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How to connect with your Customers

Are you aware of what made Zappos an outstanding company? It wasn’t because they sold shoes on the internet and they weren’t the only to do it.

It was how Zappos communicated and reconnected with its customers. They had a few principles they lived by , such as:
  • The customer always has the right even if they’re incorrect.
  • Your customers will be satisfied by focusing on their experience, not only the product.
  • In making it easy and easy for customers for instance, an 365-day return period, you’ll gain their loyalty.

Connecting with your clients in a way that is emotional is crucial since if you can do this, they’ll be 30 percent more likely to refer your services to others. Better yet they’ll be less likely to look elsewhere and 33% less responsive when they are asked about your pricing.

To assist you in connecting with your clients I created an infographic that teaches how to connect with them and meet their needs.


Do not take your customers’ needs for granted as they are the heartbeat of your business. From going the extra mile to make every one of them feel valued, to providing assistance even when it doesn’t be logical, putting your customers first will increase your profits in the long run..

What I’ve learned in the tough way is that if do not truly love your customers, it’ll be difficult to establish a relationship with them. If you truly care about others, you’ll will do your best to assist them.

The same is that I do not respond to the comments posted in Quick Sprout. It’s not because I have to answer you. I do it because I’m compelled to.

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