business.

Whatever carrot you choose to throw at your employee, ensure that the person you are presenting it to is emotionally attached to the carrot. It’s great to play with logic however, carrots that play with emotions can be more effective.

3- Feed them properly

Everyone needs to have food! Employees are no exception, so why don’t you provide them with food? Google as well as Facebook are just two of the businesses that provide food to their employees on a daily basis and they seem to work. The employees do not have to go out of their jobs to go out for food and this leads to greater productivity.

If you’re new to the business, you may not be able to offer the same level of food service like Google and Facebook offer, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t offer your employees an enjoyable meal once or twice every month. You can also connect meals to specific company goals. For example, you could purchase a Friday lunch for employees when you know that they’ve met their weekly targets.

If you are feeding your employees, you don’t need to choose the most luxurious restaurant. Pick a place that is fun. I’ve found that these kind of places are more appreciated than stuffy places where you need to dress up for to eat at.

4-  The spontaneity

One of the simplest methods of making the employees work more efficiently is to alter the work environment they’re in. It is possible to do this by changing the furniture in your office however I would rather change your environment through doing things in a more spontaneous way.

For instance, I hold weekly meetings to brainstorm along with two marketing colleagues and hold those sessions in my apartment. The last time we met we decided to have a think about ideas while taking a stroll on the harbor , as the weather was pleasant. The best part is that the team came up with some amazing marketing ideasand didn’t feel as if they were actually working. They felt as if they were having a break from their work and enjoying the lake.

The trick to be spontaneous is to be able to do things that employees would not think of doing. Similar to the one above it’s very easy and doesn’t cost you a cent.

5-  Give them a voice.

The fact that someone works for you doesn’t mean that they represent the ones you “bitch”. They’re there to assist you develop your business and to do the best thing for it. They’re not there to serve as your slaves. Every person has a voice and wants for their opinions to be heard. Therefore, when you’re at discussions or making decisions for your business, be sure to inquire from employees about what their thoughts are.

It’s not necessary to listen to their opinions However, you’re better off asking them for their opinion because they might think of a great idea or an idea you’ve never considered. Additionally, it will enable them to think outside the box. In the future, they may even begin making decisions for you so that you are able to focus on the larger perspective.

6-  The goal is to assist them achieve their goals.

Before any employee begins working for me, I’ll ask them to list their five top personal goals. They shouldn’t be linked to work. They must be completely personal. After they’ve listed their goals I will let them know what goals I can assist them with.

In the majority of cases, I’m able to resolve four out of five goals that any new employee brings to me. When people be a part of my team throughout every year, I gradually aid them in marking every goal they have set for themselves.

At the conclusion of the year I review their goals and personal goals to discover whether they were pleased with their achievements. In the meantime I review their objectives for the next 12 months and guide them to achieve them too.

The reason why you need to assist employees with their private lives is that it’s going to impact their professional lives. It’s not important whether they need to keep their personal and professional lives apart. The majority of people have the tendency to blend their professional and private lives.

7-  Never stop from pushing

Employees are inclined to link bonuses, raises and promotions to how they’re doing in their work and the amount they are learning.

Therefore, before my employees get a chance to request an increase or a promotion, I make sure they know what I want from them, and what it would be like to get the promotion.

In this way I’m incentivizing my employees to do their best and push them until they begin snapping at me. While they may sometimes be angry at me for this however, when they look back on the accomplishments they made and what they learned they are usually content with the progress they’ve made.


Utilizing the strategies I discussed in the previous paragraphs is a good way to keep your employees satisfied and challenging them to the limit however, it’s not enough. In my 10 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that it’s the little things that have a huge impact.

Learn about your employees, build bonds with them, and figure their motivations to be content in their lives. If you take care of them the way you would for your spouse, husband or child You’ll soon realize that they will not only be a great help to you, they’ll also be delighted to do so.

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