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The most effective WordPress SEO plugins

Rank Math

Rank Math is a newcomer to the SEO plugins market, however it’s been getting noticed quite quickly. Like the name implies, Rank Math introduces a game-like method to assist you in optimizing your content for search engines. Every post is evaluated on a scale of 100 to 100 based on the level of optimization.

In addition it also comes with SEO-related modules built-in that you can toggle on or off depending on what your requirements are. In addition, Rank Math can integrate your website to Search Console, help you with local SEO, WooCommerce SEO image SEO, and many more.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is among the most used WordPress SEO plugin. It is also it is among the more well-known WordPress plugins in general. It is currently installed on over five millions(!) WordPress websites.

Perhaps, it’s an simpler to use as compared to Rank Math. It’s preconfigured nicely and functions by providing a basic SEO-related recommendations for the keyword you’d like to target. It will show you how to write your meta description, and other components.

Pro-tip: Beginner? Use Yoast. Advanced? Check out Rank Math.

Best Multipurpose Plugins


When it comes to the free WordPress plug-ins for WordPress, Jetpack is among the ones that are difficult to classify in the categories we’ve listed for this review. Let’s just mention the highlights of the features it offers such as security enhancement backups, performance improvements real-time stats for your site Social media sharing, lazy loading contacts forms, related post monitoring downtime, activity logs advertising tools and much more.

One caveat is that some of these functions are available for free. In any case, if you’re looking to handle a multitude of aspects with only one plugin, Jetpack is an excellent choice and includes everything that bloggers require.


WooCommerce is the ideal tool to choose if you’re thinking about creating your own eCommerce store using WordPress. There’s no better way that can provide you with a full set of features every online store requires.

WooCommerce isn’t ad-hoc and doesn’t have any restrictions on the products you can sell or the quantity of it. You can also accept payment online using multiple payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, and many more).

In addition to that WooCommerce is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to concentrate on the management of your products rather than having to think about making your eCommerce store function from the technical perspective.

Best Security and Data Plugins


Wordfence Security

WordPress is the largest and most used web-based platform, it’s no surprise that in reality, it’s also the most often targeted for hacking. WordPress is a threat to its back however, this doesn’t mean it isn’t able to mitigate certain security risks and keep hackers away. This is the point where Wordfence is a must Wordfence is the most secure security plugin available for WordPress.

Wordfence can provide a great deal for Your WordPress protection It’s a good choice, and the majority of the time it’s done in autopilot. First, it creates an firewall to protect your site from login-related hacks and other attacks that are common. There are also security checks you can run to protect your website further. This will also rid your site of malware and secure the WordPress users.

A second option is Sucuri Security.

Updraft Plus – Backup/Restore

The issue with many WordPress Backup plugins is the fact that many have hidden pay walls. For instance, you can back up your website just perfectly, but when you attempt for restoring it you realize that it’s not as easy. This isn’t the case when you use Updraft Plus. This plugin lets you create backups of your site easily and then restore them as easily.

You can schedule backups to automatically occur every day or weekly. Updraft Plus can also be integrated with cloud services such as Dropbox to store the backup archive.


As the name implies, Duplicator is a tailor-made solution that lets you copy your website and replicate it on a different server. You can utilize this plugin for transfer your site to a different hosting provider, creating staging sites or even creating locally-based copies of the website to help with development.

The primary benefit of Duplicator is its reliability. It’s always working regardless of how large your website is or the type of content you’ve on it. The export tools come in the appearance that’s “installable web scripts” making them easy to use. There are tutorials that can aid you in your work.


WP-Sweep, a database maintenance plugin, is available. It examines the database of your website and corrects any data that is out of date.

The things it can accomplish is cleaning up revisions, erasing auto-drafts, eliminating unwanted and spam comments, repairing broken links, fixing metadata for posts and a host of other similar tasks. Running this plugin through your site time is a great idea.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that there is no cost-based version of the plugin, which means you’ll have access to all the features of this free version.

Really Simple SSL

Nowadays, many web hosts provide free SSL certificates. This is fantastic as it increases the security of the internet all-around. But, in order to have the ability to use the no-cost certificate you must be able to let your website incorporate it. This is exactly what it does with the Really Simple SSL plugin does.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any server-level tasks. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll to be guided by guide through the process of getting the SSL of yours to function.


Best WordPress Performance Plugins

WP Fastest Cache

Caching is a surprisingly complex (and tedious) concept for people who aren’t particularly interested in web-based and server-level optimizations. In the end, what it boils to is that caching can make your site more efficient by showing similar content on a set of viewers of your site instead of creating the content every time.

The exact details on what happens is, as we’ve said, complicated and dull however, the most important thing is that its use is easy. WP Fastest Cache has excellent default settings that let you fully benefit from the caching feature and increase load time.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is another caching plugin we’ve included in our list of. Since a long time in the past, it’s been the benchmark for WordPress caching, and is providing the highest quality results you can expect.

The sole reason we’re not putting it ahead of WP Most Fast Cache is because there’s no cost-free version for WP Rocket. If you’re looking to invest in caching to boost WordPress performance, you should consider WP Rocket.

  • Free version: Not available
  • Version Pro: (pricing starts at $49/year)

Another optionW3 Total Cache.


Optimole is the next-generation photo optimization plug-in. In comparison to previous options (like Smush), this one has new features and shifts all computing to the cloud.

Simply put, Optimole takes a look at every image you’ve uploaded to your website then optimizes them, making them use less storage space (without any quality loss) and then distributes them using the use of a CDN (a network of servers that is able to deliver media files in a short time).

In the end, your website loads quicker, and you’re using less your server’s resources. This typically means you’re also paying less for web hosting. Optimole operates automatically once you’ve installed it.


Best WordPress Content Plugins


Elementor is by far the most used page builder plugin among them all. It is currently used on over five million sites.

It allows you to design distinctive (and stunning) landing page designs without any programming or web design effort required. It’s a drag-and-drop interface that’s completely visual and gives users with a pleasant experience. Take any content element you like, place it on the canvas of your page and tweak until you’re satisfied with the outcome. It is also possible to use WordPress widgets to create the elements of your website’s content.

Elementor is compatible in conjunction with every WordPress theme.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is another frontend page builder plugin allows you to do similar things you’d utilize Elementor to do.

We’re recommending it as a good alternative to Elementor If you find yourself not liking the interface, or some other aspects of it. Additionally, the premium Beaver Builder version Beaver Builder is cheaper to utilize on multiple sites than Elementor’s.

Beaver Builder works with any WordPress theme.

WP Forms

Your WordPress website may require a contact page. What other way are you planning to let your users/readers get in touch with you?

There are a variety of contact form plugins online that can provide the necessary functionality, however WP Forms is among the most recent ones.

If you require simply a contact form, then you can create it right from the beginning with an easy setup using WP Forms. If you require an advanced design tool that can be used for different purposes (like opt-in forms to join the email newsletter or pop-up form), WP Forms has your back.


Translate Press

In its original edition, WordPress is not very accommodating to multilingual websites. However, when you’re looking to publish more than one version in a language of the content you publish, then you’re likely require a plugin in order to accomplish the task. Translate Press is the plugin you need!

TranslatePress offers a simple-to-use interface that works into the default customisation interface of WordPress and lets users to translate their content piece-by-piece.

Sassy Social Share

The inclusion of social buttons on your website is a great idea. They can make sharing your content easier for your visitors. Sassy Social Share is a easy solution that provides this functionality.

The plugin is compatible with all the top social media networks. It shows your share count at the moment and lets you choose among a range of buttons.

Better Click To Tweet

“Click for tweet” social share buttons offer an innovative method of letting your followers Tweet about content. Instead of the traditional “blue bird” button, you will get a stylishly designed box that displays an already-written tweet. The user decides what the content of that tweet will be You can write whatever you want, including emojis and also @mention other users.

Better Click To Tweet the best tool to gain this feature.

Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA

If you’re aiming your website at readers from Europe Then you have to adhere to current regulations and laws concerning “data security.” What these regulations apply to(*) is that your website must display an “cookie notice” to readers from Europe. This plugin will allow you to achieve this.

Once you have installed it after which you can set up cookies, that is based on the template or write your own.



Akismet is among the oldest plugins in this list. It is it is also among the most efficient ones. Its purpose is straightforward – to ensure that spam doesn’t get a comment get through. Akismet is quite effective at this.

The good thing about this plugin is you do not need to do anything else to it than install the plug-in on your website. The filtering of your site and the prevention of spam happen in the background.


Best WordPress Development Plugins

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails is among the small plugins that are in the background, and will only pop out to perform some work occasionally. Yet, they’re still extremely useful in terms of the quality of the work.

The function of this plugin is very simple. It examines the appropriate dimensions of your images within your theme and then alters your thumbnails to be in line with. For example, when you change the theme of your WordPress theme, you can use this plugin to change your images to appear as they should.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields known in the form of ACF by those who know about it – is a must-have plugin you plan on customizing any unique customizations to your website.

ACF allows you to customize fields for various parts on your WordPress website. It could be pages, posts users, posts, or other type of post. What these custom fields will become is an empty canvas that is, they can do whatever you tell to accomplish. ACF can also make it simple to show custom field information on any page on your website.

Code Snippets

Code Snippets is a very clever plugin. The concept behind it is simple. It lets you incorporate custom code snippets into your site, alter the snippets, and then turn them off whenever you require they are needed. These snippets could be anything from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, shortcodes, PHP, and more.

For example, if you would like to create a new style for images to be applied to all images on the WordPress blog , adding it directly in the theme’s source code files is unproductive. When you update the theme, your modifications will be lost. If you make these tweaks via Code Snippets, they will continue to function.

The addition of the Google Analytics code by using Code Snippets is a good idea, and it eliminates the effort of installing an additional analytics plugin to do this (like Monster In sights).

WordPress Plugins for Extra Blocks

Atomic Blocks

In the past, WordPress underwent a complete overhaul of its interface to create new pages and posts. The way things work is “block-based” in the present. That means instead of adding content through an MS-Word-like interface you are now able to select from a variety of blocks of content and then add them to your website instead.

The issue is that there’s few blocks to choose from in WordPress right out of the box. Some plugins, like Atomic Blocks attempt to address this issue by providing additional blocks you may consider useful.

There’s plenty of interesting items in this package. It includes the layout block, mailer blocks to emails for advertising as well as lead generation call-to action blocks, buttons that can be customized, and many more.

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter

The concept behind Otter is quite like Atomic Blocks. It’s your collection of extra blocks, so that you can make more varied content and distinguish yourself from other players.

What’s unique about Otter particularly is the fact that it also has the template library that it owns. The library lets you discover ready-made templates that tie together two or additional elements to create reusable sections to your pages. This is a fantastic way to create headliners, testimonial blocks pricing tables, and much more.

To Sum Up: Your Best WordPress Plugins

We hope you’ve found a few fascinating plugins on this list and can help you create your own WordPress website that you and your users will enjoy!

If we’ve missed your favorite plugin, please let us know within the comment section below.

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